Clog: A type of shoe, usually casual and comfortable, with an open or closed heel and a slip on style. Collar: A strip of material stitched to the opening of a shoe
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Page 1 of 13 Footwear Glossary Types of Footwear A All Terrain Sandal: Any sandal that is meant for use in rafting, hiking, and is often waterproofed and with an all terrain outsole. Athletic Shoe: Athletic footwear meant for performanc e of a specific sport (Basketball, Golf, Tennis, etc.) B Ballerina Flat: A ballet-style flat meant for everyday wear. Balmoral Shoe: A shoe construction featuring a laced ‘V’-shaped panel across the foot. Blucher: A shoe construction featuring two side flaps of material that are joined across the foot with lacing. Boat Shoe: A type of shoe originally meant to be worn aboard a boat, usually with a non-slip outsole, often with side lacing details, almost always a casu al shoe you can wear with or without socks. Boot: Any footwear that rises to the ankle or higher, can be casual or dressy, practical or fashionable. Bootie: A shoe that has the styling of a boot withou t the height, also called a shoe-boot or ‘shootie’

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Page 2 of 13 Brogue: A heavy, oxford-style shoe feat uring pinked and perforated detailing. C Casual After-Sport: A type of casual shoe that’s ideal for use after athletic activity, with sporty styling and comfort, but lacking an athletic shoe’s technical features. Cheerleading Shoe: A type of athletic shoe meant fo r competitive, high-impact cheerleading activity, often with switchable color accents to match team co lors, and finger notches in the soles for use in acrobatics. Chelsea Boot: A type of boot, usually ankle height, in a pull on style with elastic side panels. Popularized in England. Chukka Boot: a boot style with laces, usually with a plain toe, and is the height of the ankle. Circumference: The measurement around the shaft of a boot is taken at the widest part near the top of the boot shaft. Clog: A type of shoe, usually casual and comfortable, wi th an open or closed heel and a slip on style. Collar: A strip of material stitched to the opening of a shoe or the topline. The collar can be padded for extra comfort.

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Page 3 of 13 Cowboy Boot: A type of Western boot characterized by a decorative stitched uppe r, flared top, and medium pointed toe D Demi Boot: A style of boot whose shaft is generally no taller than the anklebone. Driving Moc: A type of casual moccasin or slip on ideal for driving, with a flexible outsole, pedal-gripping sole, and a wraparound protected heel D™Orsay: A style of pump featuring one or both sides cut-out. Duty Shoe: A Health Care Professional or service shoe

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Page 4 of 13 E Engineer Boot: Originally worn by the Army Corps of Engin eers, it is a work style pull on boot characterized by instep and top straps Espadrille: Any shoe that has woven rope or rope-look trim, usually in the sole area F Fisherman Sandal: Type of sandal with woven or stitched vertical and horizontal straps, often with a closed toe Fitness: Athletic shoes ideally suited for gym-style workouts Flip-Flop: A type of sandal, usually a thong, with a li ghtweight foam outsole that makes a ‘flip-flop’ sound when you walk.

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Page 5 of 13 G Galosh: A waterproof (typically rubber) overshoe or boot meant to protect the foot and footwear from inclement weather. Gardening Clog: A type of footwear that is usually backless, rubber, and waterproof, ideal for gardening Ghillie: A style of footwear in which the laces pass thro ugh fabric or leather rings or loops attached to the front opening of the shoe, rather than eyelets. H Harness Boot: A type of boot characterized by straps ac ross the instep and heel, usually joined by a ring detail

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Page 6 of 13 Heel: “Heel” can refer to both the rear, padded area of th e underside of the foot, as well as the solid part of a shoe that supports the heel cup. The standard measure for heel heights is as follows: an 8/8 (low heel) is 1″ high; a 16/8 (medium heel) is 2″ high; and a 24/8 (high heel) is 3″ high. Types of shoe heels include: Louis or French – Features a curved back; ranges in height from 16/8 to 24/8. Baby Louis – The same shape as a Louis heel, but a 12/8 or shorter. Built Heel – Created from layers of leat her or fiber with contrasting tones. Continental – A higher heel with a slightly curved back and flat front. Cuban – A thick, stacked heel with little or no cu rvature and tapered at the bottom; usually medium in height. Stacked – Similar to the built heel, but typically can be created from synthetic and leather materials. Often found on spectator shoes. Wedge – A heel that is as wide as the shoe itself and follows the shoes contour from toe to heel. May be of any height.

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Page 8 of 13 Moc Toe: A type of toe design with a seam and stitching details, originally seen in moccasins Moccasin: Possibly the earliest type of shoe, a slip on style with visible stitching, often with a soft leather bottom Monk Strap: A type of shoe designed like an oxford, but with a strap closure across the instep rather than a lace up front closure Motorcycle Boot: Boots ideal for riding a mo torcycle, often with thick, durable soles Mule: A closed toe shoe with no back O Oxford: A low shoe, laced or tied over the instep

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Page 9 of 13 P Peek-a-boo Toe: A type of closed toe with a small open panel allowing a glimpse of toe Penny-Loafer: A slip-on style shoe with a slit over th e instep where a penny traditionally was placed for good luck Platform Shoe: A style of shoe where there is a thicker sole at the front and heel Pumps: Women’s dress shoe, usually slip on, often with enclosed toe and sides R Riding Boot: A boot designed for riding horses . Typically knee-high with a low heel and goring.

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Page 10 of 13 Running / Trail: Running shoes designed for running both on and off road, with increased stability and traction for irregular terrain S Saddle Shoes: Shoes with a contrast colored instep over lay or ‘saddle,’ usually found on golf shoes, oxfords or retro styles Safety Shoe: A shoe or boot designed specifically for wear in an industrial setting. This style of shoe often includes protective features such as steel-to e reinforcement and waterproof and oil-resistant materials. Sandal: A simple form of footwear where the shoe is held to the foot by strips of leather or fabric. Skimmer: A flat shoe that slips on easily. It has generally does not have st raps or shoe laces.

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Page 11 of 13 Slide: Shoe with an open toe and back, with a band across the toe. Slingback: Shoe that is backless with a rear strap that goes around the upper heel, usually with a buckle or elastic panel. Slip-On: Footwear that slips on th e foot with no other adjustments. Slipper: A flat shoe that is easily slipped on, usually me ant for indoor wear and lined for comfort and warmth. Slouched: Shoes with a baggy, gathered design that ‘slouches’ down, usually found in boots

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