The following are some of the best types of paleo oils and fats that you can give your body if you’re in need of some additional sustained energy. • Coconut oil. •

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Paleo Diet Food ListThe following is a comprehensive paleo diet food list . In it, youÕll Þnd a list of paleo diet meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils that are allowed on the paleo diet (and even some paleo diet desserts Ð yes, they exist!).!This list will not only give you a solid starting point for the paleo diet, but also get your mouth drooling (but you wonÕt hear us complaining).!Want more speciÞcs on !the types of food you can put on your paleo diet food list!the next time you go to the grocery store? Nom, nom nom. LetÕs get started! Paleo Diet Foods Index & OverviewPaleo Foods Allowed:Paleo Diet Meats | Paleo Diet Vegetables | Paleo Diet Oils/Fats | Paleo Diet Nuts | Paleo Diet FruitsFoods Not Allowed:Dairy | Soft Drinks | Fruit Juices | Legumes | Grains | Fatty Meats | Salty Foods | Starchy Vegetables |!Sweets

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Paleo Diet MeatsPaleo diet meats. Almost all meats are paleo by deÞnition. Of course, youÕll want to stay away from highly processed meats and meats that are very high in fat (stuff like spam, hot dogs are other low-quality meat), but if it used to moo, oink or make some other sound Ð itÕs almost certainly paleo (and yes, that means you can still have bacon Ð although donÕt do anything too crazy with it). ¥Poultry¥Turkey ¥Chicken!Breast ¥Pork!Tenderloin ¥Pork!Chops¥Steak¥Bacon¥Pork¥Ground Beef ¥Grass Fed Beef¥Chicken Thigh¥Chicken Leg¥Chicken Wings (yum!) ¥Lamb rack¥Shrimp

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¥Lobster¥Clams¥Salmon¥Venison Steaks ¥Buffalo ¥New York Steak ¥Lamb Chops¥Rabbit¥Goat¥Bear (good luck getting this!)¥Bacon¥Eggs (duck, chicken or goose)Yes, we love bacon so much as a paleo diet meat, that we put it on there twice! Now for a photo of it! Nom. Nom. Nom.

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Paleo Diet Vegetables Paleo diet vegetables. Almost all vegetables foods are on the paleo diet as well Ð but you need to be careful in discerning the difference here. Vegetables with a high starch content Ð such as potatoes, and squashes !- tend to have low nutritional value in comparison to the amount of starches/carbs/sugars they contain. While theyÕre not bad for you, theyÕre not always that great for you either. ¥Asparagus¥Avocado ¥Artichoke hearts¥Brussels sprouts ¥Carrots ¥Spinach¥Celery¥Broccoli ¥Zucchini¥Cabbage¥Peppers (All Kinds)¥Caulißower¥Parsley¥Eggplant¥Green Onions

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Paleo Diet Oils/FatsPaleo diet oils. Contrary to popular belief, fat doesnÕt make you fat Ð carbs do (and the standard american diet has a ton of them!). Natural oils and fats are your bodyÕs preferred way of creating energy so itÕs best to give your body what itÕs asking for! The following are some of the best types of paleo oils and fats that you can give your body if youÕre in need of some additional sustained energy. ¥Coconut oil¥Olive oil¥Macadamia Oil¥Avocado Oil ¥Grass fed Butter

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Paleo Diet Fruits**Paleo diet fruits are not only delicious, but theyÕre great for you. Fruits, even paleo-approved ones, contain large amounts of fructose which Ð while much better than HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) Ð is still sugar. If youÕre lookign to lose weight on the paleo diet, youÕll want to cut back on the fruit intake and focus more on the vegetables allowed on the paleo diet. However, feel free to have 1-3 servings of fruit a day and enjoy yourself. Check out this list of paleo diet fruits and see if youÕre not hungry by the end! (weÕll admit, weÕre partial to the blackberries). ¥Apple¥Avocado ¥Blackberries¥Papaya¥Peaches¥Plums¥Mango¥Lychee ¥Blueberries¥Grapes¥Lemon¥Strawberries¥Watermelon

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¥Pineapple Guava¥Lime¥Raspberries¥Cantaloupe¥Tangerine ¥Figs¥Oranges¥Bananas**YouÕll notice, while these starchy foods are great for energy replacement for paleo diet athleteswho are spending long periods of time exercising and need some of the starchier foods on the paleo diet to sustain their energy levels. As long as youÕre training, youÕll Þnd these are great sources of energy replacements, especially post- workouts. However, if youÕre trying to lose weight on the paleo diet, youÕll want to limit the quantities of these that youÕre eating. **Eat high-sugar fruits in moderation. TheyÕre great for you, but easy to overdo. Remember your caveman predecessor didnÕt have access to Florida orange groves 24/7 so you probably shouldnÕt try to eat a bushel of oranges in your next paleo diet meal.This is a pretty comprehensive list of foods available on the paleo diet, and weÕre constantly updating it. !If youÕre looking for ways to eat

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these, check out some of the paleo diet recipes on our site or visit the paleo diet blogs weÕre featuring Ð to get even more delicious ideas for paleo diet food you can eat.Paleo Diet Foods !| Paleo Diet Meats | Paleo Diet Vegetables | Paleo Diet Nuts | Paleo Diet Seeds | Paleo Diet Fats | Paleo Diet Oils | Paleo Diet Fruits | Paleo Diet Sweeteners!

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List of Foods Not Allowed on The Paleo DietThis is a complete list of foods not allowed on the paleo diet. ItÕs a sad day when you Þrst have to say goodbye to these foods while starting out on your paleo diet journey, but once you start, itÕs much easier and you Þnd there are even better paleo substitutes for these. HereÕs the ultimate list of foods not allowed on the paleo diet.Dairy¥Butter¥Cheese¥Cottage Cheese¥Non fat dairy creamer ¥Skim milk¥2% milk¥Whole mil (sometimes)¥Dairy spreads ¥Cream cheese ¥Powdered milk ¥Yogurt ¥Pudding¥Frozen Yogurt

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