The ADAM-4000 series developed by Advantech Co., Ltd. has passed the CE test for Figure 3.2 ADAM-4011D Thermocouple Input Module with LED. Display .
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ADAM-4000 Series User Manualii CopyrightThe documentation and the software included with this product are copyrighted 2018 by Advantech Co., Ltd. All rights are reserv ed. Advantech Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make improvements in the products descr ibed in this manual at any time without notice. No part of this manual may be repr oduced, copied, translated or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of Advantech Co., Ltd. Information provided in this manual is intended to be accurate and reliable. How- ever, Advantech Co., Ltd. assumes no respons ibility for its use, nor for any infringe- ments of the rights of third parties, which may result from its use. Acknowledgements ADAM is a trademark of Advantech Co., Ltd. IBM and PC are trademarks of Internat ional Business Mach ines Corporation. All other product names or trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Product Warranty (2 years) Advantech warrants to you, the original purchaser, that each of its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of pur- chase. This warranty does not apply to any products which have been repaired or altered by persons other than repair personnel authorized by Advantech, or which have been subject to misuse, abuse, accident or improper installation. Advantech assumes no liability under the terms of this warranty as a consequence of such events. Because of Advantech™s high quality-control standards and rigorous testing, most of our customers never need to use our repair service. If an Advantech product is defec- tive, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge during the warranty period. For out- of-warranty repairs, you will be billed according to the cost of replacement materials, service time and freight. Please cons ult your dealer for more details. If you think you have a defective product, follow these steps: 1.Collect all the information about the pr oblem encountered. (For example, CPU speed, Advantech products used, other hardware and software used, etc.) Note anything abnormal and list any onscreen messages you get when the problem occurs.2.Call your dealer and describe the problem. Please have your manual, product, and any helpful informat ion readily available. 3.If your product is diagnosed as defective , obtain an RMA (return merchandize authorization) number from your dealer. This allows us to process your return more quickly. 4.Carefully pack the defective product, a fu lly-completed Repair and Replacement Order Card and a photocopy proof of purchase date (such as your sales receipt) in a shippable container. A product returned without proof of the purchase date is not eligible for warranty service. 5.Write the RMA number visibly on the outside of the package and ship it prepaid to your dealer. Part No. 2003A40007 Edition 8 Printed in TaiwanDecember 2018

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iiiADAM-4000 Series User Manual Declaration of ConformityCEThe ADAM-4000 series developed by Advantech Co., Ltd. has passed the CE test for environmental specifications when operated within an industrial enclosure (ADAM- 4950-ENC). Therefore, in order to protect the ADAM modules from being damaged by ESD (Electric Static Discharge), we strongly recommend that the use of CE-com- pliant industrial enclosure produ cts when using any ADAM module. Technical Support and Assistance 1.Visit the Advantech web site at where you can find the latest information about the product. 2.Contact your distributor, sales representative, or Advantech’s customer service center for technical support if you need additional assistance. Please have the following information ready before you call: ŒProduct name and serial number ŒDescription of your peripheral attachments ŒDescription of your software (operating system, version, application software, etc.) ŒA complete description of the problem ŒThe exact wording of any error messages

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vADAM-4000 Series User Manual Contents Chapter1 Introduction1 1.1Overview2 1.2Applications..3 Chapter2 Installation Guideline..5 2.1System Requirements to Set up an ADAM Network6 Figure 2.1Power Supply Connections.7 2.2Basic Configuration and Hook-up.9 Figure 2.2Basic Hook-up of ADAM Module to Host Switches.9 2.3Baud Rate and Checksum.11 Figure 2.3Grounding the INIT* Terminal..12 Figure 2.4Set INIT switch to fiInitfl12 2.4Multiple Module Hookup..13 Figure 2.5Multi-module Connection13 2.5Programming Example.14 2.6LED Status.20 Chapter3 I/O Modules.21 3.1The Common Specification of ADA M-4000 I/O Series22 3.2ADAM-4011/4011D Thermocouple Input Modules22 3.2.1ADAM-4011D Thermocouple Input Module..25 Figure 3.1ADAM-4011 Thermocouple Input Module.25 3.2.2ADAM-4011D Thermocouple Input Module..26 Figure 3.2ADAM-4011D Thermocouple Input Module with LED Display.26 3.2.3Application Wiring..27 Figure 3.3ADAM-4011/4011D Thermocouple Input Wiring Dia- gram.27 Figure 3.4ADAM-4011/401 1D Millivolt and Volt Input Wiring Dia- gram.27 Figure 3.5ADAM-4011/4011D Process Current Input Wiring Dia- gram.27 Figure 3.6ADAM-4011/4011D Digit al Output Wiring Diagram Used with SSR (HI-LO alarm).28 Figure 3.7ADAM-4011/4011D Digital Input Wiring Diagram Used with TTL..28 Figure 3.8ADAM-4011/4011D Digital Input Wiring Diagram Used with Dry contact..28 3.3ADAM-4012 Analog Input Module..29 3.3.1ADAM-4012 Analog Input Module.30 Figure 3.9ADAM-4012 Analog Input Module.30 3.3.2Application Wiring..31 Figure 3.10ADAM-4012 M illivolt and Volt Input Wiring Diagram31 Figure 3.11ADAM-4012 Process Cu rrent Input Wiring Diagram31 Figure 3.12ADAM-4012 Digital Output Wiring Diagram Used with SSR (HI-LO alarm)31 Figure 3.13ADAM-4012 Digital Input Wiring Diagram Used with TTL32 Figure 3.14ADAM-4012 Digital Input Wiring Diagram Used with Dry contact32 3.4ADAM-4013 RTD Module..33

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ADAM-4000 Series User Manualvi Figure 3.15ADAM-4013 RTD Input Module..33 3.4.1Application Wiring..34 Figure 3.16ADAM-4013 RTD Inpu ts Wiring Diagram..34 3.5ADAM-4015 6-channel RTD Input Module35 Figure 3.17ADAM-401 5 6-channel RTD Input Module35 3.5.1Application Wiring..36 Figure 3.18ADAM-4015 RTD Input Module Wiring Diagram36 3.5.2Technical specification of ADAM-401537 Table 3.1:Technical Specificatio n of ADAM-4015..37 3.6ADAM-4015T 6-channel Thermistor Input Module38 Figure 3.19ADAM-4015T 6-channel Thermistor Input Module38 3.6.1Application Wiring..38 Figure 3.20ADAM-4015T Thermistor Input Module Wiring Diagram 383.6.2Technical Specification of ADAM-4015T39 Table 3.2:Technical Specificatio n of ADAM-4015T39 3.7ADAM-4016 Analog Input/Output Module..40 Figure 3.21ADAM-4016 Analog Input/Output Module.41 3.7.1Application Wiring..42 Figure 3.22ADAM-4016 Strain Gauge Voltage Input Wiring Dia- gram.42 Figure 3.23ADAM-4016 Strain Gauge Current Input Wiring Dia- gram.42 Figure 3.24ADAM-4016 Digital Ou tput Wiring Diagram Used with SSR..42 3.8ADAM-4017/4017+/4018/4018M/4018+ 8-channel Analog Input Modules. 43 3.8.1ADAM-4017/4018 8- channel Analog Input Module..43 3.8.2ADAM-4018M 8- channel Analog Input Data logger..43 3.8.3ADAM-4017+ 8-chan nel Differential Analog Input Module43 3.8.4ADAM-4018+ 8-chan nel Thermocouple Inpu t Module44 3.8.5ADAM-4017 8-channel Analog Input Module..44 Figure 3.25ADAM-4017 8-channel Analog Input Module..44 3.8.6ADAM-4017+ 8-chan nel Differential Analog Input Module45 Figure 3.26ADAM-4017+ 8-ch. differential analog input module45 Table 3.3:Technical Specificatio n of ADAM-4017+46 3.8.7ADAM-4018 8-channel Analog Input Module..46 Figure 3.27ADAM-4018 8-channel Thermocouple Input Module46 3.8.8ADAM-4018M 8- channel Analog Input Data logger..47 Figure 3.28ADAM-4018M 8-channel Analog Input Data Logger47 3.8.9ADAM-4018+ 8-chan nel Thermocouple Inpu t Module48 Figure 3.29ADAM-4018+ 8-ch. thermocouple input module48 Table 3.4:Technical specification of ADAM-4018+.49 3.8.10Application Wiring..49 Figure 3.30Current Input Wiring Diagram of ADAM-4017.49 Figure 3.31ADAM-4017 Differential Input Wiring Diagram (Ch0 ~ Ch5)..49 Figure 3.32ADAM-4017 Single-ended Input Wiring Diagram (Ch6 and Ch7).50 Figure 3.33ADAM-4017+ Voltage and Current Input Wiring Dia- gram.50 Figure 3.34ADAM-4018+ Thermocouple Input Wiring Diagram.51 3.9ADAM-4019+ 8-channel Universal Analog Input Module51 Figure 3.35ADAM-4019+ 8-channel Universal Analog Input51 3.9.1Application Wiring..52 Figure 3.36ADAM-4019+ Universal Analog Input Wiring Diagram. 523.9.2Technical Specification of ADAM-4019+53 Table 3.5:Technical Specificatio n of ADAM-4019+53 3.10ADAM-4021 Analog Output Module..53

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ADAM-4000 Series User Manualviii 3.19ADAM-4060/4068 Relay Output Module.75 3.19.1ADAM-4060 4-channel Relay Output Module..76 Figure 3.66ADAM-4060 4-channel Relay Output Module.76 3.19.2ADAM-4068 8-channel Relay Output Module..77 Figure 3.67ADAM-4068 8-channel Relay Output Module.77 3.19.3Application Wiring..78 Figure 3.68ADAM-4060 Form A Relay Output Wiring Diagram.78 Figure 3.69ADAM-4060 Form C Relay Output Wiring Diagram.78 Figure 3.70ADAM-4068 Form C Relay Output Wiring Diagram.78 Figure 3.71ADAM-4068 Form A relay output Wiring Diagram79 3.20ADAM-4069 8-channel Relay Output Module..79 Figure 3.72ADAM-4069 Relay Output Module79 3.20.1Specification.80 3.20.2Wiring80 Figure 3.73ADAM-4069 Form C Relay Output80 Figure 3.74ADAM-4069 Form A Relay Output80 3.21ADAM-4080/4080D Counter/Frequenc y Input Modules.81 3.21.1ADAM-4080 Counter/Frequency Input Modules.82 Figure 3.75ADAM-4080 Counter/ Frequency Input Module..82 3.21.2ADAM-4080D Counter/Frequency Input Modules with LED Display 83 Figure 3.76ADAM-4080D Counter/Frequency Input Module with LED Display..83 3.21.3Application Wiring..84 Figure 3.77ADAM-4080/ 4080D Non-isolated Input..84 Figure 3.78ADAM-4080/ 4080D Photo-isolated Input..84 Figure 3.79ADAM-4080 Digital output wiring..85 Chapter4 Command Set87 4.1Introduction88 4.2Syntax..88 4.3I/O Module Commands Search Table ..89 Table 4.1:ADAM-4011 Command Table.89 Table 4.2:ADAM-4011D Command Table..90 Table 4.3:ADAM-4012 Command Table.91 Table 4.4:ADAM-4013 Command Table.92 Table 4.5:ADAM-4015/ADAM-4 015T Command Table..92 Table 4.6:ADAM-4016 Command Table.93 Table 4.7:ADAM-4017 Command Table.95 Table 4.8:ADAM-4017+ Command Table..95 Table 4.9:ADAM-4017+ Input range and external calibrating input source for each input type .96 Table 4.10:ADAM-4018 Command Table.97 Table 4.11:ADAM-4018+ Command Table..98 Table 4.12:ADAM-4018+ Input range and external calibrating input source for each input type .99 Table 4.13:ADAM-4018M Command Table.99 Table 4.14:ADAM-4019+ Command Table101 Table 4.15:ADAM-4021 Command Table..102 Table 4.16:ADAM-4024 Command Table..103 Table 4.17:ADAM-4050 Command Table..104 Table 4.18:ADAM-4051 Command Table..105 Table 4.19:ADAM-4052 Command Table..106 Table 4.20:ADAM-4053 Command Table..106 Table 4.21:ADAM-4055 Command Table..107 Table 4.22:ADAM-4056S Command Table108 Table 4.23:ADAM-4056SO Command Table109 Table 4.24:ADAM-4060/4068 Command Table..110

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ixADAM-4000 Series User Manual Table 4.25:ADAM-4069 Command Table..111 Table 4.26:ADAM-4080 Command Table..112 Table 4.27:ADAM-4080D Command Table114 Chapter5 Analog Input Module Commands117 5.1Analog Input Common Command Set..118 5.1.1%AANNTTCCFF..119 Figure 5.1Data format for FF (8-bit parameter).120 Table 5.1:Input Range Codes (T ype Codes)..121 Table 5.2:ADAM-4015/4015T command codes against Input ranges table122 Table 5.3:Baud Rate Codes123 5.1.2$AA2..123 5.1.3$AAF..124 5.1.4$AAM.125 5.1.5#AA.126 5.1.6#AAN..128 5.1.7$AA5VV129 5.1.8$AA6..130 5.1.9$AA0..131 5.1.10$AA1..132 5.1.11#**133 5.1.12$AA4..133 5.1.13$AAB..135 5.1.14$AA3..136 5.1.15$AA9SNNNN.137 5.1.16$AA0Ci..138 5.1.17$AA1Ci..139 5.1.18$AA7CiRrr140 5.1.19$AA8Ci..141 5.1.20$AAXnnnn142 5.1.21$AAY..143 5.1.22$AAS0144 5.1.23$AAS1144 5.2Analog Input Data Logger Command Set145 5.2.1@AACCCSDMTTTT..145 5.2.2@AAD147 5.2.3@AAD148 5.2.4@AASO. ..149 5.2.5@AAT150 5.2.6@AAL151 5.2.7@AAN152 5.2.8@AARNNNN..153 5.2.9@AAACSDHHHHTEIIII .154 5.2.10@AABC. ..155 5.3Digital I/O, Alarm and Event Command Set156 5.3.1@AADI..157 5.3.2@AADO159 5.3.3@AAEAT.. ..160 5.3.4@AAHI..161 5.3.5@AALO.162 5.3.6@AADA163 5.3.7@AACA164 5.3.8@AARH165 5.3.9@AARL.166 5.3.10@AARE167 5.3.11@AACE168 5.4Excitation Voltage Output Command Set.168

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ADAM-4000 Series User Manualx 5.4.1$AA6..169 5.4.2$AA7..170 5.4.3$AAS..171 5.4.4$AAE..172 5.4.5$AAA..173 5.4.6$AAB..174 Chapter6 Analog Output Module Commands1756.1Analog Output Module Command fo r ADAM-4021.176 6.1.1%AANNTTCCFF..177 Figure 6.1Data format for FF (8 -bit parameter).177 Table 6.1:Baud Rate Codes 178 Table 6.2:Output Range Codes (Type Codes)..178 6.1.2#AA.179 6.1.3$AA4..180 6.1.4$AA3..181 6.1.5$AA0..182 6.1.6$AA2..183 6.1.7$AA6..184 6.1.8$AA8..185 6.1.9$AA5..186 6.1.10$AAF..187 6.1.11$AAM.188 6.2Analog Output Module Command fo r ADAM-4024.189 Table 6.3:ADAM-4024 Command Review:.189 Chapter7 I/O, Relay & Counter/Frequency.193 7.1Digital I/O and Relay Output Modu le Command..194 7.1.1%AANNTTCCFF..195 Figure 7.1Data format for FF (8 -bit parameter).195 Table 7.1:Baud Rate Codes 196 7.1.2$AA6..197 7.1.3#AABB ..199 7.1.4#**201 7.1.5$AA4..201 7.1.6$AA2..203 Table 7.2:Baud Rate Codes 204 Figure 7.2Data format for FF (8 -bit parameter).204 7.1.7$AA5..205 7.1.8$AAF..206 7.1.9$AAM.207 7.1.10$AAX0TTTTDD.. ..208 7.1.11$AAX1. ..209 7.1.12$AAX2. ..210 7.1.13$AAE0. ..210 7.1.14$AAP..211 7.1.15AAS.212 7.1.16$AAXnnnn. ..213 7.1.17$AAY..214 7.2Counter/Frequency Modu le Command.215 7.2.1Configuration, Counter Input and Display Command Set215 Figure 7.3Data format for FF (8 -bit parameter).216 Table 7.3:Baud Rate Codes 217 7.2.2Counter Setup Command Set 226 7.2.3Digital Filter and Programmable Threshold Command Set235 7.2.4Digital Output and Alarm Command Set..246

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xiADAM-4000 Series User Manual Chapter8 Calibration.263 8.1Analog Input Modu le Calibration..264 Figure 8.1Applying Calibration Voltage.264 Figure 8.2Zero Calibration265 Figure 8.3Span Calibration..265 Figure 8.4Cold Junction Calibration.266 8.2Analog Input Resistance Calibration..266 Figure 8.5Applying calibration resistance.267 Table 8.1:Calibration Resistance..268 8.3Analog Input Thermistor Module Ca libration..268 8.4Analog Output Ca libration275 Figure 8.6Setup for Analog Output Calibration..275 Figure 8.7Setup for Voltage Output Calibration.276 Figure 8.8Zero Calibration276 Figure 8.9Span Calibration..277 AppendixA Technical Specifications..279 A.1ADAM-4011 Thermocouple Input Module280 Table A.1:ADAM-4011 Specifications.280 Table A.2:ADAM-4011 Range Accuracy for Thermocouple280 Figure A.1ADAM-4011 Function Diagram.281 A.2ADAM-4011D Ther mocouple Input Module with LED Display..282 Table A.3:ADAM-4011D Specifications.282 Table A.4:ADAM-4011D Range Accuracy for Thermocouple.283 Figure A.2ADAM-4011D Function Diagram.284 A.3ADAM-4012 Analog Input Module285 Table A.5:ADAM-4012 Specifications.285 Figure A.3ADAM-4012 Function Diagram.286 A.4ADAM-4013 RTD Input Module287 Table A.6:ADAM-4013 Specifications.287 Figure A.4ADAM-4013 Function Diagram.288 A.5ADAM-4016 Analog Input/Output Module289 Table A.7:ADAM-4016 Specifications.289 Figure A.5ADAM-4016 Function Diagram.290 A.6ADAM-4017/4017+ 8-chann el Analog Input Module..291 Table A.8:ADAM-4017/4 017+ Specifications..291 Figure A.6ADAM-4017/4017+ Function Diagram..292 A.7ADAM-4018/4018+ 8-chann el Analog Input Module..293 Table A.9:ADAM-4018/4 018+ Specifications..293 Table A.10:ADAM-4018/4018+ Range Accuracy for Thermocouple 294 Figure A.7ADAM-4018/4018+ Function Diagram..295 A.8ADAM-4018M 8-channel Analog Input Data Logger..296 Table A.11:ADAM-4018M Specifications.296 Table A.12:ADAM-4018M Range Accuracy for Thermocouple297 Figure A.8ADAM-4018M Function Diagram.298 A.9ADAM-4019+ 8-channel Universal An alog Input Module.299 Table A.13:ADAM-4019+ Specifications..299 Figure A.9ADAM-4019+ Function Diagram..300 A.10ADAM-4021/4024 Analog Output Module301 Table A.14:ADAM-4021/4024 Specifications.301 Figure A.10ADAM-4021 Function Diagram302 Figure A.11ADAM-4024 Function Diagram303 A.11ADAM-4050 Digital I/O Module.304 Table A.15:ADAM-4050 Specifications.304 Figure A.12ADAM-4050 Function Diagram304 A.12ADAM-4051/4052 Is olated Digital Input Module..305

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