You want to be able to switch on our pumps and forget about them. That’s why we have dry running in the basic design, reduced the number of parts to.

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A NEW LEGEND IS BOR NFor decades whenever a dewatering challenge seemed too tough or too harsh, the answer has been simple, Flygt BIBO. So how do you improve upon a legend? Easy, we created a new one. Introducing the new Flygt BIBO. Let™s admit something right away. We live and breathe pumps. We could spend a lifetime talking about NPSH and duty points, performance curves and friction losses. However to you our pumps are simply the things that move the water out of your way. That™s how we like it. You want to be able to switch on our pumps and forget about them. That™s why we have dry running in the basic design, reduced the number of parts to make maintenance and inspection far easier as well as increasing uptime with wear resistant hydraulics that mean these pumps can take a beating and still keep running. Over the years Flygt BIBO has meant reliability. Now a new legend rooted in tradition brings dependable dewatering to future generations. Flygt BIBO, still a choice you never regret. Innovation to battle downtime We™d love to tell you what we™ve developed to make the Flygt BIBO a pump that just keeps going and going. Things like wear-resistant hydraulics, Dura-SpinŽ, Spin-OutŽ and Hard-IronŽ impeller. However we™re afraid we might put you to sleep. On second thoughts maybe we should, because with the new levels of pump uptime your sleep won™t be interrupted by having to ˜x pump problems. Reducing costs What are your service personnel going to do with all the freed-up time they™re going to have? With the fast impeller adjustment and easy access inspection, the time needed to service your pump has dropped to a mini -mum. With the ability to run dry your staff will spend less time babysitting your pumps and more time doing what they came to do. APPLICATIONSWith more than 60 years™ experience supplying dewatering pumps to some of the most demanding sites around the world, Xylem has designed the new Flygt BIBO series to stand up to the toughest conditions.A reliable and robust dewatering system is critical on any mining site. Despite the dif˜cult and demanding nature of these environments, Flygt BIBO easily handles any dewatering challenge in open-pit or underground mines and quarries. The ideal choice for tough construction site dewatering tasks, whether it is active or reactive dewatering of ground water. With the new adjustable handle these pumps can be simply and safely moved to another part of the site once they have completed a task. XYLEM RENTALSometimes renting is the best choice; especially for short-term projects. Xylem Rental gives you access to a broad range of well-maintained world-class products and expertise when you need it, wherever you are. With a service network spanning 150 countries, Xylem is there to help with the muscle, craft, ˚exibility and responsiveness to keep your business moving and your water pumping. Mining & QuarryingConstruction & Tunneling

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It still has the iconic look; a shape that means stability and robustness. We took our proven hydraulic design and merged it with features that once set the standard in dewatering pumping. Just let it runYou don™t want to spend your time babysitting pumps. You just want to switch it on and let it pump. That´s why the pump have dry running capabilities.ABCAir valveThe cooler the motor, the better the performance. The air valve opens when the pump is running dry. Class H motor Highly ef˜cient to reduce generated heat. Aluminum stator housing & generous oil volume Improves heat transfer from the motor. Tougher than the rest The Flygt BIBO design protects the hydraulic and seal parts like never before. The Flygt BIBO series has robustness built-in to keep your operations moving in even the harshest environments. DEFGHDura- SpinŽ With an open impeller, wear will increase the clearance between the impeller vanes and the suction cover, resulting in a loss of performance. With Dura-Spin, the unique closed impeller (1) and suction cover with grooves (2) work together sweeping abrasive particles away from the impeller neck. (3) This makes the hydraulics at least three times more wear resistant than pumps with open impellers. With the single impeller-adjustment screw you can easily restore pump performance. 132JIMCDRNWhere innovation meets tradition Dura- SpinŽ The unique closed impeller and the suction cover with Dura-SpinŽ grooves work together sweeping abrasive particles away from the impeller neck. Spin-OutŽ This patented design protects the outer seal and extends service life by expelling abrasive particles from the seal. PolyLifeŽ coated wear parts Wear-resistant polylife coating on certain wear parts. (Nitrile rubber available as option) Hard-IronŽ Specially designed Hard-IronŽ impeller (60 HRC) and suction cover reduces wear and increases uptime. Open Impeller alternative The open impeller with its back-swept vanes effectively prevents string solids from obstructing the pump and increases uptime.

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Service with a smileYou want to spend as little time servicing your pumps as possible. Thanks to easy impeller adjustment and few parts, the Flygt BIBO series brings a high level of simplicity to service. Once you know one pump in the series you™ll know them all. OPQSingle impeller-adjustment screw Fast and easy impeller-adjustment restores clearances to near-original condition, thereby increasing pump performance. Plug-inTM seal with aluminum housing The unique aluminum one-piece Plug-inŽ seal provides a perfect ˜t and fast, simple replacement. It features Active SealŽ for zero leakage into the stator housing and uses superior quality seal ring materials. Inspection cover No need to loosen the top from the stator with fast access to the junction box. External inspection and oil plugs Quick service check, less downtime, no unnecessary disassembly. RLast pump standingYou need your pump to keep pumping; in all environments and in all situations. We know what you need and here are some features that experience tells us you´re going to like. IJKWide base and low discharge More stability with less risk of the pump tipping over. Sealed off terminal board To protect the pump from consequential damage. Strainer bottom with shock absorbers Rubber shock absorbers provide impact protection. Strainer holes prevent obstruction due to large debris while the strainer bottom offers an easy-to-grip design with less risk of a drop. Adjustable handle Change height to suit lifting device. Protected cable entry Less risk of cable damage when handling the pump. Flygt SUBCAB®Superior mechanical strength for dependable long-term sealing in the cable entry. LMNKLABEGPOQFHSpin-OutTMAluminium Plug-InTM Seal Single adjustment screw External inspectionAir valve

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Flygt BIBO pumps cover medium, high, and super-high pressures to handle almost any application. The toughest pumps that ever were 2830.180 SH=Super high head HT=High head MT=Medium head B=Wear resistant impeller K=Open impeller 2840.180 2860.180 2870.180 Model2830284028602860 SH2870Rating, hp (kW) 5.9 (4.4)6-8.8 (4.5-6.6)15 (11.2)15 (11.2)27 (20)Voltage, V/phase (200-600/3~)(200-600/3~)(200-600/3~)(200-600/3~)(200-600/3~)Rated current, A 17-5.340-1440-1440-1470-14Weight, lbs (Kg) 119 (54) 123 (56) 200 (91) 234 (106)276 (154)Max Height in (mm)30 (762) 30 (762)35 (889) 38.4fl (975)39 (991)Max Width in (mm) 14.5 (367) 14.5 (367)16,7 (425)16.7 (425)19.7 (500)Discharge Ø (in) 3fl/4fl3fl/4fl3fl/4fl/6fl3fl4fl/6flStrainer holes in (mm) 3/8fl (10) 3/8fl (10) 3/8fl (10) 3/8fl (10) 1/2fl (12)Warm liquid 158 °F (70 °C) YESYESYESYESYESFlame proof version MSHA N/AN/AN/AN/AN/APower ratings and sizes 2040100 8060 120 160 140 002010400ftmHgpm l/s 200 100 400 300 600 500 Q02051015253035B 251 HTB 226 MTK 234 MT B 251 HTB 226 MTK 234 MT 50100 200 150 0201060 5040300ftmHgpm l/s Q0102030400300 200 100 400 500 700 600 B 276 SHB 251 HTB 226 MTK 234 MT 50100 150 200 300 250 0060 4020800ftmHgpm l/s 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Q04010203060 5070B 251 HTB 226 MT50100 150 250 200 040207060 5030100ftmHgpm l/s Q060 204080100 0200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600

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Xylem |’z˜l m| 1) The tissue in plants that brings water upward from the roots; 2) a leading global water technology company. We™re 12,000 people uni˜ed in a common purpose: creating innovative solutions to meet our world™s water needs. Developing new technologies that will improve the way water is used, conserved, and re-used in the future is central to our work. We move, treat, analyze, and return water to the environment, and we help people use water ef˜ciently, in their homes, buildings, factories and farms. In more than 150 countries, we have strong, long-standing relationships with customers who know us for our powerful combination of leading product brands and applications expertise, backed by a legacy of innovation. For more information on how Xylem can help you, go to Xylem, Inc. 14125 South Bridge Circle Charlotte, NC 28273 Tel 704.409.9700 Fax 704.295.9080 Flygt is a trademark of Xylem Inc. or one of its subsidiaries. © 2014 Xylem, Inc. JAN 2014 eochur

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