Do not use the Copper ChefTM BBQ Grill until you have read this manual thoroughly. 2 Copper Chef™ BBQ Grill. IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS.

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2 Copper ChefŽ BBQ GrillIMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Ł NEVER leave your Copper Chef BBQ Grill empty over a hot burner. This could ruin it and cause damage to your barbecue grill.Ł NEVER put your Copper Chef BBQ Grill in the microwave or toaster oven. This is a hazard that can cause electric sparks or fire, and possibly damage the appliances and your cookware. Ł NEVER use your Copper Chef BBQ Grill on the stove top. Oils or other liquids will through the holes in the Grill and onto the burner. DO NOT put a pan underneath the Grill. Ł NEVER leave your Copper Chef BBQ Grill unattended. This helps avoid potential injury to children or the risk of fire. Ł ALWAYS supervise children who are near cookware when in use or injury may result. Ł DO NOT handle your Copper Chef BBQ Grill when hot. USE oven mitts because the Copper Chef BBQ Grill will be very hot during and after use.Ł ALWAYS turn off the barbecue while placing or removing the Copper Chef BBQ Grill.Ł DO NOT attempt to repair the Copper Chef BBQ Grill if it is damaged.Ł This product is for home use only. It is NOT INTENDED for commercial use. Ł DO NOT use aerosol cooking sprays. These sprays will build up on the Copper Chef BBQ Grill and become difficult to remove while reducing the nonstick coating.Ł ALWAYS be cautious of potential flare-ups. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS – FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY. Before You Begin It is very important that you read this entire manual, making certain that you are totally familiar with the unit™s operation and precautions. Read all warnings and safe use instructions carefully and thoroughly before use. Failure to follow the warnings provided below may result in personal injury, property damage, or damage to your Copper Chef.Warning

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Copper ChefŽ BBQ Grill 3Features Models Ł CeramiTech Non-Stick Coating Ł Even heating Ł Works on most barbecue grills Ł Easy cleaningŁ Durable, stain-resistant coating Ł Temperature-resistant coating up to 850° FŁ Reduces wear and tear on your barbecue grill12fl x 18fl PanX-Pattern Design12fl x 12fl PanCleaning Brush

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4 Copper ChefŽ BBQ GrillRecommendations Before UsingBefore using your new cookware, it is recommended that you wash it in hot water with mild soap or dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry immediately with a soft dish towel. Copper Chef cookware is dishwasher safe, so you can put it in the dishwasher to rinse and clean before using for the ˜rst time. While Cooking Ł Always ensure that the flat side of the Copper Chef BBQ Grill is facing the heat source when in use. Food should be cooked only on the side with the X-Pattern Design. Ł We recommend low to medium heat settings for most cooking. The CeramiTech coating will distribute heat more effectively and evenly. This causes some protein-rich foods to cook more quickly. Ł The CeramiTech coating does not require the use of butter or cooking oil. If you choose to use oil or butter, we recommend oil or butter with a high smoke point: refined olive oil, peanut oil, corn oil, or (clarified) butter. Ł Do not use extra virgin olive oil or oil sprays. They cannot withstand high heating and will leave a thin carbonized layer on the nonstick coating.Proper Cooking Utensils To prevent scratching the coating, we recommend using nonmetal utensils with your Copper Chef cookware. Do not cut food on the Copper Chef BBQ Grill using sharp utensils such as forks, knives, mashers, or whisks that can scratch the cooking surface.

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Copper ChefŽ BBQ Grill 5Recommendations Tips Removing Stubborn Residue When food is burned on the Copper Chef BBQ Grill, a stubborn black residue may remain. If regular cleaning does not loosen it, soak in hot water and a tablespoon of non-lemon detergent for 15 mins. Allow the water to become lukewarm before you drain and rinse. Clean with a plastic spatula or wipe with a nonabrasive sponge to loosen residue. Repeat if necessary. You can also use the provided Cleaning Brush to clean the Copper Chef BBQ Grill. Do not use steel wool or other metal pads. They could leave coarse scratches. Always rinse thoroughly and dry immediately with a soft towel.Cooking With Gas When cooking over a gas burner, make certain the ˚ame does not touch the cookware. Your cookware can become discolored. NOTE: Copper Chef Cookware has exceptionally high thermoconductivity. Even a low setting on some gas burners could cause overheating and possibly burn foods such as thinly sliced onions.

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6 Copper ChefŽ BBQ GrillEasy Maintenance Ł Allow cookware to cool completely before washing. Never immerse a hot grill in cold water as this will cause irreparable warping. Cleaning your Copper Chef cookware is quick and easy. Ł After each use, clean your Copper Chef BBQ Grill with hot water and liquid dish detergent. Let soak until lukewarm. Use a sponge or soft cloth to remove any remaining food particles. Ł Use only the provided Cleaning Brush to clean the Copper Chef BBQ Grill. Do not use steel wool or other metal pads. They could leave coarse scratches. Always rinse thoroughly and dry immediately with a soft towel.Dishwasher Safe Although the entire Copper Chef Collection is dishwasher safe, we recommend cleaning by hand. Hand-washing preserves the life of the cookware and helps maintain its appearance. If cleaning in the dishwasher, follow the suggested guidelines below. 1. Load the dishwasher carefully. Other dishes and flatware may mark the surface of your Copper Chef BBQ Grill. 2. Be sure to remove soil from other dishes and flatware. It can be abrasive to Copper Chef BBQ Grill™s nonstick coating. 3. We recommend using a non-lemon detergent. 4. Regular dishwasher cleaning will eventually scratch any surface.StorageWhen storing your Copper Chef cookware, avoid stacking and crowding it in cabinets or drawers. This could cause scratches. We recommend a cookware rack or pegboard to provide convenient, safe storage. Always nest your nonstick cookware carefully. Care & Cleaning

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We are very proud of the design and quality of our Copper Chef TM BBQ Grill .This product has been manufactured to the highest standards. Should you have any problem, our friendly customer service staff is here to help you. 973-287-5176Distributed by: Tristar Products, Inc. Fair˜eld, NJ 07004© 2018 Tristar Products, Inc. Made in China CCBG_IB_TP_ENG_V1_18XXXXBBQ Grill

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