If the aircraft does not have a built-in push-to-talk (PTT) switch, a portable. PTT switch must be installed in order to use the radio. The master gain.

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¥Insert the larger plug into the jack marked ÒheadphoneÓ or ÒphoneÓ. ¥ Insert the smaller plug into the jack marked ÒmicrophoneÓ or ÒmicÓ. ¥ Set the stereo/mono switch on the cable splitter box to the ÒMÓ position. If connecting to a stereo intercom, set the switch to the ÒSÓ position. ¥ Adjust headband slider and mic boom for proper fit and comfort. ¥ Place the microphone no more than 1/8Ó from lips, at the corner of the mouth. This is critical to the performance of the noise canceling electret microphone. ¥A volume control is provided to reduce the level of audio in each ear dome.If the aircraft does not have a built-in push-to-talk (PTT) switch, a portable PTTswitch must be installed in order to use the radio. The master gain control located in the aircraft radio should be optimized by an avionics technician whenever adding a new model microphone to the system. INSTALLATION

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1.2. 3.The headset can be worn with the boom on the right or left side of the head. To change the mic boom placement, rotate the boom in an upward motion. IMPORTANT: Ne ver rotate or force theboom in a downward direction for boom reversal as you may damage the microphone cable.To increase the size of the headset, slide the domes in a downward direction. To decrease, slide the domes in an upward direction until they stop. Properly fitting the headset to each wearerÕs head is crucial to performance. The headpad should fit comfortably on top of the head, without a gap or space between the head and headpad. The head- set should be centered on the head, and the ear seals should comfortably cover the ears, without being placed too far forward on the jawbone or face. Place the mic no more than 1/8Ó from the lips to ensure clarity and peak performance of the noise canceling mic.FITTING INSTRUCTIONS

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Headset: Model 5DX Sensitivity:104 dB re .0002 microbar @ 1000 Hz, 1mW Frequency Response:100-17,000 Hz +/- 5 dB in 6cc coupler Impedance:600 ohms nominal, 150 to 1200 ohm source Weight:17.9 ounces without comm cable Weight of comm cable:3.1 ounces Shielded cable: Full floating with independent ground Noise Reduction Rating:22 dB Microphone: Model A9DC Bias Supply:8 to 16 volts, not polarity sensitive Source Resistance:220 to 2200 ohms Output Voltage:370 mV @ 114 dB spl re .0002 microbar Frequency Response:Optimized for speech clarity and noise reduction Maximum Ambient Noise Level:120 dB spl re .002 microbar Caution:Bias voltage supplied to the microphone must come from voltage and resis- tance ranges specified above. Voltages supplied in excess of those stated in the specifications can cause microphone failure and void warranty. The mic audio signal is present between the ring and barrel of the mic plug; tip is reserved for transmit keyline. SPECIFICATIONS

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