with the right tools and techniques, every part of Agile lifecycles and DevOps tooling. Both manual and automated testing—whether at the unit,.
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2So, what can enterprises do to improve quality? As software use increases in our personal and professional lives, enterprises must deliver quality applications to meet consumer expectations. However, many enterprises with large development teams struggle to ensure high product quality. Part of this issue is due to a focus on agility. Companies adopt Agile and DevOps practices to speed up software production and delivery. While these processes improve both, they don™t necessarily focus on software quality. But with the right tools and techniques, every part of Agile lifecycles and DevOps pipelines can contribute to software quality . In a DevOps environment, IT operations support software development. It™s challenging to plan and track work across many teams. Limited visibility into the DevOps toolchain is often the source of these issues. As a result, you might run becomes challenging, and organizations cannot quantify and track quality metrics. When an organization adopts Agile and DevOps practices, failing to take quality into account actually slows velocity, creates technical debt, and results in lost productivity.

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3DevOps plays a vital role in the software development lifecycle, both for timely releases and for quality. It makes it easier to place quality at the core of application delivery and Ideally, you should aim to create complete visibility across each team in your DevOp™s ecosystem. Visibility ensures that quality is in every part of your DevOp™s pipeline. But how can you achieve high visibility? Start with good testing and good tooling. Both manual and automated testingŠwhether at the unit, integration, functional, performance or security levelŠserve as important checks. They help your team catch points in DevOps pipelines often use understand the state of a project™s quality holistically. variety of open source and commercial easier to manage quality throughout the development lifecycle and helps teams catch quality issues quickly. DevOps is a good start. But what else can we do to ensure teams build quality into every Agile development process? Achieve Software Quality at the Pace of DevOps

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4Create Cross-Functional Alignment Cross-functional teams must plan and track related work to produce high-quality releases. Behavior-driven development (BDD) can be a key driver of this process. BDD uses real business-driven scenarios and use cases to drive the development and testing of new software features. It™s not just a new facade over old tools and techniques. BDD uses new tools and processes to improve collaboration. Development, quality assurance (QA), and management pass requirements to one another, reducing translation costs. By bringing quality into the development feedback loop early, BDD accelerates return on your test automation investment. It shifts testing left in the delivery lifecycle to automate. BDD helps enterprises focus on quality throughout the DevOps cycleŠfrom Agile planning and By bringing quality into the development feedback loop early, BDD accelerates return on your test automation investment.

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5High-quality applications require complete visibility across teams and Agile release trains for release planning and progress tracking. fiTeam of teamsfl is an organization where the relationships among teams are similar to the relationships among members of a single team. ways. You might have discrete teams organized around functions, such as product management, software development, and QA. Or you might a product manager, software developers, and QA testers. Either approach to team building can work. And when you™re building, testing, and deploying software at enterprise scale, a The team-of-teams approach comes with a cost, however: coordination overhead. Fortunately, modern DevOps tooling solves this issue by streamlining management with a bird™s eye view of new Enable High-Performing Team of Teams

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6IT and business leaders must maintain a holistic view of velocity and quality progress. understand quality across all teams, rather than at the project or team level. Product-level visibility allows you to measure progress and quality against critical key performance indicators (KPIs) by connecting the dots across parallel work streams. The necessity for visibility ties back to our discussion of team of teams. It™s great if projectŠperhaps even in parallel. But without without understanding what work you™re doing across the entire development pipeline. release trains and solution trains to easily measure product quality by associating features, defects, and tests with application modules representing the application™s functional areas. When looking at solutions in this space, quality tracking and governance at an enterprise level. Ensure that any tool you choose provides metrics like defect resolution, rates, and aging to give you actionable data to feed back into your agile development process. Attain Product-Level Visibility of Quality and Velocity

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8 + can prioritize, manage, govern, track, and report on the lifecycle and quality of business-critical applications. +The QA manager can ensure quality across software releases and act as a bridge between development and QA teamsŠand ALM Octane release and comprehensive testing . +Project managers ensure business requirements and goals are met throughout the development process with ALM Octane. +The QA engineer uses ALM Octane while creating detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test cases . +The DevOps team responsible for guiding code releases from development to release can use ALM Octane to streamline and automate How to Get Started Agile and DevOps can help improve quality, as long as focus on quality at each stage of your development best practices so that you can move fast while maintaining quality. Sign up for a free trial today to Get the Free Trial of ALM Octane

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