Adhaan (Call for Prayer)- Dua’a after Adhaan Duas after Salat :-Pdf. Fajr Recite the following DUA’A (known as the DUA’A of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al

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Dua’a to be recited after every NamazSala’at & Dua’a to be recited after every Sala’atHow to perform Wudhu (Ablution) – Dua while performing Wudhu Adhaan (Call for Prayer)- Dua’a after Adhaan How to offer Daily Salaat links :-> Madressa – Fact Sheet – Play & Learn | Salaat on time -pdf |Congregation Salat Duas During/while reciting all Sala’ats Duas after Salat :-Pdf FajrZ’uhrAsrMaghribIshaSajda shukr- Thanksgiving prostration after Salat / Duas | Recommended (Mustahab)/Special Salaats | ZiaraatCommon Taaqibat for All SalatImam Mohammed Baqir (a.s.) has said that after every mandatory prayer, there is no better invocation than the Tasbeeh e Fatima (a.s.). If there was any other, more effective, way of Praising Allah, the Prophet (a.s.) would most certainly have instructed his daughter about that. Imam Jafar e Sadiq has said that reciting the Tasbeeh e Fatima (a.s.) after every compulsory prayer is better than performing a thousand genuflections:-Allaho Akbar (34 times)Alhamdu lillah (33 times) Subhan Allah (33 times)One should say once after reciting the Tasbeeh the following words La ilaha ilAllah Imam Baqir (a.s.) says One who sits quietly after each mandatory prayer and recites 3 times the following , Allah will pardon all his sins:

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Dua’a to be recited after every NamazAstaghfarallah allazi la ilaha illa huwal hayyal qayyumo zuljalal e wal ikraame wa aatube ilaihiImam Sadiq has said that if a person recites 30 times after each compulsory prayer, all his sins will be pardoned Subhan Allah:It is narrated from Hazrat Ameer al Momineen (a.s.) if one desires to depart from this world as innocent as he was at his birth, then he should recite the Sura e Ikhlaas twelve times after every compulsory prayer and then raise his hands towards the sky and recite the following invocation:Allahumma inni asaloka beismekal maknoone wal makhzoonil tahiril tuhharil mubarake wa asaloka beismekal azeeme wa sultanekal qadeeme ya waheb al ataya wa ya mutleqal usaara wa ya fakkakar riqaabe min an naare asaloka anto salle ala Mohammedin wa alle Mohammadin wa an tuteqa raqbati minan naare wa an tuqrijani min ad duniya aamenan wa an tudqilunil jannata salemun wa an tajal duaee awwalahu falahan wa awsatahu najahan wa aakhirahu salahan innaka anta allamul ghayoobo

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Dua’a to be recited after every NamazIn the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. By the Name of Allah and peace of Allah on Mohammed (S.A.W.) and His sacred progeny and I entrust my work unto Allah and verily Allah is all seeing for His creatures. “There is no God But You, Glory to You, I was in the dark then We granted him his (Younus (s)) request and redeemed him from the panic and in like manner We redeem the believers”. Suffices Allah, how good and trustworthy and the prospective crusaders returned (as there has been no fight any longer) with grants and the grace of Allah, sins harm and injury. Whatever Allah wishes and there be no might and force except by Allah. Whatever Allah wishes and not whatever the people wish. Suffices the Patron rather than the patronized. Suffices the Creator rather than the creatures. Suffices the Giver rather than the given. Suffices Allah the Patron of Worlds. Suffices the Sufficient from my inception, The Infinite Sufficient suffices Allah, There is no Allah but He. I trust Him and He is the Patron of the Great Arsh

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Dua’a to be recited after every NamazTransliterationBISMILLAAHE WA SALLALLAAHO A’LAA MOHAMMADIN WA AALEHI WA OFAWWEZO AMREE ELALLAAHE INNALLAAHA BASEERUM BIL-E’BAADE FAWAQAAHULLAAHO SAYYE-AATE MAA MAKAROO LAA ELAAHA ILLAA ANTA SUBHAANAKA INNEE KUNTO MENAZ ZAALEMEENA FASTAJABNAA LAHOO WA NAJJAYNAAHO MENAL GHAMME WA KAZAALEKA NUNJIL MO’MENEEN HASBONALLAAHO WA NE’MAL VAKEEL FANQALABOO BE NE’MATIM MENALLAAHE WA FAZLIN LAM YAMSASHUM SOOO-OM MAA-SHAAA ALLAAHO LAA HAWLA WA LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAAHE MAA SHAAA-ALLAAHO LAA MAA SHAAA-AN NAASO MAA SHAAA-ALLAAHO WA IN KAREHAN NAASO HASBEYAR RABBO MENAL MARBOOBEENA HASBEYAL KHAALEQO MENAL MAKHLOOQEENA HASBEYAR RAAZEQO MENAL MARZOOQEENA HASBEYALLAAHO RABBUL A’ALAMEENA HASBEE MAN HOWA HASBEE HASBEE HASBEE MAL LAM YAZAL HASBEE HASBEE MAN KAANA MUZ KUNTO LAM YAZAL HASBEE HASBEYALLAAHO LAA ELAAHA ILLAA HOWA A’LAYHE TAWAKKALTO WA HOWA RABBUL A’RSHIL A’ZEEME.Recite the following DUA’A (known as the DUA’A of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq) 25 times. :- [O Allah, forgive all believing men and believing women, and all Muslim men and Muslim women.] [O Allah, I beseech you in the name of rights, Muhammad and his children have with you, to send blessing on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad and let me see and recognize (the truth), (let me) have deep insight of my religion, certainty in my heart, sincerity in my deeds, well-being of my self, enough livelihood, and let me thank you always till the end of my life.] It is written Zayn al Muttaqin that the following multi purpose DUA’A was brought by Jibrail to the Holy Prophet and said: Whoever prays it after Fajar salat and also keeps it on the body as a ta’wid’ receives the following benefits:-(i) protection from death by accident; (ii) exemption from the questioning by munkar and nakir in the grave; (iii) relief from the fright of abandonment and melancholy in the grave; (iv) diseases will be cured;(v) safe from oppression and exploitation;(vi) the right gates from the heaven will be thrown open for those who pray this dua’a.:- [There is no god save Allah, the glorious, the supreme. There is no god save Allah, the mighty, the oft forgiving. There is no god save Allah, the one, the dominating. There is no god save Allah, the single who has no associate, the only god, we surrender ourselves to his will. There is no god save Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, Ali is the vicegerent of Allah. Blessing of Allah be on his best creation, the manifestation of his pleasure, Muhammad and all his pure, pious and clean children, on account of your mercy, O the most merciful. Allah is sufficient for us, he is the best supporter, the best master, the best helper.]Recite surah al Qadr 10 times. Recite surah Yaa Seen. Recite Surah al Ikhlaas 100 times.Keep right hand on the chest & recite 70 times “Ya Fattahu” ( O Opener)Recite ten timesfiAll Praise and Glory be to Allah, the Supreme And there is no power or power-acquiring Except through God, the High, and the Mightyfl. Recite once:fiIn the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate God, guide me through Your Grace; Supplement my meager means with

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Dua’a to be recited after every Namazabundance of your generosity. Spread your Mercy All over me. Send down over me your Blessing!fl Recite ten times:fiGlory and Praise be to Allah For there is no God except Allah And Allah is Supremefl. Recite ten times:fiI bear witness that there is no God except Allah. He is alone having no equals or partners. Alone everlasting Who does not need to take a son or a spousefl Recite once:fiIn the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. I give, hereby, myself And all that God has give me In the custody of Allah, The one, The Everlasting, Who begets not. Nor has He been begotten. Nor there is one equal to Him! And I, hereby, take refuge with myself And that God has given me With the Lord of Day break From the evil of what He has created And from the evil of darkness when it gathers. And from the evil of those women who blow on knots And from the evil of envious when he envies. And I take refuge with myself and all that God has given me With the Lord of men, The King of men, the Sustainer of men From the evil or the slinking whisperer Who whispers in the breasts of men Of Jin and Menfl. Recite once:There is no power or strength save in God The most High, the Most Supreme. I rely on the Living Who will not Taste, the Taste of death I laud and glorify the One Who has not take a spouse Or a son! Nor there was a partner to share sovereignty nor a friend To supplement a possible need. So glorify Him In the greatest way possible. Recite three times:fiI seek forgiveness from the Lord (testifying) There is no God other than Him The Living and the Everlasting Of Majesty and Splendour And I turn to Him In Repentence!fl Then recite:fiO Lord I ask you In the name of Muhammad and his line of Progeny To have Mercy on Muhammad and his posterity. And (through them) grant me (also) The light in my eyes, the true understanding of my faith The (Divine) Certainty in my heart The sincerity in my actions and peace in my mind And spaciousness in the means of my living And gratitude unto You As long as you decide to keep me alivefl. Then recite: fiThere is no God except Allah, the One, without any partner. To Him belongs the Kingdom and to Him is due all Praise. He gives life and death. In His hand is the good, and He has power over all thingsfl.La ilaha il Allaho wahdahu la shareeka lahu lahul mulko wa lahul hamdo yohi wa yumeeto wa yohi wa huwa hayyun la yamooto be yadahil khaire wa huwa ala kulle shaiyin qadeerfiI seek refuge in Allah, the Hearing, the Knowing, from the evil suggestions of Shaitans and seek refuge in Allah from their presence. Surely Allah — He is the Hearing, the Knowingfl.Then recite:fiO Allah! Who transforms hearts and eyes, may my heart steadfast to Thy religion. And make not my heart to deviate after Thou hast guided me a right and grant me Thy mercy. Surely Thou art All Œ bestower, and by Thy mercy save me from the fire. Oh Allah! Extend the span of my life and increase my subsistence and unfold Thy Knowledge. If there is any misfortune for me in the guarded tablets make it fortunate for me, for surely thou effaces what Thou pleases and inscribes (what Thou pleases) and art heart of guarded tabletfl.Other Recommended duas after Fajr -> Dua e Sabah | Dua e Aafiyat | Dua’a E Aalishaan | Dua AhadHalqam asked Imam Jafare Sadiq (a.s.) , ‚ Ya Ibne Rasool Allah (a.s)! Teach me a supplication that will be beneficial for me now and also in the Hereafter.fl The Imam said, fi After the Fajr prayer, till the dawn, recite the following:

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Dua’a to be recited after every NamazAsbahto wa rabbi mahmoodan asbahto la shareeka billahi shaiyan wa la adau maallahi ilahan wa la attakhaza min doonehi waliyyanIt is narrated from Imam Mohammed Baqir (a.s) that before talking to anyone in the morning, one should recite the Sura e Qadr and blow on the Aqeeq stone (cornelian) and then recite the following supplication: Aamanto billahi wahdahu la shareeka lahu wa kafarto biljibte wat taghoote wa aamanto besirre aale Mohammedin wa alaniyatehim wa zaherehim wa batinehim wa awwalehim wa aakhirehimRecite :-LAA H™AWLA WA LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAHI TAWAKKAKTU A™LAL H™AYYIL QAYYOOMILLAD™EE LAA YAMOOTU WAL H™MDU LILLAAHILLAD™EE LAM YATTAKHID™ WALADAN WA LAM YAKULLAHOO SHAREEKUN FIL MULKI WA LAM YAKULLAHOO WALIYYUMINAD™ ALLAAHUMMA INNEE A-O™OD™U BIKA GHALBATID DAYNI WAS SUQMI WA AS-ALUKA AN TU-E™ENANEE A™LAA ADAA-I H™AQQIKA ILAYKA WA ILAN NAAS[There is no power nor strength (with any) save with Allah. I depend upon the everliving self-subsisting (Lord) who does not die.Praise be to Allah who has not taken (unto Himself) a son, neither He has any partner in the kingdom; and proclaim His greatness by extolling (His glory). O Allah, verily I take refuge with You from distress, grief, burden of debt and bad health. I beseech You to please help me in discharging my duties to You and to mankind].Recite :-ALLAAHUMMA S™ALLI A™LAA MUH™AMMADIN WA AALI MUH™AMMID WAHDINEE LIMAKHTULIFA FEEHI MINAL H™AQQI BI™ID™NIKA INNAKA TAHDEE MAN TASHAA-U ILAA S™IRAAT™IM MUSTAQEEM [O Allah send blessings on Muhamad and on the children of Muhammad, and show me the way out of the controversial quarrel unto the truth by Your permission. Verily You guide whomsoever You want unto the right path].Recite ALLAAHUMMA S™ALLI A™LAA MUH™AMMADIN WA AALI MUH™AMMADIL AWS™IYAA-IR RAAZ™EENAL MARZ™IYYEEN BI-AFZ™ALI S™ALWAATIK WA BAARIK A™LAYHIM BI-AFZ™ALI BARAKAATIKA WAS SALAAMU A™LAYHIM WA A™LAA ARWAAH™IHIM WA AJSAADIHIM WA RAH™MATULLAAHI WA BARAKAATUH[O Allah, bless Muhammad and the children of Muhammad with your superior most blessings, and endow them with Your excellent endowments, and rest them alongwith their bodies and souls in peace and tranquility. Mercy and blessings of Allah be on them]. ZUHR SALATRecite 8 Rak’ats (2X4) Nafilah -Recommended before Zuhr -Before Zuhur Salat recite following Dua : .SUBH™AANALLAAHI WA LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAHU WAL H™AMDU LILLAAHILLAD™EE LAM YATTAKHID™ S™AAH™IBATAN

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Dua’a to be recited after every NamazWA LAA WALADAN WA LAM YAKULLAHOO SHAREEKUN FIL MULKI WA LAM YAKULLAHOO WALIYYUN MINAD™D™ULLI WA KABBIRHU TAKBEERA[Glory be to Allah. There is no god save Allah. Praise be to Allah who has not taken (unto Himself) a wife, nor a son, neither He has any partner in the kingdom, nor has He any helper out of humanity; and proclaim His greatness by extolling (His glory).] 1. It is narrated from Hazrat Ali (a.s.) that the Prophet of Allah (a.s.) used to recite the following supplication after the Zuhr prayer.In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. There is no god But Allah, the Great, the Clement: there is no god but Allah, the Lord of ‚Arsh (the throne) of Grace; and all praise is for Allah, the Lord of the worlds: O™ Allah I beseech Thee for all that time which is the cause of Thy Mercy, and that which ascertain Thy Forgiveness: and the benefit of every virtue, and safety from every sin: O™ Allah leave not any sin on me but that You forgive it, and any affliction but that You remove it, and any illness but that You heal it, and any defect but that You conceal it, and any subsistence but that You increase it, and any fear but that You protect (me) from it; and any evil but that You repel it, an any of my need in which is Thy pleasure and which is beneficial for me, but that You grant it; O™ that Most Merciful, grant me my supplication, O™ the Lord of the Worlds. TransliterationBismilla hir rahma nir rahimlaa ilaha ilal-lahool azimool-halim. laa ilaha ilal-laho rabbool arshil-karim. val-hamdo lil-lahe rabbil alameen, allahoomma inni as aloka

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Dua’a to be recited after every Namazmoojebate rahmateka wa azaa eme maghfirateka val-ghanimata min koolle barrin vassaalamata min koole ismin allahoomma la tadali zamban illa ghafartahoo wa la karban illa kashaftahoo wa la hamman ila ferrajj-tahoo wa laa soqman illa shafai-tahoo wa la’aiban illa satartahoo wa la rizqan illa basattahoo wa la khavfan illa sarraftahoo wa la hajatan heya laka rezan valeya feeha salahoon illa qazaitaha ya arhamar-rahemeen aameen ya rabbal alameen2. Then recite ten times:[I take refuge with Allah, I rely upon Allah, I confide my affairs to Allah.] Billahi i’tas’matu billahi athiqu al a’lallahi atawakkalu”3. [O Allah, may be my transgressions are remarkably large and notable, but you are almighty, and my short comings are considerably extraordinary, but You are supreme, and avarice (desire for more and more favours) is insatiable, but you are the owner of superabundant bounties who gives out freely at will. O Allah forgive my a great many lapses in the name of your most liberal leniency and my thousands of shortcomings through you oft-forgiving and overlooking kindness, and gratify my greed for Your bounties through Your liberal generosity. O Allah whatever advantages I have are from You – there is no god save You. I ask for your forgiveness and I turned repentant unto you.] ALLAAHUMMA IN A™Z™UMAT D™UNOOBEE FA-ANTA A™-Z™AMU WA IN KABURA TAFREET™EE FA-ANTA AKBARU WA IN DAAMA BUKHLEE FA-ANTA AJWADU ALLAAHUMMAGHFIR LEE A™Z™EEMA D™UNOOBEE BI-A™Z™EEMI A™FWIKA WA KATHEERA TAFREET™EE BIZ™AAHIRI KARAMIKA WAQMA™- BUKHLEE BIFAZflLI JOODIKA ALLAAHUMMA MAA BINAA MIN NI™-MATIN FAMINKA LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTA ASTAGHFIRUKA WA ATOOBU ILAYKA.4. [O Allah, grant me perfect and effective faith, a tongue always praising (You), a heart full of (Your) awe and fear, a body restraining desires, useful knowledge, enough means of sustenance, and send blessings on Muhammad and on all his children, through Your mercy, O the most merciful.] .ALLAAHUMMAR-ZUQNAA EEMAANAN SAADIQAN WA LISAANAN D™AAKIRAN WA QALBAN KHAASHI-A™N WA BADANAN S™AABIRAN WA I™LMAN NAAFI-A™N WA RIZQAN WAASI-A™N WA A™MALAN MUTAQBBALAN WA TAWBATAN NAS™OO-H™N WA S™ALLALLAAHU A™LAA MUH™AMMADIN WA AALIHEE AJMA-E™ENA BIRAH™MATIKA YAA ARH™AMAR RAAH™IMEEN5.Then recite: Oh Allah! The Lord of seven heavens, and the Lord of seven earths, and whatever is in them, and whatever is between them, and whatever is beneath them, and the Lord of tremendous throne. And the Lord of Gabriel, Michael and Israfeel, and the Lord of Sab-e-Masani (surah Al-Fateha), and the Lord of tremendous Quran; and the Lord of Muhammad, the last of the Prophets of Allah, bless him and his progeny. Unbounded blessings be on Muhammad and progeny of Muhammad. I ask Thee by Thy mightiest name, by Whom heavens and earth are sustained, and by Whom the dead are given life and the living are provided with sustenance, and the gathered, and the scattered are gathered, and by Whom are encompassed the number of the spans of life, and the weight of mountains, and the measure of oceans. Oh one! Who are like this, I ask Thee to Shower unbounded blessing on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and do for me such and such (in the place of ‚such and such™ ask for you need).After this, raising your hands towards the sky recite the following:fiO Allah! I seek nearness to Thee by Thy munificence and generosity, and seek nearness to Thee through Muhammad, Thy slave and Thy messenger; and I seek nearness to Thee, through Thy angels and Thy prophets. Bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and nullify my mistakes, and hide my defects, and pardon my sins, and fulfil my needs, cure my progeny and dependents, and do not chastise me for my reprehensible Œ (foul base) acts, for, verily, Thy munificence and Thy pardon and Thy forgiveness are widefl.

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Dua’a to be recited after every Namaz6. Recite salawat 100 times:[Blessings of Allah be on Muhammad on he children of Muhammad.] i. You will never have to take loans, even if there is a debt you owe to anyone you will get enough funds to repay it. ii. Your belief in Allah shall not only remain intact but also grow from strength to strength. iii. You will be able to fulfill your duties and obligations concerning the bounties if Allah has given you sustenance rizq akbar in large quantity in this world.7 Recite Surah al Nab-a. AFTER ASR SALATTHE SUPPLICATION AFTER ASR PRAYER Imam jafar e Sadiq has said that a person who says Asthgfar seventy times after the Asr prayer, Allah will pardon his seven hundred sins. If he doesn™t have so many sins in his account, Allah will pardon the sins of his parents or other relatives. I ask forgiveness of Allah, (who is) “There is no god save He,” everliving, eternal, beneficent, merciful, owner of might and majesty. I beseech Him to accept my repentance, the repentance of a servant- insignificant, submissive, destitute, needy, worried and helpless seeking protection, who, on his own, neither can win nor lose, nor die, nor live, nor come to life again. TransliterationAstaghfirallahallazi la ilaha illa huwal haiul qayyumur Rehmanur Raheemu zuljalale wal ikrame wa asaalahu an yatooba alaiyya taubata abdin zaleelin khazein faqeerin baessin miskeenin mustajeerin la yamleku lenafsehi nafan wa la zarran wa la mautan wa la hayatan wa la nushura

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