benjerry/values/how-we-do-business/community-action. Ben & Jerry’s. (2017). 2017 SEAR social & environmental assessment report.
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Issue Backgrounder Part II: SWOT Analysis By Kylie Steedman Issue Background Summary In this analysis, I will examine how corporate social responsibility (CSR) impacts Ben & through its efforts in CSR due to its prominence in its business plan. In my Appendix, I will include a social media plan, social media data tracking gathered from the past two weeks, as well as an example of non – optimal social media usage that could be adjusted for the success of the company. In this analysis, I will demonstra as well as potential threats to the organization that should be considered. Overall, the CSR SWOT Matrix Strengt hs 1. integrated CSR practices in its business, both internally and externally. (Dennis, Neck & Goldsby, 1998, p.1). 2. well with a livable wage and benefits to create brand ambassadors. (Dennis, Neck & Goldsby, 1998, p.2) Weaknesses 1. to different causes; inevitably, some will be brushed to the wayside. (Coombs, 2017, para. 3). 2. Focus on CSR practices is seemingly the top priority in the company, which could take away from producing high – quality products; in a business organization, this is the bottom line (Lee, 2018).

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By: Kylie Steedman 2 Opportunities 1. presence more effectively to spread these messages to a larger audience. 2. s an industry leader in CSR initiatives. (Dennis, Neck & Goldsby, 1998, p.1) Threats 1. stance on many political issues, controversial views have led to public outrage and boycotts of the products (Kaye, 2016, para.6). 2. will inevitably alienate one group of consumers; this means that its customer base will never be as large as it could be (Lee, 2018, para.6). Strength international charities, ranging from supporting sustainability to advocating for world peace (Ben Through having a strong activism team wit be more successful as opposed to other companies (Peters, 2018). Not only does this position internally values fully align with those of the organization (Dennis, Neck & Goldsby, 1998, p.2). This way,

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By: Kylie Steedman 3 the CSR efforts are visible from all levels of the organization. Ben & J its employees well by providing a livable wage with benefits (Dennis, Neck & Goldsby, 1998, p.2). maintaining a satisfied staff. Research demonstr ates when employees are treated with respect, given benefits and contribute to meaningful occupation, they are more productive at work (2017, but also strong int ernal CSR. This is a way to ensure stakeholders that the CSR programs are not solely for marketing, but for creating a meaningful work environment for its employees. Because embody and carry out key messages, resulting in a consistent brand image. business, and have seen positive outcomes from this strategy. Fully integrating the CSR busi ness reputation (Ben & Jerrys, 2017). Weakness (Ben & Jerrys, 2018). W ith these commitments, not every issue can be a priority for the company; however, not following through on claims creates an inconsistent brand image, – sourcing its dairy products; however, there was doubt among local farmers that this agreement was followed (Coombs, 2017, para.3). As a company that has built its reputation mainly on investing in social causes, there is no room for error in these situations (Coombs, 2017, para.4).

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By: Kylie Steedman 4 The dairy incident eventually led to a march of protest from the farmers; this elicited a response ed bad press from the incident. Committing to a wide variety of issues can present the organization as a leader in CSR, but if the correct measures are not followed it is inauthentic. Not only will this cause strife with its publics, but as an organization that prides themselves on being incredibly charitable, this can cause conflict with that the organization publicly endorses to display a c onsistency in its expressed intent and action. more success with its current CSR strategy with heightened focus. Opportunity maintains a political presence in the media; its corporate activism manager previously worked for Bernie Sanders (Peters, 2018, para.2). Ben & 2018, para.1). Ben increase the posting activity, as it is very low (see Appendix two). The brand also does not take advantage of its social media outlets more, the organization would see an increase in brand awareness and ultimately, sales. Other companies have noticed that its social media presence is somewhat correlated with the profit earned (Blue Fountain Medi a, 2018). Additionally, being more active on social media will allow for the brand to share its key messages more frequently. Engaging in a dialogue with

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By: Kylie Steedman 5 different mo vements and charities, the organization must be willing and available to discuss these issues, especially those of controversial nature. As demonstrated in Appendix three, ignoring negative comments and speculations on posts does not reflect well on Ben & company needs to re – is intertwined with its CSR strategy, the company will l ikely notice an overall increase in its brand reputation, recognition and sales (Blue Fountain Media, 2018). Facebook page are regarding its CSR strategies; the audience is interested in the issues, Ben & strategy. Threat 2016 (Masse, 2016, para.1). Support of the issue resulted in a group of peo ple boycotting Ben movement. With politically – charged issues such as th same, and the more controversial the topic, the more customers the brand may potentially lose. It one; however, as the organization alienates.

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By: Kylie Steedman 6 has faced. It is important to note that there was no response fr issues, the organization will need to engage with its audience more to create meaningful conversations, and to keep CSR commitme nts positively affecting the company. Recommendations Nov. 1, 2018. Despite the lack of engagement, the company still sees a growing range of followers; if the company we re to post more, it would likely receive more likes and social engagement. It is also important to maintain an active social media presence because it increases r espond to and clarify its values on its posts (see Appendix three). The example provided is organization utilizes the correct strategies, brand reputation will improve, contributing to the positive effects of its CSR. commits to so many charities, the organization has a responsibility to follow through on the claim, which does not always o ccur (or is not publicly displayed, which negates the company organization proudly supports, so that the organization does not commit to too many causes. Ove benefits, in both reputation and sales.

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By: Kylie Steedman 8 Lee, J. (20 November 22, 2018 from n – jerrys – gets – a – new – ceo – and – hes – not – just – about – ice – cream/ is demanding a boycott. Retrieved December 7, 2018 from – jerrys – black – lives – matter – boycott 22 , 2018 from – ben – jerrys – has – a – corporate – activism – manager Preston, C. (2017). Promoting employee happiness benefits everyone. Re trieved December 5, 2018 from – employee – happiness – b enefits – everyone/#9cf85a0581a1

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By: Kylie Steedman 9 Appendix One: Suggested social media plan Platforms post regularly on Facebook; four to five times a week is ideal. Photos, videos and /or links should be included in each post, all promoting the three key messages listed below. Posting more frequently will build a larger fan base, and allow for more conversation within the community. Posting about CSR initiatives should be a priority, as these posts see higher likes and shares. Instagram, as this platform can be quite useful, particularly for a brand posting mainly photos. Posting on this account should occur once every one to two days, depending on initiatives and stores, as the page is primarily ice cream. post regularly with multimedia content. There should be at least four tweets per week with images or videos. The content should be primarily focused on driving cus tomers to Key messages has created real impact on the world through CSR initiatives.

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By: Kylie Steedman 10 Appendix Two: Social media tracking Nov. 20: 8821449 Nov. 21: 8821685 Nov. 22: 8822125 Nov. 23: 8822595 Nov. 24: 8814209 Nov. 25: 8814416 Nov. 26: 8814516 Nov. 27: 8814897 Nov. 28: 8815330 Nov. 29: 8816582 Nov. 30: 8819306 Dec. 1: 88121303 Dec. 2: 88115392 Dec. 3: 8811539 Dec. 4: 8810629 do not show audience engagement; the likes to follower ratio is not very low. Photos of only ice cream get significantly less likes as compared to those with mentions of C SR movements. The comments on the posts concerning CSR can be negative, and the lack of response from Ben & to reform its social media strategy to

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By: Kylie Steedman 11 start a dialogue with its consumers. In fact, creating an open discussion with consumers is a priority of the newly – appointed CEO (Lee, 2018, para.6). Social media is a great platform for needs to utilize this by posting more frequently to build a larger fan base, continually showcasing CSR efforts and creating a discussion with the community. pe ople are paying attention to the brand, and the organization are interested in the CSR programs. Strategizing and posting more about CSR initiatives will allow the brand for more two – way symmetrical communication, which will ultimately benefit the business in both reputation and sales.

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