Do not lift pet feeder by lid, hopper, bowl or bowl holder. Lift and carry feeder using both hands and hopper base, while keeping unit in upright position. •

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2 Customer Care Center 1-800-732-2677 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Explanation of Attention Words and Symbols used in this guide This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.WARNING indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. CAUTION, used without the safety alert symbol, indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in harm to your pet. NOTICE is used to address safe use practices not related to personal injury. Ł Do NOT immerse control panel in water. Base unit should NOT be submerged in water at any time, as this may damage electronic components. Ł Do NOT place anything on top of the pet feeder. The unit starts automatically. Keep clear. Ł Dispose of all packaging materials properly. Some items may be packed in polybags; these bags could cause suffocation; keep away from children and pets. Ł Do NOT allow small children to play with, in or around pet feeder. Ł To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when an appliance is used by or near children. Ł Intended for use with dogs or cats only. Ł Do NOT use this pet feeder with puppies, kittens, dogs or cats not able to reach the food tray or with any physical disability. Ł Do NOT use outdoors. FOR INDOOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY. Check operation frequently to be sure the pet feeder is dispensing properly. Ł For dry food use only. Ł DO NOT use wet, canned or moist food.Ł Pet feeder should be placed on a level surface.Ł Before leaving for extended time, always replace batteries with new batteries. Ł Do NOT place any foreign object in the pet feeder. Ł Do NOT disassemble the pet feeder other than components as instructed in this operating guide.Ł To protect against electric shock, if using power cord do not place power cord or plug in water or other liquids.Ł Only use attachments recommended or sold by the manufacturer. Ł Do not unplug by pulling on power cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the power cord. Ł Do not operate any appliance if it has a damaged power cord or plug, or if it is malfunctioning or has been damaged. Call the Customer Care Center immediately for further instructions.Ł For a portable appliance – To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not place or store an appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. Ł Always unplug any appliance when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts and before cleaning. Never pull on the electrical power cord to remove the plug from the wall outlet. Ł Do not use an appliance for anything other than its intended use.

PAGE – 3 ============ 3Ł If the plug of this device gets wet, turn off the electricity to that wall outlet. Do not attempt to unplug.Ł Examine this appliance after installation. Do not plug in if there is water on the Power Cord or plug.Ł To avoid tripping, always position power cord out of the way of foot traf˜c. Ł Do not allow pets to chew on or swallow any parts. If you are concerned about the power cord, purchase a cord conduit (a hard plastic protector) at any hardware store to protect the power cord. Ł Do not attempt repairs on the pet feeder yourself. Ł If an extension cord is necessary, an extension cord with a proper rating should be used. Ł Do not use pet feeder for anything other than intended use. The use of attachments not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause an unsafe condition. Do not modify the pet feeder. Ł Do not install or store pet feeder where it will be exposed to weather or temperatures below 40° F. Ł Do not lift pet feeder by lid, hopper, bowl or bowl holder. Lift and carry feeder using both hands and hopper base, while keeping unit in upright position. Ł Read and observe all important notices listed on the pet feeder and in the packaging. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS

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4 Customer Care Center 1-800-732-2677 Thank you for choosing the PetSafe® brand. You and your pet deserve a companionship that includes memorable moments and a shared understanding together. Our products and training tools promote a lifestyle of protection, teaching, and loveŠessentials that in˚uence memories for a lifetime. If you have any questions about our products or training your pet, please visit our website at or contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677.PRODUCT WARRANTY To get the most protection out of your warranty, please register your product within 30 days at . By registering and keeping your receipt, you will enjoy the product™s full warranty and should you ever need to call the Customer Care Center, we will be able to help you faster. Most importantly, PetSafe ® will never give or sell your valuable information to anyone. Complete warranty information is available online at .Table of Contents Components 5How the System Works .5Features, Controls and Indicators 6Key De˜nitions ..6Icons Quick Guide 85-Button Navigation Quick Guide 9Speci˜cations .9OPERATING GUIDE ..10Prepare and Assemble Feeder 10Remove From Package .10Clean Removable Parts .10Assemble Feeder ..11Initial Setup 12Time Setup 12Feeding Schedule Setup ..13Fill with Food ..14Operating Mode. 15Button Lock .15Slow Feed Mode 15Immediate Feed Mode 15Pause Feed Mode .15View/Change Time 16Set-Up Mode ..16Care and Cleaning .17Power Adapter Operation ..18Troubleshooting ..19Replacement Parts and Accessories ..20Customer Care International 21Terms of Use and Limitation of Liability .21Compliance ..21Warranty .22

PAGE – 5 ============ 5ComponentsNote:Bowl and bowl holder are shipped inside feeder. How the System Works With its stylish and advanced design, the Healthy Pet Simply FeedŽ gives you peace of mind knowing your pet is fed the right portion at the right time whether you are home or away—all while complementing your home décor. Using an innovative conveyor, the Healthy Pet Simply FeedŽ consistently controls the food dispensed for your pet, per the portion and schedule you set. Setup is quick with the dog or cat feeding schedules, with preset meal portions dispensed twice a day. The user option allows you to customize your feeding schedule for up to 12 meals each day, giving you the best way to manage your pet™s feeding routine. This is especially useful if specialized, smaller portions are required more frequently each day. Fewer re˜lls are needed with the 24-cup capacity hopper, which is translucent for monitoring the food level. Additionally, the unique Slow Feed option is a perfect solution to help with a pet that gulps or eats too fast by slowly dispensing each meal. A scheduled meal can easily be dispensed at the touch of a button with the Immediate Feed option. The Pause Feed option temporarily stops the feeder from dispensing food until pause is removed. This is useful if you want to skip a meal or if going away with your pet for a few days. Programming is easy using the LCD screen and 5-Button Navigation. Ideally, through collaboration with your veterinarian on portions and feeding frequency, the Healthy Pet Simply Feed Ž aids you with your pet™s proper weight management by providing a consistent, portion-controlled feeding routine for a healthier, happier pet!

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6 Customer Care Center 1-800-732-2677 Features, Controls and Indicators Key Definitions5-Button Navigation: Group of 5 buttons on control panel with up arrow key, down arrow key, left arrow key, right arrow key, and enter/select key used to navigate LCD screen to program feeder. Battery Compartment: Located on bottom of feeder hopper base and holds 4 D-cell alkaline batteries.

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8 Customer Care Center 1-800-732-2677 Icon and Button Quick GuidesICONS QUICK GUIDE ICONFUNCTION05:30 pm 18:00TIME INDICATOR – Displays current time or time of next scheduled meal. Can be set to 12 hour or 24 hour format. BUTTON LOCK INDICATOR – Displays when 5-Button Navigation is disabled. Buttons automatically lock when not in use. BATTERY INDICATOR – Displays when D-cell alkaline batteries are in use and life status. POWER ADAPTER INDICATOR – Displays when power adapter is connected to pet feeder. 2MEAL NUMBER INDICATOR – Displays which meal is being programmed. Up to 12 meals can be scheduled. 1-1/8 cup 30 mlMEAL SIZE INDICATOR – Displays portion for meal number being programmed or portion for next scheduled meal to be dispensed. Can be set to cups if using 12 hour time format or milliliters if using 24 hour time format.dogDOG – Feeding schedule is set to default dog, which is two 2-cup (473 ml) meals per day at 8 am (08:00) and 5 pm (17:00).catCAT – Feeding schedule is set to default cat, which is two ¼-cup (59 ml) meals per day at 8 am (08:00) and 5 pm (17:00).usrUSER MODE – Feeding schedule is set to user mode with customized meal numbers, times and portions. SLOW FEED INDICATOR – Displays if feeder is set to Slow Feed Mode, which dispenses all scheduled meals at a slower rate over a 15 minute period.PAUSE FEED INDICATOR – Feeding schedules are suspended and feeder will not dispense food until pause is removed. IMMEDIATE FEED – Push to immediately dispense next scheduled meal. Only one meal in a row can be immediately fed. A meal must be automatically dispensed before immediate feed can be used again. TIME – Push to view current time or push and hold to set clock.

PAGE – 9 ============ 95-BUTTON NAVIGATION QUICK GUIDE BUTTONDESCRIPTIONSETUP MODE FUNCTIONOPERATING MODE FUNCTION UPIncreases Selection View Time/Change Time (hold for 5 seconds)DOWNDecreases Selection Pause Feed to temporarily suspend mealsLEFTMoves Right to Left through editable ˜elds on the LCD screen Enter/Exit Slow Feed ModeRIGHTMoves Left to Right through editable ˜elds on the LCD screen. Immediate FeedENTERPress to program Setup settings to feeder. Returns to Setup Mode to change feeding schedule (hold for 5 seconds)ENTER + UPN/AUnlock 5- Button NavigationENTER + LEFTN/APrepares conveyor with food Specifications Programming Ł Three feeding schedule options available: Dog -Feeder is preset to (2) 2-cup (473 ml) meals per day at 8 am (08:00) and 5 pm (17:00), Cat -Feeder is preset to (2) 1/4-cup (59 ml) meals per day at 8 am (08:00) and 5 pm (17:00), User -allows feeding schedule to be customized by setting number of meals, meal times, and meal sizes. Ł Up to 12 meal times can be set each day (every 24 hours) within 15 minute increments. Ł Meal portions adjustable from 1/8-cup up to 4-cups (30 ml up to 946 ml), in 1/8-cup (30 ml) increments. Ł Slow Feed Mode Œ slowly dispenses scheduled food portion over a 15 minute period to help prevent pet from gulping or eating too fast. Ł Immediate Feed Œ dispenses next scheduled meal with the touch of a button using 5-Button Navigation. Programming then picks up with scheduled meal after the meal dispensed. Ł Pause Feed Mode Œ temporarily stops feeding schedule and will not dispense food until pause is removed. When paused is removed it picks up with next scheduled feeding. Food Types Ł Use only dry or semi-moist dog or cat food.Ł Do NOT use canned, wet or moist dog or cat food.Capacity Ł Hopper holds approximately 24-cups of dry or semi-moist food. Ł Bowl holds up to 5-cups of dry or semi-moist pet food.Ł Conveyor dispensing capacity is 1/8-cup (30 ml) increments. Power Ł Requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries. Batteries NOT included. Ł Estimated battery life is 1 year. Ł Optional power adapter available (sold separately, see fiReplacement Parts & Accessoriesfl, page 20).

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10 Customer Care Center 1-800-732-2677 OPERATING GUIDE Prepare and Assemble Feeder 1A. Remove From Package After removing feeder from box and packaging, remove components located inside feeder hopper. Open lid by pulling back ˜nger latch then lifting lid up using ˜nger grips. Remove all components from packaging. Dispose of all packaging materials properly. Some items may be packed in polybags; these bags could cause suffocation; keep away from children and pets. 1B. Clean Removable Parts All parts which contact pet food are made of BPA-free, food grade materials and should be cleaned prior to initial use. These parts easily remove for cleaning. The washable parts are: stainless steel bowl, bowl holder, hopper lid, hopper and conveyor. The stainless steel bowl, bowl holder, hopper lid and hopper are dishwasher safe. Only clean the conveyor by hand-washing using cool or warm soapy water. These washable parts can be submerged in water. Rinse and let all parts air dry completely before assembling feeder. Stand conveyor upright with front chute on ˚at surface for best drying results. DO NOT use hot water, submerge the hopper base in water or clean conveyor in an automatic dishwasher. Do NOT immerse control panel in water. Base unit should NOT be submerged in water at any time, as this may damage electronic components. To Remove Hopper: Press hopper release button on back of feeder then lift to remove. To Remove Conveyor: Pull back red conveyor latch to unlock. Lift to remove. Step 1

PAGE – 11 ============ 111C. Assemble Feeder Before assembling feeder, make sure all parts are clean and completely dry. DO NOT program or use buttons until feeder is completely assembled. DO NOT ˜ll with food until instructed in Step 2C. To Install Batteries: Push in and lift tabs to remove battery compartment door on bottom of feeder. Install 4 D-cell alkaline batteries into battery compartment, matching battery outlines. Replace battery door. To Install Conveyor: Before installing conveyor, align one lip on conveyor belt with alignment arrows on side of conveyor housing. Install conveyor by ˜rst aligning food chute on conveyor front with food chute on front of hopper base. Lower back of conveyor and align with gear in hopper base. Push red conveyor latch to lock in place. Note:If conveyor is not installed correctly, red latch will not lock and conveyor will move up and down. Also if conveyor belt is not aligned as instructed, incorrect meal sizes will be dispensed. Ensure conveyor is installed properly before installing hopper.

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