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2Our latest honours are the direct result of the diligence and dedication of talented ONG&ONG studios and teams throughout the Asian region. Industry recognition and praise are always good we collectively strive towards great design that enriches experiences. Awards fruits of our labour Evolving Environment Upgrades for Thought Leaders and contributing from vast experiences. Well-deserved, these are In memory of Thai Don-Thanh, Raymond We are deeply saddened by the passing of our accomplished and beloved director, Raymond Thai. Marathons and projects are miniscule compared to his compassion. Prayers and thoughts go out to his family, and he will forever be remembered in our hearts. Andhi Priatmoko Director, Architecture Studio AR043 ONG&ONG Indonesia Lalidar Leelayoova Director, Interior Design Studio ID 22, ONG&ONG Thailand Akira KitaAssociate, Architecture Studio 7B ONG&ONG Singapore Chun JunyuanAssociate Director, Engineering Studio 1 Rankine&Hill Singapore Jimmy AngAssociate Director, Engineering Studio 1 Rankine&Hill Singapore Khine Zar ZarAssociate Director, Engineering CS014 Rankine&Hill Myanmar Ye Yaosheng DesmondAssociate Director, Engineering Studio 6A Rankine&Hill Singapore Gwendelyn Sng Yen Ping Associate, Workplace Interior SCA Design Singapore Toh Ann Nah BernadetteAssociate Director, Engineering Studio 6A Rankine&Hill Singapore Bui Thi Bang Tam Associate Director, Interior Design Studio ID-VN ONG&ONG Vietnam Le Huyen Anh Associate, Architecture Studio ID-VN ONG&ONG Vietnam Feng Wei Vivian Associate Director, Engineering Studio 1 Rankine&Hill Singapore Kalandar JawithAssociate Director, Engineering Studio 1 Rankine&Hill Singapore Simon Loh Shiou ManAssociate Director, Engineering Studio 6A Rankine&Hill Singapore Neil Oscar Catapang RamaAssociate, Architecture Studio AR040 ONG&ONG Singapore Patricia WidjayaAssociate, Architecture Studio AR043 ONG&ONG Singapore Ignatius Rahadiyanto Sumitro Associate, Architecture Studio AR043 ONG&ONG Indonesia Isti Rahmadea IshakAssociate, Architecture Studio AR040 ONG&ONG Singapore Essentials at our Fingertips. the weather. The one-stop app for the ONG&ONG family. iWeb2 has allowed us to embrace Enterprise Resource Planning for seamless Find out more about ONG&ONG here! Download the App and stay connected! Growth Spikes and Collaborations Indonesia Expands Its Offerings With full capability for architectural services and more, CEO and Director More on Page 5 Strengthening Our Thai Arm Eclectic-styled designs, hospitality and high-end residences capabilities led by Director Lalidar Leelayoova. A welcoming combination with Director Ong Qi Rong. We can expect more from this vibrant group in Southeast Asia! More on Page 5 MOU signed with SUTD for future collaborations Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) and ONG&ONG will be establishing an Architect-in- Residence (AiR) Studio and the Architect-in-Residence Program. An Agreement was signed in March and collaborations and sharing opportunities for both parties. *iWeb2 is for the ONG&ONG family. Not intended for public.

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5Awards Jadescape Principal Leads and Team Members: Refer to previous mentions Tekka Place Principal Leads and Team Members: Steven Low, Tong Pey Haw and Debbie Pradinata Sim Architecture Park Avenue Heights GoldPlus Principal Lead and Team Member: Landscape Sophia Hills BCA Construction Excellence Award, Excellence Principal Leads and Team Members: Mohamed Ariff, Teh Yong Hui, Jimmy Ang M&E Engineering Fengshan Greenville BCA Construction Excellence Award, Excellence Principal Lead and Team Member: C&S Engineering ONG&ONG Group Pte Ltd ONG&ONG Holding Pte Ltd ONG&ONG Pte Ltd ONG&ONG Overseas Pte Ltd *Due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the awards and accreditations have been delayed. Jadescape PropertyGuru Singapore Property Awards, Best Mega Scale Condo Development (Highly Commended), Architectural Design (Winner), Landscape Architecture Design (Winner), Best Smart Building Development (Winner) Principal Leads and Team Members: Santiago, Joanne Goh, Natapon Architecture Teo Boon Kiat, Larry Wang, Samantha Ho and Yu Aitong Interior Design Ariff, Teh Yong Hui, Chun Junyuan and Yeong Ziang M&E Engineering Sloane Residences PropertyGuru Singapore Property Awards, Best Condo Development (Low Density) (Winner), Best Condo Architectural Design (Winner), Best Condo Interior Design (Highly Commended) Principal Leads and Team Members: Maria Arango, Andrew Lee, Lai Tien Architecture Landscape Bedok Public Library Inside Festival, Civic, Culture and Transport Category, Finalist Principal Lead and Team Members: Robert Brodeth and Renny Melina Architecture & Interior Design American International Hospital Inside Festival, Health and Education Category, Finalist Principal Leads and Team Members: Raymond Thai Don Thanh (1980-2020) , Nguyen Viet Phuong, Au Nguyen Thuy An and Nguyen Huu Phuoc Interior Design Heartbeat@Bedok Principal Leads and Team Members: Robert Brodeth and Renny Melina Architecture Landscape Shahrom Mohamed Ariff, K Mohamed Jawith and Chng Wei Xiang M&E Engineering Heartbeat@Bedok Good Design Awards, Environments Category Principal Leads and Team Members: Refer to previous mentions ONG&ONG Pte Ltd BCI Top 10 Architects, Singapore Sloane Residences Awards, Residential High-rise Architecture for Singapore, Winner Principal Leads and Team Members: Refer to previous mentions Taipei Fubon Bank Interior for Vietnam, Winner Principal Leads and Team Members: Elli Wang, Michael Gong, Workplace Interior Raymond Thai Don Thanh (1980-2020) , Bui Thi Bang Tam and Au Nguyen Thuy An Interior Design The Indonesia its offerings Our Indonesia office boasts complete architectural services The ONG&ONG Group espouse the same values, philosophy and brand promise across all our range of capabilities. and Director) the bellwether for the team. Our services from concept stage to construction documentation and author supervision Š a timely offering that meets the growing demand across the archipelago. More about Andhi With expansive experience in mixed-use, of Singapore™s MRT Downtown Line stations. After ONG&ONG Group di seluruh lini perusahaan. ONG&ONG Indonesia yang Kurjanto Slamet (CEO, dan Director of Architecture Director of Architecture Ong Qi Rong (left) and Director of Interior Design Lalidar Leelayoova (right). Kurjanto Slamet Indonesia Director of Architecture Loh Kah Wai Director of Architecture Strengthening Our Thai Arm Character by design Traditions made modern hometown. Andhi is also member of the Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI), with a SKA Utama What™s the positioning for ONG&ONG in Indonesia? We are a one-stop service for Interior Design, Landscape, Engineering and Environmental Design. involvement on an even wider range of projects in Indonesia. What projects are in the pipeline? contractor and as QP. Initialising the master plan program to relocate the 50 ha township in Kediri construction. Hopefully, this will open doors to more opportunities soon. Other upcoming projects are Pamenang Highland Resort, Leisure Facilities in East Java and mixed-use Residential Towers Lebih dalam tentang Andhi Dengan pengalaman yang mixed-use, hunian, hotel, merancang beberapa stasiun MRT Downtown Line 2 & 3 di di Singapura selama 6 tahun Andhi juga tercatat sebagai anggota professional dalam Indonesia (IAI), dan pemegang Bagaimana posisi ONG&ONG di Indonesia dalam mendatang? seperti yang sudah berjalan dengan desain interior, nantinya dengan engineering, dan environmental branding lebih luas di Indonesia. yang sedang berjalan sesuai rencana tersebut? Kegiatan Bersama (SKB) dengan awal dimulainya pembangunan Pamenang Highlands Resort, dengan resor di Jawa Timur, dan juga hunian apartemen mixed- Elegantly Inspired The team is inspired by 19th and 20th Century architectural designs, with eclecticism deriving from a myriad of styles for non-repetitive, elegant interiors. Lalidar™s taste for mixing and matching, modern art, and a reverence for historic elements culminates in an authentic blend of styles that feel fresh and free. Well-travelled and urbane, Lalidar™s years of experience in interior design, having Looking Ahead From hereon, Lalida joins Qi Rong to grow the Thai congratulate Lalida and her team for coming onboard, Thailand, delivering an Experience Beyond. capabilities in the region, so stay tuned to our socials for more updates! Lalidar Leelayoova and her team are set to boost for eclectic-styled designs with a clientele including famous actors with high-end residences and numerous hospitality projects, she has been warmly welcomed by Director Ong Qi Rong and the ONG&ONG Thai family.

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67DIGITAL READY ACROSS ASIA and sustainable building. One of the pioneers to attain the our cutting-edge business processes in the industry. Cloud-based processes help clients, reducing turnaround time. Collaborative design approach using from design discrepancies. Maximum Minimum Smart design for LEADING THE INDUSTRY THROUGH A DIGITAL MINDSET ONG&ONG A digital leader is a future vocation, necessitated with our core values and offerings of a 360-solution provider. With our agile organisation and course to regulatory changes, it is the adoption of technology that allows digital mobility. In fact, all our world. But what does it mean for our clients? talents are available everywhere, regardless of geographical location. This allows projects to harness the amalgamation of the best teams that ONG&ONG can put together. To put it plainly, you get the best .A Digital Leader translates to improved offerings for clients our vision to deliver an Experience Beyond, while providing the best possible outcomes for clients and the end-user. Future projects and research such as the Long Island study ΠA Future Polder City and Indian Oil Technology and Development Campus are a few examples of our design, targets a Net Zero Energy outcome and other sustainable possibilities. ONG&ONG has even embraced Enterprise Resource Planning for real-time integration of core business processes. Our new iWeb2 aids not only in inclusivity wherever we are. anywhere, and are available everywhere. team comprising specialists from around Asia. Singapore Malaysia Myanmar Vietnam Indonesia Mongolia Thailand

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89With Love, from ONG&ONG Five decades of realising designs throughout Asia have given us invaluable experience and an embedded into our embrace of digitalisation and innovation. We observe challenges from an overhead 360° perspective, which allows us to consider fresh alternatives, new technologies, and a palette of methodologies for a more sustainable future. Cloud platforms, VR and BIM allow clients to experience interiors before execution, enabling full visualisations from the earliest stages of the design process. Value-adding with glocal expertise, ONG&ONG attention to every detail from the ground up. SHAPING EXPERIENCES THROUGH INTERIOR DESIGN Interiors have always been the more relatable aspect of the built environment. They are a tad more tangible than Civil & Structural Engineering or Masterplanning, and are essential to creating a sense of comfort. With design at our core, ONG&ONG™s Interior Designers specialise in homes, offices and luxe hospitality across Asia. The recent turn of events perspective, and in the next few pages, we share what Interior Design means to ONG&ONG in today™s context. Hybrid / white spaces allow maximal flexibility Trends for 2021 There™s an ever-growing desire for natural light and selection and inspirations. Our Landscape team holds a strong conviction that biophilic design not only augments health and wellness, but invigorates hospitality developments and homes. The global pandemic has emphasised the importance of mental and physical well-being, and the need to integrate these elements into a seamless design. Globalisation has made contemporary art more accessible, bringing the world ever closer as we celebrate cultural diversity through technology. responsibility, applying their ideas to materials and healthcare concerns and facilities into our living crisis management, it is these hybrid spaces that allow for contingencies without exacerbating costs and logistics. Timeless and minimalistic designs continue to be in high demand, with functionality, open concept spaces and the use of natural light. Additionally, to create the perfect setting, ambient lighting embellishes the right accents, with the help of lighting specialists. ONG&ONG has an in-house lighting team, dedicated with an eye for lighting detail. While corporate designs are driven by ABW adaptive collaboration and shared spaces which encourage interaction between users. noticing a move towards contactless design. approach. The Third Place calls for envisioning the features usually associated with homes. Inseparable from Architecture how interior design impacts the user experience. Outstanding interior design activates spaces that supply the right ambience for their functions. From home, the purpose of each built environment warrants foremost consideration. It must appeal on an authentic experience, complemented by a sense Brand before Design Brand engagement is at the heart of design. A well-branded spatial experience includes a brand™s identity across all touchpoints, such as via signage, Innovative businesses devote emphasis to showcase spaces at visitor areas, amplifying the brand™s vision and range of offerings, and demonstrating the positioning of the company. IMMORTAL, our Brand Engagement arm, articulates each client™s authentic appeal before providing a relatable identity for the brand. From brand concepts to visual identity systems, all elements are translated into the spatial design language and primary usage of the development. the project, to emanate the right tonality and mood for the targeted demographic.

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10 11 Thailand Principal Lead and Team Member: Lalidar Leelayoova and Wichuda Pramulwong Interior Design Conceptualised from the ground up, Navana Nature Escape was envisaged as a premium hotel where guests revel in artistry while enjoying the comforts of home. As a proud collector of art pieces, the owner wanted guests to escape the Navana Nature Escape wavy slats of the lobby, with full-height windows to style and life. A staircase leads down to the dining room, with a full 360-degree ocean view. Decorated with ropes, it further spins the tale, framing a perfect view of the sunset come evening. Three types of guestrooms are available for guests: Room. All the rooms feature panoramic views of the sea, while the Pool Villas contain a private pool, perfect for couples and families. Utilising natural while pieces from the owner™s private art collection provide visual points of interest. The decorating scheme has been carefully curated by the design team to tell a culturally rich story through the progression of spaces. Navana Nature Escape

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14 15Swiss Garden culture and sea views. Thailand Principal Lead and Team Members: Panupong Youngswang and Wichuda Pramulwong Interior Design Delivering a successful Additions and Alterations project under four months. Malaysia Principal Leads: Paul Roger Lim Project Management Teo Boon Kiat Interior Design With a history of nearly 60 years, Thai Airways is a Thai culture paired with impeccable service has evergreen Asia holiday destination. Sino-Portuguese architectural style, merging designs as the Andaman pearl, the city is globally renowned alongside a concentration of high-end resorts. The challenges for this Additions and Alterations project were demanding relative to other projects, but not insurmountable. They included a full rejuvenation of the Swiss Garden Hotel™s rooms, six a porte-cochère. And the timeline? A tight four months. The management chose to shut down the hotel while boasts a fresh, contemporary design in the guest rooms with warm, welcoming colours and integrated modern amenities. Royal Orchid Lounge Swiss Garden Hotel The Royal Orchid Lounge combines local and Sino-Portuguese appeal with the essence of the Thai Airways™ signature orchid purple, pampering street food lifestyle. The interiors are abundant with carefully selected traveling epicurean, furnished with Sino-Portuguese patterns with a hint of Chinese motifs, representing their connected history together. All appliances within are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Aiming to please the most demanding of customers, the design of Thai sensorial experience through premium customer service within a suite of facilities. Royal Orchid Lounge

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1617 Appealing to independent travellers. Indonesia Principal Leads and Team Members: Teo Boon Kiat and Amy Ling Tien Keen Interior Design Vietnamese elements are accent colours. Vietnam Principal Leads and Team Members: Raymond Thai Don Thanh (1980-2020), Teo Boon Kiat, Amy Ling Tien Keen and Le Huyen Anh Interior Design straddles both the serenity and bustle of the capital. The streets teem with colours and vibrancy, and underscored by the history of French occupation, all of which inspired the elevated design language of the development. The public areas, such as the Main Lobby and the All-Day Dining Restaurant, are a tasteful echo of Vietnamese motifs, with metal screens enhancing the overall spatial quality. Woven patterns create a the modern material palette. This attention to sensitivity to Vietnamese culture. public areas, the Vietnamese elements are There are three main room types Œ The Studio, The Suite and the VIP Penthouse. The Studio is a blend of monochromatic colours layout includes a generous and comfortable The Suite mimics a home away from home, utilising a meticulous selection of colours and textures to is expressed through the subtle weave pattern on the wardrobes. The VIP Penthouse is a blend of luxury and a French touch, fusing local craft with a grandeur d™intérieur français , precisely the impression the VIP Penthouse aims to deliver. Oakwood Residence Hanoi Oakwood Apartments PIK Jakarta furnished serviced apartments with mesmerising city and ocean views. Situated within the Pantai access to the Central Business District and It appeals to the growing segment of independent travellers for chic and functional accommodation, furnished with mod-cons. Indoor and outdoor are sited within the compound, with vistas of sea, city or garden to engage and rejuvenate guests. serviced apartement yang dan Bandara Internasional ataupun pelawat yang terus renang dalam dan luar ruangan, para tamu ataupun penghuni bagian di dalamnya.

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1819RV Fashion Elevating the retail interiors experience. Vietnam Principal Lead and Team Members: Raymond Thai Don Thanh (1980-2020), Nguyen Thao Ngan, Au Thi Thuy An and Nguyen Huu Phuoc. Interior Design RV Fashion Carrying 16 iconic international brands such as Miele, Gaudi, Tombolini and La Perla, The Rita Võ Fashion Store was envisaged to be both an interior experience to savour. The building serves two main stores, above which are penthouses for guests to immerse in the luxe life and or to hold a party for their extravagant three levels of penthouses, one basement and a rooftop bar, on a land area of 1,582m². human body may be interpreted as a microcosm of architectural structures: envisioned as a building with the exterior being a statement of personal space. Different scales of sheltering, but all enriching the human mind. creations that complement the other and are often conceptualised by the same design process. The common denominator: creating timeless, comfortable and inspirational forms for the user. technical craft melded with imagination and experimentation leads to spaces that brim with life, as echoed in the layers of durable woven fabrics. Photo CR: Rita Võ Fashion Store

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20 21Appealing through simplicity and smart design. Vietnam Principal Leads and Team Members: Raymond Thai Don Thanh (1980-2020), Nguyen Viet Phuong, Nguyen Dinh Vinh Khoi, Do Huynh Quoc Thong, Daniel Hoang Huu Dung and Tran Minh Nghia Architecture, Interior Design, M&E Engineering Uniqlo Flagship Stores company, a household name across the world, has always been in simplicity and smart design. for men™s and children™s fashion. At 3,107 sqm, the store is currently the second-largest Uniqlo outlet in Southeast Asia, surpassing Singapore™s Uniqlo Orchard Central (2,700 sqm) and just behind Another store located at Pham Ngoc Thach, character and long history of the capital. The store will feature collaborations with local artists and innovators, an experience for both locals of Hanoi and international visitors to enjoy. Uniqlo Photo CR: Uniqlo

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