Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum* SafariMuseum/. 111 N Lincoln Ave, Chanute, KS. (620) 431-2730. 4. Big Brutus* BigBrutus/.

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!!1 Region: Eastern Wooded Hills – South Note: Attractions marked with an asterisk (*) were recognized as part of the 8 Wonders of Kansas contests, sponsored by the Kansas Sampler Foundation . DonÕt miss th em! 1. Louisburg Cider Mill 14730 W Hwy 68, Louisburg, KS (913) 837 -5202 2. John Brown Museum * rown 1000 Main St, John Brown Memorial Park Osawatomie, KS (913) 755 -4384 3. Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum * 111 N Lincoln Ave, Chanute, KS (620) 431 -2730 4. Big Brutus * 6509 NW 60 th St, West Mineral, KS (620) 827 -6177 5. Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum 740 East Ave, Baxter Springs, KS (620) 856 -2385 6. Chicken Wars Ð Chicken AnnieÕs v. Chicken MaryÕs * 1133 E 600 th Ave, Pittsburg, KS (620) 231 -9510 7. Gordon Parks Museum/Center for Culture and Diversity * http://www.Gord 2108 S Horton St, Fort Scott, KS (620) 223 -2700 8. Fort Scott National Historic Site * Old Fort Boulevard, Fort Scott, KS (620) 223 -0310 !

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!!2 9. Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site * 20485 Hwy 52, Pleasanton, KS (913) 352 -8890 Region: Eastern Wooded Hills – South Conflict over the slavery question defined the relationship between the easternmo st counties of Kansas and the western counties of Missouri. The struggle for freedom marks the landscape of this itinerary. Explore the battlefields and hear the voices of these conflicts as you experience some of the landmarks in the FreedomÕs Frontier Na tional Heritage Area. Louisburg 1. Louisburg Cider Mill Enjoy world -famous fresh apple cider and donuts, a unique country store and lots more in Louisburg. Tours of the cider mill are available. ThereÕs even an apple press in the rustic red barn, great for family photos and family fun. Hayrides are offered in October. Looking for more to do around Louisburg? May we recommend: BeethovenÕs #9 Restaurant http://Beethovens 110 W. Peoria, Paola, KS (913) 294-3000 Best place to find some of the most authentic German Food in Eastern Kansas. Casa Somerset 16315 W. 287 th St, Paola, KS (913) 557 -9288 Nestled on six acres, enjoy a country s etting adjacent to the metro Kansas City area. Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery “##$%&&'()*+’*#+,-.*/0()& 29725 Somerset Rd, Paola, KS (913) 491 -0038 Take a walk in the vineyard, enjoy the tasting room and weekend music, food and art events. Osawatomie 2. John Brown Museum * Witness pioneer life where Reverend Samuel and Florella Adair struggled to survive on the Kansas frontier while maintaining their Abolitionist principles. The Kansas career of Florella’s legenda ry half – brother, John Brown, and his Abolitionist efforts are featured in an exhibit gallery. Here, John earned the sobriquet ÒOsawatomie BrownÓ as he fought for the free -state cause.

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!!3 Looking for more to do around Osawatomie ? May we recommend: Guy & Mae Õs Tavern BBQ* 119 W. William, Williamsburg, KS (785) 746 -8830 Famous for their tender ribs served wrapped in foil and newspaper. Pome on the Range Orchards and Winery p 2050 Idaho Rd, Williamsburg, KS (785) 746 -5492 Prairie Spirit Trail Old Santa Fe Railroad, along Main St Garnett, KS 66032 !(785) 448 -6767! Grab your bike or take a stroll along the trail, built along 51 miles of the former Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston Railroad line. Chanute 3. Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum * Explorers, photographers, naturalists and authors, t he Johnsons were the first to send back photos and film of Africa in the 1920s and 1930s . This museum preserve s the achievements of t hese native Kansans and encourage s further research. Check out the masks, headdresses, furnishings, personal accessories, tools, armaments, textiles and musical instruments representing different ethnic groups in west and central Africa. Unique Lodging Tioga Suites Hote l “##$%&&#,(.1’2,#*’/0()& 12 E Main, Chanute, KS (620) 431 -3343 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this elegantly appointed hotel features Òmade -to-orderÓ breakfasts. West Mineral 4. Big Brutus * Make a stop at Big Brutus and see the world’s second largest electric shovel. YouÕll see the retired giant miles before you reach it, as it stands 16 stories tall (160 fee t) and weighs 11 million pounds! Big Brutus remains a symbol of the mining heritage of southeast Kansas.

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!!4 Looking for more to do around West Mineral ? May we recommend: JosieÕs Ristorante* 400 Main St., Scammon, KS (620) 479 -8202 Family owned and operated, specializing in homemade Italian dishes. Baxter Springs 5. Baxter Sp rings Heritage Center & Museum DonÕt miss this highlight of FreedomÕs Frontier National Heritage Area. Exhibits focus on the areaÕs role in Civil War history, as well as the Picher Oklahoma Mining Field and life in the Midwest. Looking for more to do aro und Baxter Springs ? May we recommend: Cars on the Route 119 N Main St, Galena, KS (620) 783 -1366 Take your picture with the truck that was the inspiration for the character ” Tow Mater” from the “Cars” movie . Old Riverton Store 7109 Se Oriole Ln, Riverton, KS (620) 848 -3330 Serving c ustomers along Route 66 since 1925, stop in for route souvenirs or craft the perfect deli sandwich. Southeast Kansas Nature Center, Schermerhorn Park * 3501 S Main St, Galena, KS (620) 783 -5207 Located on a hill overlooking a park and Shoal Creek, visitors can enjoy live anim als, artifacts, and educational programs. Pack a picnic and be sure and save time to explore the parkÕs cave and the creekÕs pebbly banks. Pittsburg 6. Chicken Wars Ð Chicken AnnieÕs v. Chicken MaryÕs * In Crawford County, there are six “chicken houses.” Th ey e ach serve fried chicken dinners and all offer different side dishes. While itÕs best to try all six, the strongest ÒrivalryÓ exists between Chicken MaryÕs and Chicken AnnieÕs, located on the same street. Unique Lodging Himmel House Bed & Breakfast “##$%&&3,))*43(2’*/0()& 402 W Euclid, Pittsburg, KS (620) 232 -9497 Built in Greek Revival style, this historic home is crafted from Pittsburg brick and Carthage limestone.

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!!5 Unique Shopping Frontenac Bakery * 221 N Crawf ord, Frontenac, KS (620) 231 -7980 The bakery was established in 1904 by Italian immigrant George Vacca, and h is original recipe is still used today. T he bread is served at all chicken restaurants in Crawford County and can be purchased at the local market. Fort Scott 7. Gordon Parks Museum/Center for Culture and Diversity * Gordon Parks (1912 -2006) was born and raised in Fort Scott and became the first African -American photojournalist for both Life and Vogue magazines. He was also the first African -American to direct a major Hollywood production . The centerÕs various programs and collections include photographs, displays, personal items and research materials. 8. Fort Scott National Historic Site * Visit this restored frontier military fort which was in operation in the mid 1800s. Each of the site’s 20 historic structures, furnished rooms, exhibits, costumed interpreters and special event w eekends help you experience KansasÕ role in this historical period. Unique Lodging Courtland Hotel & Day Spa 121 E 1 st St, Fort Scott, KS (620) 223 -0098 Originally constructed during Fort ScottÕs railroad heyday, visitors can be pampered in the beautifully restored Spa Salon. Lyons Twin Mansions Ð Bed, Breakfast and Full -service Spa 742 S National Ave, Fort Scott, KS (620) 223 -3644 Enjoy fine dining and tastefully furnished rooms at one of three landmark mansions. Looking for more to do around Fort Scott ? May we recommend: Crawford State Park -Parks/Locations/Crawford 1 Lake Rd, Farlington, KS 66734 (620) 3 62-3671 500-acre park featuring six campgrounds, rental cabins, four hiking and biking trails and a swimming beach. Pleasanton 9. Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site * Stroll back throug h time and walk the battlefield . Spend time on the prairie loop a nd the timber loop trails, and

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!!6 visit the newly -constructed visitor center which houses displays on the Battle at Mine Creek, the Price Campaign of 1864 and other aspects of the Civil War. Other Eastern Wooded Hills – South Side Trips Frontier Military Historic Byway -Military/ Journey through KansasÕ pre -Civil War history. The byway links Fort Leavenworth in the north to Fort Scott and, finally, former cowtown Baxter Springs in the south. Drive along traces of the 1800s military trail used to transport troops and supplies during t he turbulent times of “Bleeding Kansas” and the Civil War. Also along the route, hear legends and see monuments that me morialize history across the Kansas landscape. KansasÕ Historic Route 66 Byway Route 66 is still going places. While only 13.2 miles of the Mother Road pas s through the Southeast corner of Kansas, the sights and attractions along the way remain as remarkable as they were in their heyday. Expect to be in and out of the car a lot during this trip down memory lane.

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