The lower height of the Lo-Pot Blast Machines eases abrasive loading. Model 1648*. 3 cubic foot capacity. A mid-size blast machine, a favorite
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Clemco blast machines the preferred equipment for industrial blasting and painting contractors.Clemco machines are built tough to endure real world use. With wear-parts positioned for quick replacement, so they spend more time at the job site; less time in the shop. portable or stationary models Šblast machine only or machine system.Take the guesswork out of buying a blast machine by ordering a complete system, which includes the blast machine, remote controls, nozzle, couplings, Classic Blast Machines SIMPLE, RUGGED, RELIABLE1 cuft

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Classic Blast MachinesBlast Machine ConstructionŁ Pressure vessels built to ASME code. Most models registered in most Canadian provinces. Ł Concave head stores abrasive for loading.Ł Conical bottom ensures and complete emptying. Ł Large inspection door for access to the interior. Ł Wear-resistant urethane- coated pop-up valve seals tight and lasts longer. Model 1028 1/2 cubic foot capacity Clemco™s smaller machines are light, transportable, and industrial quality. Maximum working pressure 125 psi.Model 1042 1 cubic foot capacity Tall and slim, can be moved empty with ease from blast site to blast site. Maximum working pressure 125 psi. 1/2 cuft and 1 cuftsystems include the Apollo 20 Supplied-Air RespiratorComplete SystemClemco™s fully equipped and everything needed to blast except air and abrasive.

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Model 1642* 2 cubic foot capacityDecades of experience enable Clemco to produce blast machines suitable for a wide range of jobs.Model 2452* 6 cubic foot capacityThis larger capacity blast machine is the obvious choice for professional blasting contractors, shipyards, railcar re-man facilities and large scale industrial production. Model 2443 6 cubic foot capacity Lo-PotThe lower height of the Lo-Pot Blast Machineseases abrasive loading.Model 1648* 3 cubic foot capacityA mid-size blast machine, a favorite of rental yards. *Machines available with alternate metering valves. See application guide on page 10. Pictures of blast machines are not to scale.

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Classic Blast Machines*Machines available with alternate metering valves. See application guide on page 10. Model 3661* 10 cubic foot capacityStationary models are suitable for industrial use or applications requiring a large volume, yet economical, blast machine.Model 3054* 7 cubic foot capacityLarger capacity models allow the machine.Model 3680* 20 cubic foot capacitysites or to custom truck (or trailer) mounted systems.Model 2463* 8 cubic foot capacityDual blast chambers permit continuous blasting. The 8 cuft machine can be equipped with twin outlets allowing two operators to work without interruption.Pictures of blast machines are not to scale.

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Remote Controls The Clemco TLR 100C and 300C pressure- release pneumatic systems and for blowing down the surface after blasting. These remote control systems include inlet and that reduces air exhaust noise, and the air-operated For applications that require frequent starts and stops, machines should be equipped with Quantum pressure-hold pneumatic remote controls , which keep the blast machine under pressure but allow the operator to start and stop blasting as frequently as needed. The machine is pressurized and depressurized manually, and the remote control pneumatic and electric models.OSHA™s requirements for remote-controlled blasting safety lie at the heart of Clemco Remote Control Systems:fiAbrasive blast cleaning nozzles shall be equipped with an operating valve which must be held open manuallyfl OSHA 1926.302 (b) (10) and 29CFR 1910.244 (b)fiA ‚deadman™ control device shall be provided at the nozzle end of the blasting hoseto provide direct cut-off (of abrasive to the blast hose) in the event the blaster loses control of the hoseflOSHA 1915.34 (c) (1) (iv)Apart from respiratory protection, the most important blasting safety accessory is the remote control. All Clemco remote control systems meet the OSHA requirements for remote-controlled blasting. 1 2 3 (ordered separately) 4 5 6. Twinline Hose 7. RLX Control Handle 8 9 Hose10 1 2 3. Twinline Hose 4. RLX Control Handle 5 6 Hose12345107869145236

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The Clemco TLR 100 and 300 pressure- release pneumatic systems operate on the return-air principle. A handle installed at the nozzle connects pneumatically machine. With the safety petcock on the closes the outlet to start blasting; releasing blasting stops. This safety system stops blasting should the operator lose control of the nozzle. And when the blast session machines.The Clemco EAC 100/300 (AC electrics) and EDC 100/300 (DC electrics) pressure-release electric remote control systems extremely cold weather applications or more of blast hose is used. An electric switch sends a signal through electric cord to open and close the inlet and would be experienced with air hose. Electric systems feature an anti-freeze injector accessory, which is optional on pneumatic systems. Electric remotes reaches the handle for the safety of the 1 2 3 (ordered separately) 4. RLX Control Handle 5. Twinline Hose 6 7. Petcock 8 1 2 3 (ordered separately) 4 5 6. RLX Control Handle 7. Electric Cable 8 cable source 9. Control Panel Clemco™s RLX remote control handle ‚The workhorse of the industry!™1279334586125334678

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CLEMCO ABRASIVE METERING VALVES APPLICATION GUIDE Stock #Remote Control Type Applications (abrasives/media)machinesManualPressure-Release -LPVLo-Pot machinesManualPressure-Release Classic blast machines, ManualPressure-Release for metallic mediaMQVQuantumContractor and Classic ManualPressure-Release AQVContractor and Classic pressure-hold remotes PneumaticPressure-hold or pressure-release and The MQV handles all types of media; minerals, slags, and metallic. Its design allows for precise metering and easy maintenance. The Quantum capacity. The AQV is used for pressure-hold systems and pneumatic and electric.The FSV, an original Clemco design, is the tried-and-true work horse of the industry. It is among the most imitated Clemco components. It is standard on The MSV for expendable media; it is used machines.The LPV used on Lo-Pots. MediaAir

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NOTES distributor for details. MSV, FSV, MQV (Quantum) and LPV abrasive metering valves are suitable for blasting with mineral and slag expendable media. The Quantum metering valve handles all common media including steel grit. ACS is an optional accessory for TLR pressure release remotes with Quantum metering valves and is standard on machines with Quantum pressure hold remotes. Remote Controls: Piping Size production operations. Pressure-Release Remotes: to operate. Pressure-Hold Remotes Machine Piping SizePressure-Release Pressure-Release w/ACS Pressure-Hold Pneumatic orElectricPneumaticElectricPneumaticElectricPneumaticElectricŠŠŠŠŠPneumatic onlyŠŠPneumatic or ElectricQuantum Remote Controls consult distributor for details.Pneumatic or ElectricSPECIFICATIONS ModelDimensions Dia. X Height Working Pressure Capacity in Cuft.Portable or Piping (I.D.) Remote Controls Pneu. or ElectricMetering Pop-up Portable pneu. only Portable pneu. onlyBoth pneu. or electric3Both pneu. or electric Quantum6Portablepneu. or electricLPV6Both pneu. or electric Quantum8Both Quantum pressure hold onlyAuto 7 pneu. or electric Quantum (pot & hopper) pneu. or electric Quantum pneu. or electric Quantum pneu. or electric Quantum

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