The Avance satisfies your request with the 7900 SmartVent™ ventilator. Ventilation capabilities include: PCV-VG Volume Control, Pressure Control, PSVPro,™ SIMV.
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Clinician inspired perioperative solutions GE™s Avance ® Carestation ® was developed using an approach to perioperative solutions Œ close and continuous collaboration with clinicians. With you as our guide, we designed a compact, integrated anesthesia carestation that combines our advanced anesthesia delivery, anesthesia patient monitoring, and information management. By combining these care elements with our supplies and services, we deliver an essential component of your integrated perioperative solution. Advanced anesthesia ventilation You asked for sophisticated ventilation capabilities that help you meet the needs of the full patient range. The Avance satisfies your request with the 7900 SmartVent Ž ventilator. Ventilation capabilities include: PCV-VG Volume Control, Pressure Control, PSVPro, Ž SIMV (Volume and Pressure), and manual ventilation. The SmartVent uses a similar gas delivery system to that found in most critical care ventilators, yet has been adapted specifically for anesthesia applications and is easily controlled via our intuitive user interface. The SmartVent™s advanced modes, PCV-VG Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) with Pressure Support and PSVPro ® (Pressure Support with apnea backup mode), expand the clinical capabilities of the Avance to help meet the needs of your patients. With an adjustable flow trigger, electronic PEEP and an apnea backup mode, the SIMV and PSVPro modes help simplify the work of caring for your spontaneously breathing patients.

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Precise, accurate digital gas mixing Rapid response time and accuracy provides you with exceptional fresh gas control and efficiency. changes Πallowing you to deliver exactly what you want, exactly when you want it port on command, there is little fresh gas or agent wasted to ficharge the circuit.fl This facilitates low flow clinical practices Πeven when changing from very high flows to very low flows using our innovative gas mixer easy Gas flow is checked 200 times per second to insure the Carestation is delivering the proper blend based on your setting when cylinders are low 2 control provides an independent fresh gas source and flow meter control when required Πhelping you to support your patient under unforeseen conditions

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Fast gas delivery with GE™s Advanced Breathing System (ABS) ŽThe Avance comes equipped with GE™s Advanced Breathing System, the ABS. Ž and misconnects and replacement with your existing waste gas system facilitates easier cleaning and helps reduce maintenance time

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Enhancing your productivity Special features of the Avance Carestation make it easy to use and enable you to focus more attention on your patient. to illustrate each step and confirmation tones when each test is complete. A real-time clock displays time to complete each test and the date and time it passed so set up between patients is quick and easy Πhelping to improve workflow for viewing patient data (numerical), settings, and graphical. Trend data is saved every five minutes for the most recent 48 hours and every 30 minutes 2 and total flow settings or individual flows of each gas. You can use Vent Setup keys to enter and change multiple settings and one button to confirm them of standby and initiate gas flow to start the case, essential for emergency cases accidental shutdown during a case or can be sent to EMR

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Patient monitoring made easy The GE Healthcare Anesthesia Monitor gives you the time and freedom to monitor your patient effectively. It offers what you need for effortless range of monitoring parameters, intuitive use, modular configurability, transparent device integration, and data transfer. A comprehensive Anesthesia Monitor The GE Anesthesia Monitor incorporates vital parameters for anesthesia. In addition to the standard measurements, the modular system is expandable for more demanding operations with special needs. The flexible modular frame allows implementation of future enhancements. The latest addition to the range of clinical parameters is the Entropy Ž technology for monitoring the effects of certain anesthetics on the central nervous system of your patient. Combining the information gained by entropy and the rest of the adequacy of anesthesia parame – ters, like hemodynamics and neuromuscular transmission, helps give you full understanding of the state of your patient. GE™s anesthesia monitoring offers a variety of innovative clinical concepts and a full range of parameters. Its modularity makes it highly adaptable in virtually every clinical situation. The eye on anesthesia signals our commitment to providing you with a complete range of clinical parameters to address the Adequacy of Anesthesia. It will help you to understand various components of anesthesia, specific effects of anesthetics, as well as drug interactions.

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— views of the heart ischemic status status of the perioperative patient display trending monitoring the state of the central nervous system during anesthesia to individual needs and extubation, and avoid unnecessarily deep anesthesia individual response to nerve stimulation and regional block optimize the patient™s level of relaxation neurological surgery close to the auditory nerves NIBP, up to six invasive blood pressure 2 and respiration rate 2, cardiac output and alternative 2 technologies to obtain a thorough view of your patient™s hemodynamic status

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Integrated solutions designed to enhance your care us to continuously refine and improve our user interface capabilities and identify valuable integration benefits. We recognize that making our Carestations easy to use is one of the most important aspects we can provide to you and your practice. Innovative ergonomic benefits help minimize the need for training and reduce complexity during critical and non-critical events plus optional flip-up shelf operation capability even under abnormal power conditions Support in decision making helps make the administration and control of gases delivered to the patient logical and easy to use with intelligent information when you need it most decision support through intelligent parameter interaction Make the right connection As we continuously improve care process management, we provide supplies and accessories solutions to optimize the efficiency of our Carestation.

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Seamless information flow The Network integrates monitoring, anesthesia delivery and care process management across the care areas. Essential information is stored, including cardiac, hemodynamic, neurological and respiratory waveforms full disclosure for up to 72 hours. The information can be PACU or other care areas, and can also be stored permanently for later use. Viewing of information can happen between any two networked monitors, or through the iCentral, Web Viewer or Pocket Viewer. integrated view of the patient status, wherever you are. At the point of care, at the office, in transit or at home interfacing with Centricity ® Perioperative Anesthesia or other information management systems

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