drainage belts than any other horizon- tal belt filter supplier. Applications of Horizontal. Belt Filters. EIMCO Extractor filters can be.
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Applications of horizontal belt ˜lters2EIMCO™s Experience Since 1961, when the ˜rst EIMCO® Extractor® Horizontal Belt Filters were built, more than 700 units have been supplied worldwide, far more than any other manufacturer. FLSmidth not only offers process expertise in a wide variety of applications, but also provides more elastomer choices for drainage belts than any other horizon- tal belt ˜lter supplier. Applications of Horizontal Belt Filters EIMCO Extractor ˜lters can be applied to many different slurries, including ˜brous materials, ˜ne slimes, and coarse granular solids. They provide high extraction ef˜ -ciency, low cake moisture, increased production and reduced operating costs while achieving maximum ˜ltration area in comparison to other ˜lter options. EIMCO Extractor ˜lters maximize cake purity at a minimum cost per pound of product. EIMCO Extractor ˜lters are especially suited for applications requiring low cake moisture and multi-stage washing. Low energy consumption and high ˜ltration rate make EIMCO Extractor ˜lters an excellent choice for a wide range of processes, including: Minerals processing Metallurgical ores Chemical Processing Power wastesIndustrial wasteFood processing Pulp washingHorizontal Belt Filters Should Be Used When:Thorough cake washing is required with Free settling solids Complete processing of feed materialsMaximum product recovery Minimum operating costA ˚exible range of operating conditions is required Simplicity of operation and maintenance are required Process contact requires exotic construction materials

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3Principles of operation A. Feed slurry is uniformly distributed over the full width of the ˜lter by a top feed arrangement. This eliminates cake formation problems associated with fast settling material. Gravity helps reduce vacuum energy and cake formation time. Several types of feed box arrangements are available, tailored to the process requirement. B. Cake travels with the ˜lter media which is supported by the rubber drainage belt. Dewatering is accomplished by applying vacuum to the bottom of the drainage belt.C. Differential pressure draws slurry liquor through the ˜lter cloth, along channels in the support belt to drain holes centered over the vacuum pan. Channels and drains must be carefully sized to accommodate the hydraulic and pneumatic ˚ows required for ef˜cient ˜ltration.D. Co-current or counter current wash systems are designed to meet the speci˜c process requirement, employing one or more independent washing zones to optimize product recoveries. E. Filtrate and air enter the vacuum receiver(s) where the liquid drops out and is pumped away. Air exits at the top of the receiver due to the negative pressure developed by the vacuum pump.F. Cake is discharged as the ˜lter media travels around a small roller after separating from the drainage belt. G. Multiple wash sprays clean the drainage belt and ˜lter media independently to extend the service life of both.H. Continuous tension is maintained on the belt and ˜lter media. Positive, automatic tracking and alignment of the ˜lter media is controlled by sensors. Cleaning, tensioning, alignment, and support from the drainage belt contribute to an improved ˜lter media life. EIMCO Extractor˜ filter andvacuum system schematic

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Features & bene˜ts 4Belt speeds up to 200 feet per minute.Fast ˜ltration cycles minimize cake thickness for maximum production, and cake washing ef˜ciency and drying. By controlling the speed of the ˜lter and process conditions, cake thickness can be varied from 1/16 of an inch to 8 inches.Low maintenanceHeavy duty construction meets and exceeds special demands of 24 hour continuous operation. To minimize corrosion, frames are available in stainless steel as well as carbon steel. Wetted parts can be supplied in a variety of stainless steels and other specialty metals as required for process conditions. The ˜lter cloth is continuously washed to prevent blinding. Cloth changes are accomplished quickly and easily. Minimal Operation Attention Filtration surfaces are visible at all times. Normally, only a periodic operator check is required. Alarm instrumentation can be supplied for control room reporting. Low installation costEIMCO Extractor ˜lters, including all auxiliaries, can be located on one ˚oor, saving on plant space and construction costs. Filters up to 512 ft2 (47 m2) have been shipped fully assembled. Drainage beltsThe most important component of the EIMCO Extractor ˜lter is the drainage belt. Drainage belts are uniquely designed for each application to suit the process and environment. Important characteristics of the belt are: Uniform ˜ltrationMechanical strength Chemical resistance Years of belt manufacturing and product research have provided our engineers with expertise in vulcanization, drainage pro˜le, and carcass and elastomer selection. Drainage belt carcasses are totally encapsulated in the elastomer to protect against chemical attack and carcass delamination. Carcass and elastomer selection are based on standard testing procedures and empirical data. Drainage belts are available in natural rubber, SBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Hypalon, and Butyl. All belt splices are hot vulcanized to maximize the strength of the splice and insure carcass protection. Standard belt widths range from one to ten feet (0.3 to 3.2 meters).FLSmidth utilizes two designs for the belt-edge seal:1. Flexible ˚anges fold down when passing over the pul- leys. Both ˚anges are vul – canized to the edge of the drainage belt.2. Elastomer lips are raised in the ˜ltration zone and may be supplemented by static- sideboard seals.

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5Manufacturing All phases of design and manufacturing are closely monitored according to strict, documented quality control procedures. Customers are invited to witness the factory test prior to shipment. Because most units are shipped fully assembled, installation costs are minimal. Often, all that is required at the installation site are basic foundation preparation and necessary hookups. Our team can also size and provide all necessary vacuum accessories for a complete turn-key system. Parts & serviceFLSmidth is dedicated to keeping units functioning at peak performance. Critical replacement items are inventoried for quick response to the customers™ needs. Preventive measures should not be ignored however, and our service and parts experts will recommend standard replacement parts. All materials of construction are determined by the operating conditionsBelt deck support is either water-lubricated or air supported Several feed mechanism designs are available Several cake wash distributor designs are available Various ˜lter media weaves, fabrics and widths can be suppliedMedia wash sprays clean both sides of the media to prevent blindingAll drainage belt carcasses are totally encapsulatedSupport frame and cross supports are of heavy-duty structural steel

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Vacuum pan and lowering mechanism 6Lowering MechanismA pan located beneath the support belt drain holes serves as a vacuum manifold and ˜ltrate collection chamber. On larger ˜lters (4600 series and above) a lowering mechanism is provided to simplify vacuum pan inspection and maintenance. On large, severe duty ˜lters, a counterweighted system is required to lower the pan vertically. By maintaining a parallel orientation to the ˜lter surface during travel, this arrangement eliminates realignment dif˜culties and assures positive reseating. A hinged cable and capstan arrangement and mechanical pivot system are also available. Vacuum Sealing systems EIMCO Extractor ˜lters are equipped with a vacuum seal that prevents vacuum loss between the moving drainage belt and the stationary vacuum pan. Two types of seal systems are available. Traveling seals are independent of the drainage belt and move relative to the top of the vacuum pan. Most of the wear occurs on the traveling seals which are easily replaced. (Top) Counter weighted lowering mechanism (Middle) Hinged lowering mechanism (Bottom) Pivoting mechanism

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