Abernathy Chas. G. laborer, rooms 2367 ~ orwood Av Alford Acil, toolroom tender, The R. K. LeBlond Machine Tool Co,. Alford Geo. A. stonemason, res.

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INDEX TO CONTENTS. Abbreviations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 3:3 Alphabetical Arrangement of Names. .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. 33 Banks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 9 Board of Control .. Boundaries of Wards. . . Building Associations .. . .. . Business Directory . . Church Directory .. . . .. ‘” ;Cincinnati Patrons . .. . . . City Government .. , Cit;y-Officers .. . .. . C’ ‘1 S . C .. IVI erVlCe ommlSSlon . Directory of Householders .. . Educational . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . Pire Department .. . Health Department .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .,. .. . Householders Directory .. Incorporated Companies . . Index to Advertisements . Library . Miscellaneous . .,. Newspapers . . . Norwood City Guide . Parcel Post Regulations. .. . . ., .. . .. . Police Department .Ł 0 Ł Ł Ł Ł ŁŁ Ł Post Office . . ‘,. Postal Rates and Regulations. . .. . Public Buildings, Flats, Etc. . .. . . . Public Safety Department . . Public Service Department.. . .. .. . .. . Secret Societies , 0 ŁŁŁŁ Street and Avenue Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . Trustees of Sinking . . . .. . . .. . 6 19 449 8 G4G 5 6 489 7 7 6 489 10 4 13 20 13 5 14 7 13 13 6 6 If) 24 6

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INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS. Abstract Co. (The) .. ;;-1:5 Bender Nathan B., Proprietor Tip Top Dry Cleanery, ‘Top Lines, Right Hand Pages Blum Albert, Roofer .479 Braun A. & Sons, Roofers .. 479 City Ice Delivery ,Co. (The) .484 Cleneay & Nourse, Real Estate 568 Collins Wm. R., Attorney .. ;:>47 Feldman Henry, CoaL 458 First National Bank of Norwood, Mutual Garage & Auto Co., Outside Front Covel Nieporte Edw. H., Proprietor The Toggery, Bottom Lines, Right and Left Hand Page” Norwood Norwood Norwood Norwood Norwood Hardware Co Back Bon{t National Bank .. Front EdgE! Paint & Glass Store .. 29Ef Transfer Co. (The) . 463 and 46:jf-Wall Paper Co., Outside Back Cover Inside Front Cover and 4:>2 Roth W. A., Druggist, Floto’s, Dry Goods 462 Side Lines, Right Hand Pages Hamilton County Mutual Fire Insurance Schmidt The Fred’k A. Co., Real Estate .. 569 Co. . . 560 Schmitt Show Case Co. (The) .. 572 IhlendO’rf Harry J., Undertaker, Schreiber Joseph & Son, Undertakers :>7 4 Facing Page –l81) Schuck Arthur, Proprietor No’rwood Wall Paper Co .. Outside Back Cover Kampf C. 0., Pharmacist, Side Lines, Left Hand Pages Klein Print (T’he), Commercial Printing, Bottom Lines, Left Hand Pages Koenigkramer F. & F., Sprayin’g Machin-Soellner August, Dry Goods, Bottom Lines, Right Hand Pages Thayer-American Pneumatic Co. (The), Carpet Cleaners .. –l;)r, Thee’s Paint & Glass Store . .47:1 . 482. Tip Top Dry Cleanery -Restaurant .. 228 . , ery. Kolling’s Leininger Bros., Real Estate and Insurance, Outside Front Cover Meier Edward, Jr., Undertaker . 486 Mills Geo. E., Attorney .. 548 Mulford Harrison S., Insurance, Side Lines, Right Hand Pages Top Lines, Right Hand Pages Toggery (The), Men’s Furnishings, Bottom Lines, Right and Left Hand Pages Union Central Life Insurance Co. (The), Side Lines, Right Hand Pages Wright F. M., Proprietor Mutual Garage & Auto Co., Outside Front Cover

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(tit” l\IAYOR-=-Harry E. Engelhardt. Office, City Hall. Term expires December 31, 1919. PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL-Chas. A. Minten. Office, Cit), Hall. Term expires December 31, 1919. CITY AUDITOR-W. R. Locke. Office, City Hall. Term expires December 31, 1919. CITY TREASURER-W. S. Shepherd. Office, City Hall. Term expries December 31, 1919. CITY CLERK-Wm. F. Bonner. Office, City Hall. Term expires December 31, 1919. CITY SOLICrrOR-O. F. Dwyer. Office, City Hall. Term ex-pires December 31, 1919. CITY ENGINEER-Allen Kisinger. Office, City Hall. CITY SEALER-Chas. T. Bromley. Office, City Hall. INSPECTOR OF BUILDINGS AND PLUMBING-Fred. W. Kleine. COUNCIL-First Ward-Oliver W. Blasing. Term expires December 31, 1919. Second Ward-Robt. W Bosse. Term expires December :31, 1919. Third Ward-John H. Post. Term expires December 31, 1919. Fourth Ward-Theo. Bruckner. Term expires December 31, 1919. Members at Large-Fred. Rohrscheib. Term expires December 31, 1919. Harrison Mulford. Term expires December 31, 1919. John S. Hover. Term expires December 31, 1919. COUNCIL Finance-Bosse, l\Iulford, Blasing. Steam and Street Railways-Mulford, Rohrscheib, Blasing. Streets and Grades-Bruckner, Hover, Bosse. Law, Contracts and Claims-Rohrscheib, Mulford, Hover. Public Service-Bosse, Post, HOVt)}’. Public Safety-Post, Bruckner, Mulford. Health, Sewerage and Smoke-Hover, Rohrscheib, Post.

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NORWOOD CITY Gr-IDE. 7 FIRE DEPARTMENT. Headquarters, west side Montgom,ery Av., between Sherman Av. and Elm Av. CHIEF-J OS. A. Geller. Fire Co. No.1-West side Montgomery Av. between Sherman Av. and Elm Av. Fire Co. No.2-Junction Montgomery Av. and Ivanhoe AY Fire Co. No.3-South side Harris Av. opp. Lloyd Av FIRE ALARM BOXES-12 Corner Montgomery and Smith Road. 13 ‘Corner Montgomery and Lawn. 14 Corner Hudson and Forest. ];; ‘Corner Harper and Marlon. 16 Corner Carthage and Feldman. 17 Corner La wn and Rolston. 21 ,Corner Norwood and Beech. 2H Corner Harris and Forest. 24 Corner Floral and Adams. 215 Corner Tilden and ‘Franklin. 26 Corner Forest and Kenilworth. 27 Corner Grove and Melrose. 31 Corner Lafayette and Monroe. a2 Corner Floral and Williams. 34 ,Corner Elsmere and Hudson. 315 Corner Lafayette and Smith Road. 36 Corner Shanmoor Av. and S. Madison Av. 37 ‘Corner Cleneay and Regent. 41 Corner Montgomery and Hudson. 42 Williams west of Carter. .43 Corner Hopkins and Allison. 45 Lexington Av. west of Montgomery. 46 Corner Hopkins and Dudley. 51 Mills east of Carter. 52 ,Corner Maple and Franklin. 53 Corner Sherman and Station. 54 Corner Crown and Myrtle. 61 Corner Sherman and McNeill. 62 Corner JCarter and Weyer. 6:{ Corner ‘Williams and Regent. 64 Corner Montgomery and Highland Av. One blow–Fire out. Gamewell Electric FIre Alarm System. POLICE DEPARTMENT. Headquarters, City Hall. CHIEF-Edwin E. Grenne. pATROL BOXES-12 Corner Montgomery and Cypress. 13 Corner Montgomery and Mound. 14 Corner Montgomery and Harris. 15 Corner Marion and Buxton. 21 ,Corner Ash and Norwood. 22 ‘Corner Linden and ,Harper. 23 Corner Lloyd and Harris. 24 Corner Norwood and ,poplar. 31 Corner Lawn and’ Hunter. 32 Corner Crown and Section. 33 ‘Corner Maple and Ridgeway. 34 Corner Cleveland and Carter. 41 Corner Allison and Sherman. 42 Corner Montgomery and Mills. 4R Corner Montgomery and Hopkins. 52 Corner Courtland and Ivanhoe. 121 Corner Hopkins and Webster. 122 Corner Smith Road and Kenilworth Av. 12:l leorner Forest and Park. 124 Corner Smith and Melrose. 131 Corner Jefferson and Floral. 132 Corner Hudson and Hazel. 133 Corner Grove Av. and Shanmoor Av. 134 Corner Forest and Morton. 142 Corner Adams and Lafayette. 143 Corner ,Williams and Floral. 212 Corner Regent and Wayland. 213 Corner Regent and LexIngton. 214 Corner Montgomery and Cleneay. 321 Corner Montgomery and Williams. 342 Corner Williams and Huston. ————–01————–BOARD OF EDUCATION. Meets second Monday of each month at 8 p. m. at High School Building. MEMBERS OF BOA.RD-John P. Frey, President; Geo. berger, Vice President; Edwin M. Craig, M. D., Geo. R. Harris, E. Wm.Oesper, jr. Harold Ryland, Clerk-Treasurer; W. S. Cadman, Superintendent of Schools. COMlVIITTEES OF BOARD OF Finance-Geo. Guckenberger, E. Wm. Oesper, Jr., John P Frey. Building-Geo. R. Harris, E. Wm. Oesper, jr., Geo. Gucken-berger. Supplies-E. Wm. Oesper, jr., John P. Frey, Geo. R. Harris. Text Books-John P. Frey, Geo. Guckenberger.

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NORWOOD CITY GUIDE. Rules-Edwin ]\1:. Craig, M. D., Geo. R. Harris, John P. Frey. Teachers and Claims-John P. Frey, Geo. R. Harris, Geo. Guckenberger. Law-Geo. R. Harris, Edwin M. Craig, M. D. SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE-High School Bldg; W m. S. Cadman, Superintendent. BOARD OF CITY SCHOOL EXAMINERS-W. S. Cadman, ident; Geo. E. Reeves, Vice President; W W. McIntire, Clerk. Meets last Saturday in March and August. rrE,ACHERS’ PENSION FUND TRUSTEES-Geo. J. Nieder, President; Miss Cora Morton, Vice President; W. S. Cadman, Secretary; Harold Ryland, Treasurer. LOCATION OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS-Norwood High-North side Sherman Av. between Station Av. and Allison. W. W. McIntire, Principal. Allison Street-South-east corner Allison and Courtland Av. Geo. B. Reeves, Principal. . N orth Norwood-From Harper A v. to Highland A v. and from Marion A v. to Wesley. Harry H. Maddux, Principal. Norwood View-North-east corner Carthage Av. and ford Av. Harry H. Maddux, Principal. Sharpsburg-Smith Road, Robertson Av. and Forest Av. W. K. Housh, Supervising Principal. Williams Avenue-North side Williams Av. opp. Spencer Av. Chas. W Johnson, Principal. PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS-SS. Peter and Paul Parochial School-N orth-west corner Montgomery Av. and Drex Av. St. Matthew’s Parochial School-South-east corner Floral Av. and Kenilworth Av. St. Elizabeth’s Parochial School-N orth-west corner Carter and Courtland Av. CHURCH DIRECTORY. BAPTIST-Harmon Memorial Baptist Church, south side land Av. between Montgomery Av. and :Allison. CHRISTIAN-N orwood Christian Church, north side Washington Av. between Montgomery Av. and Judge. Rev. C. R. Stauffer,’ Pastor. CHURCH OF CHRIST (SCIENTISTS)-.First Church of. Christ, fest side Elsmere Av. between Cameron Av. and land Av. EVANGELICAL-Salem Evangelical Church, south side land Av. between Montgomery Av. and Allison. Rev. Walter R. Grunewald, Pastor. JEWISH-Sons of Abraham, 2112 E. Sherman Av.

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XORWOOD CITY GeiDE. LUTHERAN-Church of Our Savior, south side Williams Av. between mere Av. and Spencer Av. Rev. Fn:,(l. Kroencke, Pastor. Norwood English Lutheran Church, june. Montgomery Av. and Ivanhoe Av. Rev. Francis C. Pryor, Pastor. METHODIST EPISCOP AL-Grace M. E. Church, south side Slane Av. between Floral Av. and Elsmere Av. Rev. J. J. Richards, Pastor. Norwood First Methodist Episcopal Church, north-east corner Elm Av. and Station Av. Rev. Webster T. Stockstill, Pastor. PRESBYTERIAN-Norwood Presbyterian Church, south-east corner Floral Av. and Smith Road. Rev. Geo. W Shields, Pastor. PRorrESTANT EPISCOPAL-Church of the Good Shepherd, north-west corner Monroe Av. and Ashland Av. Rev. Geo. Thos. Lawton, Rector. REFORlVIED-Zion Church, south-west corner Sherman Av. and Walter Av. Rev. Geo. F. Zinn, Pastor. ROMAN CATHOLIC-St. Elizabeth’s R. C. Church, south-west corner Mills Av. and Carter. Rev. Francis Varelmann, Pastor; Rev. Joseph Hare, Assistant Pastor. St. Matthew’s R. C. Church, south-east corner Floral AY. and Kenilworth Av. Rev :B-‘red. A. Gallagher, Pastor; Rev. John F. Dillon, Assistant Pastor. SS. Peter and Paul Church, north-west corner Montgomery Av. and Drex Av. Rev. B. J. Beckemeyer, Pastor. ———-0———-BANKS. Commercial Savings ;Bank (The)-Incorporated August, 1914. Capital stock, $25,000. Fred. Rohrscheib, President; Chas. F. Nead, Vice President; R. J. Dierker, Cashier. Junction gomery Av. and Carthage Av. First National Bank (The)-Incorporated ,July, 1902. tal stock, $200,000; surplus, $200,000. C. H. M. Atkins, dent; W. F Robertson, Yice President; Thos. McEvill(·y, Vice President and Cashier; C. Y. Dunham, Assistant Cashier; Willard E. Thayer, Assistant Cashier; C. H. M. Atkins, Wm. R. Collins, E. Z. Blagg, August H. Tuechter, B. B. Quillin, Thos. McEvilley, O. C. Huffman, Chas. A. Hinsch, W. F. Robertson, H. H. Suy(lam, H. J . . Robben and P. J. Schneider, Directors. orth-east corner gomery Av. and Washington Av. Norwood National Bank-Capital stock, $200,000; surplus and undivided profits, $85,000. ]\1y(‘1’s Y. Cooper. President; .J. Cadwallader, Yice President; J. Earl Coad, CashiPl’; Edward Mills, John Omwake, W. C. Hattersley, Wm. L. ])oepk(” J. C. Cadwallader, Myers Y. Cooper, Geo. E. Mills, ,John S(‘\Jult(” E. (‘ Cordes, W. W. Rilt’:’ and Henry Feldman, Diredol’s. orth-east cornel’ Montgomery Av. and Sherman Av.

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10 NORWOOD CITY GUIDE. INCORPORATED COMPANIES. Active Printing Co. (The)-Incorporated Octobet, 1916. Chas. M; Yost, President; Henry Feldman, Vice President; ard Stockman, Secretary and Treasurer. 4652 Montgomery Av. American Laundry Machinery Co. (The)-R. M. Burton, President; E. B. Stanley, Vice President and Secretary; Leonard S. Smith, Treasurer. South-east corner Ross Av. and Section Av. Bartlett The C. A. Co.-Incorporated March 5, 1917. tal :stock, $15,000. Clarence Bartlett, President and Treasurer; John W-Sh.ank, Vice President; James W. Shank, Secretary. Office, 5134 Hunter A v. Boss Washing Machine Co. (The)-Incorported 1907. thorized capital, $145,000. Louis E. Dietz, President; M. E. Dietz, Vice President; Wm. C. F. Dietz, Secretary and Treasurer. west corner Harris A v. and Pine. Cincinnati & Columbus Traction Co. (The)-Incorporated March 20, 1901. South-east corner Harris Av. and Forest A v. Cincinnati Rubber Manufacturing Co. (The )-S. D. Baldwin, President; D. Scherl, Vice President and Treasurer. West side Av. near B. & O. S. W. R. R. Cincinnati Tool Co. (The)-Incorporated November, 1884. J. M. Hargrave, President; E. H. Hargrave, Vice President; Kate Morris, Secretary. Office, 1951 Waverly’ Av. Corcoran Manufacturing Co. (The)-John L. Corcoran, dent; Ed. B. Corcoran, Vice President; W-R. Hughes, Secretary, Treasurer and Manager of Sales. West side Section A v. and B. & O. R. R. Curd The Geo. B. Co.-Geo. B. Curd, President and urer; E. G. Rietman, Vice President and Secretary; L. C. Davis, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer. South side land A v. east of Orchard. Dalton Adding Machine Co. (rrhe )-Incorporated June, 1914. Capital, $2,000,000. J as. L. Dalton, President; Birney Dysart, Vice President; B. C. Harrison, Secretary and Treasurer. 4946 Beech. Decorative Poster Co. (The )-Incorporated August 10, 1909. Capital, $20,000. J. L. P. Hannaford, President; Joseph Lemkuhl, Vice President; Frank Hannaford, Secretary, Treasurer and ager. Norwood National Bank Bldg. Dexter Lumber Co. (The)-Incorporated January, 1892. ital, $25,000. T. J. McFarlan, President J. W:’ Fisher, Vice President; A. L. McFarlan, Secretary. 4765 gomery Av. Erdman, Myers Skirt Manufacturing Co.-Incorporated April, 1918. Capital, $20,000. J os. Erdman, President; Arthur Erdman, Treasurer; Wm. S. Shepherd, Secretary. 4636 gomery Av. Erdman Shoe Co. (The)-Incorporated September, 1904. Capital, $20,000. Arthur Erdman, President and Treasurer; J os. Erdman, Vice President and Secretary. 4633 Montgomery Av.

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