research resources

Economic and Social Research Council - Resources for all postgraduate students

ESRC is UK's largest organisation for funding research on economic and social issues. On the web site there are various research resources available to assist research. These include data, and advice, expertise and technology to utilise these data.

The Library Research Service - Research Methods and Resources

This website includes links to various online resources related to general research methodology, as well as to more particular research methods, especially in Social Sciences.

SAGE Research Methods

This website is a tool designed to help the creation of research projects and understand the methods behind them. This tool helps to find methods literature that is relevant for the particular research projects.


Methodspace is a multidimensional online network for the community of researchers, from students to professors, engaged in research methods to network and share research, resources and debates.

Web center for Social Research Methods

This website is for people involved in applied social research and evaluation. It includes many resources and links to other locations on the Web that deal in applied social research methods.

Guidance for Research Methodology

The website Experiment-Resources offers guiding in issues related to research methodology, but also to research design and writing a research report. This is directed especially to the areas of psychology, biology, physics and medical research, including also some discipline specific information.