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A Writing Book for Agricultural and Other Researchers

This book includes some distinctive content. For example, it has a chapter on reporting statistical results. It also has a chapter on publishing an article in an online journal. And there is a section on conducting training courses in scientific writing.
Among the other topics are choosing a journal, writing a scientific paper, preparing tables, using illustrations, giving presentations, designing posters, and communicating to non-technical audiences.

The A to Z of Social Media for Academia

This is a list for academics and university support staff, sharing info about the latest platforms for use by academics in their professional lives. This is more about tools we can use to create or curate content, rather than a list of resources for use in academia.

Research Uptake

What exactly is research uptake? A lot has been said and written about the concept, much of it by academics, and still it confounds people, even those whose everyday work is tied up with it. DRUSSA website provides insights into the topic.