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NoteBefore using this information and the pr oduct it supports, r ead the information in ªNoticesº on page 15. This edition applies to version of IBM T ivoli Composite Application Manager for Micr osoft Applications:Microsoft .NET Framework Agent (pr oduct number 5724-U17) and to all subsequent r eleases and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions. š Copyright IBM Corporation 2008, 2016. US Government Users Restricted Rights ± Use, duplication or disclosur e r estricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

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ContentsTablesvChapter1. Overview of the agent .1New in this r elease2Components of the IBM T ivoli Monitoring environment..2Agent Management Services 3User interface options ..4Data sour ces..5Chapter2. Agent installation and configuration7Requirements..7Language pack installation 7Installing language packs on W indows systems ..7Installing language packs on UNIX or Linux systems8Installing language packs on W indows, UNIX, or Linux systems silently .8Prerequisites checking ..10Running as a non-administrator user 11Appendix. ITCAM for Microsoft Applications documentation library ..13Prerequisite publications .13Related publications ..14Tivoli Monitoring Community on Service Management Connect ..14Other sour ces of documentation .14Notices..15Trademarks..17Terms and conditions for pr oduct documentation ..17IBM Online Privacy Statement ..18Index19š Copyright IBM Corp. 2008, 2016 iii

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Chapter1. Overview of the agent The IBM žTivoližComposite Application Manager for Micr osoft Applications: Micr osoft .NET Framework Agent (pr oduct code QF) pr ovides you with the capability to monitor Micr osoft .NET Framework. IBM T ivoli Monitoring is the base softwar e for the Micr osoft .NET Framework agent. IBM T ivoli Monitoring IBM T ivoli Monitoring pr ovides a way to monitor the availability and performance of all the systems in your enterprise fr om one or several designated workstations. It also pr ovides useful historical data that you can use to track tr ends and to tr oubleshoot system pr oblems.You can use IBM T ivoli Monitoring to achieve the following tasks: vMonitor for alerts on the systems that you ar e managing by using pr edefined situations or custom situations.vEstablish your own performance thr esholds.vTrace the causes leading to an alert. vGather compr ehensive data about system conditions. vUse policies to take actions, schedule work, and automate manual tasks. The T ivoli Enterprise Portal is the interface for IBM T ivoli Monitoring pr oducts. You can use the consolidated view of your envir onment as seen in the T ivoli Enterprise Portal to monitor and r esolveperformance issues thr oughout the enterprise. See the IBM T ivoli Monitoring publications listed in ªPrerequisite publicationsº on page 13 for complete information about IBM T ivoli Monitoring and the T ivoli Enterprise Portal. Functions of the monitoring agent Performance monitoring Collects performance attributes in the following ar eas, pr oviding situations wher e appr opriate:v.NET CLR Thr eadsv.NET CLR Security v.NET CLR Loading v.NET CLR Memory v.NET CLR Exceptions vASP.NETvASP.NET Applicationsv.NET CLR Inter opv.NET CLR Jit v.NET CLR Remoting v.NET CLR Networking vWindows Communication Foundation vWindows W orkflow Foundation v.NET Data Pr ovider for SQL Serverv.NET Data Pr ovider for Oracle v.NET Memory Cache š Copyright IBM Corp. 2008, 2016 1

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Error and event log monitoring Monitors for err ors and events af fecting the .NET Framework. ReportingProvides a history enablement file that enables the ability to generate r eports for all attributes collected.64 bit support Provides support to 64-bit enabled applications. New in this release For version of the Micr osoft .NET Framework agent, no new featur es wer e added since version 6.3.1. For version 6.3.1 of the Micr osoft .NET Framework agent, the following enhancements have been made since version 6.3, including the fix packs: vChanges r elated to system r equirements. See the information about system r equirements in Softwareproduct compatibility r eports (http://publib.boulder .ibm.com/infocenter/prodguid/v1r0/clarity/index.html)vNew attribute gr oups:±ASP.NET Applications V4.0 W ebSocketsvNew or changed workspaces: ±ASP.NET Applications Request Status (W ebSockets)vNew or changed views: ±Request Status (W ebSockets)±Request Status Details (W ebSockets)vProvided support to monitor MVC Applications using the existing ASP.NET Applications navigator groupvUpdated the kqf.barocfile to support event mapping changes vAdded the Pr erequisite Scanner r eport to verify the availability of tables and views in the T ivoli Data Warehouse for the pr edefined r eportsvAdded new Cognos žreports and data models Components of the IBM T ivoli Monitoring environment After you install and set up the Micr osoft .NET Framework agent, you have an envir onment that contains the client, server , and monitoring agent implementation for T ivoli Monitoring. This T ivoli Monitoring envir onment contains the following components: Tivoli Enterprise Portal client The portal has a user interface based on Java for viewing and monitoring your enterprise. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server The portal server is placed between the client and the T ivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server and enables r etrieval, manipulation, and analysis of data fr om the monitoring agents. The T ivoliEnterprise Portal Server is the central r epository for all user data. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server The monitoring server acts as a collection and contr ol point for alerts r eceived fr om the monitoring agents, and collects their performance and availability data. The T ivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server is also a r epository for historical data. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent, Microsoft .NET Framework agent This monitoring agent collects data and distributes the data to the T ivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, T ivoli Enterprise Portal Server , T ivoli Enterprise Portal, T ivoli Data W arehouse, and T ivoliIntegrated Portal. 2The Micr osoft .NET Framework agent Installation and Configuration Guide

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IBM T ivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus is an optional component and the r ecommended event management component. The Netcool/OMNIbus softwar e is a service level management (SLM) system that delivers r eal-time, centralized monitoring of complex networks and IT domain events. Event information is tracked in a high-performance, in-memory database and pr esented to specific users through individually configurable filters and views. The softwar e includes automation functions that you can use to perform intelligent pr ocessing on managed events. You can use this softwar eto forwar d events for T ivoli Monitoring situations to T ivoli Netcool/OMNIbus. IBM T ivoli Enterprise Console The T ivoli Enterprise Console žis an optional component that acts as a central collection point for events fr om various sour ces, including events fr om other T ivoli softwar e applications, T ivolipartner applications, custom applications, network management platforms, and r elationaldatabase systems. You can view these events thr ough the T ivoli Enterprise Portal (by using the event viewer), and you can forwar d events fr om T ivoli Monitoring situations to the T ivoliEnterprise Console component. If you do not alr eady use T ivoli Enterprise Console and need an event management component, you can choose to use IBM T ivoli Netcool/OMNIbus. IBM T ivoli Common Reporting Tivoli Common Reporting is a separately installable featur e available to users of T ivoli softwar ethat pr ovides a consistent appr oach to generating and customizing r eports. Some individual products pr ovide r eports that ar e designed for use with T ivoli Common Reporting and have a consistent look and feel. IBM T ivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (T ADDM)TADDM delivers automated discovery and configuration tracking capabilities to build application maps that pr ovide r eal-time visibility into application complexity .IBM T ivoli Business Service Manager The T ivoli Business Service Manager component delivers r eal-time information to help you respond to alerts ef fectively based on business r equirements. Optionally , you can use this component to meet service-level agr eements (SLAs). Use the T ivoli Business Service Manager tools to help build a service model that you can integrate with T ivoli Netcool/OMNIbus alerts or optionally integrate with data fr om an SQL data sour ce. Optional components pr ovide access to data fr om other IBM T ivoli applications such as T ivoli Monitoring and T ADDM.Tivoli Integrated Portal Tivoli Integrated Portal helps the interaction and secur e passing of data between T ivoli pr oductsthrough a common portal. W ithin the same dashboar d view , you can launch fr om one application to another and r esearch dif ferent aspects of your managed enterprise. This component is installed automatically with the first T ivoli pr oduct that uses the T ivoli Integrated Portal framework. Subsequent pr oducts can install updated versions of T ivoli Integrated Portal. After version 2.2, this component is r eplaced by the Dashboar d Application Services Hub. Agent Management Services You can use IBM T ivoli Monitoring Agent Management Services to manage the Micr osoft .NET Framework agent. Agent Management Services is available for the following IBM T ivoli Monitoring OS agents: W indows,Linux, and UNIX. The services ar e designed to keep the Micr osoft .NET Framework agent available, and to pr ovide information about the status of the pr oduct to the T ivoli Enterprise Portal. For mor einformation about Agent Management Services, see “Agent Management Services” in the IBM T ivoliMonitoring Administrator©s Guide . IBM T ivoli Monitoring V6.2.2, Fix Pack 2 or later pr ovides support for Agent Management Services. Chapter1. Overview of the agent 3

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