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D3830E 10.2020Feeding systems for stationary useEf˜cient and intelligent feeding with eacy feed, the new generation vibratory bowl feeder. Approx. 80 % energy savings Smart factory/Industry 4.0-capable Efficiency and worldwide application – one design for all markets Feed systems are essential for productivity and efficiency in automatic assembly machines. Originally developed for shaft-heavy screws, today™s DEPRAG feeding systems are capable of processing screws of all types with or without washers, threaded bolts, pins, rivets, nuts, washers, o-rings and diverse other small components.Over 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of feeding technologies and the high standards of our produc -tion site guarantee products of consistent outstanding quality. Feeding Technology New generation vibratory bowl feeder INTELLIGENTEFFICIENT FEEDINGScrewdriving TechnologyAutomationAir MotorsAir Toolsmachines unlimited

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2The vibratory feeder is our most utilized feeding device. The eacy feed system combines the ideal fundamentals for sustainable pro -duction of the future: energy, ef˜ciency and intelligent communication. eacy feed is available in four fill sizes: 0.15 l, 0.75 l, 1.2 l and 2.5 l in single and double spiral design.VIBRAT ORY BOWL FEEDER – EACY FEED Approx. 80 % Energy savings The revolutionary controller and the new drive allow for the extraordinary energy ef˜ciency of eacy feed a signi˜cant reduction in power consumption is attained due to the 24 V oscillating magnets, thereby realising energy savings of around 80 % Smart Technology the revolutionary controller enables remote control and communication the eacy feed can be accessed from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP all settings can be displayed and adjusted at any time eacy feed is particularly suitable for smart factory/Industry 4.0-systems Low Consumption and top Flexibility revolutionary controller enables around 80 % less power consumption new controller and vibratory drive based on 24 V/DC voltage universal power unit (115 V Œ 230 V) independent from the local alternating current frequency one design for all markets e for efficiency eacy feed Œ new generation vibratory bowl feeder with approx. 80 % reduction in power consumption due to ef˜cient filow energy technologyfl! a for assemblyeacy feed Œ new generation vibratory bowl feeder with ergonomic handling by means of an optimised module. c for communicationeacy feed Œ new generation vibratory bowl feeder with intelligent communication capabilities for application in a smart factory/ Industry 4.0 environment. y for yieldeacy feed Œ new generation vibratory bowl feeder with optimised, technical ef˜ciency due to robust design and tried and tested modular components. e a c yFEEDING SYSTEMS FOR STATI ONARY U SEPerfect Vibration Intensity For monitoring and regulation of the vibration intensity an acceleration sensor is mounted on the vibratory drive. ensures stable output, independent from ˜ll-level no need for readjustments supports ideal vibration behaviour and minimises material wear simpli˜ed reloading procedure accommodates all bowl sizes Flexible Use Used in assembly systems within complex automated production lines Œ eacy feed pre – cisely and reliably supplies connection ele -ments. If eacy feed is used in conjunction with the control and operating unit DPU (DEPRAG Processing Unit) an additional industrial demand is fulfilled: Communication capabilities for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory. The use of TCP/IP network protocols allows access to the EACY Feed controller™s network from anywhere in the world. All settings can be displayed or adjusted once a connection is established with the smart eacy feed using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The operator can for example, alter the fre -quency and amplitude settings via their smart -phone so that function of the feeder can be guaranteed from any location. Simpler for the Fitter and Operator The corresponding software PFCi100 has been developed alongside the control unit DPU for maximum user friendliness. The para-meters required for the device can be simply and easily adjusted using the slide bars on the touch screen Œ there is no need to access the feeder™s sequence controller. If several operators are using the same feeder at the same time, the efficiency of the process can often be compromised by the varying wor -king speeds of each individual. DEPRAG fee- ders cleverly adapt to the individual working speeds of each operator. Once entered via the simple display, the specific operating parame -ters of each person are saved (storage of up to ten data sets) and can be recalled when there is a shift change. No one feels held back and no one feels overstretched. 100% reliability productivity and system uptime! Our feeding systems have been designed for the reliable supply of fasteners to enable outstanding accuracy and productivity of your assembly system. Integration into your control system is particularly convenient and straightforward. Our feeder line includes vibratory bowl feeders, sword (segment) feeders, linear conveyors, storage systems, tape-on-reel feeders and screw presenters. Outstanding reliability and efficiency High feed rateEven complex components are correctly orientedOption for two screwdrivers or multi-spindles on one deviceStorage systems, such as hoppers, increase re˜ll intervals Production and choice of materials The high level of vertical integration, the use of specially hardened, wear-resistant materials such as speci˜c coating methods, ensure the outstanding quality and reliability of our products. Ready for immediate useBefore delivery, your feeder undergoes a continuous test in a simulation of series pro -duction, replicating your production cycle. Each device endures comprehensive testing Œ 100%.

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3Precision and Timing The fill volume influences the feed rate in standard vibratory spiral feeders. If the feed bowl is full, the system works at a slower rate and if it is emptier the rate speeds up. As with the previous generation, the eacy feed is also fitted with a measurement transducer which records the oscillation amplitude in the feed bowl. This thereby adaptively regulates the feeder depending on the fill volume Œ ensur-ing reliability as the screws are continuously in readiness for processing. The feed rate is adjustable using twelve differ -ent waveforms. The amplitude or frequency can be set in an instant. Individual settings can be used for example, to optimise the feed volume or reduce the noise level of the feeder. The adjustments can be carried out quickly and without mechanical intervention. When using eacy feed the required settings can sim -ply be selected on the DPU.VIBRAT ORY BOWL FEEDER – EACY FEED Smart factory/Industry 4.0 can be found in all branches of industrial production. Intelligent, integrated smart components are in demand throughout the entire value chain. With the development of the innovative controller PFCi100 we are realising smart factory/Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. PFCi100 enables remote control, documentation and interaction with eacy feed, enabling the device to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world. Integrated functions of the PFCi100 » external master IPC (e.g. DPU100) operational platform » enables remote control and communication » bus interface » adjustable via IPC (DPU100) Sword feeders or segment feeders are particularly suitable for use in cleanroom en -vironments. One advantage of the sword feeder is the very gentle, low abrasion part feeding. SWORD FEEDERSword feeders are available in two ˜ll sizes: 0.15 l or 1.5 lCorrectly oriented sorting The feed parts in the supply bin are scooped up into a segmented rail by a tilting motion. The parts slide along this rail through mechanical- and directional components and arrive cor -rectly sorted in the storage rail. Self-regulated feed intensity A sensor in the storage rail regulates the number of stroke movements required. The required fasteners are perfectly timed and positioned ready for assembly. Low noise level The production operators favor the low noise-level of the sword feeder. Due to the specially designed separator and the adapt -ed controller sequence, the sword feeders are especially quiet. Efficient production The high level of vertical integration, the use of specially hardened, wear-resistant materi -als, as well as speci˜c coating methods, en -sure the outstanding quality, reliability, and ef˜ciency of the sword feeder. Customized design If you need to integrate a feeding system into an application with challenging dimensional conditions, we can adapt our standard de -vices to ˜t your operating environment. » communication via TCP/IP » programmable via integrated web browser Operator platform DP UThe DPU (DEPRAG Processing Unit) provides exceptional user-friendliness. Settings can be simply adjusted via the slide bars on the touch screen. DP U setting options » frequency » amplitude » acceleration ramp » soft start » waveform

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4 Vibratory Feeder Stationary feed systems for the processing of small components of all kinds, such as screws, pins, bolts, rivets, nuts, washers and o-rings. Vibratory feeders feature a high out – put rate in comparison to other feed systems. We offer stationary screwfeeders with vibra – tory drive for screws < M1 to M20. Screws with a shaft length from 5 mm up to˚130 mm can be processed. Even countersunk screws can be fed easily by our vibratory feeders.Design Sizes: 0.05 l Feed volume Page 11 6.0 l Feed volume Page 15 12.0 l Feed volume Page 15Design Sizes eacy feed: 0.15 l Feed volume Page 12 0.75 l Feed volume Page 12/17 1.2 l Feed volume Page 13 2.50 l Feed volume Page 14/17 Sword (Segment) Feeder Sword feeders or segment feeders are used when the requirement calls for gentle, almost noiseless feeding of sensitive fasteners. Our sword feeder systems can process screw sizes from M2 to M6. They are ideal for screws up to 25 mm in length. Sword (seg - ment) feeders are also well-suited for the pro - cessing of balls and pins.˚Design Sizes:0.15 l Feed volume Page 161.50 l Feed volume Page 16OUR RANGE ON FEEDING SYSTEMS L inear Conveyors Our linear conveyors are part of a sophisti -cated feeding system, which can, for exam -ple, in combination with vibratory feeder or Pick-and-Place systems, be coordinated to your application. Linear conveyors can be used to transport parts over larger distances within your assem- bly system, to allow for a parts buffer or to allow for the constant and consistent flow of parts.Our robust linear conveyors enable correct sorting in the feedbowl, thereby preventing jams or parts becoming wedged or backed up to the feedbowl.Vibratory bowl feeder Sword feeders Linear conveyorsPick-and-Place devicesTape-on-Reel feeders Screw presenters Storage devicesThe perfect solution for your application:Your end-to-end solution: application consultancy, operator training, fully developed system components, screwdrivers, feeders, controllers and process monitoring. All components are designed to be compatible with each other and have been tried and tested over many years. In-house developed and manufac tured! O ne Single Source DEPRAG step feeders are suitable for almost every type of feed part. Specifically designed for longer screws (e.g. countersunk screws from 25 mm long), the step feeder is a great alternative to the vibratory spiral feeder and sword feeder. Catalogue D3835EStep Feeder PAGE - 5 ============ 5OUR RANGE ON FEEDING SYSTEMS Pick-and-Place Method Tape-on- Reel Feeding Screw Presenters Storage Systems Pick-and-Place method - the alternative to feeding through a hose - independent from the part™s geometry! If the screw dimensions do not allow feed - ing through a feedhose, for example where there is an unfavorable relation between screw head diameter and overall length, we can offer special solutions, such as the pick-and-place procedure with vacuum suction or removal by gripper. This process can also be used for screw loca -tions which are difficult to access. For stationary applications, either vacuum technology or grippers are predominately used on Pick & Place devices. The release- and reload procedure, is controlled by a PLC using sensor monitoring. DEPRAG tape-on-reel feeders are used to process components that are loaded on single- and/or double- sided adhesive tape reels. Tape-on-reel feeding technology uses a tape reel inserted in a rolling receptacle. The un -winder pulls the tape until the next component is in the detached position. Once the sensor detects that the piece has reached the de -tached position, a downholder secures and holds the tape. Once the pick-up tooling (e.g., a vacuum gripper) is ready to proceed (i.e., vacu -um suction ON), the slide carriage moves back, and the tape is pulled past the carriage blade. The components are loosened from the tape and are now ready for processing. Once the pick-up tooling has moved away from the pick-up position, the holder retracts, the slide carriage runs forward again, and the winder moves the next component on the tape reel into the pick-up position. Catalogue D3870EScrew presenters are particularly suitable for the automated supply of screws, both in prepara - tion for manual pick-up and for stationary inte- grated screwdrivers. Are you looking to auto - mate your assembly? Screw presenters are a fast, cost-effective solution for assembly of small production batches. Screw feeding via two lift segments in the screw bin, enabling gentle, quiet feeding. Screws fall onto a vibrating guide rail and are then brushed into the correct position and transported onwards. The integrated controller in the device enables stand-alone operation.Screw supply is accurate and reliable due to the regulated sequence controller using light barrier and microswitch. If required, several DEPRAG screw presenter can be arranged even into confined work spaces due to its compact design.Special solutions on request. User-friendly Secure, fast pick-up of supplied screws using magnetic bit or vacuum.Catalogue D3840ESignificantly decrease the number of refills by adding a storage system to your feeder. Flexible - no need for costly modifications when using a variety of feeders.The hopper outlet is adjustable to the size of the component. Additional regulating possibili - ties allow the hopper to be adjustable into two different directions. Low noise and wear-resistant - the outflow-chute is enclosed, resulting into a substantial reduction in noise. Noise-barriers are avail -able as a special accessory for all vibratory feeders; they are speci˜cally designed for use together with a hopper. Simple operation and easy set-up - the DEPRAG hoppers come with a 24-volt gear motor. They can be operated merely via an output on the higher-level PLC. Gentle component handling minimizes the waiting time of feed parts in the vibratory sys- tem.Catalogue D3850E PAGE - 6 ============ 6Distributor with hose nozzles that connect to an additional air-blast Control The standard version (version —0fi) of the feeding systems, neither pneumatic valves nor a sequence controller are included. Only the control unit is installed as standard in the vibratory bowl feeder. The necessary pneu- matics, as well as sequence controller are the essential components of a complete assembly unit. If components are ordered, the corresponding pneumatic and function diagrams are made available. To keep design costs to a minimum and to simplify installation, all devices can be sup- plied with pneumatic valves. There is wiring up to the terminal block (version fiPfl). Again, if components are delivered we will provide an terminal plan.The version fiPfl includes all necessary valves for the operation of the screwfeeding machine.The third available version with the designa- tion fiEPfl offers screwfeeding machines with 1 to 4 outlets, and includes pneumatic and electronic sequence control. To feed the next screw, only a 24 V signal is necessary. This means the customer can use a smaller PLC and no programming is necessary for the screw feeding. Therefore, the series fiEPfl is an especially economical and reliable solu- tion and should be given preference. Control Units We offer different control units to control our vibratory drives. is used for bowl sizes of 0.05 l (0.01 gal.) is used for bowl sizes of 0.15 l (0.04 gal.), 0.75 l (0.2 gal.), 1.2 l (0.32 gal.) and over 2.5 l (0.66 gal.) capacityThese units conform to the protection type no. IP54. A soft start feature is integrated into the control unit of the vibratory drive. (IP30 protection class) to control our 1.5 liter sword feeders. operational voltage 24 V/DClittle power consumption10 different menu languages illuminated display power unit with extended voltage range (115 V Œ 230 V)independent from the respective local A/C voltageone design for all marketsPFC100 Controller PFCi100 Controller PFC18L Controller ACCESSORIESBlade separatorSlide separatorDistributor with standard hose nozzles Distributor If more than two positions (i.e. screwdriver spindles) have to be supplied out of one feeder, then so called pre-separation hose nozzles can be used. These distributors can supply 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 channels.To increase the feed rate the distributors can be operated by pre-separators (version fiVfi). With such a system, the feed parts separa- tor can be operated parallel to the process- ing time. The feeding of the hardware will be done simultaneously for all channels. This type of feed system is also used when feeding has to be done against gravity (i.e. underfloor assembly). The screws exit the feed bowl in a well ordered line ready to be separated at the end of a retaining rail. Different types of sep- arators can be provided depending on the geometry of the material (e.g. screws). PAGE - 8 ============ 8MATE RIAL TO BE CONVEYEDScrews or o-rings, nuts or threaded pins, rivets or balls: Different components and fasteners require different feeding methods. Special provisions come into play for applications requiring technical cleanliness and for sensitive parts requiring particularly gentle handling. A vibratory feeder or a sword feeder can be used for the pro -cessing of screws, depending on screw size. Our screw presenter is ideal for the ˜rst step in screw supply automation. For the processing of pins, we recommend a vibratory feeder.˚ For standard applications we can offer handheld feeding systems. An adapted separator is often used for stationary applications.A vibratory feeder is well-suited for the processing of nuts. There are handheld and statio -nary solutions for the presentation of nuts.A vibratory feeder is the best- suited device for the process -ing of O-rings into an assembly solution. In a stationary applica -tion: The O-ring is supplied to a pick-up position, stretched and assembled. Wide-ranging component de -signs can be processed using a vibratory feeder in combination with a linear-conveyor system. We can utilize sensors so that the most varied of component geometries can be processed, particularly in stationary feeding systems. Small parts attached to a backing ˜lm on a tape-reel needing to be picked-up by vacuum or gripper, can be processed by a DEPRAG tape-on-reel feeder. It is even possible to process components on both single- and double-sided adhesive tapes. The DEPRAG tape-on-reel feed -er predominately retrieves labels, stickers, and a protective ˜lm ar -riving on a tape-reel, by utilizing vacuum assistance. We supply standardized press- insertion systems, consisting of a press-in device that is combined with a vibratory or sword feeder, to process rivets, pins, sleeves, and balls. Kleinteile aufTrägerfolie Pins Screws O-Rings Nuts Small parts on backing film Different Components Press-insertion components Labels, etc. PAGE - 9 ============ 9MATE RIAL TO BE CONVEYEDSTRUCTURE OF STATI ONARY SCREW FEEDING SYSTEMSDEPRAG screw feeders consist of the supply system itself, an air connection, a power switch and an electronic controller including feedhose, in standard length 4m. Sword (segment) feeders are es -pecially suited for gentle feed -ing procedures. Vibratory Feed -ers can also be coated with a fibre coating or soft PUR-coating which protects the surface qual -ity of your components. A storage device can be set to keep the fill- level of the feeding-system to an absolute minimum which again serves to protect the surface qual -A vibratory feeder in connection with a suction device can be used to process components in clean -rooms class D. If your cleanroom requirement is even higher, then a palletised solution with gripper or vacuum handling can be used. With either vibratory bowl feeder or sword feeder Part assembly in cleanrooms Components requiring gentle handling ity of your components. If your components need even gentler handling then we can palletise them and process them by a gripper or vacuum handling system. Please contact us for ad -ditional information. If feeding with a hose system is not possible, we offer special solutions, such as the pick- and-place procedure Distributor system see page 6 with hopper and sort segmentsword feeder with a separator systemscrew separator with single ordouble spiral bowlcan be combined with any screwdriver modeldefined pick posi-tion with integrated screw pick control option PAGE - 10 ============ 10GUIDELINE FOR THE SELECTION OF A SUITA BLE SCREWFEEDERBasically all fishaft heavyfi screws with heads which fulfil the following criteria are suitable for processing with our feed sys -tems: DIN quality standard fasteners (allowable 3% bad parts) is not always sufficient for reliable feeding machines. Higher levels of screw/fastener quality improve the feeder‚s reliability. The goal should be a quality grade of 10 ppm (fiparts per millionfl). This means every 100,000 screws there can be 1 bad part. A vibratory spiral bowl is particularly suited to screws with awkward dimensions or those with special feed rate requirements. The sword feeder is used when extremely gentle handling of the parts is required or when very low noise level is a must. If feed- ing with a hose system is not possible we also offer pick-and-place procedure. The available space around the screw head on the assembled components is very important for effective use of the handheld screw feeders. Both the nosepiece split type and ball type have space requirements. Single and double spiral bowls are availa -ble for vibratory bowl feeders. You can also get more out of each feeder with only one outlet using a distributor to further divide the feed parts into several hose outlets.In this way up to twelve outlets can be created from just one feeder by using a double spiral bowl and 2 six-fold distribu- tors. The selection of the correct feeder depends in particular on the cycle time required. Please ask your local representative for further information.In order to design your feeder we need the following information from you: used-ble) or sword feeder) if you have a prefe -rence -sion —0fi, with valves as version —Pfi or with valves and sequence controller as version —EPfi) dimension sheet of the screw with tole -rances) Details of the geometry of the screw-in position (3D model in format STEP or IGES) To process your order we will also require approx. 1 sample load of parts to fill the capacity of your feeding system.At the end of the mouthpiece there is a nosepiece ball type (1 or 2 rows) or a nosepiece split type, mounted to receive and position the screw. STEP 1: Feeding criteria STEP 3: W hich feeding principle is best suited to your application? STEP 5: Space available on the component STEP 6: Single or multiple feeding/screwdrivers STEP 7: Specifications STEP 2: Screw Quality STEP 4: Determine the screw receiver Nosepiece Nosepiecesplit type ball typeA = D + 2.5 mmB = A + D - d/2B = 3D - 2d + 5 mmn = A x Bn = ø BD = Head-Ød = Shaft-Øn = Space required to open d = F eed hose ID D = Screw head-Ø L = Shaft length d ~ D + 0.5 mm Approximation formula: L > D + 2 mm Feedability criteria: a > 30 o

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11Filling capacityType 0611-P/0.05-x0.05 liter / 0.01 gal.0611-O/0.05-xAmount of connectable drivers1Feed rateparts/min50Filling capacityliter/gal.0.05/0.01Max. head diametermm / in.3 / 7/64Max. shaft lengthmm / in.8 / 5/16Range of shaft diametermm / in.0.6 – 2.0 / 0.024-0.079Voltage V/Hz230 / 50Power consumptionW50Air pressure requirement bar / PSI6 / 85Air hose / in.4 / 5/32Dimensions (W x D x H)mm / in.220 x 200 x 180 / 85/8 x 77/8 x 71/16Weight kg / lbs10 / 22Feedhose length standard – max. m / ft.4 / 13.1 – 10 / 32.8Number of in-/outputs needed for PLC Version flOfl and flPfl 2 / 4Control UnitType Piezo Controller, part no. 806652Dimensions (L x W x H)mm / in.106 x 100 x150 / 411/64 x 37/8 x 57/8Filling capacity 0.05 liter Œ for screws with max. shaft length 8 mm *) The controller can be positioned either next to the feeder in the work area or in the control cabinet. We recommend integration into the control cabinet. Additionally the height of the cable connections (approx 50mm) must be taken into account. TECHNICAL DATA FEEDIN G MACHINES VIBRAT ORY BOWL FEEDERSFilling capacity 0.15 liter Œ for screws with max. shaft length 8 mm Filling capacity 0.15 l / 0.04 gal.Type 010110102201011-201011-301011-4ŒŒwith PLC-EP/0.15-EP/0.15-EP/0.15-EP/0.15-EP/0.15Control unit PFC100 controller (insulation IP54) Filling capacity 0.15 l / 0.04 gal.without PLCType 01011010220101101011010110101101011-0/0.15-0/0.15-2-0/0.15-3-0/0.15-4-0/0.15-5-0/0.15-6-0/0.15-P/0.15-P/0.15-2-P/0.15-3-P/0.15-4-P/0.15-5-P/0.15-6-P/0.15-0/0.15V-0/0.15V-2-0/0.15V-3-0/0.15V-4-0/0.15V-5-0/0.15V-6-0/0.15V-P/0.15V-P/0.15V-2-P/0.15V-3-P/0.15V-4-P/0.15V-5-P/0.15V-6-P/0.15VControl unit PFC100 controller (insulation IP54) Filling capacity 0.15 l / 0.04 gal. Type without PLC (integrated version with regulation of the feeder controller directly via DEPRAG – PLC) 01011i01022i01011i01011i01011i01011i01011i-0/0.15-0/0.15-2-0/0.15-3-0/0.15-4-0/0.15-5-0/0.15-6-0/0.15-P/0.15-P/0.15-2-P/0.15-3-P/0.15-4-P/0.15-5-P/0.15-6-P/0.15-0/0.15V-0/0.15V-2-0/0.15V-3-0/0.15V-4-0/0.15V-5-0/0.15V-6-0/0.15V-P/0.15V-P/0.15V-2-P/0.15V-3-P/0.15V-4-P/0.15V-5-P/0.15V-6-P/0.15VControl unit PFCi100 controller (insulation IP54) Amount of connectable drivers1223456Feed rateparts/min602x602x253x174x135x106x8Filling capacityliter / gal.0.15 / 0.040.15 / 0.040.15 / 0.040.15 / 0.040.15 / 0.040.15 / 0.040.15 / 0.04Max. head diametermm / in.5 / 13/644 / 5/325 / 13/645 / 13/645 / 13/645 / 13/645 / 13/64Max. shaft lengthmm / in.8 / 5/168 / 5/168 / 5/168 / 5/168 / 5/168 / 5/168 / 5/16Range of shaft diametermm / in.1.2 – 2.5 / 0.046 – 0.1Voltage V24 Volt DC Max. power consumptionVA50Air pressure requirement bar / PSI6 / 85.2Air hose / in.10 / 3/8Weight approx. kg / lbs.26 / 57.228 / 61.628 / 61.629 / 63.830 / 6631 / 68.232 / 70.4Dimensions (WxDxH) approx. mm / in.296 x 352 x 258 / 11.54 x 13.73 x 10.06Feedhose length standard m / ft.4 / 13.1 max.m / ft.8 / 26.2Number of in-/outputs needed for PLC version —0fi and —Pfi3/56/86/78/910/912/1113/11 version —EPfi 2/13/23/14/15/1ŒŒ additional version —Vfi4/68/108/911/1214/1317/1619/17Included in deliveryPower unit 105535ARequired accessories Power cable 812587 (EU) / 812295 (US)Optional accessoriessee page 18

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