Goodyear Engineered Products heavyweight conveyor belts deliver heavyweight the most out of every belt and that the quality you expect lasts and lasts.

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U.S.A.1-800-BELT-USA or 1-800-235-8872FAX 1-800-329-2358 CANADA1-800-263-7788FAX 1-800-939-9919 GOODYEAREP.COM/CONVEYORBELTDISTRIBUTED BY:HEAVYWEIGHT CONVEYOR BELT CATAL OGHEAVYWEIGHT CONVEYOR BELT CATALOG HEAVYWEIGHT CONVEYOR BELT goodyearep.com201220122012The GOODYEAR (and Winged Foot Design) trademark is used by Veyance Technologies, Inc. under license from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Goodyear Engineered Products are manufactured and sourced exclusively by Veyance Technologies, Inc. or its affiliates. The following trademarks are licensed to Veyance Technologies, Inc. by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, including Conquest®, Xtra-GripŽ, Contender® and OMEGA®. ©2012 Veyance Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Aftermarket Parts – Automotive, Conveyor Belt – Heavyweight and Lightweight, Government, Heavy Duty, Home and Garden, Hydraulics, Industrial Hose, Power Transmission Products, Powersports, Rubber Track 1047148-9/12700-821-947-489North America700-821-947-489

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SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE, LOWER COST-PER-TON. Goodyear Engineered Products heavyweight conveyor belts deliver heavyweight benefits – the kind that accelerate your business. With any of our heavyweight belts you get the performance it takes to achieve a lower cost-per-ton conveyed for a wide variety of end-use applications. In addition to superior construction, when you purchase Goodyear Engineered Products Heavyweight Conveyor Belts, our sales associates and distributors are part of the deal. They™re there when you need them with after-the-sale support. This ensures that you get the most out of every belt and that the quality you expect lasts and lasts.Dynamic H Œ Block Tester Increased integrity means longer life. We know that each cord™s adhesion to the insulation gum is critical to a steel cord belt™s performance Œ better adhesion means better load sharing, corrosion resistance, and idler junction performance to name just a few of the benefits. This test simulates the real-life, dynamic conditions that a belt experiences. Tests: AS 1333-6.10 Ultrasonic Belt GaugeOn site, Technical Managers and Authorized Distributors use a custom-programmed, high-tech ultrasonic gauge to accurately measure the depth of the belt cover. This gauge helps determine the level of wear and belt cover life and can help you decide when to schedule belt replacement.Finite Element AnalysisBringing new products to market faster. Used throughout our entire development process, finite element analysis correlates data to actual manufacturing, processing, and field performance before a belt or splice design is ever attempted. The end result is an optimized product and a reduced development cycle, allowing us to bring superior products to market more quickly. Impact Tester Developing belts that take a beating. Many material handling applications experience belt punctures that typically occur in the loading zone. Therefore, we developed this machine to dynamically test a belt™s ability to withstand impact damage. Case in point, our patented Triple-Warp Ž fabric used in Conquest®, Coal Quest®, and Conquest LW belts. Tests: Internally developed test standards. Smarter from the Ground Up.One of the most powerful components that goes into our heavyweight conveyor belting is your input. You see, in many cases we talk to customers to find out what their specific performance needs are for a variety of applications. We think that™s a smart way to make belting. Sure, Research and Development can do a lot to help customers succeed, but it can do even more when it is informed by valuable customer input as well.102

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1TABLE OF CONTENTS 1BELT C ONSTRUCTION .2 ABOVEGROUNDAPPLICATIONS ..6PRODUCTS ConquestXPŽ .8 Plylon Plus® 12 Plylon® 18 Raider® 22 Solar-Shield® XL 750 ..24 Wood Sawyer ® Plus & Wood Sawyer ® 28 Pathfinder ® .36 Xtra-GripŽ 40 UNDERGROUNDPRODUCTS SHIELDŽ 46 Coal Quest® ..48 Glide® Plus ..52 Tough Coat PVC Ž .56 FLEXSTEEL®PRODUCT Flexsteel® .64 EasyriderŽ ..68 PreformŽ ..69 PIPE CONVEYOR BELT PRODUCT ConfineŽ .74 COVER COMPOUNDSApplication and Performance 78 BELT MONITORING SYSTEMS PRODUCTS Sensor Guard ® 86 Cord Guard® XD 88CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ACTIVITIES .90ADVANCED SERVICE TOOLS 92BELT SELECTION 94MINUTEMAN BELT ANALYSIS .95CONVEYOR BELT ANALYSIS 96BELT ROLL DIA METERS .98TERMS AND CONDITIONS ..100New

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2Goodyear Engineered Products conveyor belts are designed from the inside out to endure the everyday working abuse of tons of coal, aggregate, wood and hard rock. Layers of specially designed fabric plies are sandwiched between rubber skim coats for adhesion and load support. Bottom and top cover compounds are added for maximum protection of the belt carcass. These compounds are comprised of different polymers, fillers and plasticizers and come in a wide variety of cover gauges. For over 90 years, our breakthrough fabric designs have been tested in some of the toughest conveyor belt applications worldwide. These high-quality belt constructions give you the confidence you need for operating performance.BELT CONSTRUCTION BELT CONSTRUCTION

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3Warp Cords – Provide tensile strength, transverse tear, impact resistance Fill Cords – Provide fastener holding, impact resistance, rip and tear resistance Top Cover – Protects the carcassBottom Cover- Protects the carcassSkims- Rubber between the plies – Provide adhesion – Provide load support – Provide impact resistanceFabric PliesFill CordsWarp Cords Lengthwise DirectionPlylon Plus® Stacker® 375/3/48 3/16″ x 1/16″ Belt ConstructionNumber of PliesPIW Rating(pounds per inch of width) Top Cover GaugeBottom or Pulley Cover GaugeRubber CompoundBELT CONSTRUCTION NOMENCLATURE EXAMPLE: BeltWidthBELT CONSTRUCTIONConveyor Belt ComponentsBELT CONSTRUCTION

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7APPLICATIONSEXAMPLE OF: A GGREGATE, H ARD ROCK MINING, S AND AND GRAVEL PROCESS Primary Crusher Process Mainline, Transfer, Secondary Crusher Stacker, Load Out, Overland, Pit Belt Wash Plant Radial Stacker Conquest XPŽ Plylon Plus® Plylon® or Plylon Plus® Plylon® Raider® Typical Material Size 6″ and higher 6″ – 3″ 3″ MinusApplication High abuse Moderate abuse Low abuse. Description and/or higher tension. and low tension. Critical belt lines Typically the wash Typically short where uptime is plant or screening area. center-to-center a premium. systems which utilize screw take-ups. Typical Material: Limestone, granite, ores, taconite, cement, rock, etc. Note: For proper cover compounds and gauge, please consult pages 82-87.Goodyear Engineered Products Conveyor Belt Recommendations

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8 CONQUEST XPŽCONQUESTXP Applications® r® r® ® Ž(See pages 82-87 for more specific details.) Tension Range330 to 880 PIW GET A LOWER COST-PER-TON CONVEYED.MarketsApplicationsCover CompoundsDESCRIPTION:This rugged, fabric-reinforced conveyor belt withstands high abuse applications. It™s made with a revolutionary patented Fortress Ž Technology weave design, holds up to the most demanding applications, and delivers up to three times longer life, proving ConquestXPŽ provides a lower cost-per-ton with unsurpassed system savings. NewProductSee the process diagram for Aggregate, Hard Rock Mining, Sand and Gravel markets on page 6 for alternative belt recommendations.

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9CONQUESTXPŽCONQUESTXPFeatures & BenefitsThe new dual layer twill fabric gives ConquestXPŽ improved load bearing and impact resistance.The new ConquestXP has industry-leading impact resistance. Loading point impact damage can be a major cause of belt failure. Design Engineers used an enhanced Dynamic Impact Tester to simulate loading impact force and its effects on belting.The dual layer twill fabric design enables high transverse tear strength. This minimizes tears that result from material punctures as well as edge tears from misaligned belts.Scrap metal or debris often get fihung upfl in the structure of the conveyor, causing equipment damage and slits or cuts in long sections of the belt. Our fabric design helps dislodge and expel foreign objects and contain rips to a small area.Rigorous dynamic and static testing means that ConquestXP belts will provide superior mechanical fastener retention as compared with multi-ply and straight-warp constructions. Innovative patented fabric weaveExceptional impact resistanceHigh transverse tear strengthSuperior rip resistanceEnhanced mechanical fastener pull-out resistanceConveyor Belt ComponentsFORTIFIED WITH THE POWER OF FORTRESSŽ TECHNOLOGYPatent Pending Dual Layer Twill W eave Design.Fabric technology advancements for improved yarn design and increased yarn strength.More-abuse-resistant fabric design to reduce catastrophic failures.

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