Strengthen your Tawakkul in Allah Ta„ala . 2. Receive an abundance of Rizq. 3. Enjoy contentment in your life. 4. Increase Barakah in your life.

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1 INTRODUCTION A ll praise s be to Allah , our C reator, Nourisher and Sustainer and Salawaat be upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad ( Sallalahu ‘alayhe wasallam). a means of happiness and contentment, for others it can become a means of their destruction. Wealth is considered to be acquired in one of two ways. Firstly, through the system of cause and effect by us thinking that financial success is due to our efforts or seco ndly going to the source of all wealth, i.e. Allah and acquiring your Rizq by turning to Him. In the first instance a person might receive wealth, but his earnings will be devoid of providing true inner fulfilment and satisfaction, whereas a per son attaining wealth after turning to Allah first, will find that the same wealth to be a source of Barakah 1 and happiness. The objective of this book is to encourage all readers to try and expand our Rizq through Amal ( good actions) and thereby live a life of happiness and tranquillity. Allah says in the Quraan, we will certainly grant them a good (peaceful and contented) life (in this world) and most surely reward them (in the hereafter as well) 2 If we seek to acquire wealth primarily through our own endeavours or simply for amassing of wealth then that same wealth becomes a means of our destruction. Allah says in the Quraan. (heedless of fulfilling Allah Taala’s commands). Until you reach the grave. (And 1 The general meanings of Barakah with regards to wealth are: Wealth that is abundant; a little that goes a long way; wealth that enables a person to do good deeds like spending in charity, going for U mrah, helping the needy etc. 2 The translations of the Qur a anic verses are with its explanations in brackets. W

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2 realise the futility of amassing wealth) . Never (This rivalry will not benefit you) Hoarded wealth will become a constant worry for a person and a means of anguish . Therefore, after reading through this booklet, let us all endeavour to try and obtain our Rizq from Allah by doing those actions which will be a means for us to draw closer to Him. May la grant every one of us abundant Rizq and a life full of Barakah and contentment. Ameen . BENEFITS OF THIS BOOK (IN SHA ALLAH) 1. Strengthen your Tawakkul in Allah . 2. Receive an abundance of Rizq . 3. Enjoy contentment in your life. 4. Increase Barakah in your life. 5. Receive your Rizq easily. 6. Remove worry and grief from your life. 1. Allah T is the Sustainer and Provider Allah is the best of providers. ( Surah 62 verse 11 ) B efore we begin, we need to understand that Allah is the one who is ultimately the Sustainer and Provider. Allah mentions in the Quraan And there is no creature on earth whose sustenance is not on Allah. ( Surah Hud verse 6 ) llah ala himself has taken the responsibility of providing sustenance to all living b eings in this world (humans , animals, birds, fish and all the creatures of the earth). We need to build up our Tawakkul that Allah is the Sustainer and Provider. Just reflect momentarily on the system of Allah A

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3 and you will see Allah Ta Greatness. Think of the last meal you ate. How many people were invol ved in the production of the meal? The farmer, the labourers, the packagers, the transportation personnel, the wholesalers, the retailers and finally, you . During this process each one received their Rizq . Reflect on the lifecycle of animals and plants. How masterfully, one species is dependent on the next species. Pondering on the system of how Allah provides for his creation causes our Imaan and Tawakkul in to grow. Once we develop our trust and Yaqeen in Allah , it then becomes easy for us to turn to Allah for all our needs. When this happens then Allah will provide for you directly or make a means to provide for you. If you develop trust in Allah as you ought to, then Allah will provide for you like how He provides for the birds, They leave in the morning with an hungry and return in the evening with their stomachs full. An Incident: Sayyiduna Moosa reached the mountain of Tur in search of fire, what he found was not fire but Divine Light. He was made a Nabi and was commanded to go Egypt so that the Pharaoh and his people could be brought on the right path. It then occurred to Him that he left his wife in the wilderness all alone who would take care of her? To remove thi s doubt from His heart , Allah asked Sayyiduna Moosa to strike with his sti ck the rock in front of Him, When he struck the rock, the rock split and out came another rock, he struck the rock and out came a third rock. He struck the rock again and out came a small worm with m who looked at me, who heard me and knows where I am, who remembered me saw this, He was immediately appeased and set forth to Egypt.

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4 A poet has beautifully mentioned: The example of Rizq that you seek, is like the shadow that walks with you You do not reach it by following it but when you turn away it follows you. – Friends let us try and develop our Tawakkul in Allah and then see how He will increase our provisions for us. 2. The Gift of Salaah And enjoin Salaah on your people and be consistent therein. We do not ask you for provision. We provide for you, And the Hereafter is for the righteous. (Surah 20 Verse 132 ) t is mentioned in a Hadith that Allah bestows five favours on a person who is mindful of his Salaat, viz; His daily bread is made easy for him, he is saved from the punishment of the grave, he will receive his book of deeds in his right hand on the day of Judgement, he will cross the Siraat wi th the speed of lightning and will enter paradise without reckoning. (Fazaail Amaal) One of the companions reports that when the household of Rasu lullah were hard pressed in any way, He would enjoin upon them Salaah and recite the above verse. And enjoin Salaah on your people and be consistent therein . We provide for you, And the Hereafter is for the righteous. (Surah 20 verse 132 ) It is also mentioned in Tasfeer Ibni Kathir that if you establish Salaah, Rizq will come to you from where you cannot comprehend. I

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5 Salaah is a gift from Allah to us. It is an easy way of establishing your link to the Best of Providers. By making effort on our Salaah and being steadfast on it, In – sha – Allah all our difficulties will be removed. When you are faced with financial pressure, turn to Allah an d make sincere Duaa. Ask Allah to open the way for your livelihood and ask for Barakah in your wealth. When Nabi faced any difficulty he would at once resort to Salaah. To resort to Salaah at a time of worry is to hasten toward His mercy, and wh en Nabi advised us that even if you want (a mundane thing like) a shoe lace ask Allah to provide it for you. Performing Salaah is the best way of asking Allah for your need s. An Incident: Hazrat Thumaamah bin Abdullah narrates that during the summer months, the caretaker of Hazrat Anas orchard came to him complaining about the drought. Hazrat Anas sent for some water, made wudhu and started performing salaah. He then a sked the man if he could see anything (any clouds). When the man reported in that he saw nothing, Hazrat Anas returned indoors and again performed Salaah. It was after the third or fourth time of asking the man to look, that the man reported back to say that he saw a cloud the size of a birds wing. Hazrat Anas then bin When the man went to have a look, he discovered that the rain had not fallen further then Moosa yyireen and the Ghadbaan areas. ( i.e. it had fallen precisely on the land belonging to Hazrat Anas . – Hayaatus Sahaba Bearing this incident in mind, let us in future try and inculcate the habit that we turn to Allah for help in all our ventures. Before leaving home let us make that two rakaats o f Salaah and seek

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7 threatened, we find it hard to downscale in life. When we enter the world of work and earning we usually start at the bottom of the pay scale, as time goes along our needs increase, from a car, then a house, then a family. The demands of life increase and proportionately our lifestyle eventually becomes more extravagant. We become so accustomed to hig h living standards that we begin to fear it being snatched away from us through poverty. The best remedy for this is to reflect upon the Hadeeth narrated by the Great Saha a bi Hazrat Ibni Masood , Waqiah every evening poverty will Let us teach our children this Surah. Many of us fear that what will happen to our daughters if they get divorced or widowed. This Surah will surely be sufficient for them. One Incident: A few days of after Ramadhaan I was having a con versation with someone, whilst having a discussion about Tawakkul , he told me a very fascinating incident about himself. He few years ago I became extremely ill, so much so, that I could not even work. I had a business and young children and a nat ural fear overwhelmed me, that how would I now support my family? Who was going to started reciting Surah Waqiah every night and Alhamdulillah Allah provided for us and saw to all our needs in those difficult months wherein I was unable to work. It has been a few years now and I have continued reciting this Surah and, Alhamdulillah, my business is prospering. The biggest benefit I received from this Su rah is that it built and solidified my Tawakkul in Allah . My dear Reader, let us bring this gift into our life and teach it to our children as well. As of now, let us dedicate 5 minutes every evening to the recitation of Surah Waqiah. Surah Wa qiah is the 56 th Surah of the Quraan, in the 27th Juz

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8 4. Istighfaar Seek the forgiveness of you Lord, Surely He is most Forgiving. He will send upon you rain in abundance, and increase upon you wealth and children and make for you gardens and make for you rivers to flow. Surah Nuh Whosoever makes abundant Istighfaar Allah will make for him a way out of every worry and from every difficult situation a way out and will give him Rizq from where it cannot be perceived. hen you are faced by any difficulty, then turn to Allah and ask Allah for forgiveness because Allah loves those that repent to Him. We commit sins and wrong doings due to which our life becomes challenging and difficult. Sometime s we just need to pause, reflect and ask said , If this was the case of Nabi who was sinless then it is sufficient for us that we turn to Allah and seek His forgiveness. An Incident: A man came to Hazrat Hassan (RA) and complained to him about Another person came and complained about his poverty. Again to Allah that He Once the forgiveness of Allah ala complained that his garden is barren and dry. Then Hassan (RA) the forgiveness of Allah W

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9 complaining about diverse matters and asking you about various did not mention anything of my own accord, surely I only speak what Allah mentions of what Hazrat Nuh advised his Seek the forgiveness of your Lord. Surah Nuh Verse 10) Let us make it a habit that every day we make 100 times Istighfaar 5. B e in a S tate of Purity Remain Clean (in the state of wudhu) and your sustenance will be increased Kanzul Ummal heikh Jalaludeen Suyuti Says I came upon a script of Sheikh Shamsu d din which was a collection from Sheikh Abu Abbas knowledge from Imam Abu Haamid Misri (RA). I was seeking a Hadeet h from him of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed . He commanded me that I fast for a year. Then I repeated the request (after a year). He then Informed me by the sanad (chain of narrators) of his Teachers that this Hadeeth was narrated by Khalid bin Waleed : A man came to Nabi saying that I want to enquire from you about the matters of the Dunya and Aakhirah , Rasulullah asked him to begin. He asked several questions amongst them he that my Rizq thereupon Rasulullah said: Remain on Tah a arat S

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10 6. Charity Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity ( Surah Baqarah verse 276 ) hose rewards for a person (who gives charity) will accrue in the Aakhirah, but even in this life Sadaqah causes ones income to grow. If a man gives a charity sincerely and plentifully, his income continues incr easing. By giving charity Allah increases the barakah in circumstances are brought about to a person. Nabi advised a Sahabi saying, (in charity), repeating it thrice, Allah Allah has blessed us with countless favours and blessings. Let us help those less fortunate than us. Everyday let us give some charity. Be it a slice of bread or a tip to someone. From our wages let us take some portion of it and allocate it for charity. We shou ld never feel that by giving our wealth in charity our wealth will decrease. Nabi said Sadaqah does not cause a decrease Among the many benefits of sadaqah is that calamities are warded off. Nabi mentions Sadaqah repels seventy An Incident: Rasulullah has said that once a person walking in a jungle heard cloud moved in one direction and rained on a piece of a stony land. A channel collected the whole of that water and began to flow in a particular direction. He followed it and came to a man who stood with a shovel in hand, diverting the water to his garden . The person asked the man his name; and when he told him it was the very name he had heard from the cloud. The person then asked him why he had asked his name. The first person replied that he had T

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