First Caliph of Islam: Abu Bakr As-Saddiq. Life and His Love with Prophet (PBUH). (Prepared by Dr. Umer Farooq). If you do not help your Prophet, (it does not
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1 First Caliph of Islam: Abu Bakr As -Saddiq Life and His Love with Prophet (PBUH) (Prepared by Dr. Umer Farooq) If you do not help your Prophet, (it does not matter): Allah helped him before , when the disbelievers forced him to go away from his home, and he was one of the two: when the two were in the cave; when he was saying to his Companion, “Be not worried: indeed Allah is with us. Then Allah sent down peace of mind to him

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2 from Himself, and helped him with the forces you did not see, and made the word of the disbelievers abased. and it is the word of Allah alone which is supreme. And Allah is Mighty, Wise. March forth whether you be light or heavy, and exert your utmost in Allah’s Way with your wealth and your lives: this is best for you, if only you knew (9-40) Dear brothers and sisters, it is very important to remember the lives of sahaba, it is very important to share the stories about sahaba because tho se people were early witness of our religion. Sahaba learned Quran and Islam directly from Prophet (PBUH). Sahaba adopted their lives according to sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and that’s why Prophet ordered u s to follow the lives of Sahaba . Prophet (PBUH) said “Verily, my companions are like stars, whichever of them you use as a guide, you will be rightly guided.” Dear brothers and sisters, from the life of Prophet (PBUH) you can learn about how to please Allah, but if you want to know how to please Prophet (PBU H) then you have to know about the lives of Sahaba. From the life of Prophet (PBUH) you can find how to follow the orders of Allah but if you want to know how to accept and follow the orders of Prophet (PBUH ) then you have to read the lives of Sahaba.

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3 Dear brothers and sisters, today I am going to share with you the life of the greatest human being who really strived in the cause of Allah with his wealth and with his life. His name is Abu -Bakr As -Siddiq radiyaAllahu ta™ala ‚anhu . The actual name of Abu Bakr (RA) is abdullah ibn Abi Quhafa. His fathers’s name was Usman Abu Quhafa and his mother’s name was Salma and her nicknamed was Ummul Khayr means mother of goodness. The exact date of birth of Abu Bakr is not known. According to traditions he was younger than the Holy Prophet by two years and few months. Abu Bakr (R.A) raised in Makkah. He was very wealthy and respected amongst the Arabs. He was also one of the chiefs and counsellors of the Quraish, who admired him and paid him high respect. At the age of eighteen, Abu Bakr went into trade and adopted the profession of a cloth merchant which was his family business . Abu Bakr traveled extensively to Yemen, Syria, and other areas . These journey s brought him w ealth, added to his experience and broadened his vision . He was honest, hardworking, steadfast, trustworthy, generous, hospitable and diligent person even before embracing Islam . His business flourished and his soci al status was up -lifted . He was recognized as one of the richest merchants of Mecca.

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4 When Muhammad ( PBUH ) married Khadija (R.A) and shifted to her house, he became a neighbor of Abu Bakr who lived in the same locality. As nei ghbors Muhammad (PBUH ), and Abu Bakr came in contact with each other, and were mutually attracted. Both of them were of the same age. Both of them were traders and good managers. Both of them were kind hearted and b oth of them were men of strong and sterling character. They had an co mmon views on various matters and that set the base for life -long attachment between these men who were meant to change history of mankind. This friendship tells us the true meanings of love and affection . When the Holy Prophet gave the call of Islam, Abu Bakr was out of Makkah. When Abu Bakr returned to Makkah, he was informed by some of his friends that in his absence Muhammad ( PBUH ) had declared himself as the Messenger of God, and announced a new religion. On hearing this, Abu Bakr wasted no time to me et the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and accepted Islam without asking any question. Abu Bakr did not argue with Prophet (PBUH) , he laid down no conditions; and he wanted no assurances from Prophet (PBUH) . He did not hesitate even for a moment; and there was no doubt in his mind. He was first man in the history to accept Islam .

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5 Years later, the Holy Prophet recalling the acceptance of Abu Bakr and said, “Whenever I offered Islam to any one, he always showed some reluctance and hesitation and tried to enter into an argument (with me) . Abu Bakr was the only person who accepted Islam without any reluctance or hesitation, and without any argument.” Dear brothers and sisters, Abu Bakr was also the first person who helped Prophet (PBUH) with his wealth and efforts dur ing the early days of Islam. Because of Abu Bakr’s Dawa efforts many people accepted Islam like Othman bin Affan, Zubair bin Awam, Talhah bin Ubaidullah, Abdur Rahman b ‘Auf , Sa’ad b Abi Waqas, Abu Ubaidah b. Al -Jarrah, Abu Hudhaifah. All of these men were of status and high social standing and they proved to be great assets for Islam. Abu Bakr also used his wealth to release captives and slaves from the Musharkeen -e-Makkah. He set free eight slave s-four men and four women from Musharkeen -e-Makkah. Dear brothers and sisters, after the deaths of Abu Talib and Khadija (R.A) when the Holy Prophet felt sad and circumstances become unfavorable for Islam , the Holy Prophet was uplifted to the Heavens, and there he was assured of the destiny of

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6 Islam. After this experience of Miraj, the Holy Prophet declared in front of people that the previous night he had been carried from Makkah to Masjid al Aqsa at Jeru salem, and from there he had ascended to the heavens. When the non-believing Quraish heard this they made fun of this news. When Abu Bakr (R.A) came to know he rushed to the place where Holy Prophet (PBUH) was describing about his journey to the people. Af ter hearing this matter , Abu Bakr stood up and said: “All this is true. Your description is faithful and correct. I believe in every word of what you have said. You speak always truth. I testify that you are the Messenger of Allah. After hearing this Holy Prophet felt happy and said: “Veri ly, Abu Bakr you are the Siddiq .” That is how Abu Bakr got the honorific title of ‘Siddiq’ . Dear brothers and sisters, Abu-Bakr (R.A) was the one who went with the Prophet (SAWS) on hijra . The Prophet (PBUH) comes to the house of Abu -Bakr (R.A) in very warm day and told him that Allah allowed him to migrate from Makkah and he wants Abu Bakr to accompany him on the Hjra. After hearing this, Abu Bakr started to cry . Abu Bakr was crying because of happiness that he would acc ompany the person which he loved him the most . Aisha (R.A) was also sitting there and she said, fiI know that some people could cry because of happiness but I never really understood it until I saw my father on that day when Abu -Bakr (R.A) started to cry because of this joy that he will accompany his beloved Prophet (PBUH) during

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8 me amazing is that he was as -Siddiq. He was the person whose truthfulness was testified by the Prophet (SAWS). By the evidence of the Prophet (SAWS) he was the greatest man. Why? Because whenever he said he believed in the Prophet (SAWS), he meant it and whenever he says that he loves Allah and his Messenger there was no difference in his words and his actions. Once the Prophet (PBUH) asked to Sahaba: “Who have fasting today?” Abu Bakr said: “I have fasting”. The Prophe t (PBUH) said: “Who participated in a funeral today?” Abu Bakr said: “I did.” The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Who fed a needy person today?” Abu Bakr said: “I did.” The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Who visited a sick person today?” Abu Bakr said: “I did.” Then, the Pro phet (PBUH) said: “if all these things are found in a person then he will enter into the paradise .”

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9 Prophet (PBUH) had given very detailed sermon five days before his death. Prophet (PBUH) said ‚Allah has given a choice to his slave either to select this world or to get which is with Allah and the slave has chosen that which is with Allah.” All companions of Prophet (PBUH) listened this and thought that Prophet (PBUH) was telling us about some person whom Allah has given choice of this world or Akhara. But there was Abu Bakr who was crying after hearing this. Prophet (PBUH) also said to Abu Bakr , Abu Bakr show some patience. Sahaba were astonished why Abu Bakr is crying. But when Prophet (PBUH) died after five day s then sahaba knows that the Prophet was that slave of Allah who was given the choice and Abu Bakr was the most Knowledgeable person among them. This incident shows the depth and intellect of the mind of Sayyidina Abu Bkar, this also shows the depth of relation of Abu Bakr with Prophet (PBUH) that he instantly understood the meaning of the words of the Messenger of Allah above any other Companion. Dear brothers and sisters when surrah Nasr was revealed to Prophet (PBUH)

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10 When the help comes from Allah, and victory (is granted), and you see people enterin g Allah™s religion in troops, glorify the Lord, with His praise, and seek forgiveness of Him. Surely He is Oft -Returning with compassion . When this surah was revealed, Abu Bakr cried a lot . Sahaba asked him, Abu Bakr why are you crying. This is a time of happiness that people are accepting Islam but you are crying. Abu Bakr replied that in th is surrah Allah mentioned the victory of Islam which means that the job of Muhammad (PBUH) is complete d and his life will come to an end. I am crying because the time of death of our Prophet (PBUH) is approaching. Dear brothers and sisters , Abu bakr was a person who used to be happy when Prophet (PBUH) became happy and who used to be sad and angry when Prophet (PBUH) became sad and angry. Abu Bakr was the first person who helped and

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11 assisted Prophet (PBUH). Prophet (PBUH) said O people, Abu bakr is a person who helped me during all hardships and when my hands were totally empty he helped me with his wealth. And Prophet (PBUH) also said, no wealth ever benefited me as did the wealth of Abu Bakr . Dear brothers and sisters, w hen A bu Bakr (R.A) accepted Islam he was one of the richest people of Makkah. He had large trade assets, property and 40,000 Darham in cash at time of accepting Islam. Abdullah bin Umer said, “When Abu Bakr (R.A) accepted Islam, on that day in his house there were 40,000 d irhams. He had spent all of his amount on freeing slaves and helping the cause of Islam. When he migrated to Madinah, he had only 5000 Darham left in his house. Dear brothers and sisters, After Hijra, one day Prophet (PBUH) was sitting in Masjid -e-Nabwi and he saw Abu Bakr who wore coarse clothes with many patches on it. These patches were tied up with sticks of tree. After seeing this tears appeared in the eyes of Prophet (PBUH) and in this condition Wahi was sent down to Prophet (PBUH). When specific feelings of wahi were finished then Prophet (PBUH) raised his face and he smiled and asked Abu Bakr. Abu Bkar, Jibral came and given you greetings of Allah and also told me to ask question from you. Abu Bakr you were happy with Allah at the time when you were very much rich and

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