letter from T. T. Eason. president, Eason Oil Co., Enid. the lathe, the bench, the loom, the fishline, the saw, the ax, the.

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2944 .CONGRESSIONAL RECORD-SENATE JANUARY 31 10027. By Mr. BORN: Petition of citizens of ‘Detour, Mich., favoring the stop-alien-representation amendment to the United States Constitution; to the Committee on the Judiciary. 10028. By Mr. DAVENPORT: Petition of Rev. N. A. Darling and 110 other citizens of Oneida County, N. Y., favoring the so-called stop-alien-representation amendment; to the Committee on the Judiciary. 10029. By Mr. DELANEY: Memorial of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Oregon, urging that foreign goods be stopped from coming into the United States at the expense of the closing of our factories, and that the distress of our citizens be permanently relieved by returning tlrem to work at suitable rates of pay; to the Committee on Ways and Means. 10030. Also, petition of the memorial and executive mittee of the United Spanish War Veterans of Brooklyn, N.Y., urging the inclusion in the NaVY Department priation bill of $600,000 to be used in the training of the Naval Militia; to the Committee on Appropriations. 10031. Also, petition of the Geo. K Shennan Co. 628 KB – 111 Pages