Jun 1, 2021 — There is no guarantee that licenses will be available for second hunt choices in any hunt period. Page 6. 2021 BLACK BEAR HUNTING. 6. 2021

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2021 Application Period: May 1 – June 1, 2021 RAP (Report All Poaching): Call or text – (800)-292-7800 Reminders Ł NEW Season date changes for hunt periods 1 and 2; see page 11. Ł NEW Bait barrels no longer allowed on DNR-managed lands. Ł NEW Archery-only season in Baldwin and Gladwin bear management units.Drawing results available July 6.

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Managing Black Bears .3Black Bear Management .3Bear Drawing and Preference Point System 52021 Hunting Information .6How to Apply for a Limited License Hunt 62021 Bear Hunts ..11License Purchase ..14Leftover Licenses ..15Mentored Youth Hunting 16Apprentice Hunting License 16Bear Hunt Transfer Program 17 Hunting Hours .18 Hunting Methods 20Elevated Platforms and Ground Blinds .20General Rules ..21Baiting ..22Use of Hunting Dogs 24Validating Kills and Registration ..25General Information 272021 Bear Hunting Clinics ..28Report Sightings of Diseased Wildlife 28Bear Cooperator Patch ..29 .30Stay on top of the latest news from the Michigan DNR! Visit us at Michigan.gov/DNR to sign up for e-mail updates!

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32021 BLACK BEAR MANAGEMENT Bears have likely been in Michigan since the melting of the last glacier. Until European settlement, bears existed throughout the state in areas with forested habitat. Bears typically were treated as pests by early European settlers arriving in Michigan and were unprotected in the state until 1925. Since 1925, regulated hunting has been an important part of the bear management program, with many different season structures. The majority of the bear population resides in the Upper Peninsula, where large tracts of state, federal, and private commercial forest lands contain good to excellent bear habitat. Increasing bear and human populations in portions of the northern Lower Peninsula bring additional complexity to bear management, as bears and people attempt to use the same areas at increasing rates. For more information on the Black Bear Management Program in Michigan visit Michigan.gov/Bear .The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state™s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. The Michigan Natural Resources Commission is a seven-member public body whose members are appointed by the governor and subject to the advice and consent of the Senate. The NRC has exclusive authority to regulate the taking of game and sport˜sh. The commission conducts monthly, public meetings in locations throughout Michigan. Citizens are encouraged to become actively involved in these public forums. For more information visit Michigan.gov/NRC .NOTICE: This brochure is not a legal notice or a complete collection of hunting regulations and laws. It is a condensed digest issued for hunters™ convenience. Copies of Wildlife Conservation Orders, which contain complete listings of regulations and legal descriptions, are available on our website: Michigan.gov/DNRLaws .

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5 How does the drawing and preference point system work? Hunters are selected for a bear license using a preference point drawing system. In the license drawing, applicants with the greatest number of preference points for future drawings. Only one point will be awarded in a given year. If I know I won™t be able to hunt this year, can I apply for a preference point only? Yes, you may apply for a preference point only for future drawings. How many points do I need to be successfully drawn? Point requirements for each hunt period vary from year to year depending on license availability and demand for licenses. See the point requirements for the 2020 license drawing on page 13. What happens to my preference points if I™m successful in the drawing? Points are reset to zero for all successful applicants, including those who choose not to purchase their license. For more information on the bear drawing, watch the Preference Point System Explained video at Michigan.gov/Bear . Where can I check my preference points? Check your preference points at Michigan.gov/Bear . Preference points are tracked by customer ID. To ensure that all your points are considered in the drawing, you should apply with the same ID used to apply in previous years. If your ID changes, call 517-284-WILD (9453) before the application deadline to ensure your points are combined under your current ID. What will happen to my preference points if I stop applying? Can nonresidents apply in the bear drawing? Yes, nonresidents may apply; however, no more than 5% of licenses in any hunt period will be issued to nonresidents. First hunt choices have priority for selection. When applying, you must choose choose a second hunt choice, it will be considered only if licenses remain after all licenses will be available for second hunt choices in any hunt period.

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6 How many licenses can I apply for? You may only purchase one application per year. How much is an application? The application fee for a drawing entry or a preference point only is $5. How do I know if I was successful in the drawing? You are responsible for obtaining your drawing results. They will be available at Michigan.gov/Bear on July 6 or you can call 517-284-WILD (9453). What happens if I™m selected in the drawing? If you™re selected in the drawing, you may purchase a license for the area and season dates you were successful for. See the License Purchase section for more information. What happens if I™m not selected in the drawing? Beginning July 19 at 10 a.m. EST, unsuccessful applicants have the opportunity to purchase a leftover license for another hunt period, with leftover licenses available until quotas are met. Depending on how many hunters apply, leftover licenses may or may not be available for some hunt units and/or dates. Points will be reset to zero if you purchase a leftover license. What happens if I didn™t apply for the drawing? If you didn™t apply for the drawing, you may purchase a leftover license, if available, beginning July 26 at 10 a.m. EST. See the Leftover Licenses section for more information. Where can I buy a license? You can buy a license from a local retailer, or online at Michigan.gov/Bear . How many bear can I harvest with a license? You can harvest one bear. How do I know if I™m eligible to apply in the drawing? If you are 9 years of age or younger, you are eligible to apply if you are licensed under the Mentored Youth Hunting Program. If you are 10 years of age or older during the hunt period for which you are applying, you are eligible to apply if you are You will need to have a valid driver™s license issued by the state where you live OR a State of Michigan ID card (issued by the Secretary of State) OR a DNR Sportcard (issued by retail license agents or at Michigan.gov/DNRLicenses ).

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9 Is there a time when hunting with dogs is not allowed? and the entire archery-only season (Oct. 8-14) are for hunting with bait or other methods that do not include dogs. Is there a time when only hunting with dogs is allowed? Yes. In the Red Oak, Baldwin, and Gladwin BMUs, dogs must be used to hunt bears during Sept. 19-20. bears during the archery-only season (Oct. 8-14). For detailed descriptions of bear management unit boundaries, go online to Michigan.gov/DNRLaws or contact a DNR Customer Service Center.

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11 BMUHunt Period Season Dates License Quota Maximum Nonresident LicensesHunt NumberBergland1Sept. 8 ΠOct. 21 185 90001 Bergland2Sept. 13 ΠOct. 26 26513 0002Bergland3Sept. 25 ΠOct. 26600300003Baraga1Sept. 8 ΠOct. 21 285140004Baraga2Sept. 13 ΠOct. 26 410 200005Baraga3Sept. 25 ΠOct. 26850420006Amasa1Sept. 8 ΠOct. 21 105 50007 Amasa2Sept. 13 ΠOct. 26 12560008Amasa3Sept. 25 ΠOct. 26270 13 0009Carney 1Sept. 8 ΠOct. 21 9040010 Carney 2Sept. 13 ΠOct. 26 110 50011 Carney 3Sept. 25 ΠOct. 2635017 0012 Gwinn1Sept. 8 ΠOct. 21 150 70013 Gwinn2Sept. 13 ΠOct. 26 215 100014 Gwinn3Sept. 25 ΠOct. 26585290015 Newberry 1Sept. 8 ΠOct. 21 220110016 Newberry 2Sept. 13 ΠOct. 26 26513 0017 Newberry 3Sept. 25 ΠOct. 26685340018 Drummond Island1Sept. 8 ΠOct. 21 600019 Red Oak 1Sept. 12 ΠSept. 20 and Oct. 8 ΠOct. 14 770 380020Baldwin1Sept. 12 ΠSept. 20 and Oct. 8 ΠOct. 14 34017 0021 Gladwin1Sept. 12 ΠSept. 20 and Oct. 8 ΠOct. 14 12060022 Visit Michigan.gov/Bear .

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