b. Verify the catwalk support beams are contacting the cross braces only and are not supported by or welded to the wind diagonal bracing. c.
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Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N 9621067 Page 2 T able of Contents Manual Revisions .. .. .. .. 3 STANDARD LIMITED WARRANTY .. .. 4 Before You Begin .. .. .. 10 General Design Information .. .. .. 11 Catwalk Assembled Weight .. .. .. . 11 Accessory Equipment .. .. .. 12 General Contractor Responsibiliti es .. .. . 12 Field Modifications and Installation Defects .. .. .. 12 Checking Shipment .. .. .. .. 12 Suggested Equipment .. .. .. 13 Hardware Torque .. .. .. .. 14 Installation .. .. .. .. 15 P art Identification .. .. .. .. 15 Catwalk Bay Installation .. .. .. . 20 Connect Catwalk Sections .. .. .. 25 Conveyor Mounting Tower .. .. .. 26 Catwalk Mounting Bin Peak .. .. .. . 28 Enlarged drop thru opening .. .. .. . 30 Maintenance Instructions .. .. .. . 31

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 3 1 – 1 – 2016 o General formatting update Chief Industries, Inc. 4400 East 39 th Kearney, NE 68847 Phone 800.359.7600 For more information about Chief Industries, Inc. and additional products or services please visit our website www.agri.Chiefind.com

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 4 Catwalk and Tower Products 1. Definitions . The following terms, when they appear in the body of this Standard Limited Warranty for Catwalk and Tower Products in initial capital letters shall have the meaning set forth below: A. Accepted Purchase Order shall mean the Purchase Order identified below. B. Chief shall mean Chief Agri/Industrial, a division of Chief Industries, Inc. C. Original Owner shall mean the original o wner identified below. D. Product shall mean the Agri/Industrial Equipment as described in the Accepted Purchase Order. E. Reseller shall mean the authorized Chief Agri/Industrial Equipment dealer identified below. 2. Limited Product Warranty . Upon and s ubject to the terms and conditions set forth below, Chief hereby warrants to the Reseller, and, if different, the Original Owner as follows: A. All new Products delivered to the Reseller or the Original Owner by Chief pursuant to the Accepted Purchase Orde r will, when delivered, conform to the specifications set forth in the Accepted Purchase Order; B. All new Products delivered pursuant to the Accepted Purchase Order will, in normal use and service, be free from defects in materials or workmanship; and C. Upon delivery, Chief will convey good and marketable title to the Products, free and clear of any liens or encumbrances except for, where applicable, a purchase money security interest in favor of Chief. 3. Duration of Warranty and Notice Requirements . S ubject to the Exceptions, Exclusions and Limitations set forth below, the warranties set forth in Section 2 above shall apply to all covered non – conforming conditions that are discovered within the first twenty – four (24) months following delivery of the Pr oduct to the carrier designated by the below within thirty (30) days following discover 4. Notice Procedure . In order to make a valid warranty claim, the Reseller and/or the Original Owner must provide Chief with a written notice of any nonconforming condition discovered during the Warranty Period within the applicab le Notice Period specified in Section 3 above. Said notice must be in writing; be addressed to Chief Industries, Inc., Agri/Industrial Division, Customer Service Department, P.O. Box 848, Kearney, NE 68848; and contain the following information: (a) the the current location of the Product; (e) a brief description of the problem with respect to which warranty coverage is claimed; and (f ) the date on which the Product was purchased.

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 5 5. Exceptions and Exclusions . Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, the warranties set forth in Section 2 above do not cover any of the following, each of which are hereby expressly excluded: A. Defects that are not discovered during the applicable Warranty Period; B. Defects that are not reported to the Chief Agri/Industrial Division Customer Service Department in conformity with the notice procedure set forth in Section 4 above within the app licable Notice Period specified in Section 3; C. Any used or pre – owned Products; D. Any Chief manufactured parts that are not furnished as a part of the Accepted Purchase Order; E. Any fixtures, equipment, materials, supplies, accessories, parts or compon ents that have been furnished by Chief but are manufactured by a third party; F. Any Products which have been removed from the location at which they were originally installed; G. Any defect, loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by the Reseller or the Or iginal Owner to the extent the same arise out of, relate to or result, in whole or in part, from any one or more of the following: (i) Usual and customary deterioration, wear or tear resulting from normal use, service and exposure; (ii) Theft, vandalism, accident, war, insurrection, fire or other casualty; (iii) Any damage, shortages or missing parts which result during shipping or are otherwise caused by the Reseller, the Original Owner and/or any third party; (iv) Exposure to marine environments, includi ng frequent or sustained salt or fresh water spray; (v) Exposure to corrosive, chemical, ash, smoke, fumes, or the like generated or released either within or outside of the structure on which the Product is installed, regardless of whether or not such fac ilities are owned or operated by the Reseller, the Original Owner or an unrelated third party; (vi) Exposure to or contact with animals, animal waste and/or decomposition; (vii) The effect or influence the Product may have on surrounding structures, includ ing, without limitation, any loss, damage or expense caused by drifting snow; (viii) Any Product or portion thereof that has been altered, modified or repaired written consent; ( ix) Any Product or portion thereof that has been attached to any adjacent (x) Any Product to which any fixtures, equipment, accessories, materials, parts or components which were not provided as a part of t he original written approval;

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 6 (xi) The failure on the part of the Reseller, the Original Owner or its or their third party contractors to satisfy the requirements of all applicable statutes, laws, ordinances rules, regulations and codes, (including zoning laws and/or building codes); (xii) The use of the Product for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was designed; and/or (xiii) The failure of the Reseller, the Original Owner and/ or any third party to: (a) properly handle, transport and/or store the Product or any component part thereof; (b) properly select and prepare a site that is adequate for the installation and/or operation of the Product or any component part thereof; (c) p roperly design and construct a foundation that is adequate for the installation and/or operation of the Product or any component part thereof; (d) properly set up, erect, construct or install the Product and/or any component part thereof; and/or (e) prope rly operate, use, service and/or maintain the Product and each component part thereof. 6. Resolution of Warranty Claims . In the event any nonconforming condition is discovered within the Warranty Period and Chief is notified of a warranty claim as require d by Section 4 prior to the end of the applicable Notice Period set forth in Section 3 above, Chief shall, with the full cooperation of the Reseller and the Original Owner, immediately undertake an investigation of such claim. To the extent Chief shall de termine, in its reasonable discretion, that the warranty claim is covered by the foregoing Limited Product Warranty, the following shall apply: A. Warranty Claims With Respect to Covered Non – Conforming Conditions Discovered Within the First Three Hundred Sixty Five (365) Days and Reported to Chief Within Thirty (30) Days of Discovery . In the case of a warranty claim which relates to a covered non – conforming condition that is discovered during the first three hundred sixty five (365) days of the Warranty Period and is reported to Chief as required by Section 4 within thirty (30) days of discovery as required by the Original Owner, and as their sole and exclusive remedy, wor k in cooperation with the Reseller and the Original Owner to correct such non – conforming condition, and in connection therewith, Chief will ship any required replacement cilities in Kearney, Nebraska, and will either provide the labor or reimburse the Reseller or the Original Owner, as may be appropriate in the circumstances, for any out of pocket expense the Original Owner may reasonably and necessarily incur for the labo r that is required to correct such non – conforming condition, provided that if work is to be performed by the Reseller or a third party contractor, Chief may require at least two competitive bids to perform the labor required to repair or correct the defect and reserves the right to reject all bids and obtain additional bids. Upon acceptance of a bid by Chief, Chief will authorize the necessary repairs. B. All Other Warranty Claims . Except as is otherwise provided in subsection 6A above, in the case of a ll other warranty claims which relate to covered non –

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 8 8. Applicable Law . This Limited Product Warranty has been issued, accepted a nd entered into by the Reseller, the Original Owner and Chief in the State of Nebraska and shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the internal laws of the State of Nebraska. Any legal action or proceeding with respect to any goods or serv ices furnished to the Original Owner by Chief in connection herewith, or any document related hereto shall be brought only in the district courts of Nebraska, or the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, and, by execution and delivery of this Limited Product Warranty, the undersigned Original Owner hereby accept for themselves and with respect to their property, generally and unconditionally, the jurisdiction of the aforesaid courts. Further, the undersigned Original Owner hereby irrev ocably waives any objection, including, without limitation, any forum non conveniens, which it may now or hereafter have to the bringing of such action or proceeding in such respective jurisdictions. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT By its signature hereto, the undersigned Reseller represents and warrants to Chief that the Reseller has provided a true, correct and complete copy of this Standard Limited Warranty to the Original Owner at the time the product was purchased. Reseller Name and Address: _______ ________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ Original Owner Name and Address: _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ Accepted Purcha se Order No. _________________________ Original Jobsite Address: _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ RESELLER: By: _________________________________ Date Print name and title 4842 – 7507 – 8689, v. 1

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 9 Warning Water Sensitive Materials – Read this notice carefully Bundles must be inspected and carrier advised immediately if damage is noted. White rust is a corrosion attack of the zinc coating resulting from the presence of water. Anywhere rust is found will result in a reduction of the life of the galvanized steel . If water has entered a bundle or if condensation has formed between items , the bundle mu st be opened, the item s separated and all surfaces dried. If items are to be installed within 10 days : Store bundled item s off the ground high enough to allow air circulation beneath bundle and to 2cm) higher than the opposite end. Support long bundles in the center. Prevent rain from entering the bundle by covering with a tarpaulin, making provision for air circulation between the draped edges and the ground. Do not wrap in plastic. If items ar e not to be installed within 10 days : Provide inside dry storage. Storage beyond 6 months is not recommended. If white rust is apparent upon receipt of shipment, notify Chi ef immediately. Damage to items , resulting from improper storage, is the responsi bility of the receiver.

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 10 Before starting the installation of the equipment , take time to thoroughly study the construction methods in this manual, this will save you time and money. Chief makes no warranty concerning components , accessories or equipment not manufactured by Chief. When using a cutting torch or welding galvanized material, the possibility of developing toxic fumes will exist. Provide adequate ventilation and respiratory protection when using this type of equipment during installation. Introduction Thank you for purchasing Chief equipment . Proper install ation and operation will ensure you the best overall experience with your equipment and guarantee smooth operation. This proprietary information is loaned with the e xpressed agreement that the drawings and information therein contained are the property of Chief Industries, Inc. and will not be reproduced, copied, or otherwise disposed of, directly or indirectly, and will not be used in whole or in part to assist in ma king or to furnish any information for the making of drawings, prints or other reproduction hereof, or for the making of additional products or equipment except upon written permission of Chief Industries, Inc. first obtained and specific as to each case. The acceptance of this material will be construed as an acceptance of the foregoing agreement. The technical data contained herein is the most recent available at the time of publication and is subject to modification without notice. Chief Industries, In c. reserves the right to modify the construction and method of operation of their products at any time without any obligation on their part to modify any equipment previously sold and delivered. Model Number Description The model nomenclature distinguishes the application of the catwalk . The information includes a designation of the applicable mounting width , overall length , and design criteria utilized. The definition of the model number nomenclature is as follows : Example: C W #2 – 30 – 140 (a) (b) – ( c) – (d) (a) C W = Chief catwalk (b) #2 = Catwalk Style Where: #2 = #2 Style Where: #4 = #4 Style (c) 30 = Mounting Width Where: 30 = 30 inches in width (d) 140 = Overall length in feet Where: 140 =

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# 2 CATWALK Chief Industries, Inc. 800 – 359 – 7600 P/N – 962 1067 Page 11 All Chief catwalks are designed for st ructural support of material handling conveyors and personnel . All steel materials are purchased in accordance with the applicable ASTM Standard. All bolted connections are designed using high strength bolt s which meet the specifications of the applicable ASTM or SAE standard. All Chief tower structures are designed to withstand normally anticipated environmental and service conditions per the specified ASCE7 – 10 design code. Important Note : L oad ing in excess of the specified rating can cause structural damage and will void all warranties. If your application will exceed the listed values, contact Chief Industries Inc. for recommendations. The weights of the assembled catwalk sections only are as follows: 3 45 78 lbs/ft (116 kg/m) 81 lbs/ft (121 kg/m) 85 lbs/ft (127 kg/m)

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