Econoline as a leading supplier of blasting equipment to individuals and industries worldwide. Econoline abrasive blast cabinets are produced by.

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Table of ContentsBlast Cabinets – Siphon ..2 Blast Cabinets – Direct Pressure 10 Dust Collectors .14 Shipping Information17 Blast Gun Assemblies .18 Media Delivery ..22 Accessories .25 Replacement Parts.28 Replacement Gloves30 Abrasive Media .32 Econoline Abrasive Products Company ProfileEconoline Abrasive Products was founded in January of 1976 to meet the demand for dependable, well-built abrasive blast equipment at a reasonable price. The company™s commitment to top quality, economically priced equipment has established Econoline as a leading supplier of blasting equipment to individuals and industries worldwide. Econoline abrasive blast cabinets are produced by forming and welding heavy gauge steel. Every product design includes emphasis on safety and convenience considerations that serve to enhance the ruggedness and user friendliness of the product. Gun nozzles and air jets are tungsten carbide, which lasts considerably longer than ceramic. Full width openings, shielded fluorescent lighting, air safety switches, and an air regulator are features that contribute to consistently producing a superior blasting result with ease. With a wide variety of stock cabinet sizes, designs, options, and the ability to custom fabricate special systems; Econoline can meet almost every customer™s needs. The Econoline product line also includes portable pressure blasting equipment, a variety of blasting media, and an extensive service parts inventory. In addition to our complete product line, Econoline also offers a knowledgeable technical service staff to assist you in making the proper selection of equipment and media to meet your needs and to keep your system running trouble-free. Dedicated to producing the highest quality products and service to our customers, success at Econoline is gauged by customer satisfaction. Econoline President Dan DePotteyEconoline Abrasive Products 1Econoline Dry Blast Equipment & Supplies Built to Blast – Built to Last

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Econoline Abrasive Products 3This blasting cabinet opens wide to 48fl x 48fl and provides 40fl of operating height for your most bulky projects. A 25 CFM foot-operated blast gun, 100 CFM dust collector (not shown), and tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet are standard. Optional features include airline filter, carbon screen, rubber cotton-lined gloves, dust blow off gun, 45 CFM blast gun, boron carbide nozzle, tumble basket, turntable, 400 or 600 CFM dust collector and reclaim system.With a clam shell design for ease in loading, this blast cabinet features a backrest welded to the unit for strength and stability. The window is also easily changed, and a hopper door makes media changes simple. 25 CFM foot pedal blast gun and 100 CFM dust collector (not shown) are standard. Optional features include: dust blow off gun, tumble basket, turntable, 150, 400, or 600 CFM dust collector. Blast CabinetsŒSiphon Abrasive BlastingThe abrasive blasting process itself is simple: It works by rushing compressed air through a specifically designed delivery system that combines compressed air with abrasive media. This combination of air and abrasive slams into the targeted piece, cutting, etching, abrading, cleaning or otherwise changing the appearance or condition of that surface.Abrasive blasting is valuable as an efficient, high-quality method of surface preparation. No other method of metal cleaning allows better control of the surface preparation or cleans the surface as thoroughly. By beginning with a screened abrasive, you control and obtain a consistent profile on the targeted surface. This clean, etched surface aids in adhesion and allows the coating to lock onto the surface. This combination of clean and etch greatly enhances the ability to obtain a superior quality finish. Blasting also allows access to irregularly shaped parts that can™t be reached by traditional sanding or solvent cleaning methods. Blasting is also used for other purposes beyond surface preparation, such as removing microscopic machining burrs from engine parts, etching glass, carving of names and designs in wood and stone or surface hardening of manufactured parts.60 x 48 CB60 x 30 FT Double Station48 x 48 FTFlip Top andCounterbalance Cabinets48 x 48 CB48-2 Super Overall DimensionsOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 48fl x 60flSide 20fl x 30flHeight 12flWidth 24fl92fl65fl86fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 40fl60fl48fl1100 lbs101701CB-A With 60fl of working width and 48fl of working depth, the 60 x 48 CB is a 25 CFM foot-operated blast cabinet that is as large as it is powerful. Comes with a 400 CFM dust collector (not shown) and tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet that provides you with a spacious solution that fits in most shop environments. Optional equipment includes carbon screen, turntable, 45 CFM gun, tumble basket, 150 or 600 CFM dust collector and reclaim system. Overall DimensionsOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 30fl x 60flSide 24fl x 21flHeight 12fl Width 24fl82fl62fl74fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 40fl60fl30fl570 lbs102765R-A Clam shell and side-access features make loading and unloading this roomy machine a snap. Lower hopper door allows for simple media changes and cloth lined gloves allows the operator to work in comfort and safety. Standard fluorescent lighting, 25 CFM foot pedal blast gun with tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet, and 150 CFM dust collector (not shown) provide excellent visibility. Optional features include airline filter, carbon screen, double gun system, 45 CFM gun, boron carbide nozzle, tumble basket, turntable, 400 or 600 CFM dust collector, reclaim system and dust blow off gun. Overall DimensionsOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 48fl x 48flSide 20fl x 30flHeight 12fl Width 24fl94fl52fl90fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 40fl48fl48fl675 lbs101699R-A Overall DimensionsOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 48fl x 48flSide 20fl x 30flHeight 12flWidth 24fl94fl52fl90fl WorkingApprox. Weight Mfg. Number40fl48fl48fl750 lbs10 1699CB-AOverallOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 48fl x 13flSide 17fl x 11flHeight 12fl Width 24fl63fl51fl25fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 22fl48fl23fl370 lbs101695S-A Two side doors allow endless placement options in this foot- operated blasting unit. Featuring a 100 CFM dust collector, 25 CFM foot pedal gun, fluorescent lighting and cloth lined work gloves; the 48-2 Super is a complete blasting solution with muscle. Options include airline filter, carbon screen, rubber cotton lined gloves, dust blow off gun, 12 CFM blast gun, boron carbide nozzle, tumble basket, and turntable.Flip Top (left) cabinets from Econoline feature springs to assist the operator in opening the lid of the blasting unit. Counterbalance (right) cabinets have an enclosed spring mechanism, offering smooth movement and ease of use when opening or closing the cabinet lid.2 Blast Cabinets – Siphon

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Econoline Abrasive Products 5This versatile blasting cabinet features a large side opening that allows for options such as the turntable, track and vertical door shown. Standard features include a 100 CFM dust collector, fluorescent lighting, cloth lined work gloves and a 25 CFM foot-operated blast gun. Other optional features include an airline filter, carbon screen, dust blow off gun, 45 CFM gun, boron carbide nozzle, tumble basket, 400 or 600 CFM dust collector, and a reclaim system. Also available as Mfg. Number 101771S-RH in a horizontal door configuration. Turntable and track are also optional in the horizontal door model.With four feet of working width, this clam shell design has a backrest assembly standard, as well as a 100 CFM dust collector, fluorescent lighting, 25 CFM foot-operated blast gun, hopper door for easy media changes and more. Optional features include airline filter, carbon screen, dust blow off gun, boron carbide nozzle, tumble basket and turntable.Window ReplacementAll of Econoline™s cabinets have an easily replaceable window. See the feature on page 6 for more information.Blast CabinetsŒSiphon Clam Shell DesignEconoline offers a variety of methods of access to the blast chamber area of the cabinet. Larger cabinets are constructed with both a side door and split-top access, also known as a clam shell. We use the term clam shell to describe the openings of these cabinets in that the entire upper section of the cabinet opens. It is hinged along the back and the top section pivots up and back allowing full access to the interior. This large access area allows a user to load heavy items with a fork truck or crane and affords the user more blasting area because they are not limited in size by what they can get through a side door. This feature combined with our heavy duty materials make Econoline units popular with customers who have large, heavy items to blast. All split-top cabinets have a spring assist mechanism and can easily be opened by a single operator.48 x 36 RH Vert DROverallOpeningWindow HeightWidthDepth Side 27fl x 34flHeight 12fl Width 24fl81fl51fl36fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 40fl48fl36fl1100 lbs101771S-RV A clam shell design allows for easy loading and unloading. An excellent choice for a mid-sized flip top machine. The 42 x 24 Super FT blast cabinet also includes a backrest assembly, 100 CFM dust collector, fluorescent lighting, 25 CFM foot pedal operated blast gun, and a hopper door that makes media changes simple. Optional features include airline filter, carbon screen, dust blow off gun, 12 CFM blast gun, boron carbide nozzle, tumble basket and turntable.42 x 24 Super FTOverall DimensionsOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 42fl x 24flSide 17fl x 11flHeight 12fl Width 24fl65fl46fl54fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 23fl42fl24fl360 lbs101696R-A 48 x 24 FTOverall DimensionsOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 48fl x 24flSide 17fl x 11flHeight 12flWidth 24fl65fl52fl54fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 23fl48fl24fl380 lbs101697R-A 4 Blast Cabinets – SiphonThe 48×36 RH Vert DR shown with optional track.Clam shell design permits the operator to easily load heavy objects.

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Econoline Abrasive Products 7With a tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet standard, the 30-0 Super is a powerful midsize model blast cabinet with a foot- operated 12 CFM blast gun and 100 CFM dust collector. Fluorescent lighting improves visibility through the easy- to-change window. Optional features include an airline filter, carbon screen, dust blow off gun, boron carbide nozzle, tumble basket, 150 CFM dust collector and turntable.The 36-1 Super features a standard 25 CFM blast gun with tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet, 100 CFM dust collector and fluorescent lighting. This is Econoline™s most popular model and includes side door access as well as easy to use flipper door on the front. Many optional features add versatility to this mid-sized cabinet, but a popular choice is a media reclaim system.With welded and cross-braced legs and a 100 CFM dust collector included, the 24-0 Super is a complete blast cabinet solution. Other standard features include a 12 CFM foot-operated blast gun, tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet, and hopper door for easy media changes. For more versatility, add a tumble basket, turntable or upgrade to a 25 CFM blast gun. The BB 36-O Budget blasting cabinet features a trigger operated 12 CFM blast gun and ceramic nozzle. Includes a 100 CFM dust collector, steel air jet, top flipper access door, and lower hopper door for quick media changes. Other optional features include an airline filter, carbon screen, tumble basket, turntable, blow off gun, foot pedal, 25 CFM blast gun upgrade, and regulator and gauge.This blasting cabinet offers a counterbalanced clam shell cabinet style similar to the 40 x 40 FT, with a full 40fl of work area at a height of 30fl. This unit comes complete with a 100 CFM dust collector, fluorescent lighting, steel screen work surface and cloth lined work gloves. A hopper door allows for easy media changes and a foot- operated blast gun allows an operator optimal control of the 25 CFM blast gun. Options include upgrades to a 400 or 600 CFM dust collector, or the addition of a tumble basket or turntable. Blast CabinetsŒSiphon Window and Light Replacement The window in the cabinet is a clear Plexiglas. Econoline chooses to use Plexiglas as over time, the window will become etched by the abrasive blast process and the Plexiglas is less expensive to replace. We also provide a thin film we call window underlayment that protects the window from blast damage. This film is inexpensive and easy to replace. The user simply removes the wing nuts that secure the window frame to the cabinet, and then removes the frame and the window. The used underlayment is discarded and replaced with a new piece. The user then replaces the window and frame. The entire process takes approximately two minutes.For more information about Econoline replacement windows and lamp shields, please see page 29.40 x 40 FT40 x 40 CBBB 36-0 Budget30-0 Super36-1 Super24-0 SuperOverall DimensionsOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 40fl x 40flSide 20fl x 30flHeight 12fl Width 24fl82fl44fl74fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 32fl40fl40fl560 lbs101698R-A This blasting cabinet offers a flip top, clam shell design with a full 40fl of work area at a height of 30fl. Features a steel screen work surface, 25 CFM foot pedal blast gun and 100 CFM dust collector. The operator can access projects using large side door if desired. OverallOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 40fl x 40flSide 20fl x 30flHeight 12flWidth 24fl82fl43fl72fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 30fl40fl40fl580 lbs101698CB-A OverallOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 36fl x 13flHeight 12fl Width 24fl63fl39fl25fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 23fl36fl24fl260 lbs101717R-A OverallOpeningWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 30fl x 13flHeight 11 1/2 flWidth 12fl63fl32fl25fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 22fl30fl23fl250 lbs101693S-A OverallOpeningsWindow HeightWIdthDepth Top 36fl x 13flSide 17fl x 11flHeight 12flWidth 24fl63fl39fl25fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 23fl36fl24fl280 lbs101694S-A OverallOpeningWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 24fl x 13flHeight 11 1/2 flWidth 12fl63fl26fl25fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 23fl24fl24fl230 lbs101692S-A 6 Blast Cabinets – Siphon

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Econoline Abrasive Products 9The Econoline ESB 007 Spot Blast unit is a portable, dust free solution to your blasting needs. Low abrasive consumption recycles abrasive media separate from dust and debris. Includes a standard 12 CFM trigger gun, regulator and gauge, water filter, recycling head and a .5 micron cartridge filter. This unit weighs just 55 lbs when empty, and with a 1fl blast pattern, it™s perfect for small jobs and touch ups. Other Portable Units are available on page 13, and Replacement Filter information is available on page 28The 24-0 Budget Bench from Econoline has a trigger operated 12 CFM blast gun, fluorescent lighting and an expanded metal work surface. Adjustable legs are standard. A ceramic nozzle is also standard. A larger version of the Mini Bench, the Budget offers an optional free standing, adjustable leg kit. Other optional features include a media tray kit,12 or 25 CFM foot pedal gun kit, and shop vacuum.Blast Cabinets Œ Siphon 24-0 Budget BenchMini BenchESB 007 Spot BlastInside a Siphon System Econoline siphon cabinets are economically priced, have a minimum number of moving parts and require less maintenance than a direct pressure system. Siphon cabinets, also known as suction cabinets, permit continuous blasting without pausing to refill abrasive media. Production rates are not as high as with a direct pressure system, but resulting finishes are comparable in quality. Econoline siphon cabinets meet the challenge where initial costs and maintenance are concerns.A siphon system works as follows: Abrasive is held in the storage hopper of the blast machine and delivered to the suction gun through a media hose. Compressed air is brought into the suction gun from the regulator through an air hose. As dry and regulated compressed air flows through the air jet, it passes through a mixing chamber before it enters the blast nozzle. Negative pressure, or suction, is created in the mixing chamber of the gun body and media is drawn into the blast nozzle, much as water is sucked through a straw. Incoming compressed air accelerates the media to a velocity of approximately 60 to 100 CFM, depending upon the air pressure selected. The CFM of compressed air required to operate a suction gun is determined by the orifice in the air jet, combined with the orifice in the blast nozzle. Our siphon machines are available in a variety of sizes and styles with factory options available that contribute to greater productivity and ease of operation. Econoline advises the use of a reclaim system when recoverable media is used. This option will typically pay for itself quickly in terms of media saved. Please see page 14 for more information about Econoline reclaim models.OverallOpeningWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 24fl x 13flHeight 11 1/2fl Width 12fl47fl25fl21fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 20fl23fl19fl150 lbs101692B-A OverallOpeningWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 18fl x 12flHeight 6fl Width 12fl33fl19fl17fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 16fl18fl16fl95 lbs101691R-A The Econoline Mini Bench is a compact blast cabinet with all the bells and whistles of a big unit on a smaller scale. This bench model comes with a standard shop vacuum dust collector, work gloves, easy to change window, door safety switch, foot-operated blast gun with 12 CFM and a tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet. Optional features include an airline filter, carbon screen, dust blow off gun, 6 CFM blast gun, boron carbide nozzle and tumble basket. HeightWidthDepthApprox. WeightMfg. Number 44fl20fl18fl80 lbs101765S-A Siphon TubeMedia HoseCompressedAir InBlast GunAir IntakeHopperAbrasive MediaSiphon Tube Cross-SectionMixing ChamberStandard adjustable legs on the Budget Bench.Mini Bench foot pedal. Spot Blast with lid open.8 Blast Cabinets – Siphon

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Econoline Abrasive Products 13The portability and 90 lb abrasive capacity of the EC-90 DM from Econoline makes this model ideal for quick touchups. Dead man handle design means the blast shuts off when the handle is released. A pull up closure plug adds to this model™s convenience and its low-cost operation. Five ceramic nozzles, 10 ft. of heavy duty 1/2fl I.D. abrasive resistant hose are standard. The pressure relief valve meets OSHA requirements and the tall vertical tank design makes this modular unit a handy addition to your facility. Also comes with a light duty protective hood and bump cap.Blast CabinetsŒDirect Pressure MP 36 Slot Blaster100 CFM Dust CollectorEC-90 DMEC-90 RAbrasive Blast EngravingAbrasive blast engraving is a process where a hard object such as glass, ceramic, or marble is engraved by abrasive media. This process is also commonly referred to as etching.The actual etching process is controlled by attaching an abrasive blast resistant mask on the item to be blasted. The detail of this mask creates the highly detailed etched areas in the object. The durability of the mask allows the user to etch very deep in the piece, which also increases its value.Abrasive blasting is a unique process that allows both small and large businesses to create beautiful work completely within their own facility, without the need to send artwork out to a supplier. We believe product improvements, and more variety of etched products have increased the awareness and appreciation of this attractive, artistic look to consumers.12 Blast Cabinets – Direct PressureOverallOpeningsWindow HeightWidthDepth Top 34fl x 18flSide 35fl x 3flHeight 14flWidth 26fl76fl84fl32fl WorkingApprox. WeightMfg. Number 36fl36fl30fl480 lbs101760D-A The Econoline MP 36 Slot Blaster features vertical and horizontal slots and load bearing arms on both sides for easy loading of tall and wide projects ready to be blasted. Adjustable rollers aid blasting and dual floodlight lighting provides excellent visibility. With foot pedal operation and cloth-lined work gloves, this machine is built for comfort and safety. A regulator and gauge, steel screen work surface and 1/8fl I.D. tungsten carbide nozzle are also standard. The 100 CFM dust collector is standard, but 150, 400 and 600 CFM dust collectors are available as options. HeightDiameterApprox. WeightMfg. Number 60fl10fl75 lbs102461D-A HeightDiameterApprox. WeightMfg. Number 60fl10fl80 lbs102461R-A All the portability and convenience of the EC- 90 DM, with remote blast control, water filter and gauge, for the ultimate in operator safety. Remote blast control offers full control at nozzle handle. System shuts off at the tank. 90 lb abrasive capacity allows for 30 to 50 minutes of blast time, and the pressure relief valve and pressure relieving ball valve both meet OSHA requirements. Comes standard with a light duty protective hood and bump cap.Inside the MP 36 Slot BlasterDust collector and replacement bagEconoline™s 100 CFM Dust Collector is standard on most blast cabinet models. It was created especially for the removal of dust and dirt particles created while blasting within a cabinet. While the blast cabinet is in operation, the collector draws dust and dirty air from the cabinet into the canister where the heavier particles are deposited into the bottom of the barrel housing. The air is then drawn through the filter which removes the finer dust particles. This bag style dust collector requires only minor maintenance. For more information on Econoline™s full range of dust collectors and replacement bags, please see catalog pages 15 and 28.

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Econoline Abrasive Products 15The 100 CFM Cartridge Dust Collector is the workhorse of the family. This lower profile, low maintenance, high efficiency machine has a .5 micron cartridge filter and is 99.9% efficient. Model 201768GY-C10 (not shown) comes with a standard 10fl hose.The 100 CFM Bag Style dust collector is an efficient and safe solution to your dust collection needs. It returns filtered air to the room, and features a self-cleaning feature in the bag. The 50 micron polyfelt bag filter can be laundered. Fabricated of 24 gauge steel, this unit requires limited maintenance. The 201768G-B10 model (not shown) comes with 10™ vacuum hose standard. The 150 CFM D/C Whisper Vac earns its name! At less than 85db at 12 inches, this model is the choice for the shop where noise reduction is an important feature. The Whisper Vac also offers higher efficiency than 100 CFM models and is a smart upgrade for businesses looking for a longer term dust collector investment. The 50 micron polyfelt bag filter is easily laundered and replaced.The 400-PT Reclaim Dust Collector provides 400 CFM and is both an abrasive reclaimer and dust collector, separating usable media from dust and other foreign materials. The front access door is 12fl wide by 21 3/4fl tall, and the hopper trap door allows for easy dust removal. An easily replaced cartridge filter comes with model shown as well as an air actuated vibrator for filter cleaning and a 9fl direct drive pressure blower. A 600 CFM model is also available. Dust Collectors14 Dust CollectorsChoosing the Right Dust CollectorEconoline™s dust collector system is designed for the removal of dust and dirt particles created while blasting within a cabinet. In operation, the collector draws dust and dirty air from the cabinet into the canister, where the heavier particles are deposited into the bottom of the housing. The air is drawn through the filter, which removes the finer dust particles. Filtered air is returned to the room. The dust collector you choose should match the work that you™re doing at your facility. Keep in mind that blast cleaning is by its very nature a dusty process, and the primary function of the dust collector is to maintain visibility while blasting by exchanging the air in the cabinet. To maintain this level of visibility, a dust collector should provide 6 to 8 air changes per minute. Econoline™s bag style dust collector filters at 50 microns, and cartridge style dust collector filters are 99.98% efficient, filtering .5-micron particles.Primary considerations in choosing the right dust collector include noise, usage Œ at a time and over time, cost, maintenance, filtration, and operating area (how large, how clean, how humid and what sort of ventilation is available). For high volume production work, we recommend the use of a reclaim system. The Econoline abrasive reclaim system provides the removal of dust and dirt like a dust collector while also centrifugally separating broken down blast media, dust and foreign material from usable blast media, utilizing a direct drive pressure blower. This allows for less media waste and for prolonged media life. Reclaim systems require the addition of a pickup tube to the cabinet hopper. Information on replacement filters is available on page 28.400-PT Reclaim D/C100 CFM D/C Bag Style150 CFM D/C Whisper Vac100 CFM D/C CartridgeHeightWidthDepthApprox. WeightMfg. Number 72fl50fl24fl345 lbs101767PT-4 Vac. Hose DiameterVac. Hose LengthCFMHP 4fl6™ and 10™4001/2 Econoline™s 400 CFM Dust Collector features an easy to replace cartridge style filter. This design permits maximum air flow while reducing the likelihood of filter clogging. It also has a 12fl x 21 3/4fl access door and hopper trap door for easy dust removal. A 600 CFM model is also available, and both the 400 and 600 CFM models are available in a bag style dust collector with manual shaker. See the Econoline Master Product Chart on the inside cover for more details.400 D/CHeightWidthDepthApprox. WeightMfg. Number 72fl26fl20fl180 lbs101716GY-4C Vac. Hose DiameterVac. Hose LengthCFMHP 4fl10™400 1/2The 400 EB Reclaim Dust Collector is a 400 CFM external bag media reclaimer with a large external dust bag and 1/2 hp motor standard. The removable filtering system is easy to change and makes maintenance of this model easy. The 600 CFM model (Mfg. Number 101768EB-6) has standard 1 hp motor for even more power in your workshop. Please see the Econoline Master Product Chart on the inside cover.400 EB Reclaim D/CHeightWidthDepthApprox. WeightMfg. Number 66fl40fl24fl175 lbs101768EB-4 Vac. Hose DiameterVac. Hose LengthCFMHP 4fl10™400 1/2HeightWidthDepthApprox. WeightMfg. Number 59fl15fl Diameter40 lbs201768G-B5 Vac. Hose DiameterVac. Hose LengthCFM 2 1/2fl5™100 HeightWidthDepthApprox. WeightMfg. Number 28fl18fl Diameter35 lbs201768GY-C5 Vac. Hose DiameterVac. Hose LengthCFM 2 1/2fl5™100 HeightWidthDepthApprox. WeightMfg. Number 65fl15fl Diameter65 lbs202672-A Vac. Hose DiameterVac. Hose LengthCFMHP 2 1/2fl5™150 1/2

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Econoline Abrasive Products 17The Econoline DifferenceShipping Information16 The Econoline DifferenceThe Manufacturing Process Most Econoline blast cabinets are constructed with 14 gauge steel bodies and 11 gauge steel legs. Metal this thick not only lasts longer in a harsh abrasive atmosphere but can also support substantially more weight than cabinets constructed of a lighter gauge metal. Also, the heavier gauge metal will resist dents when loading and moving parts around inside the cabinets.All Econoline cabinet joints are completely butt welded. This adds strength and greatly reduces the chance of air or abrasive leaks. The leg assemblies on our cabinets are welded and connected to one another, strengthening both the weight capacity and the ability to be moved about without incurring injury to the user or damage to the cabinet. Cabinets constructed of a lighter gauge metal and without connecting legs can collapse during normal industrial use.Our arm ports are manufactured from 2fl wide, 14 gauge steel and covered with a foam cushion giving the operator a comfortable place to rest his or her arms when using the machine. Ports that are narrow or merely covered with plastic are very uncomfortable to the user. The width of our inside port also allows for ease in attachment and replacement of gloves. Econoline Abrasive Blasting EquipmentBuilt to Blast – Built to LastPrior to shipping, Econoline blast cabinets are inspected and the completed inspection check sheet is dated, initialed, and included in the cabinet. Manuals are placed on the outside of the packaging for easy access to set- up information. Cabinets are bolted to skids and are wrapped and/or boxed, then banded to skids as well. Wood frames inside the cardboard are used for added stability and protection on larger units. Accessories and service parts are also packaged and wrapped before being boxed for shipment. Our products are well built and packaged securely so freight damage is rare. If requested, we will assist you with resolving any problems you may encounter in connection with a freight claim.Normally, abrasive blast cabinets ship by truck and service parts ship via UPS. Econoline has negotiated excellent freight rates through major carriers and we pass those savings on to you. Freight shipments may be sent collect or Third Party billing upon approval. We encourage you to discuss your preferences and available options with your distributor.We understand that most folks like to get their orders in a hurry. We ship most in-stock items within 2 business days. Same day shipping service is typically available upon request for in stock item orders received before noon Eastern Standard Time.Please note that weights have been approximated. Unit dimensions as well as weight will have an effect on shipping charges.Econoline Abrasive Products engineers and manufactures our products to the highest level of quality and we warranty our products against defects. Should you determine that merchandise is to be returned for any reason, please have your distributor call for a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Returned items may be subject to a restocking fee.More than 30 years of designing and building blast equipment and listening to customer feedback has taught us what works, what doesn™t and what the end user is looking for in their equipment choices.No one makes equipment that is more industrial strength than Econoline. We feel that quality materials, tested designs and superior construction are important and we combine all of these features into every model at a reasonable price.An important design feature on all Econoline blast cabinets is the angle of the abrasive feed hopper. Our cabinets maintain a minimum 45 degree hopper angle to ensure that abrasives will flow to the bottom of the hopper and into the delivery system. The angle of this hopper affects how well the delivery system functions. If this angle is not steep enough, the abrasive will fihang-upfl on the sides of the hopper resulting in an inconsistent blasting flow.Attached to the bottom of the hopper is a hinged, spring-loaded trap door. This allows users to easily change abrasives to match job requirements. Other manufacturers may use one or the other of these attachment methods but this can cause the door to fiflop aroundfl making it more difficult to easily and efficiently change out the media.Access doors and openings on our cabinets are completely gasketed minimizing abrasive dust leaks. The doors and lights are formed with edges, which not only strengthen the piece but trap the gasket, again reducing the chance of dust leakage. Dust collection air intake ports are always protected. Formed metal pockets welded over these openings eliminate abrasives from being accidentally propelled out of one of these ports.Econoline offers several methods of access to the blast chamber area of the cabinet. On all but the smallest cabinets we offer both a side door or doors and a full-width front flipper door. This full-width front flipper door has several important advantages: The room required for the cabinet in a shop is reduced by eliminating the necessary clearance for loading parts through a side door. Another advantage is that the weight of the part is carried and lifted in front and close to the person loading the machine. Loading large parts through a side door is often awkward and the weight gets harder to handle as it gets farther away from the body. In our design, the door opens upward, allowing blasting dust to fall down and back into the cabinet when the door is opened. A side door is located on the right side of the cabinet and allows the operator to load small items. Econoline is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its product line, and we are always making changes. Due to these adjustments, occasionally you may find that measurements and weights listed in this catalog are not exact. Please contact us directly if you have a specific size requirement that you are trying to meet. Thank you for choosing Econoline Abrasive Blasting Equipment.

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