a metal holloware manufacturing company, in St. Air frying allows you to enjoy the taste of deep fried Generous 3.2L capacity non-stick basket.

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21912 Midland Metal Spinners was founded by George Cadman, who was then 65 years old, as a metal holloware manufacturing company, in St. Mark™s Street, Wolverhampton. They later moved into the Tower and Fort Works in Pelham Street, which ultimately gave rise to the famous Tower brand name.1937 Tower exhibited some of their latest holloware designs at the British Industries Fair. As you can see from the original poster, their stand No. A410 must have been a great sight as it promoted their fiBeautiful, inexpensive, untarnishable Plate, at prices all can afford to payfl. 1961 Tower became one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium holloware, electric kettles, tea pots and other household articles with over 1,000 employees. 1974 Russell Hobbs took ownership of the expanding Tower brand. A Healthy Alternative Want to cook healthily using less oil? Tower™s handy Air Fryer uses revolutionary air blast technology requiring little or no oil to fry, roast, grill or bake. The 3.2 litre capacity serves up healthy portions. Air frying allows you to enjoy the taste of deep fried food, but at only 10% fat, it really is the healthiest alternative. All you need to do is lightly coat the food in oil and the hot air will fry it for you. Air frying uses hot circulating air to cook food that™s crispy on the outside and moist inside at higher speeds.

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3CONTENTS: Please read this Manual carefully BEFORE using the Air Fryer for your own safety. Thank you for purchasing this Tower Air Fryer from the Tower range of products. It has been designed to provide many years of using a Tower Air Fryer: Ł Simple to use controls allow you to cook Ł Generous 3.2L capacity non-stick basket holds enough for the whole family. Ł A healthy alternative to cooking traditionally deep fried food.Ł The rapid air circulation system allows for faster cooking and saves energy. Ł Revolutionary AirBlast Technology requires little or no oil. Ł Great for frying, roasting, grilling and baking.Ł Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts.Ł The rapid air circulating system allows for faster cooking and saves energy. Ł Air Fried food retains its nutritional value, but still has the taste of delicious fried food. Contents: Components and structure Technical information

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5Technical Data Description: Health Fry 3.2L Air FryerModel: T17005Rated Voltage: 220-240V ~50/60HzPower Consumption: 1350 Watts DocumentationWe declare that this product conforms to the following product legislation in accordance with the following directive(s): 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive. 2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive. 1935/2004/EC Materials & Articles in Contact With Food (LFGB section 30 & 31). 2009/125/EC Eco-Design of Energy Related Products RKW Quality Assurance, United Kingdom.The spares and accessories are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase. The main body and housing are guaranteed for the extended free warranty subject to registration. If any defect arises due to faulty materials of workmanship, the faulty products must be returned to the place of purchase. Refund or replacement is at the discretion of the retailer. Should you encounter problems or require a replacement part, contact The Tower Customer Service Department on: +44 (0) 333 220 6066. Any necessary spare parts may be ordered from the Tower website. Your warranty becomes void should you decide to use non Tower spare parts. Spare parts can be purchased from www.towerhousewares. co.uk

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6Please read these notes carefully BEFORE using your Tower appliance Ł Check that the voltage of the main circuit corresponds with the rating of the appliance before operating. Ł If the supply cord or appliance is damaged, stop using the appliance immediately and seek advice from the manufacturer, its service agent or a similarly Ł WARNING : Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter, serious burns may result from the Air Fryer being pulled off the counter where it may be grabbed by children or become entangled with the user. Ł Do not carry the appliance by the power cord. Ł Do not use any extension cord with this appliance. Ł Do not pull the plug out by the cord as this may damage the plug and/or the cable. Ł Switch off at the wall socket then remove the plug from the socket when not in use or before cleaning. Ł Switch off and unplug before attachments, after use and before cleaning. Ł Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children. Ł Children should not play with the appliance. Ł This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Ł Cleaning and user maintenance should not be undertaken by children without supervision. Ł Take care when any appliance is used near pets. Ł Do not use this product for anything other than its intended use. Ł This appliance is for household use only.

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8 The Tower Air Fryer has a built in timer, which will automatically shut down the Air Fryer when timer reaches zero. You can manually switch off the Air Fryer by turning the temperature and timer knob anti-clockwise to zero. The pan and frying basket can both be removed fully from the Air Fryer. Pull on the handle to slide the pan and frying basket out of the Air fryer. Push the handle release button cover forwards. There is a small button on the top of the handle. Push it down and lift upwards to remove the frying basket from the pan. 1. Place the Air Fryer on a stable, horizontal and even surface. Do not place the Air Fryer on non-heat resistant surfaces. 2. with oil or any other liquid.3. Pre heat the Air Fryer for 3 minutes when it is cold. After warming up, carefully pull the pan out of the Air Fryer. The Air Fryer will stop heating after the pan is pulled out.4. Place the ingredients in to the basket, then replace the basket back into the Air Fryer. 5. Select the correct timings and temperature for the ingredients. See the reference table to determine the correct temperature. 6. To start the Air Fryer, turn the timer dial to the required time. Note: If the Air Fryer has not been pre-heated, add 3 minutes onto the required time setting. 7. The power light and heat indicator light will come on, and the timer will begin counting down the set cooking time.8. During the cooking process the heat indicator light will cycle on and off as it maintains the set temperature. 9. Some ingredients may require shaking in the pan during cooking. Check the reference table for notes. To shake ingredients, pull the pan out of the Air Fryer using the handle and shake the pan before sliding it back into the Air Fryer. Caution: Do not press the button of the handle during shaking. 10. ring. Pull the pan out of the Air Fryer using the handle and place it on a heat-resistant surface. 11. If the food is ready, serve. To remove small ingredients (e.g. fries), press the basket release button and lift the basket out of the pan and pour. Lift large or fragile ingredients out of the pan using a pair of tongs. 12. If the food is not quite cooked enough, simply put the pan back into the Air Fryer and set the timer for a few extra minutes.The Air Fryer has a 30 minute manual timer with a bell. Turn the dial to set the required cooking time. When the cooking time has elapsed, a bell with sound to indicate that the cooking has Basket Handle Mechanism

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9The below reference table will help you to select the basic settings for preparing different types of food. Keep in mind that these settings are indications, as ingredients differ in origin, size, shape and brand, we cannot guarantee the best settings for your ingredients. Because the rapid air technology reheats the air inside the appliance instantly, pulling the pan out Small ingredients usually require a slightly shorter preparation time than larger ingredients. Shaking smaller ingredients halfway during the cooking time optimizes the end result and can help prevent unevenly fried ingredients. Do not prepare particularly greasy foods such as sausage in the Air Fryer. Any snacks that can be cooked in a conventional oven can also be cooked in the Air Fryer. You can use your Tower Air Fryer to reheat food easily. Simply set the temperature to 150°C for up to 10 minutes. Reference table of time and temperature for cooking various foodsFood typeMin Œ Max amount (g)Time (min)Temp (°C)ShakeExtra information Thin frozen fries100 Œ 4009 Œ 16200ShakeThick frozen fries100 Œ 400 11 -20200ShakeHomemade fries (8 x 8mm)100 Œ 40010 Œ 16 200ShakeAdd ½ tbsp. oilHomemade potato wedges100 Œ 40018 Œ 22 180ShakeAdd ½ tbsp. oilHomemade potato cubes100 -35012 Œ 18200ShakeAdd ½ tbsp. oilRosti25015 Œ 18 180ShakePotato gratin40015 Œ 18 200ShakeSteak100 Œ 4008 Œ 12 180Pork chops100 Œ 400 8 Œ 12 180Hamburger100 Œ 400 10 Œ 15180Sausage roll100 Œ 400 13 Œ 15 200

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10Food typeMin Œ Max amount (g)Time (min)Temp (°C)ShakeExtra information Drumsticks100 Œ 40018 Œ 22180Chicken breast100 Œ 40010 Œ 15 180Spring rolls100 Œ 4008 Œ 10200Shake Use oven-readyFrozen chicken nuggets100 Œ 4006 Œ 10200ShakeUse oven-ready 100 Œ 4006 Œ 20200Use oven-readyFrozen breaded cheese snacks100 Œ 4008 Œ 10180Use oven-readyStuffed vegetables100 Œ 40010160Cake30020 Œ 25160Use baking tinQuiche30020 Œ 22180Use baking tin/oven dish30015 Œ 18200Use baking tinSweet snacks40020160Use baking tin/oven dishNote: The Air Fryer uses hot air heating technology . Never pour oil or fat into the fryer. Tips:Try soaking your raw cut fries in cold water for 30 minutes and then dry well before putting in the Air Fryer. food.For a great even brown crisp, toss fries multiple times during cooking.Remove fries quickly once the cooking process is complete to ensure they stay crispy. Thinly slice and separate onions. Cut all vegetables into small pieces to make sure they cook properly. The Air fryer can also be used to reheat ingredients. To reheat, set the temperature to 150°C for up to 10 minutes.

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114 RECIPES Ingredients Ł 2 large potatoesŁ ½ tbsp. paprikaŁ Pinch of saltŁ Pinch of pepperŁ Ingredients Ł 1 free range egg Ł 1 strip of baconŁ Ł Cheese to sliceŁ Pinch of pepper and salt to taste1. Wash, peel and slice the potatoes. 2. Dry with kitchen paper. 3. Cut the potatoes into your desired length and thickness.4. Bring a large pot of water to the boil with a pinch of salt. Add the chips and allow to part boil for 10 minutes.5. Strain the fries and immediately run under cold water to stop them from cooking any more. 6. Pour the oil in a bowl, with the paprika, salt and pepper. Put the fries on top and mix until all the fries are coated. 7. Remove the fries from the bowl with excess oil stays behind in the bowl.8. Place the fries in the basket, then set the time & temperature as shown on the reference table. Variations: try replacing the ½ tbsp. of paprika with ½ tbsp. garlic powder, or ½ tbsp. of grated parmesan cheese.1. Crack the egg into a small ramekin or oven proof dish. 2. cheese on one half.3. ramekin) into the Air Fryer basket. 4. Turn the Air Fryer to 200°C for 6 minutes. 5. Once it™s cooked, assemble your breakfast 6. Tip: try adding some mustard on the Homemade FriesBacon and Egg

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