protection of the deep fryer, do not touch the apparent metal parts. Do not leave the appliance switched on while unattended. • The basket handle may become

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1ENGENGProtection of the environment¥Your appliance has been designed to work for many years. However, when you finally decide to replaceit, do not forget to think about protecting the environment by disposing of it at your local wastedisposal centre.Description1.Lid (depending on model)a.with window and metallic filter b.for storage2.Removable control unit a.On / Off switch with indicator lightb.Temperature-setting indicator lightc.Adjustable thermostat 3.Removable heating element with temperature-control sensors4.Frying basket with handle5.Removable stainless-steel bowl with pouring spout6.Basket maximum filling level7.Min. and Max. oil level markers8.Stainless-steel or white enamelled-metal casing (depending on model)9.Cord storage10.Reset button11.Positioning grooves for control unit12.Carrying handlesHelplinefor any problems or queries please telephone0845 602 14 54 – UK (calls charged at local rates)(01) 412 3000 – Irelandor consult our web

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2ENG¥This appliance complies with current safety regulationsand requirements as well as directives:- 89/336/CEE modified by 93/68/CEE- 73/23/CEE modified by 93/68/CEE¥This electrical appliance operates at high temperatureswhich may cause burns. Despite the high heatprotection of the deep fryer, do not touch the apparentmetal parts.Do not leave the appliance switched on while unattended.¥ The basket handle may become hot after prolongeduse.¥Use and store it out of childrenÕs reach.¥ Never insert any object between the removable bowland the bottom of the appliance¥Always plug in the appliance at an earthed powersocket. ¥Do not use an extension lead. If you accept liability fordoing so, only use an extension lead which is in goodcondition, has an earthed plug, and is suited to thepower of the appliance.¥Check that the mains voltage corresponds with thatshown on the appliance (alternating current only).¥If the appliance is used in a country other than that ofpurchase, have it checked by an approved ServiceCentre.¥Never use or plug in your appliance if:- its power cord is faulty or damaged,- the appliance has been dropped,- it has visible damage or operating faults.In such cases, to avoid any danger contact your nearestapproved Service Centre to have the appliancerepaired, as special tools are needed. Never dismantlethe appliance yourself. This will negate the guarantee.¥If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by anauthorised service centre, in order to avoid any danger.¥In the event of fire, never try to extinguish the flameswith water. Close the lid. Smother the flames with adamp cloth.¥Do not switch on the appliance near to inflammablematerials (blinds, curtains, etc.) or close to an externalheat source (gas stove, hotplate, etc.)¥This appliance has been designed for domestic useonly. Any professional use, inappropriate use or failureto comply with the instructions, the manufactureraccepts no responsibility and the guarantee does notapply. Warning:this appliance must beearthed.Important:the wires in this cord arecoloured in accordance withthe following codes :Green and Yellow: EarthBlue: NeutralBrown: Live¥Connect the Green/Yellow wire to the terminal in theplug marked ÒEÓ (or by the earth symbol) or colouredGreen or coloured Green and Yellow. Connect theBrown wire to the terminal in the plug marked ÒLÓ orcoloured Red. Connect the Blue wire to the terminal inthe plug marked ÒNÓ or coloured Black. A 13 amp fuseshould be fitted when the appliance is connected to aBS 1363 plug.Seek professional advice if you areunsure of the correct procedure of the above.Voltage¥This appliance is designed to work on 230-240 voltsAC only.Check that the mains supply corresponds tothat shown on the rating plate of the appliance.If theappliance is to be used in any country other than thatof purchase, it should be checked by an approvedService Dealer.Standards can vary from country tocountry.About your factory fitted plug.FORUKONLY(supplied with certain models only)¥The cord is already fitted with a plug incorporating a 13amp fuse.If the plug does not fit your socket outlet, seenext paragraph.¥Should you need to replace the fuse in the plugsupplied, a 13 amp approved BS 1362 fuse must beused.¥The fuse cover is an important part of the plug.Pleaseensure that it is always refited.If you lose this coverplease do not use the plug.You may contact TEFAL fora replacement.¥If the plug supplied does not fit your socket outlet, itshould be removed from the mains cord and disposedof safety. The flexible cord insulation should be strippedback as appropiate and a suitable alternative plug fitted.The replacement plug must be equipped with a 13 ampfuse.Important:if the electrical cord of this appliance is damaged, it mustonly be replaced by an authorised Service Dealer. Thesafety of this appliance complies with the technicalregulations and standards in force.For UK users only – Wiring instructionsGreen andyellowor greenELBlue orblackBrownor redFit correctfuseUse cablegripperNSafety instructions

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3ENGENGFNever immerse thecontrol unit, theheating element, orthe power cable inwater or any otherliquid.Never plug in thedeep fryer withoutoil or fat inside.Do not mix differenttypes of oils.The oil level mustalways be betweenthe Min. and Max.markers. Check thiseach time beforecooking, and addsome of the sametype of oil ifnecessary.Preparation for useBefore using your deep fryerfor the first time¥ Completely unfold the basket handle; aclick indicates that it is correctlypositioned.¥ Remove the control unit and the bowl.¥ Clean the lid, the bowl and the fryingbasket with a damp cloth and washing-up liquid. Rinse and dry thoroughly.¥ Clean the other components of the fryerwith a damp cloth.Filling the bowl ¥For best results we recommend blendedvegetable oil. For sunflower oil,groundnut oil, or soya oil ensure the oilis changed after every 5 uses.¥ If you use solid vegetable fat:- Cut into small pieces, melt in aseparate pan and pour the melted fatinto the fryer bowl.- When remelting solidified fat, break upthe surface with a fork to preventsplashes. Take care not to damage theheating element or temperaturesensors.- Never exceed 150¡C to melt it, thenfollow the manufacturerÕs cookinginstructions.¥Lard or dripping should NOTbe usedunder any circumstances and maycause overflowing, smoking or risk offire. For traditional UK style deep friedfoods, especially chips, we do notrecommend using olive oil.!!!!3Replacing the removablebowl¥ Insert the bowl into the deep fryer : therim holds the bowl firmly in position.¥ Use the guide slots to position thecontrol unit correctly.¥ Your fryer is fitted with a safety system.The heating element will not function ifit is badly positioned or removed fromthe deep fryer.Make sure that thecontrol unit iscorrectly positionedotherwise the fryercannot function.!click!

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4ENGENGPreparation for useLowering the basket¥After the indicator light has gone out,lower the basket slowly into the fryingoil.¥Use the lid only if it is fitted with ametallic filter and a window.!Fresh potato chips Frozen potato chipsPRO & FRY and EASY FRY 4 LMaximum recommended quantity for double frying800 g700 g PRO & FRY and EASY FRY 3 LMaximum recommended quantity for double frying600 g500 g Never exceed themaximum capacity. Plunging the baskettoo rapidly into theoil may cause it tooverflow.- Cut the foods intolike-sized pieces sothat they cookevenly,- Avoid using piecesthat aretoo thick.- -Wipe food dry withabsorbent paperbefore frying it.- Shake frozen foodsto detach pieces ofice away from thedeep fryer.- Not all frozen foodsare ready to use.Check themanufacturerÕsinstructions.Preheating¥ Plug in the deep fryer.¥ Switch on the fryer using the On/ Offbutton : the indicator light will go on.¥ Turn the temperature control to thedesired setting (see cooking table) : thetemperature indicator light will comeon.¥If you are making fresh chips, do notforget to set the thermostat to 160¡forthe first fry and to 190¡for the secondfry.¥Do not use the lid during cooking unlessit is fitted with a metallic filter and awindow.Preparing the basket¥Place food in the frying basket. Do notoverfill the basket. Never exceed thebasket maximum filling level.!Place the deepfryer: – on a steadysurface, – out of the reach ofchildren, – away from watersplashes or heatsources.Do not leave thefryer unattended. Donot allow the cordto hang down fromthe worksurface.!!

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6ENGENGCooking Cooking tablesThe cooking times are a guide only. They could vary depending on quantity, taste,electricity supply etcAlways fry freshly made chips twice.- a first fry at 160 ¡C- a second fry at 190 ¡CFor the crispiest results, dry food items thoroughly before frying, especially freshly madechipped potatoes.Large pieces of chicken or large chips need a longer cooking time.Set the temperature control according to the table above, or follow the instructions on foodpackaging.Cooks tips : When cooking battered food and doughnuts, remove the wire basket to prevent foodsticking to it. Take great care when handling the food and use tongs. Gradually place the food inthe hot oil, submerging it an inch at a time to prevent it from sinking straight away.Fresh foodsTemperatureCooking timePotato chips : 1stfry (600 g – model 3 L)160¡6 to 7 min.Potato chips : 2ndfry (600 g – – model 3 L)190¡1 to 2 min.Potato chips : 1stfry (800 g – model 4 L)160¡7 to 8 min.Potato chips : 2ndfry (800 g – model 4 L)190¡1 to 2 min.Breaded Camembert wedges (250 g)190¡1 min.Potato croquettes(8-10 pieces)190¡8 to 9 min.Poultry croquettes (8 pieces)180¡14 to 15 min.Spring rolls (8-10 pieces)180¡4 to 5 min.Vegetable fritters(12-15 pieces)170¡10 to 12 min.Apple Fritters(8-9 pieces)170¡5 to 6 min.Ring doughnuts* (12-15 pieces)170¡7 to 9 min.Fried Whole Mushrooms(500 g – model 4 L)150¡10 to 12 min.Fried Whole Mushrooms(400 g – model 3 L)150¡8 to 10 min.* = These thicker foods may require turning halfway through cooking to ensure evencooking on both sides.Frozen foodsQuantityCooking timeat 190¡Potato chips (pre-cooked)400 g4 to 5 min.Potato chips (pre-cooked)500 g5 to 6 min.Potato chips(pre-cooked)(model 4 L)700 g 10 to 12 min.American style Thin Cut chips400 g5 to 6 min.Potato croquettes 10-12 pieces5 to 6 min.Fish fingers 12 pieces5 to 6 min.Chicken nuggets16 pieces7 to 8 min.Poultry croquettes10-12 pieces5 to 6 min.Spring rolls8-10 pieces5 to 6 min.Scampi fritters12-15 pieces5 to 6 min.Apple fritters8-9 pieces5 to 7 min.

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7ENGENGFChange the oil afterbeing used for 8 to12 times maximum. ÒCleanÓ oil keepsthe flavour andlightness of food andavoids bad odours.If the lid or basket isbent out of shape,obtain areplacement fromyour nearestApproved ServiceCentre.If the frying bowl isdamaged, obtain areplacement fromyour nearestApproved ServiceCentre.Never immerse thecontrol unit inwater.Do not useaggressive orabrasive cleaningproducts.It is not necessary tostore oil in arefrigerator.Storing the oil¥Turn off the fryer and wait until the oilhas completely cooled.¥ Remove the small pieces of foodremaining in the oil with a non-metallicskimmer.¥ Keep the oil in the deep fryer or store itin an air-tight container away from heatand light sources. (recommended if youdo not use the deep fryer often).Changing the oil/fat¥Do not pour used oil into the sink. Leaveit to cool and throw it away with thehousehold waste.Maintenance and cleaningCleaning the fryerExclusive MAGICLEAN¨ : very easy toclean : the basket, lid and bowl of thedeep fryer can be cleaned in thediswasher .¥Clean the control unit and the exteriorof the fryer with a damp cloth. Drythoroughly. ¥ This fryer is fitted with a built-infilter.The filter must be cleaned regularlyto ensure efficient operation.¥ Allow the lid to dry thoroughly beforere-use.¥ Try not to damage the bowl throughbumps or being dropped.!!!!!

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8ENGENGIf your deep fryer does not work properlyIf the problem remains, check with your stockist or an Approved Service Centre.Any repairs must only be carried out by an Approved Service Centre with themanufacturerÕs own replacement parts.HELPLINE : 0845 602 14 54 – UK (calls charged at local rates)(01) 412 3000- IrelandConsult our web site:!Problem and possible causes¥The power switch is not in the ONposition.¥The safety system is operating.¥The control unit is not correctlypositioned.¥The Max. marker for filling the bowl hasbeen exceeded.¥Foods are wet or contain too muchwater (frozen foods).¥The basket lowering was too rapid.¥Different types of oil/fat have been mixed.¥Overflowing of oil/fat.¥Cooking freshly made chips at 180¡/190¡for the first fry.¥Too much water on the food when it wasimmersed in hot cooking oil.¥The cooking time of the first fry was tooshort.¥The cooking temperature is too low.¥The frying basket is overloaded.¥The oil is not hot enough.¥Unwashed food immersed in hot oil.¥Not changing the oil often enough¥Unsuitable oil or fat has been used.Solutions¥Switch the power on and check that thetemperature indicator light comes on.¥Press the ÒresetÓ button, which is located inthe power cord storage compartment.¥To prevent this, use the guide slots tocorrectly position the control unit.¥Check the oil level (Max.), and remove theexcess.¥Fry the foods in small quantities (particularlyfrozen foods).¥Lower the basket slowly and keep a close eyeon the oil level.¥Empty and clean the bowl. Refill the bowlwith one type of oil (see page 3). ¥Remove any ice and dry the foods thoroughly.Lower the basket very slowly.¥It is important to double-fry freshly madechips and to respect the recommendedcooking temperature.(see page 5 and 6).¥Dry food thoroughly.¥Increase cooking time for the first frying.¥Set the thermostat to the recommendedtemperature.¥Fry the foods in small quantities¥Defective thermostat. Contact your retailer orApproved Service Centre.¥Wash potatoes well and dry them thoroughly.¥ Renew the oil after 8 to 12 uses (see page 3).¥ Use a good quality vegetable oil (see page 3).The deep fryer does not workThe frying oil overflowsThe oil overflows during the second frying.The foods do not become golden, and remain softThe chips stick togetherUnpleasant odours

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