Players who have the most building tiles of each kind in their Alhambra at the right time – in the scoring rounds. – are awarded points, the exact amount
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Wall Name of buildingPrice ChambersArcades SeraglioTower Pavilion Garden23 Equipment 6 starting tiles Object of the game most building tiles the longest part of wall they have built around their Alhambra. 54 building tiles 08 money cards in four currencies Money cards in four different colours: blue, green, orange and yel- low, with values from 1 to 9. 00fi-tiles ΠA game by Dirk Henn for 2-6 players 4 spaces for money cardsSpace for building tiles in reserve. Each player has his own reserve space. The building site Рshows four spaces, each for one building block. Each space belongs to a different currency. There are 6 different kind of buildings. The table shows the prices of the buildings and how many of each of the buildings there are. x x x x x x Price Number building Family_Box_Regel_EN 213.03.2012 15:04:16 Uhr

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23Getting ready to play 1 figure in the colour of his choice. 4 building tiles placed building market pack of mo- ney cards starting money total is 20 4 more money cards The starting tile without a city wall is used the same way as the building tiles. Building market on the playing board1st1st2nd 3rd 4th 5th pile2nd3rd4th5th pile 1st scoring2nd scoringNote: This ensures that no-one receives money totalling more than 28 or less than 20. NOTE! You will find the instructions for a game with two players on page 7 of the rules. Note: This ensures that the two scoring cards do not come into the game too early, too late, or too soon after one another. Family_Box_Regel_EN 313.03.2012 15:04:19 Uhr

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45 Example: you could take both the cards on the left or one of the other two. Example: You want a garden for your Alhambra. The garden on offer costs 10. You have two money cards of this currency in your hand and decide to buy the garden. However, as you cannot pay exactly 10 of the blue currency (but only 11), your go is then over; you do not receive any change. It is therefore possible to carry out a maximum of 5 actions during your turn (paying the exact amount four times and then either taking money or redesigning your Alhambra). pricecolourHow to play Take some money Buy and position a building tile Redesign your Alhambra Take some money any one of the money cards several money cards if they do not add up to more than 5(the currency does not matter). Buy and position a building tile But take care Πno change is given! If you can pay the exact amount it is still your turn and you can decide once more which of the three options you would like to take. no new tiles are placed on the building market. only at the end of your turn Redesigning your Alhambra reserve board and add it to your Alhambra. remove put it on your reserve board. exchange You are not allowed to remove the starting tile or exchange it for another tile. Example: you buy a building tile and pay the exact amount so it is still your turn. You decide to buy another building tile and you manage to pay the exact amount again. It is therefore still your turn and you decide to redesign your Alham-bra. You can for example remove a building tile from your Alhambra and exchange it for one on your reserve board. This brings your turn to an end. You can now add your newly bought building tiles to your Alhambra by placing them in the best possible position or alternatively you can put them on your reserve board. Family_Box_Regel_EN 413.03.2012 15:04:21 Uhr

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The following combinations are NOT allowed: 45Example:the tiles on 2 and 4 have been removed. The squares are refilled in order Πthe first tile goes on 2 and the second on 4. Positioning the tiles Rules for building your Alhambra the same way round (i.e. all roofs must point upwards). Adjoining sides must be the same fion footfl at least one side (i.e. it cannot be joined just at a corner). any fispacesfl (i.e. an empty area surrounded on all sides by building tiles) At the end of your turn The tile is the wrong way round A side with a wall is joined to a side without a wall. The building tiles are not joined by at least one side. Putting the fiArcadesfl tile in the position shown would create an empty area completely surrounded by tiles. A side with a wall is joined to a side without a wall. The Lion Fountains are used without a city wall, the same way as the building tiles. Family_Box_Regel_EN 513.03.2012 15:04:27 Uhr

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67 Example: The player with the most chambers is awarded 4 points. Example: The player with the most towers is awarded 13 points. The pla- yer with the second highest number of towers is awarded 6 points. Kim and Nina each have 4 towers. They share the points for 1st and 2nd place: 13 + 6 = 19 points. The number is divided by two and roun- ded down so they are each awarded 9 points. Note: the price of the building is not important for the scoring, just the number of tiles! You must have at least 1 building tile of a particular kind to be awarded points for that category. Scoring 3 scoring rounds final scoring round takes place at the end of the game. Points for having the most of each kind of building having the highest number of one of the different kinds of buildings. Points for the wall around your Alhambra the longest joined wall a wall segment on it counts for 1 point. No scoring board. scoring card most buildings fi2nd Scoring Roundfl points are awarded to the players with the highest number and second highest number of building tiles of each kind. points shared Diese Stadtmauer bringt bei einer Wertung 8 Punkte. Innen liegende Stadtmauern bringen keine Punkte. Diese Außen mauer ist kürzer und wird deshalb nicht gewertet. 12387564Family_Box_Regel_EN 613.03.2012 15:04:30 Uhr

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MarketLibraryHospitalBath House HostelArena Residential areaSchool Park 89We are in Granada in the Middle Ages. The Alhambra has been completed and master builders from all over the world are flocking to the constantly growing city at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Build schools and bath- houses, construct residential areas, markets and many more buildings that are important. Succeed in building the largest city The basic rules of fiThe Palace of Alhambrafl remain unchanged. Any changes are explained on the following pages. Granada components6 Starting tiles 54 building tiles 1 black Marker Game components from Alhambra 4 spacesfor money cardsSpace for storing the players™ supply. There is a separate storing space for each player. MoatType of building and purchase price. An even number on the front side means there is the next higher odd number on the back side. The construc- tion yard – showing four spaces for four building tiles. Each space is af- filiated to a different currency. Spaces for the black marker The back side with the next higher odd number, 3 in this case.Front side with value 2.Summary of buildings:Colored mark in- dicating the type of building on the reverse side. 1 summaries for regular scoring. The front side shows how many points the players will gain during the individual scorings. On the back of all tables is a detailed listing of what has to be scored, in precise order. 1 scoring sum- maries used for simplified scoring (see page 11). Space for the face down deck of money cards. Granada game board sideFamily_Box_Regel_EN 813.03.2012 15:04:51 Uhr

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89Object of the game most buildings of a certain type Setup game board 4 building tiles, one after the other, and place them on the four spaces of the construction yard, num- bered 1 to 4 and with their even numbered side face up. Place the black marker on the space of the game board indicating the odd numbers. two summary tables for regular scoring Sequence of play Collect money This action is unchanged, compared to the Alhambra rules. Buy a building tileactionnot changed buying a building not turn it over. Rebuild your individual city of Granada actionchanged rebuilding their city, not turn over The game board™s construc-tion yardIMPORTANT! You will find the extra rules for a 2-player- game on page 11 of these rules Spaces for the black marker Note: You will need the sco- ring summaries for simplified scoring for the variant fisimplified scoringfl only, see page 11. Family_Box_Regel_EN 913.03.2012 15:04:56 Uhr

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51234671011 Place one or more building tiles extend their city visible when they bought turned over side 3 money of any one After the construction yard has been completely re- stocked, move the black marker to its other position. Scorings for majorities of buildingsmoats Victory points for moats Victory points for majorities of buildings 1st scoring 2nd scoring perso- nal supply any side face up. Important: Once added to a player™s supply or built as part of a city, a tile must never be turned over for the rest of the game! Building rules for Granada Example: Yellow has built 3 schools; both Red and Green have built 2 schools. So there are 7 schools in total. Thus, Yellow gains 7 victory points. If both Yellow and Red had built 3 schools, they would have to check who had built the school with the highest price. Example: The tiles from spaces 2 and 4 had been bought, the spaces are now replenished in order Œ first, space 2; then, space 4. The black marker™s position is indicating even numbers, so the new tiles are placed with their even numbered price face up. Then, the black marker is moved to the position indica- ting odd numbers. Note: The same rules apply to the moats of Granada as to the city walls of Alhambra. IMPORTANT! Victory points as shown on the scoring cards are awarded in Alhambra only. In Granada, victory points are awarded in a different way, as shown on the scoring summary tables. Family_Box_Regel_EN 1013.03.2012 15:05:00 Uhr

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1011 3rd scoring majorityrunner-up and the second runner-up. Any buildings in the players™ personal supplies are ignored when scoring. End of the game Note: It may be wise to forfeit build- ing, if this would increase some other player™s victory points. Special rules for 2 players Simplified scoring 1st scoring 2nd scoring 3rd scoring Example (2nd scoring): Blue has the majority with 4 schools; Green has built 3 schools by now and Red still has 2 schools. There is a total of 9 schools; thus, Blue gains 2 x 9 = 18 victory points and Green gains 1 x 9 = 9 victory points. Example (3rd scoring): Now both Blue and Green have 4 schools, Red still has no more than 2. There are 10 schools in total; Blue™s most expensive school™s worth is 9, whereas Green paid 12 for his most expensive school. This means that now Green holds the majority, he gains 3 x 10 = 30 victory points; Blue is runner-up and gains 2 x 10 = 20 victory points, finally Red gains 1 x 10 = 10 victory points as second runner-up. Family_Box_Regel_EN 1113.03.2012 15:05:03 Uhr

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