provides a detailed set of enhanced health and safety measures that are practical, effective and widely considered to be best practice for the events
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Built on the foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation, dmg events continues to bring together leading companies and talented people to provide business professionals with high quality trade shows, conferences, information and connections. As we advance into the next phases of reopening and restrictions are lifted, the return of in-person experiences is on the horizon.It is paramount that the proper steps are taken and the correct policies and procedures are put in place to ensure the safest environment possible is created. CORNERSTONES The All Secure Standards comprise four key cornerstones, providing assurance and con˜dence that all our events have health and safety as our number one priority. CLEANING & HYGIENE PHYSICAL DISTANCING COMMUNICATION PROTECT & DETECT

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At dmg events, our commitment to delivering exceptional live- in-person events that support economic growth and recovery, will be reinforced by a four-point framework designed to protect our colleagues, exhibitors, visitors, delegates and contractors.Our programme of enhanced measures will ensure the health and wellbeing of our participants is prioritized and provide reassurances to all who visit our events, that they are in a safe environment. In collaboration with leading industry associations (AEO – Association of Event Organizers, UFI Œ The Global Association of the Event Industry and AAXO – The Association of African Exhibition Organisers), the dmg events All Secure framework provides a detailed set of enhanced health and safety measures that are practical, e˚ective and widely considered to be best practice for the events industry. These guidelines will work in conjunction with advice from Public Health Authorities and venues to ensure our events are operating in accordance with local rules as well as meeting international standards. We are eagerly anticipating welcoming you back, as we continue to keep businesses informed and connected, creating vibrant marketplaces and accelerate their business through face-to-face events.PUTTING YOUR SAFETY FIRST fidmg events cultivates professional communities for industries in Energy, Construction, Hospitality, Design, Transport and Coatings. Through our work our aim is simple, we accelerate business through live in-person events, which is why we work tirelessly to create opportunities for business networking, trade, discussions and knowledge sharing across the globe.fl Geo˜ DickinsonCEO, dmg events

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CORNERSTONE 1 Social / Physical DistancingHOW WHYShow organisers can allow for the Crowd Density Standard in accordance with government guidance. By controlling the density, appropriate social distancing can occur by consideration of both the number of people and potential pinch points to determine the number of people in that area. Through an increased use of technology, we will minimise queuing and contact during the registration process. The use of mobile and digital technologies will facilitate seamless and contactless access upon entry and exit. Additionally, digital credentials can eliminate physical badges and lanyards where appropriate and enable contact tracing.dmg events ability to follow the Crowd Density Standard illustrates our commitment to prioritising health and safety ˜rst while enabling successful interactions among our audiences.Encouraging advanced, online registration provides an achievable means to minimise onsite contact at a number of touch points. That e˚ort combined with the reduction of queues, allows visitors to enjoy a safe and enhanced experience where their time onsite is maximised for e˚ectiveness. REGISTRATION CROWD DENSITY STANDARD ˜CDS˚

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Social / Physical DistancingHOW WHYSome event formats could be divided into time slots across the days of their occurrence. We can provide the ability to facilitate visitors™ attendance during a designated time slot in order to evenly spread the attendance to allow adherence to social distancing guidelines and minimise contacts. Controls over the maximum number of visitors can also be set. dmg events will work to ensure the highest quality of visitors are present at organised industry gatherings. With opportunities to vet visitors through matchmaking, registration and exhibitor feedback, we hope to maximise all interactions with the highest quality of visitor while maintaining social distancing guidelines.By staggering admission each audience can enjoy a safer and more seamless experience. Our exhibitors can enjoy full, productive days throughout the event. Our visitors can plan their time in advance and have the option to reduce their costs and travel if desired. Predictable and traceable audience patterns also gives us better insights into attendee ˛ow, a key piece of feedback often expressed. Combined with staggered admission, the enhanced quality of visitors can maximise everyone™s time at the event. With the opportunity to vet through a series of measures, exhibitors can be assured visitors present are there to conduct business and make purchasing decisions. ENHANCED QUALITY OF VISITORS STAGGERED ADMISSION

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Social / Physical DistancingHOW WHYLooking at solutions such as one-way visitor tra˝c will create a logical ˛ow through venues. This can prevent bottlenecks in addition to cross walking, keeping social distancing guidelines at all times. Event ˛oors can be demarcated to communicate the monitored ˛ow. Aisle widths could also be increased to achieve above the CDS standard. All travel to and from the show will follow the CDS where required. dmg events will work with venues and suppliers to provide options for visitor shuttles between venue, hotels, and transportation hubs to recon˜gure to ensure social distancing is maintained.A prescribed ˛ow through event venues helps visitors and exhibitors to safely maintain social distancing requirements. Entrances and exits can follow the same one-way tra˝c to follow the logical ˛ow. These tra˝c ˛ows allow for proper spacing to be maintained and easily monitored, all of which contributes to our enhanced healthy and safety standards. In coordination with staggered admission, visitor transportation on-site can follow a predictable pattern which allows us to properly plan for transportation needs. By working with venues to follow the CDS, visitors safely maintain CDS guidelines while shuttling between the venue, hotels, and transportation hubs. VISITOR TRANSPORTATION FLOOR PLANNING

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Social / Physical DistancingHOW WHYdmg events will recommend the elimination of handshakes at organised gatherings in accordance with government guidance. This recommendation would be reinforced with on- site signage and announcements in addition to proposed, alternative methods of greetings. Signage and announcements to also cover social distancing and hygiene.Venues and catering partners will look to provide food served pre-packaged or in closed containers. Where possible, food and beverage should be ordered in advance. Seating areas may be eliminated or can be arranged to follow the CDS. Minimise contacts around transactions, for example, considering using contactless payments. dmg events follow the government guidance. With alternative means of greetings o˚ered, we hope to minimise the spread of infections as much as possible. On-site signage and announcements will reinforce the recommendation in e˚ort to prioritise everyone™s health and safety. Our sectors commitment to health and safety expands to food and beverage where every e˚ort is being made to minimise risk. By eliminating bu˚ets and open service options, a stricter control for food safety can be provided. Combined with seating arrangements following the CDS, food and beverage can be enjoyed at a higher level of service for our audiences. FOOD & BEVERAGE ELIMINATING HANDSHAKES

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All functions within organised gatherings should follow the CDS, including social functions like meals, awards, and gatherings. Where possible, public addresses and speeches will be delivered virtually. We will o˚er the capability to follow a more conservative approach than the guidance of global and country governments and organisations with our Crowd Density Standard. All social functions included at events can follow the CDS standard while delivering as many components virtually as possible, further illustrating our commitment to prioritise health and safety ˜rst. SOCIAL FUNCTIONSSocial / Physical DistancingHOW WHYdmg events will appoint and train and personnel, who will be responsible for ensuring the Social Distancing Cornerstone is followed at each event and the latest information and updates are shared with the appropriate teams and stakeholders. With a speci˜c resource identi˜ed and trained, for adherence to the Social Distancing Cornerstone, we can establish accountability. By sharing information, updates, and best practices within the industry, we can build teams with subject matter expertise in order to assure the continued health and safety of our audiences.MONITORING & CONTROL

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CORNERSTONE 2 Cleaning & HygieneHOW WHYVenues hosting our events will provide an enhanced clean prior to moving in and again before the event opens. Every venue will o˚er a visible, enhanced cleaning regime. Cleaners are o˚ered protective clothing on a risk assessed basis. There will be an increased focus on key touch points, including restrooms, food and beverage areas and help points.Our venues will provide enhanced cleaning both before build up and the opening of show ˛oor to ensure a safer environment for visitors.Enhanced and visible cleaning regimes throughout the event and particularly in key areas will provide a visible representation of the industry™s dedication to health and safety. CLEANING REGIME VENUE ENHANCED CLEANING

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Exhibitors can clean their respective stands and exhibits regularly throughout the event. At the events™ discretion, the use of sampling and distributing physical, promotional materials may be prohibited in favour of all materials being shared digitally. With instructions and guidelines of how to regularly disinfect their exhibition stands, exhibitors can contribute to our full plan of micro and macro cleaning e˚orts. The elimination of physical materials in favour of sharing promotional items physically can also contribute to sustainability e˚orts in addition to minimising risk and contact between people.STAND CLEANING Cleaning & HygieneHOW WHYGovernment advice is to wash your hands regularly via the provision of hand washing facilities. To supplement this, we will position hand sanitiser stations at key locations throughout our events, including restrooms, food and beverage locations, and conference rooms, with regular use encouraged to all visitors and exhibitors.Government advice is a preference to provide hand washing facilities and wash your hands regularly, with accompanying signage. In addition, dmg events and our venues are committed to make hand sanitiser stations readily available throughout our event spaces, particularly at key locations. HAND WASHING SANITISER

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