Publications and Support


Supporting developing country researchers in publishing their work

AuthorAID is a project coordinated by INASP. It helps researchers in developing countries to publish and otherwise communicate their work. The project has two key goals: to increase the success rate of developing country researchers in achieving publication; and to increase the visibility and influence of research in the developing world. AuthorAID achieves these objectives through networking, resources, training and mentoring.

Key features and benefits of AuthorAID are:

  • a community space for discussion and questions where researchers can benefit from advice and insights from members across the globe
  • access to a range of documents and presentations on best practice in writing and publication
  • world-wide training workshops on scientific writing
  • a chance to network with other researchers
  • personal mentoring by highly published researchers and professional editors

AuthorAID wants you to get involved!

Whether you're an early career researcher in a developing country who could benefit from support and mentoring, an established academic with a strong track record who wants to give something back to the research community, or are just keen to get involved in some stimulating discussions, why not register now?

Strengthening Research and Knowledge Systems

Strengthening Research and Knowledge Systems (SRKS) is INASP’s new flagship programme, running for five years from April 2013.

Building on the advances made in the two phases of the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) from 2003 to 2013, SRKS will continue the work with developing countries to create:

  • effective enablers of information access who will ensure that both researchers and policy makers are informed by the latest research generated within their country, region and globally

  • a vibrant research community that can generate, publish and disseminate new research and knowledge and contextualise existing information to their local and national needs

  • skilled users of research information and knowledge who are able to understand and evaluate research information and articulate their research information and knowledge needs

The Africa Desk

Publishing in Academic Journals

There are a number of UK journals dedicated specifically to publishing research on Africa, and many of these are keen to increase the number of articles they publish from African scholars.

For a listing of the major UK Africanist journals, or other journals who publish a substantial amount of research on Africa, see the Directory of Africanist Journals on The Africa Desk site.

Each journal has a particular subject or regional focus, and each has their own submission requirements. The Directory provides detailed information on this, including links to the journals' own websites and details of the editor for each. This should help you identify the most appropriate journals for your work, and to understand the types of research they are interested in publishing.

Access to Journals

A number of schemes and programmes exist which make many academic journals from the major publishers free to researchers in African universities. In a number of fields many of the top journals are likely to be available through these schemes. Your university library should be able to assist here. It is not possible to provide comprehensive listings of all schemes here but some information on major schemes is given below, in addition to links to further sources of advice.