Muslims had to deal. It is thus a manual for life, with sections on war themselves as Jews and Christians (Ahl al-Kitāb, the People of the Book). Tey shared the

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viChapter 10 Human Dignity from an Islamic Perspective 269 Professor Mohammad Hashim Kamali Chapter 11 !e People of the Book ( Ahl al-Kit !b) 282 in the QurÕan Professor Ismail Albayrak Chapter 12 Dhimm” and MustaÕmin: A Juristic and 304 Historical Perspective Professor Mohammad Hashim Kamali Part III: Beyond Peace: Forbearance, Mercy, Compassion and Love Chapter 13 !e Uncommonality of ÔA Common WordÕ 317 Dr Joseph Lumbard Chapter 14 Divine Mercy and Love in the QurÕan 5 348 HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad Chapter 15 Love of Others in the QurÕan ” 378 HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad Chapter 16 Mercy in the Hadith # 392 Shaykh Sayyid Hassan Saqqaf and HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad Appendix !e Conditions Necessary for Just War 409 in the Holy QurÕan HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad Notes 427QurÕanic Index 491General Index 501War & Peace Text (greyscale).indd 605/07/2013 15:21

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viiACKNOWLEDGEMENTSAll praise be to God, for allowing us to bring together this book. !e editors also wish to thank the authors of the articles and those institutes or publishing houses that have allowed their writings to be reproduced herein. Particular thanks go to the MABDA sta ” for working on this book in various ways: Lamya Khraisha, A #ab Ahmad, Sulayman Hart, Besim Bruncaj and Zeinab ÔAsfour. Fiona OÕBrien also did excellent copy-editing.War & Peace Text (greyscale).indd 705/07/2013 15:21

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viiiA N OTE ON THE TRANSLATI ON OF THE QURÕAN !ere are a number of English translations of the QurÕan; authors in this volume have not speci $ed which they have used, and indeed in some cases may have provided their own translations. Some have translated the Divine Name Ô AllahÕ as ÔGodÕ, and some have le % it as Ô AllahÕÑwe have respected this. !e chapter and verse numbers refer to the origi -nal Arabic. We have also kept the authorsÕ own preferences as regards modern or archaic English in translating the QurÕan. In addition, aside from standard terms like QurÕan, jihad, etc., we have not standardised the transliteration throughout the text. !e index alone has been standardised and fully transliterated. War & Peace Text (greyscale).indd 805/07/2013 15:21

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ixFOREWORDby His Eminence Alhaji Muhammad SaÕad Abubakar, CFR, MNI Sultan of Sokoto and President-General Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic A & airs Let me $rst express my profound gratitude to the editors of this impor -tant volume for giving me the singular honor and privilege to write a foreword to this immensely valuable collection of researched articles and works on the very timely issues of war and peace. I have taken time to go through this wonderful collection of sixteen chapters, spanning some 400 pages that have literally explored every conceivable aspect of the subject ÔWar and Peace in IslamÕ. !is is perhaps the $rst work of its kind where experts who have excelled in their di &erent $elds have come together to collaborate on such a crucial issue of our time as War and Peace. !is highly enlightening volume is astonishingly comprehensive, capturing the di &erent aspects and perspectives of the subject matter: legal, philosophical, sociological, theological and indeed military dimensions of war and peace in Islam against a background of other major religions in the world. Expectedly the quality of research and analysis is evidently impressive. Indeed given the level of scholarship one would not expect any less; the past and present Shaykhs of the famous al-Azhar, distinguished legal experts like Prof. Hashim Kamali, Prof. Ibrahim Kalin and HRH Prince Ghazi, who is also a Professor of Islamic Philosophy, and a host of others all contributed in their di &er-ent $elds of expertise. It is particularly interesting how each chapter reinforces the other, generating a compelling moment which demolishes a lot of the stereotyping that is today associated with war and peace in Islam. ! e contribution of Dr Joel Hayward, who is a scholar of warfare, on ÔWarfare in the QurÕanÕ and that of David Dakake on Ô ! e Myth of Militant IslamÕ having marshaled very powerful researched arguments were able to expose and War & Peace Text (greyscale).indd 905/07/2013 15:21

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