In 1951, Black human rights lawyers utilized the Convention to formally charge the United States with genocide of Black American descendants of chattel slavery at

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1 /League-Wide Responsibilities and National Events and Championships by Professional Sports Leagues, National Governing Bodies (NGB), NCAA Division I and Power Five Collegiate Institutions (Events include League Championships, Olympics, All Star Games, Combines and Talent Showcases, Bowl Games, etc.).OFFICIAL FULL VERSION#ACONTRACT WITHBLACK AMERICA ¥Provide transparent, inclusive and achievable partnership guidelines for black local vendor suppliers. ¥Guidelines requiring black owned business to be included as part of the awarding of National events to cities/states. ¥Identify local organizations or community groups to support at the conclusion of the sporting events.¥Inclusion of Black owned concessions food services for stadium/arena and practice facilities.¥Inclusion of Black owned food services and or Chefs for suite services.¥Inclusion of black owned equipment manufacturers, data/technologies companies, video support companies, medical and training companies and medical and training specialists.¥Sponsorship opportunities to include Black owned businesses.¥Utilization of Black owned marketing, branding, and advertising agencies.¥Minimum percentage of ad spending to be done with Black owned Media.¥Expand beyond front of camera media talent by engagement of Black owned companies or individuals involved in game production and tra!c, directors, media production, graphics and development.This CWBA Sports Initiative is o”ered to address the systemic racism prevalent in much of the sports industry, particularly as it relates to economics, leadership, participation and wages. The solutions presented are primarily designed to target the professional and collegiate levels, with regards to sports where the labor force is overwhelmingly Black, but also to address the growing underrepresentation of Blacks in youth sports due to the increase in pay-to-play systems. The call is for the respective sports leagues and National Governing Bodies to enact or adopt the recommended action items and in some instances, will require collaboration between the leagues, the NGBs and the Federal, State and City governments.Sports Industry Economic Development Plan Ð CWBA Sports Initiative.SPORTS INITIATIVE

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2 / Local/Home venues during Seasons (including practice facilities) and Individual Teams.3 / Stadium Construction Development/Renovations and Infrastructure.The following should apply to the NCAA Power 5 Institutions where Black Student Athletes participate in revenue generating sports, and all professional leagues where the industry allocates revenue from a League/Player share system (Salary Cap) to assist with stadium construction and renovation (SpeciÞcally, as an example, the NFL through the LeagueÕs G3 Stadium Finance funding¥Provide transparent, inclusive and achievable partnership guidelines for black local vendor suppliers. ¥Inclusion of Black owned businesses in local sponsorship opportunities. ¥Utilization of Black owned marketing, branding, and advertising agencies. ¥Identify local organizations or community groups to support with emphasis on support of local leagues in struggling communities. ¥Investments: Actively identify, select and support Black investors/operators with clubs purchases and expansion opportunities. ¥Accessible Game Ticketing, and auxiliary fan engagement events set aside for Black Americans from home cities. ¥Higher standard to be set where venues are located in inner cities, black or minority neighborhoods, or displaced such neighborhoods.¥In cities that are home to multiple teams and leagues, cooperation between those cities and the collection of participating teams will be coordinated for maximum leverage and e !ect.#ACONTRACT WITHBLACK AMERICA ¥Allocate funds from League or NGB investment and/or pension accounts in a manner that ensures a minimum established percentage of each type of investment goes to Black Investment Banking/Money Management Firms, Black owned banks, and Private Equity earmarked for Black businesses.¥Provisions for accessible ticketing and auxiliary fan engagement events to include local organizations in host cities.¥Innovation Hubs Ð focused on STEM, business development and technologies with sports implications.¥Youth Programming, Þelds and equipment development investment. Need to address barriers to entry in Òpay-to-playÓ systems that limit Black participation.SPORTS INITIATIVE OFFICIAL FULL VERSION

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mechanism and or the league shared borrowing system). Special emphasis and individual standards will be applied to where venues are being built in inner city or minority neighborhoods.4 / Additional Initiatives Regarding Sports.5 / Emerging Markets/E-Sports.As the technologies and gaming industry grow, both for fan engagement and participation, sports leagues and college conferences should seek opportunities for Black owned and operated e-game operators and investors to participate in developing games, hosting events and tournaments and showcases as outlined above for traditional sports.¥A study of Black businesses, vendors, suppliers, agencies, professional organizations, etc., will be immediately implemented in order to:!Create a database of Black owned businesses that would be eligible for the above initiatives;!Identify where gaps exist and assist to create such businesses in order to Þll such gaps.¥Sports leagues and teams to participate in economic incubators and local CWBA and private and public sector supported centers for Black business formation.¥Participation in mentorship programs by players and league and team o !cials.¥Cross utilization of player organizations to create greater leverage for social justice initiatives (i.e., in the case of the Players Coalition/NFL, work together to help bolster e “orts especially surrounding economic advancement and government lobbying e”orts at all levels).¥CWBA to assist player e “orts overall where possible on other initiatives deemed important to these organizations. Create a network of athletes in multiple sports to increase impact and leverage.¥Legal. Inclusion of black owned law, bond, underwriter, and lobbying/governmental relations Þrms. ¥Finance. Investment Banking, Banking, and municipal advisors to include Black owned Þrms. ¥Design, Architectural Planning, and Construction to include utilization of Black owned Þrms.#ACONTRACT WITHBLACK AMERICA SPORTS INITIATIVE OFFICIAL FULL VERSION

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The legalization of sports gambling creates opportunities to support new ventures related to the gambling industry in order to expand participation of Black owned businesses and executives in the legalized sports gambling industry. A minimum percentage of Black ownership/management to include activities surrounding this industry such as:6 / Legalized Sports Gambling (LSG).7 / Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPACs).As part of the program, percentage utilization of revenue directed to support community businesses as well as education and economic development.As sports properties increase in value and investors utilize SPACs as a tool to raise resources/capital to invest in, or purchase clubs, and a!liated sports business, each SPAC should include set minimum Black participation as part of the investment team and board of directors. ¥Awareness and marketing campaigns to industry, consumers and regulations. ¥Open bidding and requirement of Black participation in the bidding/licensing process, ownership opportunities and facilities development.¥Online Gaming platforms. ¥Data and Analytics companies. ¥Fantasy Sports platforms. ¥Sponsorships. ¥Black owned LSG facilities/business as part of above vendor participation programs. ¥Advertising agencies and media buying. #ACONTRACT WITHBLACK AMERICA SPORTS INITIATIVE OFFICIAL FULL VERSION

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¥United Nations Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation: The United Nations General Assembly has made clear –compensation, restitution, rehabilitation, satisfaction, and guarantees of non-repetition encompass the di!erent forms of reparation under international law. Although these principles are not legally binding, reparations for female descendants of slavery in the United States can be conceptualized by utilizing this framework.¥Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide: The Convention deÞnes genocide in legal terms and commits its members to prevent and punish actions of genocide in war and in peacetime. The United States is a signatory to the Convention. In 1951, Black human rights lawyers utilized the Convention to formally charge the United States with genocide of Black American descendants of chattel slavery at the United Nations. The United Nations did not acknowledge receiving the petition.The authors wanted to add a non-exhaustive list of guiding principles, international treaties, and U.S. constitutional amendments that provide a basis of legal authority for rights to remedies and reparations for Black American women who are descendants of chattel slavery in the United States (and most also provide a basis for Black men).1 / Legal Authority and Guiding Principles.#ACONTRACT WITHBLACK AMERICA This section has been added to address speciÞc feedback. It was done in collaboration with Kamilah Moore and Maureen Simmons as well as input given on the CWBA site. Kamilah Moore is a lawyer and activist. As a college student, she e!ectively lobbied the University of California system to divest over $480 million of its holdings and contracts with the private prison industry. She also led a campaign to uncover and restore a 20-year-old hidden mural at UCLA, named ‘The Black Experience Mural’. As a law student, she contributed to human rights reports and scholarship on topics related to reparations for descendants of the Transatlantic slave trade, the human right to sanitation in Lowndes County, Alabama, and the right to remedy for women a!ected by racialized gender violence in Papua New Guinea. She holds a Bachelor degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, a Juris Doctorate degree from Columbia Law School. and a Master of Laws in International Criminal Law from the University of Amsterdam. Maureen Simmons has a unique twenty-year background in employment law, mediation and negotiation, and leadership development. She lobbied for AB 392 –California’s use of force bill, researched and drafted California’s historic reparations bill AB 3121, and spearheaded Proposition 16 –the statewide campaign to reinstate a”rmative action. She holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.Black women who were enslaved in the United States toiled American soil, alongside Black enslaved men and children, for over 250 years. Essentially, enslaved Black American women gave birth to the United States Ðthey were forced to neglect the well-being of their own children and families to breastfeed, and even birth the children of their masters and mistresses. After emancipation, Black American women descendants of chattel slavery were still subject to state-sanctioned violence in the form of racial terror (lynchings), forced sterilization, and the denial of civil rights a!orded to them under the 13th, 14th, and 19th Amendments. Today, Black American women live in the ‘afterlife’ of chattel slavery, and thus, continue to face unique challenges derived from the enslavement and subjugation of their ancestors.Additional Concerns Regarding Black Women.CONCERNS REGARDING BLACK WOMENOFFICIAL FULL VERSION

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¥H.R.8196 – Protect Black Women and Girls Act of 2020.¥Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VACA)- (currently expired). ¥Emmett Till Anti-lynching Bill (2020). ¥H.R.5 – Equality Act. ¥H.R. 5309- CROWN (Creating a Respectful and Open Workplace) Act. ¥H.R.6383 – Uterine Fibroid Research and Education Act of 2020. ¥H.R.2958- Increasing Access to Mental Health in Schools Act. ¥H.R.2599- Suicide and Threat Assessment Nationally Dedicated to Universal Prevention Act of 2019. ¥S.4360/H.R.7848- Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act. ¥H.R.2902 – Maternal CARE Act. ¥H.R.1897 – MOMMA’s Act. ¥H.R.6142 – Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2020. ¥Formal apology for the impact of slavery, Black Codes, and Jim Crow on Black enslaved women and their descendants. ¥Formal apology for forced sterilization and other acts of racialized gender violence against female American descendants of chattel slavery. ¥Commemoration and tributes of Black enslaved women and their descendants. ¥RatiÞcation of CEDAW; Enforcement of Genocide Prevention and ICERD. ¥RatiÞcation of The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the Constitution. Already ratiÞed in 35 states. Text: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” While the list is much longer, these speciÞc proposals a!ect woman directly and we implore debate, negotiation and ratiÞcation take place. They include domestic, sexual, and racialized gender violence protection and punishment, holistic health and wellness, maternal/infant mortality, and reproductive health. Again, this list is not intended to be exhaustive or su”cient.#ACONTRACT WITHBLACK AMERICA CONCERNS REGARDING BLACK WOMEN3 / Pending Legislation and Resolutions.OFFICIAL FULL VERSION

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¥H.R.6132 – Social Determinants for Moms Act of 2020.¥H.R.6144 – Kira Johnson Act. ¥H.R.6141 – Protecting Moms Who Served Act. ¥H.R.6164 – Perinatal Workforce Act of 2020. ¥H.R.6165 – Data to Save Moms Act of 2020. ¥H.R.6143 – Moms MATTER Act of 2020. ¥H.R.6138 – Tech to Save Moms Act. ¥H.R.6137 – IMPACT to Save Moms Act of 2020. ¥H.R.6129 – Justice for Incarcerated Moms Act. ¥H.Res.1027 – Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the wrongs and hardships of Black women are often equal to those experienced by Black men yet receive less attention and justice, and that any legislation passed in the House of Representatives to remedy racial inequities in the United States, especially those present in the criminal justice system, must include reforms to address concerns for Black women.¥H.R.1581 – Reproductive Rights are Human Rights Act of 2019. ¥S.1645 – Women’s Health Protection Act of 2019 #ACONTRACT WITHBLACK AMERICA CONCERNS REGARDING BLACK WOMENOFFICIAL FULL VERSION

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by Darrick Hamilton, Professor and Executive Director, Kirwan Institute at The Ohio State University; and incoming Henry Cohen Professor of Economics and Urban Policy and University Professor at The New School This Contract with Black America strikes at the heart of racism and presents a blueprint to achieve racial economic justice.It was written in the backdrop of the killing of George Floyd, which set o! a wave of protests not seen since the Civil Rights Era of the 1950Õs and ’60Õs, and a global pandemic in which the Black mortality rate is more than double the White rate and in which 45% (nearly half) of Black-owned businesses closed. That the impact of something presumably random, such as a pandemic, however catastrophic, can be so linked to one’s racial identity is highly problematic Ð and further evidence that, as a nation, we are failing miserably. This links to a larger political and economic vulnerability, whether weÕre in a pandemic or not: the immoral devaluation of Black lives has been ingrained in America’s political economy and is long overdue for a reckoning.Authentic agency is grounded in resources, and AmericaÕs unjust racial wealth gap is rooted in a history that has privileged White people with Þnancial advantages to ÒbuyÓ crucial, additional and intergenerational advantages for themselves and their children. Government policy, and literal government giveaways, provided them with the Þnance, education, land and infrastructure to accumulate and pass down wealth from one generation to the next. In contrast, Black people were largely excluded and, when they were able to accumulate land and enterprise, it was subject to seizure by government-complicit theft, fraud and terror.This Contract with Black America understands that this disparity is dramatic and that changes on the margin wonÕt cut it. To reverse decades and generations of discrimination, we need a bold overhaul of our laws and economy. This contract rejects the racist and unsubstantiated rhetoric that ignorance, so-called grit, and personal responsibility are the sources of racial disparity, along with the accompanying Òneoliberal paternalismÓ model in which government attempts to coerce or incentivize insinuated Òdefective Black peopleÓ to behave accordingly and make better decisions. It is abundantly clear that the racial wealth gap has nothing to do with Black behavior and everything to do with White privilege.So as a nation, are we Þnally ready to reverse our enduring and immoral blight of racism and authentically live up to the creed ÒÉthat all men [and women] are created equalÓ? I do not knowBut, we have witnessed across all 50 states and, pretty much the entire globe, civil protesters shouting with solidarity that ÒBlack Lives Matter.Ó Younger generations and social movements may be redeÞning economic good to embrace the principles of morality, humanity, and sustainability. This Contract with Black America is a patriotic pathway to promote our shared prosperity and achieve racial economic justice.Preface#ACONTRACTWITHBLACKAMERICAOFFICIAL FULL VERSION

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