The amendments and republishing make no other changes to the IWC’s Orders. 1. APPLICABILITY OF ORDER. This order shall apply to all persons employed in

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(A) An r nati ve workw eek means any regular ly scheduled workw eek requiring an employ ee to work more than eight (8) hours in a 24 -hour pe riod. (B) means the Industrial W el fare Commission of the State of California. (C) means the Division of Labor Standards En forcement of the State of California. (D) o means to engag e, suffer, or pe rmit to wor k. (E) oy means any person employ ed by an employer. (F) oy means any person as defined in Section 18 of the Labor Code, who directly or indirectly, or through an agent or any other person, emplo ys or ex ercises control ov er the wages, hour s, or working conditions of any person. (G) work means the time du ring which an employ ee is subject to the control of an employer, and includes all the time the employ ee is suffered or pe rmitted to wor k, whether or not required to do so. (H) ries Handling Products After Ha rv means any industry, business, or establishment ope rated f or the pu rpose of grading, so rting, cleaning, drying, cooling, icing, pa cking, de h yd rating, cracking, shelling, candling, separating, slaughtering, pi cking, plucking, shucking, pasteurizing, fermenting, ripening, molding, or otherwise preparing any agricultural, ho rticultural, egg, poultry, meat, seaf ood, rabbit, or dai ry product f or distribution, and includes all the ope rations incidental thereto. (I) means, f or the pu rpose of this order, any person under the age of 18 y ear s. (J) means any person, 18 years of age or over, who customar ily and regular ly wor ks more than half the working time away from the employ er s place of business selling tangib le or intangib le items or obtaining orders or contracts f or products, se rvices or use of facilities. (K) rimar as used in Section 1, Applicability, means more than one -half the employ ee s work time. (L) means designated hours of work by an employee, with a designated beginning time and quitting time. (M) means a work schedule, which is interrupted by non -paid non -working pe riods established by the employer, other than bona fide rest or meal pe riods. (N) T means, for the pu rpose of Section 1 of this order, the profession of teaching under a certificate from the Commission f or Teacher Preparation and Licensing or teaching in an accredited college or university. (O) W includes all amounts f or labor performed by employ ees of every description, whether the amount is fi x ed or asce rtained by the standard of time, task, piece, commission basis, or other method of calculation. (P) Wor kd a and a mean any consecutive 24 – hour pe riod beginning at the same time each calendar day. (Q) Workw and w mean any sev en (7) consecutive days, starting with the same calendar day each week. Workw is a fi x ed and regular ly recurring pe riod of 168 hour s, sev en (7) consecutive 24 -hour pe riods.

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In order to be valid, the proposed alter nati ve workw eek schedule must be adopted in a secret ballot election, be fore the performance of wor k, by at least a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the af fected employ ees in the work unit. The election shall be held du ring regular working hours at the employ work sit e. F or pu rposes of this subsection, fected employ ees in the work may include all employees in a readily identifiab le work unit, such as a division, a depa rtment, a job classification, a shift, a separate physical location, or a recogniz ed subdivision of any such work unit. A work unit may consist of an individual employ ee as long as Prior to the secret ballot v ot e, any employ er who proposed to institute an alternative workweek schedule shall have

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When unifor ms are required by the employ er to be worn by the employ ee as a condition of employment, such unifor ms shall beprovided and maintained by the employer. The term for includes w earing apparel and accessories of distinctive design or color. (A) means an adequate, well-balanced serving of a variety of wholesome, n utritious f oods. (B) means living accommodations availab le to the employ ee f or full-time occupancy which are adequate, decent, and sanitary according to usual and customary standards. Employees shall not be required to share a bed.

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Unless the employ ee is reliev ed of all duty du ring a 30 mi nute meal pe riod, the meal pe r iod shall be considered an meal period and counted as time work ed. An meal period shall be pe rmitted only when the nature of the work prev ents an employ ee from being reliev ed of all duty and when by written agreement bet w een the pa rties an on -the- job paid meal pe riod is agreed to. The written agreement shall state that the employ ee may, in writing, revoke the agreement at any time.

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