‘CASUAL EVERYDAY’. It wasn’t magic. It was us: Dockers® initiated Casual Friday by sending an eight-page Guide to Casual. Business Wear manifesto to
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CASUAL WAVE TheWHEN A FRIDAY TURNED INTO ‚CASUAL FRIDAY™ CONQUERINGTHE WHOLE WEEK:‚CASUAL EVERYDAY™ It wasn™t magic. It was us: Dockers ® initiated Casual Friday by sending an eight-page Guide to Casual Business Wear manifesto to 25,000 HR managers across America, suggesting them and their employees to swap their suit for a chino, on And it worked!Nowadays, businesses have become increasingly aware of how comfort and self-expression improve people™s work/life balance. With time, suits have given way to less formal and traditional clothing that we know as ‚casual™ or ‚business casual™.But this freedom comes with some risks. Nobody wants to look less professional or underdressed at work. Also, having to decide between a wider spectrum of choices can be tricky in some situations.No need to worry. Dockers ® is here to help. MORE ATTRACTIVE FOR WORKERS* 75%COMPANIES WITH A CASUAL DRESS CODE AREMILLENNIALS FEEL HAPPIER IN COMPANIES WHERE THEY CAN CHOOSE WHAT TO WEAR* 910OUTOF* The Work Dress Code Study We Are Testers, 2019. Download the full study at:www.theworkdresscodestudy.com 45

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A CASUAL GUIDE?Why GETTING THE BEST OUT OF YOURSELF Since 1986, Dockers® has been committed to your comfort andThe New Casual Book :a comprehensive visual guide with pretty much everything you need to ride and enjoy the casual wave back and forth from work to your everyday life.WITH GREAT FREEDOM COMES RESPONSIBILITYyou™re here you™re probably not that suit guy. You™re the hero who accepts the every morning challenge of choosing between different colors and matching comfortable styles. We know it™s a tough job, but hey somebody has to change the world. OK, IT™S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE We know; we do dress one leg at a time. But 75% of European workers admit they could use a hand to dress more casually. As we are fully committed to help men reach their best versions of themselves and we know quite a bit about awesome looking, comfy clothing, we kind of felt we should make this guide.THE ONLY RULE IS YOU MAKE THE RULES Change. And above all: enjoy the ride.FEEL UNCERTAIN DECIDING THEIR WORK CLOTHES* 10OUTOF875%ADMIT NEEDING ORIENTATION ON DRESSING CASUAL* OF EUROPEAN WORKERS * The Work Dress Code Study We Are Testers, 2019. Download the full study at:www.theworkdresscodestudy.com

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TO CHANGE THE WORLD YOU DON™T NEED A SUIT CASUAL Types of Explore the stylesand versatility of casual wear+RELAXEDCASUAL SMART CASUAL BUSINESS CASUAL It™s time to make a statement. A business lunch, a big meeting or pitch could be situations when you would need to make Look neat without being over-dressed. Just be ready for those days when some unexpected meeting comes up and you need to be presentable.You have a long day Stay comfortable for a work day without important meetings or appointments 9

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DRESSING LIKE THE MAN YOU WANT TO BE THE SMALLERTHE PLAID, THE GREATER YOUR SKILLSChecked shirts with small plaids convey expertise and rectitude. Show them you are on the right line with a creased chino. SHOW OFF YOUR RISKY MIND FROM HEAD TO TOE If you™re looking for a creative job sneakers. Make a statement from the feet up and then complete the look in a colorful but elegant way.KEEP IT SIMPLE,BUT UP TO DATE JOB INTERVIEW TheThe kind of work you want to get requires someone formal but contemporary. Give them what they are looking for with never goes out of style. Roll your sleeves and leave the belt out. You feel comfortable adapting to different situations THEY WANT MULTITASKING, YOU GIVE THEM VERSATILITY 1415

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OFFICEHOURSANOTHER LONG DAY AT THE OFFICEoutside events. Just you, your computer and, why not, some chillin™ time next to the coffee machine. Keep it comfy but don™t show up as if you just fell out of bed.02KEEP YOUR T-SHIRTS SIMPLEMove away from the heavy metal band t-shirts and opt for a classic crewneck cotton in plain colours.01THE TRICK: ALWAYS STRETCHLong hours sitting on your desk demand provide freedom of movement and better leg circulation. 03TUCKING THE SHIRT: IN OR OUT?out, but there is an intermediate solution called the french tuck that lets you stay in a safe middle ground. Cool trick, right?16

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HAVE FUN WORKING WORK TO HAVE FUN You better work hard for the toughest boss: unbutton your checked shirt to make the slide deadline. You can™t work hard if you don™t have fun. Keep it comfortable in your move away from stiffness during the week. The day doesn™t end when you park can be as challenging. Roll your sleeves when you need it and enjoy the Smart 360 Flex FROMDESK TILLPLAYGROUND 4-WAY STRETCH JOGGERS FOR THE NEVER-ENDING A DASH OF COLOR TO ANY GRAY DAY touch of color and suddenly your Some days you just need to be the long distance runner. Jogger pants go to sleep with them on. But don™t, please, maintain a healthy schedule.OFFICEHOURS1819

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CLIENTMEETINGBE PROFESSIONALBUT REMAIN CLOSE Yes, you can be professional and remain close at the same time when it comes to face a client meeting or a presentation. Dark tones help to give you a sober appearance while a stretch and presentations 01BE THE DARK KNIGHT WITH THE ROLLEDSLEEVESStart the meeting conveying dark shirt, and gradually relaxing the atmosphere by rolling up your sleeves.02CROP YOUR PANTS, NOT YOUR CONFIDENCEHere™s the trick: keep the look modern with its cropped leg sharp center pleat.03BLACK BELT IN SOBRIETYwon with the right move: your tucked-in shirt and a matching dark belt.04KEEP THE TONE AS DOWN AS YOUR FEET We are looking for contrast, but not too much. Try combining your navy blue pants with dark brown shoes. Black is even a safer bet.The21

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