All doctoral programmes in Finland are free of tuition fees.

Finnish Cultural Foundation - Central Fund Grants

Full funding up to 3 years. Science grants are awarded for licentiate or doctorate studies, postgraduate scientific work, other postgraduate studies and research work. Only limited support is provided for meeting and lecture travel costs. The applicant is required to be accepted as a PhD student in one of the Finnish universities. The aim is to award a grant that is sufficient to carry out the proposed plan. The Finnish Cultural Foundation supports mainly personal full-time work that requires leave from employment. Grants may be sought to cover living costs for a fixed period. The amount of a whole-year grant is €21 000. For Doctors the whole-year grant for scientific work is €25 000. The grant includes statutory social security contributions and normal costs for travel, work equipment and a workroom. Personal grants intended for full-time work can also be sought for a period of three years. Grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation are sought via the electronic grant application system; the period for applying is 1 - 31 October.

Ministry of Education and Culture

The four-year doctoral programme positions are intended for full-time work on a doctoral dissertation. Doctoral candidates are generally funded for the entire four-year term. From 2010, this system has included 104 doctoral programmes, of which many are available fully in English and the majority offers large part of the courses in English. Some of these are joint programmes between various Finnish universities, and the applicant may be required to be already accepted as a PhD student in one of the member institutions.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates

Fully funded scholarships for up to 3 years for non EU/EEA nationals worth € 24-48,000. Currently one Finnish university, Aalto University, is involved, offering the The SELECT+ (Environomical pathways for future energy services) four year doctoral programme.