X-Ray Inspection- 5DX and 2DX Systems. 14. ▷ Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)- 2D and 3D AOI. 14. ▷ Selective Solder- Selective Soldering Systems.

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EMSStreamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. 4285 Technology Dr., Fremont, CA 94538 | Phone: 408.263.3600 | Fax: 408.508.5638 | Email: info@sem-inc.com http://www.sem-inc.com World Class Electronics ManufacturingServices World Class Electronics ManufacturingServices

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2 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. Table of Contents ˜Introduction 3˜Company Background 4˜Facility 4˜Capabilities 5˜Valor by Mentor Graphics 5˜NPI and Quick Turnaround 5˜Process Control and Quality Management Systems 5˜RoHS Compliance Services 6˜PCB Layout and Design 6˜Material Handling Solutions 6˜Vapor Phase Soldering Process 6˜Production Support 7˜Functional, In-Circuit, Flying Probe Test, 5DX X-Ray 7˜Systems Integration 8˜BGA Inspection and Rework 8˜Tools and Equipment 9˜Valor by Mentor Graphics For DFM/ DFT/ NPI/ Manufacturing Control 9˜Surface Mount- Placement Systems 9˜Surface Mount- Glue Dispensing System 10˜Surface Mount- Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) System 11˜Surface Mount- Automatic Screen Printers with SPI Capabilities 11˜Re˚ow- Vapor Phase System 12˜Re˚ow- Convention Re˚ow Systems 12˜Test- Flying Probe Test Systems 13˜X-Ray Inspection- 5DX and 2DX Systems 14˜Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)- 2D and 3D AOI 14˜Selective Solder- Selective Soldering Systems 16˜Wave Solder- Automatic Wave Soldering 17˜Rework- Automatic Rework Systems 17˜Washing and Cleaning Systems 18˜Debug Tools 19˜˛ermal Cycling 19˜Additional Tools and Equipment 19˜SEM™s Commitment To Quality 20

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3 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. IntroductionStreamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. (SEM) is a contract manufacturer specializing in the area of electronics related assembly. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, SEM supports a diverse customer base throughout the United States. For over twenty years, SEM has remained a respected resource for a host of electronics assembly needs. SEM is an ESD-protected, full service, electronics manufacturing house, o˝ering a variety of consignment and turnkey solutions in areas such as: PCB layout & design, product design, PCB assembly (SMT and through hole), cable harness assembly, ˚ying probe, in-circuit and functional testing, prototype and production runs, and full systems integration. SEM™s mission is to be the recognized leader in quality and service when manufacturing electronics products for our customers. SEM welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how our capabilities can translate into guaranteed satisfaction and potential success for your company. If you are interested in a price quote, would like to meet with us, or have any questions, please contact us. We are con˙dent that once you choose SEM, you will be here to stay. Phone: 408 263-3600 Fax: 408 508-5638 Email: Info@sem-inc.com

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4 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. (SEM), has been a trusted contract manufacturer in Silicon Valley for over twenty years. ˛rough the years SEM has continued to grow as a company, expanding into larger and better facilities, o˝ering more advanced services, and constantly upgrading our tools and equipment. SEM has made a commitment to provide superior services and high quality workmanship to our customers. We invest in the latest technologies, train and cross- train our employees, and have adopted a policy of continuous enhancements. Numerous customers have trusted SEM over the years due to our dedication to excellence. SEM has proved to be a stable and long term provider of CM services by staying strong aˆer the 2001 and 2009 market crashes. SEM has done this by making a commitment to excellence through strategic decision making, strong management and a diverse customer base. SEM ™s broad customer base includes respected names from ATE, Aviation, Medical, Semiconducto r, Industrial Controls and Telecom industries, amongst others. SEM obtained its ISO 9002 registration in 1997, a documented pledge to a quality assurance system. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, . SEM added the full service RoHS compliance capability in 2006. We have continued to develop and enhance our capabilities to process highly complex ATE products that require fast turnaround and extreme care. SEM has invested extensively in equipment and in process development in order to offer world class services in processing load boards/ test boards for ATE industry. Currently, the SEM Fremont facility is one of the best facilities in the world to process complex NPI for ATE and any other industry. Recent and upcoming events at SEM continue to pave the road for further improvement, development, and expansion.Company BackgroundFacility SEM has a 30,000 square foot ESD safe, RoHS compliant facility in Fremont, California. We have an educated, experienced and dedicated team of managers, engineers, technicians and operators. SEM maintains a quality operation streamlined for eˇcient production and superior service.

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5 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. Valor by Mentor Graphics SEM has constantly evaluated tools to enhance its ability for early detection of manufacturing issues, a key factor in successful NPI launch. Valor by Mentor Graphics is the top of the line tool for design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for test (DFT) analysis. Valor gives us the ability to evaluate and detect discrepancies in manufacturing and testing processes ahead of the actual run; this is an essential capability in a quick turn NPI environment. ˛e use of Valor allows us to control all manufacturing activities from a single source of data generation. A single command and control system gives us the ability to reliably control changes in a dynamic NPI environment. NPI and Quick Turnaround SEM has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing products for a variety of industries. Our manufacturing facility is fully capable and quali˙ed to serve every industry with any level of engagement that our customer desires. SEM excels in providing services for complex assemblies in a NPI environment by using DFX, re˙nement/ validation of critical processes, documentation, methods of detection, traceability and constant monitoring. SEM o˝ers multiple quick turn options ranging from 24 hours to 72 hours turnaround time, depending on the customer needs. Process Control and Quality Management Systems SEM has put in place a robust quality management and process evaluation program that ensures excellent results the ˙rst time and every time. ˛e ISO compliance for producing Medical products has helped SEM strengthen its capabilities in addressing the stringent design, engineering and manufacturing requirements needed for its medical, as well as, non-medical customers. Capabilities

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6 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. RoHS Compliance Services SEM has the capabilities to o˝er full service RoHS compliance. In order to manufacture per the RoHS requirements, we have added the necessary capabilities from component procurements, material storage, SM T, wave soldering all the way through Final QC. ˛is commitment to compliance required the addition of capital equipment, training of personnel and the full dedication from the management team, which we have accomplished! PCB Layout and Design From conception of design to ˙nished product, SEM o˝ers a one-stop solution for all of your electronics manufacturing needs. . SEM has a team of highly qualified PCB designers who can design and layout your new PCB assemblies. SEM works closely with its customers to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want and need.Material Handling SolutionsAt SEM our customers enjoy true freedom for their material handling solutions. We work with the model that best fits your needs.We offer the following material handling solutions˘Consigned material ˘Semi-turnkey material ˘Full turnkey material Vapor Phase Soldering Process SEM continuously evaluates and invests in new processes. SEM has evaluated the Vapor Phase (VP) soldering process and concluded that it is a gentler way of processing lead-free or assemblies that require higher temperature processing. ˛e VP process is also bene˙cial in maintaining a certain maximum temperature throughout the product where high mass PCB or components are soldered along with lower mass components; VP process helps prevent uneven heating. SEM has invested in the VP soldering process as part of enhancing RoHS and heavy PCB processing requirements.

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8 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. Systems Integration SEM™s approach to full systems integration is a comprehen -sive process, which involves designing the assembly, pur -chasing all of the parts, populating the PCB, and building the entire system. We proceed to perform the required testing, troubleshooting, and burning-in of the sys -tem. As an extended service, SEM will even ship the prod -uct to your end user. Allowing SEM to complete the entire process can potentially be the most e˝ortless and convenient solution for your system production needs. BGA Inspection and Rework SEM o˝ers in-house X Ray inspection and BGA rework. Agilent Technology™s 5DX 5000 Series X Ray Inspection System is a state of the art machine capable of many di˝erent analysis and reports. Photon Dynamics SX2000 is an easy setup X Ray machine where shorts can be detected quickly and easily. APR 5000 XLS and DRS20 are fully capable re -work stations for any type of remove and replace function of any component; BGA, TAB, Flip Chip, QFP, etc. With these pieces of equipment, SEM is fully geared to tackle any manufacturing task arising from new packaging types.

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9 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. Tools and Equipment Valor by Mentor Graphics For DFM/ DFT/ NPI/ Manufacturing Control ˘Design For Manufacturing (DFM) ˘Design For Test (DFT) ˘Single point of control, it controls all manufacturing activities from a single source of data generation ˘Rapid time to market, it allows more eˇcient processing ˘Reduce Waste, it detects errors in manufacturing or test processes before the actual build ˘On-time every time ˘Process conformance ˘Traceability for quality ˘Action through visibility Surface Mount Placement Systems ˘PCB size, minimum: 1.89fl x 1.89fl maximum: 30fl x 27fl ˘A new function enables vision processing data adjustment to be made quickly ˘Handles a wide range of parts from small chips to large parts ˘Capable of placing 180 di˝erent components ˘Fully Vision Controlled Chip Shooter; recognizes ˙ducial marks and bad marks ˘Capable of placing 01005 type packaging ˘PCB size, maximum: 20fl x 27fl ˘Fully Vision Controlled Chip Shooter ˘Capable of placing 01005 type packaging ˘Revolver Auto-tool 0.145 seconds/ component- 24,800 components/ hour (cph) ˘Single Nozzle 0.418 sec/ comp- 8,600 cph ˘M4 Auto-tool, 4 nozzles type 0.351 sec/ shot- 10,250 cph 2 nozzles type; 0.462 sec/ shot 7,800 cph ˘Placing accuracy, small chip parts +/-0.050 mm cp cp ˘Placing accuracy, QFP parts +/-0.040 mm cpp ˘Capable of placing 160 di˝erent components Valor By Mentor Graphics Fuji AIMEX II Fuji XPF-W

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10 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. Surface Mount Glue Dispensing System ˘PCB size, minimum: 1fl x 1fl maximum: 14fl x 16fl ˘Fully Vision Controlled Chip Shooter ˘Capable of placing 0201 type packaging ˘Capable of placing 160 di˝erent components ˘Capable of placing 36,000 components/ hour ˘CAD ready for programming ease Fuji CP642 ˘PCB size, minimum: 2fl x 2fl maximum: 18fl x 18fl ˘Fully vision controlled to place ˙ne pitch devices ˘Capable of placing BGA and Micro BGA ˘Capable of placing 30 di˝erent QFP™s ˘Capable of placing 97 di˝erent components ˘Capable of placing 15mil ˙ne pitch devices with accuracy ˘Capable of placing packages from 0402 to 2fl x 2fl PLCC ˘Capable of placing 6000 components/ hour ˘Accepts parts from tape, tube and tray ˘CAD ready for programming ease Fuji IP III ˘PCB size, minimum: 2fl x 3fl maximum: 14fl x 18fl ˘˛ree Dispense Heads ˘Travel distance, X-axis within .31fl and Y-axis within .24fl, needle up/down distance of .31fl ˘Material: Epoxy glass, composites, paper phenol, ceramics, polyimide, etc. ˘Height of pre mounted device, top surface: Max .24fl ˘Height of pre mounted device, bottom surface: 1fl Fuji GL 541E

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11 | Streamline Electronics Manufacturing, Inc. Surface Mount Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) System ˘Utilizes industry-standard Gerber data input for o˝-line programming ˘Creates precise descriptions of the pads and components to be inspected from data representing the board ˘Groups pads automatically into components and associates reference designators with these components ˘Improves and simpli˙es data preparation by using CAD X-Y data or bill of material ˙les ˘Provides Gerber input and data manipulation that many high level CM systems lack Cyber Optic Solder Paste Inspection Surface Mount Automatic Screen Printers with SPI Capabilities Ekra E-5 Screen Printer ˘PCB size, minimum: 3fl x 2fl maximum: 21.6fl x 21.6fl ˘2 ½ D Inspection ˘Auto Stencil Wiper ˘EVAŽ Vision system ˘Magnetic Pins & Plates ˘PCB thickness: 0.02fl – .24fl ˘PCB transport height: 32.6fl Œ 37.4fl ˘Stencil size 12.6fl x 12.6fl up to 33.4fl x 39.3fl ˘Frame thickness 1fl Œ 1.5fl, adjustable without adapter single MPM AP-36 Screen Printer ˘Capable of printing PCB size 24fl X 24fl ˘SEM uses universal frame where foil sheets can be used ˘Fully vision controlled for print accuracy ˘Post print AOI included ˘Fully Automatic Operation with Pass ˛rough Conveyor ˘Automatic Stencil Wipe and Paste Dispenser

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