Sep 17, 2002 — E11780.pdf. ICAO Proper Shipping Name: Sulfur Hexafluoride. ICAO Hazard Class and Division: 2.2. UN/NA Identification Number:.

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iii 5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide Agilent 5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide Table of Contents NOTICES ..vii Manual Printing History And System Software Revisions: vii 5DX Disassembly and Shipment Overview.1-1 Ordering Materials1-3 Planning and Personnel1-7 Preparing for Agilent 5DX Shipment..1-9 Time Required for Disassembly and Shipping..1-9 Space Required.1-9 Fork Truck Specifications..1-10 Before De-Installation Begins..1-10 Safety and Hazardous Materials Issues.1-11 Series 3 Disassembly & Shipment2-1 Overview..2-1 Shutting Down the Series 32-2 Disassembling the 5DX Series 3.2-5 Preliminary2-5 Workstation..2-5 Main Cabinet Tower2-6 Main Cabinet (Underside).2-8 Stage..2-9 Electronics Bay2-12

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5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide iv Table of Contents Crating the 5DX Series 3..2-13 Disassembling and Assembling the Crate.2-13 Preliminary2-13 Main Cabinet and Electronics Bay2-16 Accessories..2-24 Pre-Ship.2-25 Shipping the Series 3.2-31 Series 2L Disassembly & Shipment.3-1 Overview..3-1 Shutting Down the Series 2L.3-2 Disassembling the 5DX Series 2L..3-5 Preliminary..3-5 Workstation.3-5 Main Cabinet Tower3-6 Main Cabinet (Underside)3-7 Stage..3-8 Electronics Bay3-10 Crating the Series 2L..3-11 Disassembling and Assembling the Crate.3-11 Preliminary3-11 Main Cabinet and Electronics Bay3-11 Accessories..3-21 Pre-Ship.3-22 Shipping the Series 2L..3-28 Series II Disassembly & Shipment4-1 Overview..4-1 Shutting Down the Series II4-2 Shut Down4-2

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v5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide Table of Contents Disassembling the 5DX Series II.4-5 Preliminary4-5 Workstation..4-5 Loader Assemblies..4-6 Main Cabinet Tower.4-10 Main Cabinet (Underside)..4-11 Stage4-13 Electronics Bay (Exterior)..4-15 Electronics Bay (Wiring).4-16 Crating the Series II.4-22 Disassembling and Assembling Crates..4-22 Preliminary.4-23 Loader Assemblies4-23 Main Cabinet4-26 Accessories..4-31 Main Cabinet Pre-Ship4-32 Electronics Bay4-35 Shipping the Series II..4-41 Series I Disassembly & Shipment.5-1 Overview..5-1 Shutting Down the Series I.5-2 Shut Down5-2 Disassembling the 5DX Series I..5-4 Preliminary5-4 Workstation..5-4 Loader Assemblies..5-5 Main Cabinet Tower5-9 Main Cabinet (Underside)..5-10

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5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide vi Table of Contents Stage5-11 HVPS Tank5-13 Electronics Cabinet..5-15 Crating the Series I..5-23 Disassembling and Assembling Crates..5-23 Preliminary5-24 Loader Assemblies5-24 Main Cabinet5-27 Accessories..5-31 Main Cabinet Pre-Ship5-32 Electronics Cabinet..5-38 Shipping the Series I..5-39

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5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide viii Table of Contents Safety Information !WARNING This product produces X-radiation. Do not attempt to open any part of the product. Exposure to X-radiation can cause serious bodily injury. Refer all servicing to service-trained personnel. !WARNING This product produces X-radiation. Do not operate this product or turn on the X-radiation source unless all shielding is in place. Operation without shielding in place can result in serious bodily injury.

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ix5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide Table of Contents Safety Symbols Instruction symbol affixed to product. Indicates that the user must refer to the manual for specific WARNING or CAUTION information to avoid personal injury or damage to the product. !WARNING Calls attention to a procedure, practice, or condition that could result in bodily injury or death. !Caution Calls attention to a procedure, practice, or condition that could cause damage to equipment or permanent loss of data. Indicates hazardous voltage. Indicates Pinch Hazard. !

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5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide x Table of Contents Electrical Symbols Indicates the field wiring terminal that must be connected to earth ground before operating the equipment Š protects against electrical shock in case of fault. Frame or chassis ground terminal Š typically connects to the equipment™s metal frame. Direct current (DC). Alternating current (AC).

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xi 5DX Disassembly & Shipping Guide Table of Contents WARNINGS The following general safety precautions must be observed during all phases of operation, service, and repair of this product. Failure to comply with these precautions or with specific warnings elsewhere in this manual violates safety standards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the product. Agilent Technologies Company assumes no liability for the Customer™s failure to comply with these requirements. Ground the Equipment For Safety Class 1 equipment (equipment having a protective earth terminal), an uninterruptible safety earth ground must be provided from the mains power source to the product input wiring terminals or supplied power cable. DO NOT operate the product in an explosive atmosphere or in the presence of flammable gases or fumes. For continued protection against fire, replace the line fuses(s) only with the fuse(s) of the same voltage and current rating and type. DO NOT use repaired fuses or short-circuited fuse holders. Keep away from live circuits: Operating personnel must not remove equipment covers or shields. Procedures involving the removal of covers or shields are for use by service-trained personnel only. Under certain conditions, dangerous voltages may exist even with the equipment switched off. To avoid dangerous electrical shock, DO NOT perform procedures involving cover or shield removal unless you are qualified to do so. DO NOT operate damaged equipment: Whenever it is possible that the safety protection features built into this product have been impaired, either through physical damage, excessive moisture, or by any other reason, REMOVE POWER and do not use the product until safe operation can be verified by service-trained personnel. If necessary, return the product to a Agilent Technologies Sales and Service Office for service and repair to ensure that safety features are maintained. Do not service or adjust alone: Do not attempt internal service or adjustment unless another person, capable of rendering first aid and resuscitation, is present. Do not substitute parts or modify equipment: Because of the danger of introducing additional hazards, do not install substitute parts or perform any unauthorized modification to the product. Return the product to a Agilent Technologies Sales and Service Office for service and repair to ensure that safety features are maintained.

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