Bowl feeder drives. › Feeding bowls. › Refilling units Permissible bowl weights from 0.16 kg to 30 kg Afag vibratory feeders with reactive force.

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Feeding technology components & systemsFeeding technology components ł Linear feedersł Bowl feeder drivesł Feeding bowlsł Refilling unitsł Control devicesł Afag-Chrome-Line feeding ł componentsł Flexible feedingł Diagnostics & trainingł For more information and technical details, ł see our fiModular feeding technologyfi catalog.

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SmartBoxIRG1-SIRG1-MSSIGAPSG1Linear feeder HLFł Large installation surface for the conveyor trackł Long and heavy conveyor tracks can be inserted (up to 600 mm in length)ł 115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz ł Max. speed 7 m/min Bowl feeder drives BF/WVł 115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz ł Permissible bowl weights from 0.16 kg to 30 kg ł Clockwise or counterclockwise rotational directionł Throwing angle in 12° and 18° for BF- and 20° and 25° for WV drives Feeding bowls BB/BB FDA ł Perfect adjustment to tool sizes and tolerances ł Complete reproducibilitył Available in FDA version ł Optionally available with 3 designs of standard helix (radial, grooved or step helix) Re˜lling units NVB/NVD/NBBł Vibration and belt-driven hopper ł Fill quantities from 0.5 litres to 40 litres ł Fill weights from 1.7 kg to 40 kg ł Hopper interior with variable incline (NVB) Flexible feeding component a˚ex qcł Time-optimized bulk material separation ł Especially for part sizes/product variants that change frequentlył Standardized interfaces for robot and axis systemsMovement/Drives/BufferingAfag vibratory feeders with reactive force compensation compensate vibration forces in the drive unit and therefore prevent vibrations being transferred to the environments, as well as reciprocal interference on multiple drives (cross-talk). They stand for the highest precision interfaces with minimum gaps, as rubber buffers are not required for the linear feeders in particular. This guarantees reliable operation and highest availability of the entire feeding system.Control concept ł Autonomous operation of feeding systems via the Smart Boxł IRG1-S for 115 V/60 HZ or 230 V/50 Hz vibration conveyorsł IRG1-MS Motor control unit, 230/115 VAC, 2A Frequency control units PSG1/SIGA ł PSG1 for piezo linear feeders in the HLF-P rangeł SIGA for vibration feeders (magnetic drive)Feeding technology Control concepts

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StandardsChrome-Line components The standardized Chrome-Line components reduce costs and delivery times thanks to optimized quality in conjunction with a modular design for the feeding stations. Well-known station layouts, and therefore standard stations that can already be integrated in the planning phase, as well as uniform, corrosion-protec -ted surfaces complete the Afag building block princip-le with regard to the feeding technology components. Customer-speci˜c drivesł Application-based development co-operation including designing, prototype construction and series productionł Customer-speci˜c linear and spiral conveyors with 24 V/115 V/230 V AC operating voltageł For special applications in diverse sectors such as ł Providing connection elements in riveting and welding technology ł Crimp processes in cable processing ł Counting, weighing, dosing in packaging technologył Providing drive technology basic training and work- shops about drives and applicationsł Maintenance, spare and wear parts service ł Diagnostics with innovative QRG1 laboratory measurement deviceł Controlled series production with quality assurance thanks to drive check and documenting relevant, drive-speci˜c parameters Services

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ł 100% engineeredł Maximum system availabilitył Complete reproducibilitył Cost bene˜ts for repeat ordersł High precision manufacturing thanks to 5-axis simultaneous processing and using CAMł Primary polymer feeder bowl material proven 10,000 timesCAD/CAMfeeding systemsClean roomfeeding systemsł Veri˜ed clean room suitability according to ISO class 7 ł Construction standards for medical applications guarantee easy cleaningł Multiple part provision, preferably with electrical Afag handlingł Feeder bowls made of FDA polyamide, aluminium or stainless steel materialsł Use of medically-suitable materials with material certi˜cate ł Sorting bowls made of high-alloy, polished stainless steel sheets

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