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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 23Part 1.Introduction Preface 32 Conventions .32Text Conventions ..32Message Icons .32AboutSonicOS 33 Management Interface .33Dynamic User Interface ..34Navigating theManagement Interface ..34Icons andButtons intheManagement Interface 35Status bar..39Applying Changes ..39Tooltips .40Manipulating Tables 41Management Interface Options ..43Command LineInterface (CLI).44Registering Your SonicWall Security Appliance 44Part 2.Dashboard Using the SonicOSVisualization Dashboard 47 Visualization Dashboard 47Dashboard Overview ..47Enabling theReal Time Monitor andAppFlowCollection ..47Monitoring Multi Core Usage 51 Dashboard >MultiCore Monitor .51MultiCore Monitor Display for HighAvailability 52Monitoring Real Time Traffic Statistics .54 Dashboard >Real Time Monitor..55Configuring theReal Time Monitor ..56Using theToolbar ..57Common Features .58Applications Monitor ..63Bandwidth Monitor 64Packet Rate Monitor ..65Packet Size Monitor 66Connection Rate Monitor .67Connection Count Monitor 68MultiCore Monitor 69Viewing theTop 10AppFlowReports ..71 Contents

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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 4Dashboard >AppFlowDash 71Configuring theDisplay 72Monitoring Real Time Network Data 74 Dashboard >AppFlowMonitor 74AppFlowMonitor Tabs .75AppFlowMonitor Toolbar .76Group Options .78AppFlowMonitor Status ..79AppFlowMonitor Views ..79Filter Options ..84Creating Filters .84Generating Application Visualization Report .86IPv6App Flow Monitor 88Configuring AppFlowStatistics and Viewing Reports ..89 Dashboard >AppFlowReports .89AppFlowReports ..90Common Functions 95Viewing AppFlow Data 98Downloading AppFlowReports .101 Viewing Threat Reports 104 Dashboard >Threat Reports ..104 SonicWall Threat Reports Overview .104 SonicWall Threat Reports Configuration Tasks .105 Monitoring Active Users 108 Dashboard >User Monitor 108 Monitoring Interface Bandwidth Traffic ..110 Dashboard >BWM Monitor ..110 Enabling BWM Monitor ..111 Monitoring Active Connections112 Dashboard >Connections Monitor ..112 Filtering Connections Viewed 113 Viewing Connections.113 Flushing Connections from theTable 114 Viewing IPv6 Connections 114 Monitoring Individual Data Packets 115 Dashboard >Packet Monitor .116 AboutPacket Monitor 117 Related Information ..121 Configuring Packet Monitor .123 Configuring Packet Processing ŒSuperMassive 9800 Only .140 Verifying Packet Monitor Activity 140 Using Packet Monitor andPacket Mirror ..144

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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 5Tracking Potential Security Threats 149 Dashboard >LogMonitor .149 Configuring Logging ..150 Managing Event Logging .150 LogMonitor Table Functions .152 Filtering theLogMonitor Table .155 LogEvent Messages ..157 LogPersistence 157 LogDetails 158 GMS160 Part 3.System Viewing Status Information 162 System >Status 163 System Messages .164 System Information ..164 Security Services .165 Latest Alerts ..166 NetworkInterfaces ..166 Managing SonicWall Licenses ..167 System >Licenses .167 Node License Status ..168 Security Services Summary..169 Managing Security Services ..171 Registering SonicPoint Units .175 Configuring Administration Settings ..176 System >Administration ..177 Firewall Name178Administrator Name&Password 178LoginSecurity .179 Multiple Administrators ..181 Enhanced Audit Logging Support 182 Web Management Settings ..183 Front Panel Administrative Interface 185 Client Certificate Check..185 CheckCertificate Expiration Settings 188 SSH Management Settings ..188 Advanced Management .188 Download URL190 Language ..191 Administering SNMP192 System >SNMP 192 AboutSNMP..192 Setting UpSNMP Access .193 Configuring SNMP asaService andAddingRules ..201

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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 6SNMP Logs201 Managing Certificates ..202 System >Certificates ..202 AboutDigital Certificates .202 Certificates andCertificate Requests 203 Certificate Details .204 ImportingCertificates 205 Deleting aCertificate .207 Generating aCertificate Signing Request 207 Configuring Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol 210 Configuring Time Settings ..212 System >Time .212 System Time ..213 NTP Settings ..213 Setting Schedules ..216 System >Schedules 216 Adding aSchedule 218 Deleting Schedules 219 Managing SonicWall Security ApplianceFirmware ..220 System >Settings ..221 Settings 222 Firmware Management ..225 Using SafeMode toUpgrade Firmware .228 Using SafeMode toUpgrade Firmware for the SuperMassive 9800 ..228 Firmware Auto Update ..231 One Touch Configuration 231 FIPS234 NDPP ..235 Using the Packet Monitor ..237 System >Packet Monitor .237 Using Diagnostic Tools ..238 System >Diagnostics ..239 Tech Support Report .241 Diagnostic Tools ..244CheckNetwork Settings ..245 IPv6CheckNetwork Settings 246 Connections Monitor .247 MultiCore Monitor ..249 MultiCore Monitor Display for HighAvailability ..249 Core Monitor .251LinkMonitor ..252 Packet Size Monitor ..253DNS Name Lookup 254

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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 8PPPoE Unnumbered Interface Support .354 Configuring PortShield Interfaces .358 Network >PortShield Groups 358 AboutPortShield .358 SonicOS Support ofXSeries Switches ..359 Managing Ports ..367 Configuring PortShield Groups ..377 Configuring Wire Mode VLAN Translation 384 Network>VLAN Translation .384 VLAN Translation Overview ..384 Creating andManaging VLAN Maps .386 Setting UpFailover andLoad Balancing391 Network>Failover &LB..391 AboutFailover andLoad Balancing .391 How Failover &Load Balancing Work ..392 Multiple WAN (MWAN) ..393 Failover andLoad Balancing Page 394 Configuring Failover andLBGroups .397 Configuring Probe Settings ..401 Configuring Network Zones 403 Network>Zones ..403 How Zones Work .404 Predefined Zones .405 Security Types .405 Allow Interface Trust .406 Enabling SonicWall Security Services onZones .406 TheZone Settings Table ..407 Adding aNewZone ..408 Deleting aZone ..410 Configuring aZone for Guest Access 410 Configuring aZone for Open Authentication and Social Login.412 Configuring theWLANZone .412 Configuring DNSSettings ..415 Network>DNS 415 DNS andIPv6 .415 DNS andIPv4 .417 Configuring DNSProxy Settings 420 Network >DNSProxy .421 AboutDNS Proxy .422 Enabling DNS Proxy ..426Configuring DNS Proxy Settings .427 Monitoring DNS Server Status ..428 Viewing andConfiguring Split DNS ..428

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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 9Viewing andConfiguring Static DNS CacheEntries .431 Viewing DNS Cache Entries ..432 Configuring Address Objects ..434 Network>Address Objects ..434 Types ofAddress Objects .434 Address ObjectGroups ..435 Network>Address Objects Page 436 Default Address ObjectsandGroups 440Creating andManaging Address Objects 441Adding anAddress Object441Editing orDeleting anAddress Object..443Creating Group Address Objects .443Working withDynamic Addresses ..444Configuring Network Service Objects and Groups 455 Network>Services 456 AboutDefault Service Objects andGroups .457 Custom Service Objects Configuration Task List 457 Configuring Route Advertisements and Route Policies ..466 Network>Routing .466 Route Advertisement .469 Route Policies .471 Configuring aDrop Tunnel Interface 476OSPFandRIPAdvanced Routing Services ..478 Configuring RIPandOSPF Advanced Routing Services .486 Configuring BGPAdvanced Routing .493 Policy Based Routing andIPv6..494 Configuring NAT Policies 495 Network>NAT Policies 495 AboutNAT inSonicOS ..496 NAT Policies Tab ..498 NAT Policy Settings 500 AboutNAT Load Balancing ..502 Creating NAT Policies: Examples .506 Using NAT Load Balancing 526 Managing ARPTraffic ..530 Network>ARP .531 Static ARP Entries .532 ARP Settings ..535 ARP Cache .535 Configuring Neighbor Discovery Protocol .537 Network>Neighbor Discovery (IPv6Only) ..537 Static NDP Entries 538 NDP Settings ..538

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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 10NDP Cache 539 Configuring aStatic NDP Entry ..540 Editing aStatic NDPEntry 540 Flushing the NDP Cache..541 Configuring MAC IPAnti spoof 542 Network >MAC IPAnti spoof 542 MACIPAnti spoofProtection Overview 543 Configuring MACIPAnti spoofProtection .543 Setting UptheDHCPServer 549 Network>DHCPServer ..550 DHCPServer Options Feature 551Multiple DHCPScopes perInterface 552 Configuring theDHCPServer 554 DHCPServer Lease Scopes ..555Current DHCPLeases .555Configuring Advanced DHCP Server Options 556Configuring DHCPServer for Dynamic Ranges .560 Configuring Static DHCPEntries .562 Configuring DHCPGenericOptions for DHCP Lease Scopes 566 RFC Defined DHCP Option Numbers 567 DHCPand IPv6573 Using IPHelper .574 Network>IPHelper ..574Configuring IPHelper Settings ..576Configuring Relay Protocols .576Configuring IPHelper Policies 578 Setting UpWeb Proxy Forwarding .582 Network>Web Proxy .582 Configuring Automatic Proxy Forwarding (Web Only) .583 Configuring User Proxy Servers ..585 Configuring DynamicDNS..587 Network>Dynamic DNS ..587 AboutDynamic DNS ..587 Supported DDNS Providers ..588 Configuring Dynamic DNS 588 Dynamic DNS Settings Table .590 Configuring Network Monitor .592 Network>Network Monitor .592 Adding aNetwork Monitor Policy 594 Configuring Probe Enabled Policy Based Routing ..595 Part 5.Switching Switching Overview 597

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SonicWall SonicOS6.2 Administration Guide Contents 11AboutSwitching 597 What isSwitching? 597 Benefits ofSwitching .598 How Switching Works 599 Glossary ..599 Configuring VLAN Trunking .600 Switching >VLANTrunking 601 AboutTrunking 601 Viewing VLANs 604 Editing VLANs .606 Adding aVLANTrunk Port 606 Enabling aVLAN onaTrunk Port 606 Deleting VLAN Trunk Ports ..607 Viewing Layer 2Discovery .608 Switching >L2Discovery ..608 Viewing L2Discovery .609 Activating L2Discovery ..609 Configuring Link Aggregation ..611 Switching >LinkAggregation .611 AboutLinkAggregation .611 Viewing LinkAggregation 612 Creating aLogical Link(LAG) .613 Configuring Port Mirroring .616 Switching >Port Mirroring 616 AboutPort Mirroring .617 Viewing Mirrored Ports ..617 Configuring aPort Mirroring Group .618 Editing aPort Mirroring Group ..619 Deleting Port Mirroring Groups .620 Part 6.3G/4G/Modem Selecting 3G/4G/Modem ..623 3G/4G/Modem .623 3G/4G/Modem >Status ..623 Selecting the 3G/4G/Modem Interface .624 Configuring 3G/4G ..625 Understanding 3G/4G .625 3G/4G Overview ..625 Understanding 3G/4G ConnectionTypes 626 Understanding 3G/4G Failover ..626 3G/4G PCCard Support ..629 3G/4G Wireless WAN ServiceProvider Support 630 3G/4G Prerequisites ..630

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