Degree in Law by the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ▫ “Titulacion Superior en Marketing y Direccion Comercial”, by the Escuela.

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Al.Cauaxi, 153 ap.102 06454-020 Œ Baureri, SP, Brazil Tel.: ++55 11 4208-2797 Mobile: ++55 11 8338-9927 E-Mail: Osler Desouzart Professional Experience Member of the Advisory Board do World Agriculture Forum, St.Louis, USA since May 2003 Member of the Group of Follow-up of Tendencies in the Poultry Market of UBA, Brazilian Poultry Association. Team Member of the fiThe Sustainable Food Laboratory: A Multi-Stakeholder, Multi-Continent Project to Learn How to Mainstream Sustainable Food Supply Chainsfl since January 2004 Principal of ODconsulting, consultants for planning & strategy, meat markets and their future tendencies. From June 1999 to Jan 2004 Doux-Frangosul S.A., Montenegro, RS, Brazil, third largest poultry producer in Brazil Director of the following Divisions: Cooked Products Division Commercial Division for Brazil™s Domestic Market Supply to Petfoods and Aquaculture Division April 30th 1999 Œ Jan 1996 Rivopharm S.A., Manno, Switzerland Director & CEO Dec 1995Œ1991 Sadia Group, Sao Paulo, Brazil International Commercial Director 1991Œ1990 Amiga S.A. Frozen Foods, Geneva, Switzerland Commercial Director 1990-1985 Perdigao Agroindustrial SA, Sao Paulo, Brazil Foreign Trade Director 1985-1980 Pao de Açucar Trading, Grupo Pao de Açucar, Sao Paulo, Brazil Foreign Trade Manager 1980-1976 W.Perini SA, Curitiba, & Ricardo S.A. Import Export, Sao Paulo, Brazil Sales Manager and later International Procurement 1976-1972 Dinamo Cafe Soluvel SA, Rio, Brazil Foreign Trade Assistant 1972-1969 & 1969-1967 Professional formation training. Trainee for Export Promotion in Madrid, Spain, and trainee at a Commission of Trade with Eastern Europe

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(Coleste) in Rio, Brazil. Educational Backgroun Degree in Law by the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil fiTitulacion Superior en Marketing y Direccion Comercialfl, by the Escuela de Alta Direccion y Administracion, Madrid, Spain. Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Cambridge, UK Foreign Trade Management, Administration & Management Institute of the Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro Languages French, English, Spanish, Portuguese fluent. Italian for reading and speaking. Interests Family, Computer, Skiing, fiRandonnésfl, Military History, Reading, Foreign cultures, Teaching, Gastronomy. Personal Data French and Brazilian nationalities, married with Fatima Jacote Desouzart, of Brazilian nationality. Born in Brazil May 16 th 1947. Positions Held during the career Director of Associação Gaúcha de Avicultura (Rio Grande do Sul Poultry Association) Vice-President of ABEF (Braz ilian Poultry Exporters Association) Vice-President of the ANAB (Braz ilian Poultry Indust ry Association) Vice-President of ABIPECS (Brazilian Pork Meat Exporters Association) Director of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Cuba Member of the Food Industry Negotiating Team during the Mercosur negotiations Member of the Negotiating Team of t he Poultry Industry in trade conflicts with USA, EEC and Japan. Conferences & Missions 2008 Australian Poultry Congress To be confirmed July 24 th to 28th 2006 Training of executives Œ Client protected by confidentiality agreement 20 discussion groups 2 days training to develop capacity to think and to interact Mexico May 31 st to June 1 st 2006 Sustainable Food Laboratory – The Venture Committee Meeting New York City, USA

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May 6 th 2006 European Poultry and Game Association – Annual Conference fiWho is going to be Who in the Future World Poultry Marketfl Prague, Czech Republic April 24 th to 25th 2006 World Agricultural Forum Œ Advisory Board Meeting Washington, DC, USA April 12 th 206 Clana – Latin America Congress of Animal Nutrition Presentation sponsored by Elanco Campinas, SP, Brazil April 5 th 2006 fiBrazilian Meats in the World Markets Œ Present and Future Perspectivesfl Nutron Meeting Campinas, SP March 28th to 30th 2006 Business Thinking Course Monterey, Mexico March 23rd 2006 fiThe Value of Uniformity as Quality Attribute in Pork Meat Marketfl Florianópolis, SC, Brazil March 16th 2006 fiPork Meat Global Marketfl Cooperativa Passos Passos, MG, Brazil March 9th 2006 Uniquímica Annual Sales Convention fiMeat Markets in The World Œ 2006 & 2007 Scenariosfl Embu, SP, Brazil Feb 20 th to 22nd 2006 Elanco National Team Yearly Gathering Ixtapa, Mexico Jan 25 th 2006 Elanco Poultry Symposium fiCreate Value through Your Brandfl Atlanta, USA Dec 10 th 2005 Avibrasil-Avioeste Poultry Industry Œ Last 30 years and Next 30 years Maravilha, SC, Brazil Dec 8th 2005 El Sistema de Calidad Total Œ TQC (fiTotal Quality Managementfl) Œ Queretaro, Mexico Dec 1st 2005 La Carne en el Mundo (Meats in the World) Œ Culiacan, Mexico Dec 29 th to 20th 2005 Complex accounts Œ How to address them and the needs of the complex client Œ Training immersion to sale executives Monterrey, Mexico Nov 28 th 2005 El mercado internacional de carne de aves (The Internacional Poultry Market) Œ Chiapas, Mexico Nov 25 th 2005 fiMeat Markets Œ A Perspective from the Americasfl I National Poultry Congress & XVII Poultry Symposium Figueira da Foz, Portugal Nov 8 th to 9th 2005 Sustainable Food Laboratory – The Mid-Course Review EARTH University in Costa Rica Oct 26th to 28th 2005 6th Technical Symposium of Hatching, Parenstocks and Nutrition Œ ACAV Sta.Catarina State Poultry Association Conference on fiHow to guarantee the continued growth of the poultry business in Brazil and in the Worldfl Balneário Camboriú, SC, Brazil

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Oct 13th 2005 Poultry Production in Brazil Œ Expectations and Challenges Poultry Management Conference ot the European Poultry Club Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Oct 4th to 7th 2005 Symposium Elanco New Roads for the Brazilian Pork Industry Fortaleza, CE, Brazil Aug 17 th to 19th 2005 Ave Expo Américas 2005 – I Fórum Internacional de Avicultura Œ President fiPoultry Œ The Coming 30 Yearsfl Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Brazil July 15th 2005 Meat Markets 2005 & Tendencies for 2006-2008 Strategical Planning Session for company whose name is protected by Secrecy Agreement São Paulo, SP, Brazil June23rd 2005 Elanco Œ Eli Lilly Œ fiThe World Pork Marketfl Pergamino, Província de Buenos Aires, Argentina June 21st 2005 Conference: fiWorld Poultry in 2005fl For Thai and Philippine Clients of Hybro B.V., visiting Brazil Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Brazil June 15th to 17th 2005 Northeast Livestsock Regional Seminar Œ PECNORDESTE – I – Plenary Conference fiThe International Market for Livestockfl II Œ Data, Q&A session with 60 Northeast entrepreneurs fiIs Aquaculture an option for the Brazilian Northeast?fl Fortaleza, CE, Brazil May 22 st to 24th 2005 Alltech Seminar Œ Meats 2005 Œ Speaker on May 23rd 2005 Œ fiThe Full Circle Strategy Kentucky – USA May 19 th to 20th 2005 Novus Seminar Œ Meat Day St.Louis, USA May 16 th to 18th 2005 WAF – The Basis of the World Economy: The Agri- Food System? Chase Park Plaza Hotel Œ St.Louis, Missouri, USA May 11 th 2005 Conference on the “Consumption of Animal Protein Œ 2010/2015/2030 scenarios” Universidade Federal de Lavras, em Minas Gerais April 4 th to 7th 2005 Sustainable Food Laboratory – The Design Studio Salzburg, Austria Mar 15th to 17th 2005 APA (Associação Paulista de Avicultura Œ São Paulo Poultry Association) Congress Œ fiLet™s Talk about Selling Eggsfl Campinas (SP) Feb 25 th 2005 DSM Produtos Nutricionais Brasil Ltda – Palestra: fiEvolucao do Mercado Avícola Mundial. 2004 a 2005fl Recife (PE) Feb 25th,2005 Œ Palestra: fiEvolução do Mercado Avícola Mundial 2004 a 2005fl. Northeast poultry producers. Sponsored by DSM Produtos Nutricionais Brasil Ltda. (Antiga Roche Vitaminas) Recife, PE

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Feb 24 th 2005 Palestra “Situação do agronegócio-carnes brasileiro no contexto da globalização”, das 16h50 às 17h30 Œ Sponsored by Nutron Campinas (SP) Feb 10th 2005 Conference: Casos Exitosos en América Latina en Autosuficiencia Alimentaría y Exportación Œ La Industria Avícola Brasileña Œ Sponsored by fiThe Solae Companyfl Monterrey, Mexico Jan 25th 2005 Atlanta Poultry Show – Tendências da Década em Avicultura Œ Discussão com clientes dominicanos da Alltech Atlanta, GA, USA Nov 12th 2004 Avicultura Œ Desafios para a Próxima Década São Paulo Œ I Fórum Elanco de Proteína Animal Œ Da Commodity ao Valor Agregado Oct 21st 2004 fiHow to adapt to the new demand trends with the aim of increasing the pork meat consumption in Brazilfl PORK EXPO Latin America 2004 Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil Sept 10th to Oct 1st Novus Conference Tour Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand & USA September 9th 2004 6 Seminario AMEVEA de Actualización Avícola fiComércio Internacional de Carne Aviarfl Colon, Entre Rios, Argentina Elanco – Eli Lilly Interamérica Aug 29th to Sep 3rd 2004 The Sustainable Food Laboratory Œ Learning Journey Brazil Mission When What Where/To Whom August 4th & 5th 2004 Future Market Tendencies Œ food security and quality assurance Seminário BASF Cascavel (PR) e Campinas (SP), Brazil July 5nd 2004 La Indústria Avícola en la ALCA – Buenos Aires, Argentina Novus July 2nd 2004 La Indústria Avícola en la ALCA Santiago, Chile Novus Oct 21st 2004 fiHow to adapt to the new demand trends with the aim o increasing the pork meat consumption in Brazilfl PORK EXPO Latin America 2004 Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil June 1-3 2004 Foundation Workshop of the Sustainable Food Laboratory Bergen, the Netherlands Mission May 28th 2004 The Brazilian Poultry Industry World Poultry Conference, 27-28 May 2004, London May 19th 2004 Poultry Market Œ 20 years ago and 20 years from now Novus International Internal Seminar St.Louis, MO, USA May 18th 2004 Roundtable: Development of Future Global Markets World Agriculture Forum Regional Congress 2004 Future of the Agri-Food System: Perspectives from the Americas St.Louis, MO, USA May 5th 2004 How International Negotiations shall affect the poultry business in Latin America Œ The FTAA poultry picture Apinco 2002 Conference on Poultry Science & Technology Facta Œ Santos (SP), Brazil

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May 2003 a. Debate on obstacles to free trade of agricultural products b. Participant at discussions on scenarios for production and consumption of food to the year 2030 c. Member of the panel on fiFood Aidfl World Agriculture Forum St.Louis, MO, USA Feb 2003 The Brazilian Poultry Industry Œ Forces & Threatens Aveworld Meeting, Campinas, SP, Brazil Jan 2003 fiThe Brazilian Poultry Industry Œ How did they do it ?fl – Alltech Seminar World Poultry Show Atlanta, USA Jun 2002 fiA Globalisation, Commercial Barriers and the World Trade on Agriproducts Œ What to expect and how to get preparedfl Apinco 2002 Conference on Poultry Science & Technology Facta Œ Unicamp Œ Campinas (SP), Brazil Apr 2002 fiPerspectives for the International and National Market of Broiler Meatfl Chapecó (SC), Brazil Nov 2001 Œ fiThe Internation Market for Meatsfl III Technical Seminar on Pork Meat ASTAP 2001 Patos de Minas (MG), Brazil Oct 2001 Corporate Strategies in the Conquest of New Markets with Approach on Quality Faculty of Agronomics and Veterinary Medicine Œ Uinversity of Passo Fundo (RS) , Brazil May 2002 Conferência Ap inco 2001 Œ fiBrazilian Poultry Industry Œ Planning at Short and Medium Termsfl Avicultura Brasileira: Planejamento a Curto e Médio Prazofl Apinco 2001 Conference on Poultry Science & Technology Facta Œ Unicamp Œ Campinas (SP), Brazil April 2001 Œ fiExpansion of the Brazilian Pork Industry and Trade Perspectives both in the International and National Marketsfl IX National Seminario on Pork Industry Development Embrapa Œ Gramado (RS), Brazil November 2000 Future Perspective of Animal Proteins in the Main World Market Impextraco Œ Belgium August 2000 Œ fiThe Quo Vadis of Pork Meat Consumption in Brazil fl IV International Seminar on Pork Business Œ Markets & Technology – Agroceres Œ Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil Maio 2000 Œ fiGlobal Perspective of Pork Businessfl Seminar on the Perspectives of Pork Sector in the state of Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil May 1999 fiGlobalisation Œ Does it include your business?fl VII Seminar on Pasture, Grazing & Supplements Rural Syndicate of D.Pedrito, Brazil 800 Brazilian, Uruguayan and Argentinean cattle breeders May 1999 fiTotal Quality Management and the Japanese Crisisfl Conference and interactive session with the audience. Open to students and entrepreneurs of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Faculty of Animal Science May 1999 Animal Protein in Brazil and the World at the turn of the Century Rural Syndicate of Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul + Embrapa, Campo Grande, Brazil

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