FORMULAS AND OVERCOMING EVERYDAY HAIRCOLOR CHALLENGES. We identified the most talked-about topics—Brassiness/Excessive Warmth, Lack of
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AT REDKEN.COM™S ONLINE COMMUNITY, THE BREAK ROOM, STYLISTS ARE ALWAYS ASKING QUESTIONS AND OFFERING ADVICE ON ENHANCING FORMULAS AND OVERCOMING EVERYDAY HAIRCOLOR CHALLENGES. We identified the most talked-about topicsŠ Brassiness/Excessive Warmth, Lack of Dimension, Weak Coverage and Lack of Vibrancy Šand looked at which shades stylists recommend most to balance, brighten, neutralize and cover. Now we invite you to discover these fiHidden Gemsfl and formulate perfect color every time! REDKEN™S fiHIDDEN GEMSfl INCLUDE 10 SHADES EACH FROM COLOR FUSION, COLOR GELS AND SHADES EQ GLOSS THE CHALLENGEWHAT DOES IT MEAN? COLOR FUSIONCOLOR GELSSHADES EQToo brassy/warm? When blonde or brown hair appears orange or too warm7Ag, 6Ab, 12Av, 5T 6GN, 4NA, 7NA, 10NA, Clear09B, 09T, 08GN, 07V, Crystal ClearToo ˜at? When hair lacks dimension and has a ˜at or fimuddyfl appearance7Cr, 5Gg, 12Go, Hi-Fusion Orange7RO, 9GB, 4WG08GG, 04WG, 06AA, 09RBWeak coverage? When hair has too much dimension or gray strands appear hollow and/or not as deep as pigmented hair5Gg, 5Bc, 4Mv4WG, 7NG08GG, 04WGLacks vibrancy?Final results are fibrowned outfl and not as vibrant as desired 7Cr, 12Go, Hi-Fusion Orange7NG, 5RV, 7RO, 9GB, Clear08GG, 06AA, 03RV, 09RB Crystal ClearDISCOVER REDKEN HAIRCOLOR™S to discover more about these essential shades and learn new tips and tricks on how to use each one! TURN THE PAGE

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7Ag ASH/green 6Ab ASH/blue5Gg GOLD/gold12Av ASH/violet 7Cr COPPER/red Soft Ash green that is excellent to reduce and control warmth. Awesome when used alone or added when warmth becomes a challenge!Nice cooling effect for Lighter Brown. Mix with N for amazing neutral results on gray hair. A double dose of gold! Add for increased coverage or corrective lowlights.Ideal on Natural Ash Blondes seeking lightness. On darker levels, it will leave some warmth.Bright copper with background makes this perfect on pigmented or non-pigmented hair. Add 1/4 oz. to your 7N formula without sacri˚cing gray coverage. Mixed with 8T on darker levels, you can achieve the most neutral results possible. QUICK FIX: Client is fialways seeing warmthfl and wants more opaque coverage. Mix with N for Zone 1. Glaze ends with Shades EQ 08GN.Mix equal parts with 6N for a stunning, neutral re˜ect. 1/4 oz. added to Av shades makes for balanced, neutral results. QUICK FIX: Mix with 30 vol. and foil on Levels 3Œ4 for polished caramel tones. Mix with 10 vol. for olive skin tones to create a lighter base with no warmth.Perfect for lowlighting on Light Blondes. Add 1/2 oz. to N shades to boost warmth and re˜ect. QUICK FIX: On medium bases mix 1/2 oz. to 5N or 6N for soft Dark Caramel re˜ects. Best used on Level 7Œ8 clients who need soft, cool results. Alternate with Flash Lift in foils for authentic, natural dimension.QUICK FIX: Use as a base color before a foil service on Levels 7Œ8. Finish with a glaze of Shades EQ 09V and Crystal Clear for a genuine Ash Blonde.Try adding 1/4 oz. to brown shades for more vibrancy. Excellent in Dark Blonde bases looking for that pop of color. QUICK FIX: For a natural, believable result use 1/4 oz. with 1 3/4 oz. 7N for Zone 1 and 1/2 oz. with 1 1/2 oz. 7N in Zone 2.5Bc BROWN/copper4Mv Mahogany/violet5T Titanium12Go GOLD/orangeHi-Fusion OrangeSoft, rich copper with brown. Excellent for gray coverage, lowlights or corrective scenarios. Soft, woodsy tones that are perfect for cooling unwanted warmth or creating lowlights. Think Currant or Raisin results. Perfect for controlling warmth. Best on Levels 3Œ5 seeking cool, Lighter Brown. Soft, light copper. An excellent highlight on Dark Blonde or added to N for extra warmth.True, pure Orange to add spice and brightness to any formula. Guaranteed eye-catching results! Best mixed with N or Gb shades to warm ˚nal result and gain deposit on hard to cover gray. Add 1/2 oz. to copper shades when you™re afraid of going too bright. QUICK FIX: Add slices of 5Bc to a 5N or 6N base on gray coverage clients for elegant dimension.Add to fibrown outfl copper shades or red families for more depth. QUICK FIX: Add lowlights to an Rv or R base for more dimension and re˜ect. Don™t worryŠit™s not as violet as you think!Try using in Neutral or Cool Blonde Zone 1 formulas on natural Levels 5Œ7 to help get a little extra lift with a dependable, cool deposit. QUICK FIX: This shade adds smoke where there is ˚re! Add to a Copper or Red shade to fitake the edge off.fl Added to Ash and Neutral shades, it generates more depth. Amazing as a highlight next to an Extra Lift Hi-Lift shade. Use alone for a soft, golden blonde. QUICK FIX: For a true, light Apricot Blonde on a medium base, mix with 20 vol. in Zone 1 and 30 vol. in Zone 2. Glaze with Shades EQ 09AA.Add 1/4 oz. to any Natural or Copper shade to brighten and add pop. Add to Zone 2 formula on your copper clients for brilliant color. QUICK FIX: Browned out ends? Try adding 1/4 oz. to your formula to brighten and lighten. COLOR FUSION HIDDEN GEMS Note: Always use equal parts of color and developer. Use Color Fusion only with Pro-oxide developer. FUNCTIONIN ACTIONFUNCTIONIN ACTION

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6GN Moss4NA Chicory10NA Silk7NA Mirage7NG Saffron Excellent cooling ability. Use alone on brighter tones or add to formulas to add more ash tones. Amazing! Use with 10 vol. to create finever fade to redfl results. Perfect for fibusinessman brownfl too! Soft violet helps neutralize warm undertones. Great for highlights or all-over base color. Your go-to shade for those blondes who want absolutely no warmth!Cool golden tones that are ideal for cool skin tones. Mix with N for more neutral results. On natural Levels 3Œ5 this makes a great base for a soft, Caramel result. QUICK FIX: Perfect for clients that always fade warm. Mix 1/2Œ1 oz. in your base formula.4NA mixed with 10 vol. makes an amazing base color for those who don™t want to see any red. This formula will leave little to no dimension on gray hair for perfect coverage. It will appear a bit darker when mixed with 10 vol. QUICK FIX: Makes for a great lowlight on salt and pepper hair Mix with 10 or 20 vol. and place ˚ne woven slices behind the hairline. This will add more fipepper to the saltfl on 60Œ80% gray hair. Mixed with 30 vol. and applied to a natural base of 7Œ8, this makes a great base color to add highlights after. QUICK FIX: Use as a highlight on Level 6 and mix with 40 vol. Final results will be a bit on the warm side, but very natural.Mix with 20 vol. and use to fibreak the basefl. Apply quickly to Zone 1 and process. QUICK FIX: Makes for a great highlight shade on Levels 4Œ5. When using ˚ne sections and face framing foils, it provides a cool, Dark Honey result. Mix with 1/2 oz. of N on 25% gray for a golden, not-too-yellow result. Also a great shade to mix with copper shades for more body and depth. QUICK FIX: Mix with 10 vol. and use as a lowlight on natural Levels 6Œ8.4WG Sun Tea 5RV Scarlett 7RO Marigold9GB ChampagneCG ClearAwesome shade for gray coverage, lowlights or corrective scenarios. Cool red, not too violet. Mix with N shade on more than 25% gray hair. A true strawberry blonde. Excellent on natural blondes.A soft pale blonde with a cool tinge. Perfect for pink skin tones. Use alone for maximum effect. Use alone or to dilute the intensity of any shade. Essential for color corrections. On a medium base, Levels 5Œ7 that need depth, this is a great lowlight. It™s not as copper as you might think!QUICK FIX: Mix equal parts 4WG with 4CB and 20 vol. on Levels 3Œ5 for rich Chestnut Brown. Stunning! Use this shade on Level 4 with 20 vol. and get a beautiful Cranberry result. QUICK FIX: For browns that need more richness, add 1/2 oz. to N series for a robust, Chocolate Brown. You can mix this shade with an N to make it more brown, a WG to balance warmth or an R to make intense bright shades.QUICK FIX: On Levels 5Œ7, mix equal parts with 7NW and you get the most amazing fiborn with itfl soft copper shade.For natural Levels 7Œ8, mix with 20 vol. Zone 1 and 30 vol. for Zone 2. This will give a soft, beige-y result. QUICK FIX: When highlighting with decolorizer, alternate with a few foils of 9GB mixed with 30 vol. This will add some dimension and make the lighter color stand out more. One option to refresh is to add 1 oz. of Clear to the remaining formula in the bowl and pull through Zone 2 for the last 5Œ10 min. QUICK FIX: For clients who are afraid a shade may be too bright, add 1/2 oz. Clear to the formula to dilute.FUNCTIONFUNCTIONIN ACTIONIN ACTIONCOLOR GELS HIDDEN GEMS Note: Always use equal parts of color and developer. Use Color Gels only with Color Gels developer.

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09B Sterling09T Chrome 08GN Ivy08GG Gold Dip04WG Sun Tea Mixed with Crystal Clear, this creates a true Platinum. On darker bases, use alone for maximum control. This gray based gem will cool down any unwanted warmth! Try adding a splash when brassiness is a concern. A true lifesaver to cool down warmth. Tones down red and orange tones in the hair. Mix with Clear on porous ends. Pure, true gold. Perfect to warm up ˜at ends or re˚ne. Plush, soft gold. Awesome on light brown hair and for gray blending. Perfect match to refresh 4WG Color Gels.After highlights, apply equal parts 09B and Crystal Clear to Zone 1. Then mix 1/2 oz. 09B with 1 1/2 oz. Crystal Clear to Zone 2. No brassiness!QUICK FIX: On salt and pepper hair with highlights, mix with Crystal Clear to help tone highlights and reduce any yellow cast on gray strands.For an amazing pastel blonde, mix equal parts 09T with 09B and Crystal Clear. Apply to Zone 1. Add 1 oz. Crystal Clear to remaining formula and apply to Zones 2Œ3. QUICK FIX: On dark and medium bases that have gone too warm, apply 09T and process for 20 min. Don™t let the oxidation color freak you out. It will be perfect!On darker skin tones that always pull warm, apply as a Glaze and process at room temperature. QUICK FIX: Mix equal parts with 08N and 08GN and process at room temperature. Use as a lowlight on Pale Blondes for more depth. Mix with Coppers for balancing and to soften the brightness.QUICK FIX: Use as a ˚ll on pre-lightened hair to replace missing warmth. Follow with desired Shades EQ shade.As a Glaze on Levels 4-5, this provides a rich Dark Truf˜e result. QUICK FIX: Add lowlights of 04WG on bases 5Œ7 without worry of grabbing too dark.09RB Blush06AA Bon˚re 03RV Merlot 07V Crushed AmethystCrystal ClearPale pink perfect for toning. Soft enough to use on pale blonde shades.A must-have to spice up dull hair and a lifesaver when ˚lling hair. This is a gorgeous wine red, Merlot as the name suggests. Pale violet tones to reduce warmth. Best mixed with Crystal Clear on lighter bases or with another shade in deeper levels. Also great to cool off reds and create customized formulas.Use alone or to dilute the intensity of any shade. Add 100% more shine to any client.On pale undertones, this shade gives an exquisite, high-end blonde result. QUICK FIX: Mix with 09N as a toner for a more tawny effect. A very modern shade for blondes!This shade is amazing on Level 6 hair looking for exceptional results. QUICK FIX: On 25% gray hair, this shade gives just the right amount of brightness without being too clown-like.Mix with 1/2 oz. 03NB on darker bases for beautiful, Dark Chocolate results on 25% gray hair. QUICK FIX: Add 1/2 oz. 03RV to 03N on Levels 3Œ5 for a deep, Mahogany result. Process with heat for even better durability and depth.Mix equal parts with Crystal Clear on brassy hair to create balance and cool results. QUICK FIX: Add to 06RV for a more intense violet red result. Perfect on darker skin tones.Mix Clear with remaining formula after a Zone 1 application and apply to Zone 2Œ3 as the perfect refresh. QUICK FIX: Try offering a Clear Glaze to every client who sends a referral. This is a great way to boost your business and a quick fithank youfl for sending in a friend.FUNCTIONIN ACTIONFUNCTIONIN ACTIONSHADES EQ GLOSS HIDDEN GEMS Note: Always use equal parts of color and developer. Use Shades EQ only with Shades EQ Processing Solution.

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