from the Dean and ALI Executive Director. Greetings from the American Language Institute (ALI) at San Diego. State University. Wherever you are in the world,

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Welcome to the American Language Institute (ALI) Fast Facts Welcome from the Dean and ALI Executive Director Greetings from the American Language Institute (ALI) at San Diego State University. Wherever you are in the world, know that there™s a place for you in our internationally recognized English as a Second Language programs. For more than four decades, we have balanced traditional English instruction with cultural immersion, resulting in a well-rounded education. Multi-cultural friendships and meaningful adventures further enrich the experience. We welcome you to our beautiful, friendly city that o˜ers endless opportunities to interact with native speakers, and we look forward to helping you achieve your English-language ˚uency and academic goals. The fact that many of our students are the children of past graduates is the best possible testimonial to the kind of experience you can expect at the ALI.Dr. Joe Shapiro Dean, SDSU College of Extended Studies 1Barbara Bass Executive Director, American Language Institute

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2SDSU Preparation | 25 SDSU Degrees & Majors | 26 Student Housing | 27 Student Life | 29 Sports and Recreation | 31 Admissions Information | 32 Calendar & Fees | 33-34 Contact Information | Back Page CONTENTS San Diego | 3 American Language Institute | 5 San Diego State University Campus Map | 7 Intensive English Intensive English for Communication | 9 Business English Certificates International Business English | 11 Social Entrepreneurship | 13 University Pathway English for Academic Purposes | 15 Pre-MBA and Pre-Master™s | 17University Credit Semester at SDSU General Courses | 19 Semester at SDSU Business Courses | 20 Semester at SDSU Certificates | 21Teacher Training TESL/TEFL Certificate | 22 Special Summer Program Discover California | 23

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3ON-CAMPUS METRO STATION The metro, also known as the San Diego Trolley, o˜ers a convenient way for students to get to SDSU and around San Diego. SDSU™s beautiful underground metro station, located in the center of campus, is an easy three-minute walk from the American Language Institute. The metro provides students access to: Downtown San Diego Professional baseball and football stadiumsSan Diego™s historic flOld Townfl Some of the finest shopping in Southern California Quick connections to San Diego™s many beach communities The metro also gives students without a car a wide choice of living options away from campus. Trolley Metro Station at SDSU San Diego is rated as one of the most desirable U.S. locations based on weather, recreation, culture, and academic opportunities. Its natural beauty and friendly people attract over 34 million visitors from around the world each year. Experience what many students have already discovered, and live and study in the most amazing city in California. San Diego | CALIFORNIA™S FINEST CITY 2ndLargest city in California 8thLargest city in the U.S. Industries Biotechnology, Tourism, International Trade, Telecommunications 112km of Beaches 24°C Average summer temperature 18°C Average winter temperature Top 10 Safest cities in the U.S. 323 Non-rainy days per year San Diego Average Temperatures 18°C Winter 20°C Spring 24°C Summer 21°C Fall 34Million visitors in 2015

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Solana BeachDel MarLa Jolla CoronadoImperial BeachPaci˜c BeachMission BeachOcean BeachAIRPORTDOWN TOWN Beaches Œ Known for its great beaches (Coronado Beach is ranked a top 10 beach in the U.S.) and near-perfect weather, San Diego has over 112 kilometers of coastline and plenty of warm days and water to surf, swim, boat, or sail. Shopping Œ Enjoy the year-round great weather while shopping at one of the many outdoor malls and outlet shops, or browsing luxury boutiques and antique stores in the neighborhood shopping districts. Professional Sports Teams Œ San Diegans love sports. Visit Qualcomm Stadium to cheer on the San Diego Chargers football team in the fall and winter, or go downtown and watch a San Diego Padres baseball game at Petco Park in the spring and summer. San Diego Zoo Œ Located in Balboa Park, the zoo is one of the largest in the world, with over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species. Popular attractions include the Monkey Trails, Panda Research Station, Polar Bear Plunge, Ituri Forest, and Elephant Odyssey. SeaWorld Œ This marine park takes visitors on a journey to the ocean, with features like Wild Arctic (a simulated helicopter ride to the Arctic), Cirque de la Mer (an acrobatic show where Cirque du Soleil meets the deep blue sea), and Explorer™s Reef (a touch pool where guests can interact with sea life). LOCAL ATTRACTIONS NEARBY DESTINATIONS Shopping | 10 minutes Beaches | 15 minutes Airport | 20 minutes Downtown | 30 minutes Las Vegas | 1 hour Disneyland | 2 hoursSan Francisco | 1.5 hoursSnowboarding | 2 hoursYosemite | 5 hoursFashion Valley Mall SAN DIEGO AREABelmont Park CALIFORNIA 4Petco Park Baseball Stadium

PAGE – 6 ============ American Language Institute | ON THE CAMPUS OF SDSU QUALITY Faculty Œ ALI instructors have master™s degrees and many years of teaching experience. While students receive real- world English experience outside of the classroom, instructors bring their expertise to the classroom to provide a well-rounded education. Nationally Recognized Œ As an SDSU program, the ALI is WASC-accredited, and our ESL programs are UCIEP- and AAIEP- approved. Highly Ranked Œ The ALI is part of highly ranked San Diego State University. By the Numbers 5 computer labs and a mobile lab More than 55 classrooms 15 years average experience of teaching sta˜ LOCATION California Œ From Hollywood to the beaches of San Diego, the California lifestyle has it all. California is home to Disneyland, the birthplace of Levi™s jeans and the iPhone, and the center of high technology and biotechnology in the U.S. It™s a state of innovators, trendsetters, and the most diverse population in the U.S. San Diego Œ Live in sunny San Diego, which welcomed over 34 million visitors in 2015. It o˜ers ideal weather, perfect beaches, and many opportunities to enjoy the lifestyle. SDSU Œ Study at a top quality U.S. university with more than 35,000 SDSU students. SDSU provides ALI students with opportunities to meet American students, play on intramural sports teams, attend concerts, join clubs, and much more, all on a smoke-free campus. SERVICEPersonal Attention Œ From immigration and airport greeting to graduation and ongoing academic advising, our sta˜ provides one-on-one attention. We are here to help students reach their educational goals. Testing Œ San Diego is an IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT testing city. Testing takes place in many locations throughout the city. Full-Service Sta˜ Œ Our expert sta˜ is on hand to answer questions regarding course selection, tutoring, and housing, and even personal matters such as setting up a U.S. bank account and getting a cell phone. Advising Œ We help students from arrival to graduation, and beyond. This includes advising on how to be accepted to SDSU and other U.S. universities. Student Activities Œ To help students make the most of their experience in San Diego, the Student Life O˛ce organizes activities and events that include transportation, guides, and admission. On-Campus Language School San Diego State University is a truly global learning community and an ideal place to begin your international education. As part of SDSU, the American Language Institute o˜ers programs that are among the most highly regarded in the U.S. and internationally. 1974 Year ALI established 13Programs 53 Countries represented Emphasis Academic excellence, diversity, service A˜liation Part of 23-campus California State University system 1,200-2,400 Students per semester Location On campus at SDSU 32,000 ALI graduates since 1974

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9PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Native-speaker Facilitators Œ All speaking classes in the Intensive English for Communication (IEC) program have one or more English-speaking facilitators, in addition to the instructor, to model language, help students gain exposure to di˜erent accents, and have more contact with Americans. Interaction with Native Speakers Œ IEC students have the opportunity to practice their English speaking and listening skills and to improve their knowledge of American culture by interacting with native speakers. The Student Life O˛ce helps international students make contact with SDSU students and other English speakers outside of the classroom. Observing University Courses Œ High-intermediate and advanced students can receive assistance from advisors in arranging observations of university courses (with permission from the professor) in select departments. Student Life Activities Œ ALI students can participate in many outside-class activities within ALI, SDSU, or around San Diego. Activities include trips to local destinations, sporting and cultural events, hiking, and volunteering in local community projects. Students can enjoy many new activities, meet new people, and practice their language skills. Conversation Groups and Intramural Sports Œ Students can practice speaking English while playing team sports and participating in conversation groups. TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS Electives Œ The ALI o˜ers workshops and electives to help students prepare for and improve their test scores. Level Advisors Œ Each IEC level has an advisor who helps students with program procedures, deadlines, and policies. Advisors also keep students up-to-date on social activities and events, and refer them to o˛ce personnel for assistance with immigration, housing, accounting, social activities, and more. CURRICULUM Oral Communications Classes Œ Students receive 8 hours per week of Oral Communications classes to improve ˚uency, listening comprehension, spoken grammar, and pronunciation, as well as develop con˝dence in spoken English skills for business, travel, and social interaction. Listening, Grammar, Reading, and Writing Œ Students receive 12 hours of courses in listening, grammar, reading, and writing that develop communicative skills used in professional, social, and practical situations. Speaking Skills Œ Students in Oral Communications classes interact with instructors and facilitators to improve their speaking skills and help promote intercultural understanding. Optional Business Classes Œ Intermediate and advanced students who want to improve their knowledge of business concepts, vocabulary, and idioms can choose to follow a business track leading to an International Business English certi˝cate (page 11) or a Social Entrepreneurship certi˝cate (page 13). Customized Schedules Œ Advanced students can customize their schedule by choosing Oral Communications Advanced Seminar classes which focus on a variety of skills and interests. Students and professionals can choose from short-term or long-term programs of intensive English with more than 20 start dates per year. 4+ Number of weeks 23+ Hours of instruction per week 7Number of levels Requirements None Dates and Fees | See page 33 or visit Intensive English for Communication | INTENSIVE ENGLISHFlexible Entry Students can join a program in progress on any listed ˜exible-entry date

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10SAMPLE ELECTIVES American Idioms and Slang English Through Dance English Through Sports English Through Movies Internet-based TOEFL Prep Introduction to Sur˚ng Accent Improvement 18-24 electives available each semester Choices vary by session and placement level. TESTING AND PLACEMENT The IEC program o˜ers instruction in all levels of English, from beginning to advanced. Students are given individual speaking tests and written tests that assess their level in grammar, reading, writing, and listening. Students are then placed in appropriate classes for their level. FLEXIBLE START DATES New IEC students may begin their studies after the term begins on any of the published ˚ex-entry dates for four weeks or longer. Students may extend their stay into the next session for a minimum of four weeks in that session. FREE ADDITIONAL ENGLISH-LANGUAGE SUPPORT In addition to daily speaking classes and electives, the ALI o˜ers students language support outside of the regular class schedule: Pronunciation Clinic Grammar Lab Homework Help SCHEDULE San Diego is a beautiful city and the ALI is a great educational environment. The ALI has professional teachers with high educational qualifications and a great staff. I am glad to take English courses here. Š Nayef Alrowaimi, Saudi Arabia MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY MORNINGSpeaking and Listening Skills Speaking and Listening Skills Speaking and Listening Skills Speaking and Listening Skills ELECTIVE 1 Grammar for Communication Writing for Communication Grammar for Communication Writing for Communication ELECTIVE 2 LATE MORNINGBREAKReading for Communication Listening for Communication Reading for Communication Listening for Communication Subject to change.

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