The following terms are used throughout the instruction manual. Cord storage. Filter cover. Filter cover catch. Raise and lower basket control. Basket.

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Roto Fryer F283132Description of appliance The following terms are used throughout the instruction manual Cord storageFilter cove rFilter cove r catchRaise and lowe r basket co ntrolBasket Basket ha ndleViewi ng window LidLid release buttonInspection door for pipe compartmentTem perature controlTem perature indicator lightOil drainage tube Drainage tube plugFoot Minute timer buttonMinute timer display Wheel guide ring

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Safety warnin gs†This appliance has been designed to fry foods exclusively for household use; it must not be used for other purposes and must not be modified or tampered with in any way. †Before using the appliance, check that the voltage of the mains power supply corresponds to the value indicated on the appliance rating plate and that the socket and power line are appropriate for the load required. †After removing the appliance from the packaging, make sure that the fryer is in complete and perfect condition. Ensure all labels, plastic bags, and packaging have been removed from both inside and around the fryer. †Connect the appliance to an earthed power supply and sockets with a minimum current rating of 10 A only. (If the plug fitted to the appliance does not match the power socket, have the plug replaced with a suitable type by a qualified professional). †Never locate the appliance near sources of heat. †The power cable of this appliance must not be replaced by the user as this requires the use of special tools. If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, an authorised service centre or a qualified professional in order to eliminate all risk. See guarantee leaflet for details. †While in operation, the appliance becomes hot. DO NOT LEAVE WITHIN REACH OF CHILDREN. †Do not move the deep fryer when the oil is hot as this may cause serious burns. †Never use the fryer without oil. †If oil leaks from the fryer, contact our Customer Experience Team †Before using the fryer for the first time, wash the bowl, basket and lid in hot water and washing up liquid. At the end of the operation, dry everything thoroughly and remove any water left in the bottom of the bowl. This prevents dangerous splashes of hot oil during operation. †The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. †To move the appliance, use the recesses at the bottom on both sides. Never move the appliance using the basket handle. †Do not touch the appliance with wet or damp hands. 3Roto Fryer F28313

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†Never leave the power cable dangling from the work surface as it could be grabbed by children or get in the way of the user. †It is normal for the appliance to give off a “new” smell when used for the first time. Ventilate the room. †When opening the lid, take great care to avoid hot steam and splashes of boiling oil. †Never use homemade or very acidic oils. †This appliance conforms to EC directive 2004/108/EC on Electromagnetic Compatibility and EC regulation no. 1935/2004 of 27/10/2004 on materials intended for contact with food. †The applianceis not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system. †The appliance is designed and produced for domestic use only. It is not suitable for use in: – staff kitchens in shops, offices and other workplaces. – farm houses – hotels, motels or other holiday accommodation – guest houses†Keep these instructions. Important information for correct disposal of the product in accordance with EC Directive 2002/96/EC. At the end of its working life, the product must not be disposed of as urban waste. It must be taken to a special local authority differentiated waste collection centre or to a dealer providing this service. Disposing of a household appliance separately avoids possible negative consequences for the environment and health deriving from inappropriate disposal and enables the constituent materials to be recovered to obtain significant savings in energy and resources. As a reminder of the need to dispose of household appliances separately, the product is marked with a crossed-out wheeled dustbin.Roto Fryer F283134

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Thank you for choosing this rotofryer. To get the very best out of your new rotofryer it is advisable to read these instructions before using the appliance. This is the only way to ensure optimum results and maximum safety. The manufacturer is not liable for damage deriving from failure to comply with these user instructions. Before usin g for the first time 1Remove all packaging. 2Wash the parts: see fiCleaningfl. Instructions for use Filling with oil or fat †Raise the basket to the highest position by pulling the special handle upwards (fig.1). The lid should ALWAYS be closed when the basket is raised and lowered. †Open the lid by pressing button (fig.2). †Remove the basket by pulling it upwards (fig.3). †Pour into the container 1.2 litres of oil (or 1 kg. of fat). WARNING: The level must always be between the maximum and minimum levels indicated in the bowl. Never use the deep fryer when the oil is below the fiminfl level as it could cause the thermal safety device to come into operation; to replace it you need to contact our Customer Experience Team: See enclosed guarantee leaflet. Important: Oil and water mixing can cause hot oil to spray out during operation. Best results are obtained using a good quality oil suitable for deep frying such as corn oil or groundnut oil. Avoid mixing different types of oil. Do not use olive oil, butter or margarine as they could smoke and bubble over. If you use lumps of solid fat, cut them into small pieces so that the fryer does not heat up in the first few minutes without a covering of fat. The temperature must be set to 150°C until the fat has melted completely. The required temperature can then be set. Startin g to fry 1.Put the food which is to be fried into the basket, without ever overfilling it (max. 1 kg. of fresh potatoes). In order to obtain a more even frying, we recommend distributing the food predominantly around the perimeter of the basket, leaving the central part filled more sparingly. 2.Place the basket into the frying bowl in a raised position (fig. 3) by slotting the support at the end of the handle into the rim at the front of the frying bowl. Close the lid by gently lowering it down until the catches can be heard clicking into place. Always close the lid before lowering the basket in order to avoid hot 5Roto Fryer F28313fig. 1 fig. 2 fig. 3

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Roto Fryer F28313oil from splashing out. 3.Plug the applianceinto the mains socket, set temperature control dial to the required temperature (fig.4). When set temperatureset has been reached, the indicator light will go off. 4.As soon as the indicator light goes off, immerse the basket in the oil, lowering the handle slowly bysliding the handle™s controlback. †It is completely normal for a considerable amount of very hot steam be released throughthe filter cover immediately after this. †At the start of cooking, and immediately after the food has been immersed in the oil, the internal wall of the viewing window (where present) will steam up, before progressively clearing.†It is normal for drops of condensation to form around the basket handle and lid while the appliance is working. Models with electronic minute timer 1Set the cooking time by pressing the minute timer button. The display will show the minutes set. 2The numbers will begin to flash immediately. This shows that the cooking time has begun. The final minute is displayed in seconds. 3If an error is made, a new cooking time can be set by holding the button down for more than 2 seconds. The display will reset and the process can then be repeated from point 1. 4The minute timer will indicate the end of the cooking time with two series of beeps about 20 seconds apart. To turn the acoustic signal off, press the minute timer button. Important: the minute timer does not automatically turnthe appliance off. Replacing the minute timer battery †Remove the minute timer from its housing by prising it from the lower side (fig. 5). †Turn the battery cover on the back of the battery anticlockwise (fig. 6) until it comes free. †Replace the battery with another of the same type (L1131). When replacing or disposing of the appliance, the battery must be removed and disposed of according to current legislation as it represents a hazard to the environment. After fryin gWhen the cooking time runs out raise the basket and check if the food has been cooked thoroughly as required. In the models fitted with a viewing window this check can be carried out by looking through the window without opening the lid. If cooking is complete, turn off the appliance by turning the thermostat dialto the “0” position until the internal switch clicks. Drain excess from the food oil by leaving the basket inside the fryer for a while in the 6fig. 5 fig. 6 fig. 7 fig. 8 fig. 4

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Roto Fryer F283138is sufficiently cold (wait about 2 hours), then empty out the oil or fat as previously described in the paragraph headed fifiltering the oil or fatfl. Remove the lid as shown in (fig. 15). The lid is removable, to take it off, proceed as follows: push the lid back (see arrow “1” fig. 15) and at the same time, lift it up (see arrow “2” fig. 13). Do not immerse the lid in water without having first removed the filter. To clean the frying bowl, proceed as follows: †Wash the tank with hot water and washing up liquid, then carefully rinseand dry everything. In the models fitted with an oil drainage pipe, always use it to empty out the water (fig. 16); then remove any remaining water which has collected in the oil drainage tube. †In order to clean the inside of the drainage tube, use the tube brush supplied (fig. 17). †We advise regular cleaning of the basket, with care being taken to eliminate any deposits which might have accumulated in the basket™s wheel guide ring. †Dry the outside of the fryer with a soft, damp cloth in order to get rid of splashes and any little dribbles of oil or condensation.Model with non-stick boiler pan To clean the boiler pan use a soft cloth with a neutral detergent. Never using objects or abrasive detergents. Cooking hints How lon g the oil or fat lasts The oil or fat must never go below the minimum level. From time to time it is necessary to renew it completely. The length of time the oil or fat lasts depends on what is fried. Foods coated in bread crumbs, for example, dirties the oil more than simple frying. As for all types of fryer, the oil deteriorates if it is reheated several times. Therefore, even if it is used and filtered correctly, we recommend replacing it completely fairly often. Since the deep fryer works with little oil, due to its rotating basket, there is the considerable advantage that you only have to dispose of about half the amount of oil that you would with the other deep fryers on the market. How to fry correctly Important: Oil and water mixing can cause hot oil to spray out during frying. †It is important to follow the recommended temperature for every recipe. If the temperature is too low, the fried food absorbs oil. If the temperature is too high a crust quickly forms on the outside while the inside remains uncooked. fig. 14 fig. 15 12fig. 16 fig. 17

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9Fryin g non-frozen food Bear in mind that the cooking times and temperatures are approximate and must be adjusted according to the amount of food which is to be fried and to personal taste. Roto Fryer F28313CHIPSHalf portion 5001907-8 Whole portion (safety limit) 100019014-16 FISHSquid5001609-10 Scallops5001609-10 Scampi tails6001607-10 Sardines500-6001708-10 Cuttlefish5001608-10 Sole (n. 3)500-6001606-7 MEAT Breaded veal cutlets (n. 2) 2501705-6 Chicken cutlets (n. 3)3001706-7 Meat balls (n. 8 – 10)4001607-9 VEGETABLESArtichokes25015010-12 Cauliflower4001608-9 Mushrooms4001509-10 Aubergines30017011-12 Courgettes 2001708-10 Type of food Max.QuantityTemperature °CTime inMinutes †The food which is to be fried must only be immersed when the oil has reached the right temperature, i.e. when the indicator light goes off. †Do not overfill the basket. This would cause the temperature of the oil to drop suddenly, resulting in fried food which is too greasy and not uniformly fried. †When frying small quantities of food, the temperature of the oil must be set lower than the temperature indicated to avoid the oil boiling too violently. †Check that the food is thinly sliced and of even thickness, as food which is too thick cooks badly on the inside, despite looking nice, while food of an even thickness reaches the ideal cooking point all at the same time. †Dry the food completely before immersing it in the oil or fat, as wet food becomes soggy after cooking (especially potatoes). It is advisable to bread or flour food which has a high water content (fish, meat, vegetables), being careful to remove the excess bread or flour before immersing it in the oil.

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Fryin g frozen food †Frozen foods have very low temperatures. As a result they inevitably cause a considerable drop in the temperature of the oil or fat. To achieve a good result, we advise you not to exceed the quantities recommended in the following table. †Frozen foods are often covered in ice crystals which is necessary to remove before cooking by shaking the basket safely away from the fryer. Then immerse the basket very slowly into the frying oil to avoid the oil over-boiling. Important: Oil and water mixing can cause hot oil to spray out during operation. The cooking times are approximate and must be varied according to the initial temperature of the food which is to be fried and according to the temperature recommended by the frozen food producer. WARNING: Before immersing the basket, check that the lid is firmly closed. (*) This is the recommended dose to achieve excellent frying. It is naturally possible to fry a larger amount of frozen chips, but you should bear in mind that in this case they will end up being a little greasier because of the sudden drop in the oil temperature at the time of immersion. Roto Fryer F2831310CHIPS Recommended quantity180 (*)1904-6 for excellent frying MAX quantity (safety limit) 100019016-18 POTATO CROQUETTES5001907-8 FISHFish fingers3001904-6 Prawns3001904-6 MEATChicken nuggets (n. 3)2001806-8 Type of food Max.QuantityTemperature °CTime inMinutes

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Service and Customer Care †If the cord is damaged it must, for safety reasons, be repaired by De™Longhi or an authorised De™Longhi repairer in order to avoid any risk. †Please refer to the guarantee leaflet enclosed for service and assistance details 11Operating faults Fault Bad smell The oil overflows The oil doesnot heat upOnly half of the basket has fried properly. CauseThe odour-eater filter is saturated. The oil has deteriorated. The cooking liquid is unsuitableThe oil has deterioratedand causes too much foam. You have immersed food which is not sufficiently dry in the hot oil. The basket has been immersed too quickly. The oil level in the fryer is over the maximum limit. The deep fryer has pre- viously been used without oil in the frying bowl, causing the thermal safety device to break. The basket does not rotate during cooking. RemedyReplace the filter. Replace the oil or fat. Use a good quality oil suitable for deep frying. Replace the oil or fat. Dry the food well. Immerse it slowly. Reduce the amount of oil in the frying bowl Contact the Customer Experience Team (see enclosed guarantee leaflet). Clean the bottom of the frying bowlClean the basket wheel guide ring.Roto Fryer F28313

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