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Azan. Effect on/off. Salat / Khutbah. DSP module. Digital amplifier module. Space to azan. Connectable to an external audio player. 3-band EQ effective for all.

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Pray with faith. Mosque sound Digital Mixer Amplifier MX-6224Dmade simple Introducing the MX-6224D, the latest digital mixer amplifier designed specifically for mosques. The MX- 6224D incorporates a DSP function and 2 x 240W class-D amplifiers. An optional remote controller is also available, making it simple and easy to use. The MX-6224D is the perfect choice for your mosque. Mixer Effector Power Ampli˜er Power Ampli˜er

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Superior Sound QUALITY EASY Operation ECO-FRIENDLY Performance Energy-Efficient Built-in digital amplifier module + DSP module, designed with state-of-the-art TOA technology. Simple design, compact size. Plus remote controller for easy operation. Uses considerably less power. Light and CompactEasy to carry and install. Note: Compared to TOA A-1724 and P-2240 models. 458.0W26.7 kg MX-6224D97.7W 6.1 kg Conventional analog mixer amplifiers Conventional analog mixer amplifiers Inside the MX-6224DKey Features RC-03 Remote Controller Energy -79%MX-6224DAzanEffect on/off Salat / KhutbahDSP moduleDigital ampli˜er module Space-50%Weight -77%

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SAFE, Reliable System Built-in speaker EQ optimized for TOA™s TC Series Horn Speaker and BS-1030 Universal Speaker reduces acoustic feedback and ensures voices are more intelligible. Furthermore, loudspeakers for outside are less vulnerable to damage, thanks to the high-pass filter. SP EQ SW (Room) Room Speaker Minaret Speaker Digital effects can also be applied to azan. Connectable to an external audio player 3-band EQ effective for all microphone inputs Reduces acoustic feedback easily. Digital effects for microphone inputs Optimal microphone sensitivity Built-in effector realizes celestial sound even in small mosques. Selectable reverberation out of 12 patterns. Microphone sensitivity corresponds to the distance between the microphone and the imam.SP EQ SW (Outside)Front

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OptionsMicrophones Outdoor Speakers Indoor Speakers DM-1300 Unidirectional Microphone Dynamic, cost-effective performance. DM-1500 Unidirectional Microphone Dynamic, rigidly constructed, and minimal handling noise. EM-410 Lavalier Microphone Electret condenser element with hypercardioid pattern. Works best when attached to the chest area. BS-1030 B/W Wall-Mount Box Speakers high (100V) impedance with 30W of rated output. Easy to install with included bracket. Comes in black (B) or white (W). TC Series Reflex Horn Speaker TC-615M (15W / 100V) TC-631M (30W / 100V) TC-651M (50W / 100V) High durability, heat-resistance, and improved low frequency, thanks to polyamide diaphragm and weatherproof materials. TH Series Reflex Horns TU-631M/651MTH-650 / 660 Reflex Horns Shock-resistant aluminum round horn. Superb weatherproofing and corrosion-resistance thanks to the external stainless steel hardware and powder-coated horn and bracket. TU Series Driver Units TU-631M (30W / 100V) Driver Unit TU-651M (50W / 100V) Driver Unit TU-660M (60W / 100V) Driver Unit Designed to be used in combination with TOA™s TH-650 or TH-660 Reflex Horns. TU-660M

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Speci˜cations are subject to change without notice. (1704) 833-61-100-18-02TOA Corporationwww.toa.jpHigh va lue of Japanese technology in both Hardware and Software Quality control on the Factory Floor TOA uses its very own factories both within Japan and overseas. Numerous engineers from Japan are sent to our overseas production plants to ensure that the state-of-the-art equipment adheres to the same stringent quality control system used in our Japanese production facilities. Furthermore, twice a year members from our Quality Control Division visit overseas production facilities to carry out inspections and make sure that quality standards are being maintained. Compliance with Laws and Regulations TOA is constantly carrying out tests to ensure that products comply with various regulations and standards around the world: safety regulations including UL, CE, CCC, RoHS, WEEE, EN 54, SASO, and REACH; the standards for each country; and ISO 9001. We do this so that consumers have complete peace of mind when using our quality products. State-of-the-Art Equipment In order to satisfy the legal requirements and conditions of each country, products must pass a large number of stringent tests. By installing various kinds of testing facilities, such as anechoic/ echoic chambers and EMC test chambers, and by carrying out in-house testing, TOA has been able to improve its development efficiency. TOA Speaker Placement Viewer: Software for Acoustic Simulation At TOA, we are constantly trying to improve our services and share information with our custom – ers. TOA Speaker Placement Viewer provides an easy way to calculate how many speakers are needed in a room. The software allows virtual placement of TOA Line Array, as well as all TOA Public Address and ProSound speakers. Comme nts from lslamic Affa irs & Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) fiIACAD is pleased with results in development of sound system MX-6224D for Mosques from TOA, This partnership yielded a significant development of distinctive sound system for the mosques. This was achieved by dedication of engineers on both sides to add improvements which is the result of experience accumulated over 30 years.fl

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