Größe und Dimensionierung übereinstimmen. □ Der Einbau in den Behälter erfolgt je nach Ausführung in horizontaler. Position von außen oder innen.
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2Operating instructions model HLS-M Page 3 – 18Betriebsanleitung Typ HLS-M Seite 19 – 33© 09/2016 WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG All rights reserved. / Alle Rechte vorbehalten. WIKA® and KSR ® are registered trademarks in various countries. WIKA® and KSR ® sind geschützte Marken in verschiedenen Ländern. Prior to starting any work, read the operating instructions! Keep for later use! Vor Beginn aller Arbeiten Betriebsanleitung lesen! Zum späteren Gebrauch aufbewahren!

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3ContentsContentsDeclarations of conformity can be found online at 1. General information 42. Design and function 53. Safety 64. Transport, packaging and storage 95. Commissioning, operation 106. Faults 147. Maintenance and cleaning 158. Dismounting, return and disposal 169.

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41. General information designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. All components are subject to stringent quality and environmental ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These operating instructions contain important information on handling the instrument. Working safely requires that all safety instructions and work instructions are observed. Observe the relevant local accident prevention regulations and general safety regulations for the instrument’s range of use. The operating instructions are part of the product and must be kept in the immediate vicinity of the instrument and readily accessible to skilled personnel at any time. Pass the operating instructions onto the next operator or owner of the instrument. Skilled personnel must have carefully read and understood the operating instructions prior to beginning any work. The general terms and conditions contained in the sales documentation shall apply. Further information: – Internet address: / – Relevant data sheet: LM 30.061. General information

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52. Design and function2.1 Description media in vessels. These media must not have any large contamination or coarse particulates and must not have a tendency to crystallise. preset switch point is reached an integrated reed contact is actuated. changes its height with the level of the medium it is monitoring and, in doing so, moves the magnet into the switching range of the contact.2.2 Scope of delivery Cross-check scope of delivery with delivery note. 2. Design and function

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63. Safety 3.1 Explanation of symbols WARNING! indicates a potentially dangerous situation that can result in serious injury or death, if not avoided. CAUTION! indicates a potentially dangerous situation that can result in light injuries or damage to equipment or the environment, if not avoided. Information points out useful tips, recommendations and information 3.2 Intended use liquid media. the technical performance limits or is not compatible with the materials. Checking against improper use is the responsibility of the operator. The liquids must not have any large contamination or coarse particulates and must not have a tendency to crystallise. Ensure that medium being monitored. This instrument is not permitted to be used in hazardous areas! Do not use in hazardous areas. instructions should be adhered to. 3. Safety

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83.4 Responsibility of the operator The instrument is used in the industrial sector. The operator is therefore responsible for legal obligations regarding safety at work. The safety instructions within these operating instructions, as well as the safety, accident prevention and environmental protection regulations for the application area must be maintained. To ensure safe working on the instrument, the operating company must ensure that the operating personnel are regularly instructed in all topics and know the operating instructions and in particular, the safety instructions contained therein. that the instrument is suitable for the particular application in accordance with its intended use. 3.5 WARNING! Improper handling can result in considerable injury and damage to equipment. The activities described in these operating instructions may only be carried out by skilled personnel who have the qualifications described below. Skilled personnelSkilled personnel, authorised by the operator, are understood to be personnel who, based on their technical training, knowledge of measurement and control technology and on their experience and directives, are capable of carrying out the work described and independently recognising potential hazards. 3. Safety

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94. Transport, packaging and storage 4.1 Transport Check the switch for any damage that may have been caused by transport. Obvious damage must be reported immediately. 4.2 Packaging and storage Do not remove packaging until just before mounting. Permissible conditions at the place of storage: Storage temperature: 0 70 °C 4. Transport, packaging and storage

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105. Commissioning, operation 5.1 Mounting The switch must not be operated in the direct vicinity of ferromagnetic Before installation, it must be ensured that the mounting hole and dimension. The installation in the vessel, depending on the design, is made in a WARNING! Risk of damage to the equipment due to the faulty switching operation of the reed contact Install the switch so that the float is located outside of the ferromagnetic fitting. 5. Commissioning, operation

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11 The switch must not be exposed to heavy mechanical strain. 5.2 Electrical connectionThe electrical connection is made using 2 x 0.5 mm² PVC wires or rectangular connector EN 175301-803, 2-pin. The corresponding connection diagram is found below. he use of single wires is not permitted!WARNING! Risk of destruction of the reed contact when using the switches with inductive or capacitive loads This can lead to a malfunction in the downstream control and thus lead to injury to personnel or damage to equipment. With inductive loads, the switches should be protected Inductive load with AC voltage Inductive load with DC voltage RC modules depending on operating voltage, see table Shunt diode e. g. 1N4007 2 x 0.5 mm² PVC wires Rectangular connector EN 175301-803 S124 V ACRCS1RS+ŒC1230 V ACZeit-relaisS124 V +ŒS1RS+ŒC1SPSDCS1CRMREDL2003-101234I (A)t (s)24 V DC24 V DCS124 V ACRCS1RS+ŒC1230 V ACZeit-relaisS124 V +ŒS1RS+ŒC1SPSDCS1CRMREDL2003-101234I (A)t (s)24 V DC24 V DCS124 V ACRCS1RS+ŒC1230 V ACZeit-relaisS124 V +ŒS1RS+ŒC1SPSDCS1CRMREDL2003-101234I (A)t (s)24 V DC24 V DC5. Commissioning, operation

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