The pitch deck should complement the verbal presentation with graphs, images, videos, demos, etc. It shouldn’t just be the same text you are speaking. • Investors

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¥!Values refer to Silicon Valley market and vary according to country and industry. ¥!Source of values: Mastering the VC Game (Jeffrey Bussgang, General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners) Bootstrap: Self- funded Seed: -Angel/ VC -*Raise $500K-2M Round A: -VC -*Raise $3-6M Round B: -VC/ PE -*Raise $8-12M Further Rounds IPO: Public Offering Merger and Acquisition Fundraising dynamics Typical Ownership: Venture Capital: 20 Ð 30% (Angle: 1 Ð 10%)

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What you should prepare: One-pager ¥!The objective is to pique enough interest to land a meeting. This should not require voice-over One-liner pitch ¥!(See: Give Us Your Best One- Sentence !Pitch ) ¥!~30 Seconds One Paragraph Pitch ¥!(See: How To Perfect Your Pitch ) ¥!~2 minutes Pitch Deck (Presentation 10-15 Slides) Leave Behind Deck: Slightly customized presentation deck based on feedback from your first meeting 1) To get a meeting 2) To use in a meeting 3) To send as a follow up after the meeting Example Pitch Decks : Airbnb ; Best Pitch Deck Examples on SlideShare ; Pre-Launch Pitch Deck

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One Pager Should Have The company in a nutshell: 1-2 sentences. ¥!You immediately set stage for what it is you do Why is this team a good team to do this? ¥!Talk about your technical and biz expertise Traction: # customers and revenue Product: screen shots, quick demo, ¥!remember wifi may not always be working well, you donÕt want to drag on Marketing and distribution: hereÕs how we plan to acquire customers. ¥!We hire salespeople from __ (university, company) Unit economics ¥!Avg customer will pay $_ Market Opportunity Ð size of industry, how much of it you can capture. Who are key players?

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Pitch Deck Template Ð a few tips This template includes the main points to be covered in a pitch. ¥!Create your own deck and TELL YOUR STORY through the suggested topics. ¥!This is a checklist , define the appropriate amount of information to present for each situation and adapt it to assure your success! ¥!Design matters! Your deck should be branded. ¥!The title of each slide should summarize that slide. If you can’t summarize a slide in a title you are trying to say too much ¥!Practice the pitch in front of a live audience, multiple times ¥!The pitch deck should complement the verbal presentation with graphs, images, videos, demos, etc. It shouldn’t just be the same text you are speaking. ¥!Investors donÕt invest in presentations but rather in the companies & people. The presentationÕs main objective should be to get investors excited and interested

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Pitch Deck: PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY What are the current market needs? ¥!This is the beginning of your story. Cleary identify the problem (current or emerging) that you are going to solve or the opportunity you are going to pursue. ¥!Give context to your product (why was it created?). The investor should understand the need for your product/service.

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Pitch Deck: TEAM Prove with your teamÕs track record that you are the best equipped to create this product or service. ¥!VCÕs give as much importance to the team as to the technology! ¥!Mention 3 or 4 key players in company and their relevant accomplishments ¥!Acknowledge any gaps in the team and planned future hires Assist Team Secondary Team Key Players

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Pitch Deck: MARKET Who/ where are your clients? How big is your market? ¥!SIZE matters! ¥!Define how much of the addressable market you currently have and how much you plan to acquire. ¥!Why do you believe customers will adopt your product or service? Validation is particularly important for new products or companies going into new markets. ¥!Show numbers and explain your assumptions ¥!Provide macroeconomic context when appropriate E D C B A

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Pitch Deck: BUSINESS MODEL How do you acquire customers? How do you monetize? ¥!What is your revenue stream? What is your operating model? ¥!Explain through case study or examples how the company meets its value proposition. ¥!Include relevant KPIs. ¥!Clarify distinct business lines. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

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Pitch Deck: FINANCIALS What have you accomplished so far? VCs want to see the evolution of a company, not a snapshot. According to your companyÕs profile and strengths, consider including: ¥!Projected Financials for 3-5 years ¥!Revenue breakdown/ Revenue CAGR (Highlight growth drivers ) ¥!EBITDA / EBITDA % ( !”#$#%&#'(#)*+,#%’+-.$%$”./%+)%0)1#$*.’%”./%2.3’%4)+)(0+5%&#’6.’7+)(#%0$% 07&’.10),%.1#’%-7#8 ¥!Burn rate / costs/ costs breakdown ¥!Cash flow ¥!Remember: Financial projections (as opposed to financial results) should be pretty high level. !”#”$%&#”‘()*+%,% &#”‘()*+%-% &#”‘()*+%.% &#”‘()*+%/% 9+*#,.’2%:% ;%<%=%>%9+*#,.’2%;% <%<%=%>%9+*#,.’2%<% =%=%=%>%9+*#,.’2%=% >%>%>%>%0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category

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