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CONNECTORS ACCORDING TO UIC 558 VE PRODUCT INFORMATION The connector is used in interna -tional transport for vehicles, inclu- ding locomotives, and connects lines for remote switching, remote control and public address. Installation guarantees a non- destructive disconnection of plug and socket in the case of separa- tion of two vehicles that have not been electrically decoupled. The connection corresponds to the regulations subject to UIC 558 VE (until 1994: UIC 568 VE). APPLICATION AR EAS· For remote control and informa – tion lines · For remote switching of lighting, control of doors, transmission of acoustic information and binary data· The socket and the plug can be equipped on request with spe – cial contact inserts according to the customer‚s requirements · For refurbishments of rail vehic – les· For use as spare parts FUNCTION· Standard versions: 13-pole and 18-pole plug connections. The 18-pole socket is compatible with the 13-pole plug· A coding option is provided · Current transmission of up to 10 A· Protection against dust and water according to protective class IP54· Protection against unintended decoupling· Short maintenance times with interchangeable insert (optional) ISO/TS 16949 incl. ISO 9001Quality management standard of the automotive industry, all DIN EN 15085 CL1International welding permit for rail vehicles IRIS Quality management stan-dard of the railway industry

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TECHNICAL DATA Pole arrangement and connection diagram Looking from the front at the socket insert / crimp side of the connector insert13-pole insert18-pole insertStandards UIC 558 VE Protective type (EN 60529) IP54 when not connected Fire protection EN 45545Connection type Number of poles 13-pole / 18-pole Cable cross section 0.75 – 1.00 mm² Connection to socket contact crimp Connection to pin contact crimpElectrical data Rated voltage 25 V Rated current 10 A Volume resistance 2 m Insulation resistance > 3 GMechanical data Contact diameter 3 mm Mechanical service life > 10,000 plug cyclesApplication conditions Temperature range -40 °C +90 °C Receptacle housing Cast aluminium Seals in the housing Elastomers Contacts Copper alloy, coated Weights Plug (without cable) ca. 200 g Receptacle housing ca. 650 g Receptacle housing with interchangeable insert ca. 750 gSPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION VALU ES AND DATA

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PLUG, CONNECTION CABLEPlug: UIC 558 – S Product information Our connectors are equipped with high-grade components for signal and energy transmission. This product for remote control and informati – requirements for a long time. Red colour markings in the 18-pole versionOrder code / article no.: Model UIC 558Type S plug (without cable) AS connection cable with 1 plug VS connection cable with 2 plugsCable length Lxxxx cable length in mm Other lengths on request Contacts P13 13 pins / poles P18 18 pins / poles Other inserts on request Kink protection D1 for cable diameter 12.5 to 15.5 mm D2 for cable diameter 16.5 to 18.5 mmProduct designation Article no.UIC 558 – S – P18 – D2 122051 UIC 558 – VS – L1500 – P18 – D2 072567 UIC 558 – AS – L2500 – P18 – D2 072585 Example: 072585 is a plug with connection cable and a total length of 2,5 m.INSTALLAT ION: The contact insert is coded according to the number of poles. The 18-pole socket is compatible with the 13-pole plug. Connection cable: UIC 558 – AS – LxxxxConnection cable: UIC 558 – VS – Lxxxx

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COUPLING BOX, DUMMY & EMPTY RECEPTACL EReceptacle: UIC 558 – KDO(identical to KDK, BDO, LDO)Product information With its robust construction our socket housing is highly resistant to that it is suitable for long-term use in rough conditions. Red colour marking on the cap in the 18-pole version.* Installation option with alternative hole pattern Order code / article no.: Model UIC 558Type KDO receptacle with insert and sockets KDK receptacle with insert, sockets and cables BDO dummy receptacle with insert but without contacts LDO empty receptacle without insert, without sockets KDO-W Receptacle with interchangeable insert, crimp adapter and bushings KDK-W Receptacle with interchangeable insert, crimp adapter, bushings and cableCable length Lxxxx cable length [mm](for KDK) Other lengths on request Contacts P13 13 pins and cable screw connection P18 18 pins and screw connection Colour option 26 agate grey, RAL 7038 Other colours on request Product designation Article no. UIC 558 – KDO – P18 – 26 072544 – 26UIC 558 – KDK – L2500 – P18 – 26 072586 – 26UIC 558 – BDO – P18 – 26 122389 – 26Example: 072586 – 26 is an 18-pole, agate grey recep -tacle with a 2,5m connection cable.INSTALLAT ION: The emergency unlocking device guarantees non-destructive disconnection of plug and socket. To ensure this function, the receptacle must be mounted vertically at the ends of the vehicles with the cap opening upwards. It can be mounted with 3 or 4 bolts (see above). The interchangeable insert is mounted using the addi -tional crimp adapter within the receptacle.

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RECEPTACL E WITH INTERCHANGEABLE INSERT Receptacle: UIC 558 – KDO – W(constructed in the same way as KDK)Product information Our receptacle with interchangeab – maintenance efforts. Only the inter -changeable insert may be replaced on site. New cabling or crimping work is no longer required. Interchangeable insert For KDO-W and KDK-W system 072587 Contact pin incl. spring Perm. wire cross-sections: 0.75 mm² to 1 mm² 122033 Double-socket incl. spring For KDO-W and KDK-W system 122152 Ejector for contacts Tool for dismantling 072588 Crimping tool DMC FT8 077812 NAME DESCRIPTION ARTICL E NO. SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES* Dimensions in mm

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